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The City of Mitcham will be implementing a three-bin system which aims to be environmentally
responsible, easy to use and cost effective. The three bin system includes:

One 140 litre bin for household waste (blue lid)

       One 240 litre bin for recyclables (yellow lid)
       One 240 litre bin for green organics

                                   Households will receive two new bins, the 140 litre
bin for the household waste which has the blue lid and the 240 litre bin for the
recyclables which has yellow lid bin. The bin currently used for household waste
will become the greens bin.
The new bins remain the property of Council with their serial numbers being
recorded against residential addresses. In the event of a resident changing
address the new bin must remain at the property. If bins are damaged Council
will repair or replace them. A charge may be incurred if misuse is evident.
New, bins, information packs about the three bin service, including instructions, a
calendar and other relevant information will be delivered to your house with your
bins in the 4 weeks preceding the commencement of the service from March


Your 140 litre household waste (blue lid) bin will be collected weekly and the
recyclables 240 litre (yellow lid) bin and green organic bin will be emptied on
alternate fortnights.
What are the Benefits?

Extensive research shows the three bin system is ideal for achieving
environmental best practice.

The new service has the potential to divert up to 50% of waste from landfill
disposal to a useful resource, with the majority of this material being green
material from our gardens.

Green organic material from our gardens will be diverted into a compost/soil
enhancer, therefore avoiding increasing costs associated with landfilling,
government levies, methane gas management, transportation and ground
water/leachate management.

It will also be easier to recycle, the 240 litre recycle bin (yellow lid) will replace
you crate. You will be able to place all your paper, cardboard, cans, glass,
plastics, cartons, etc into one bin making it easier to recycle.

Collection of all bins will be carried out by robotic arm vehicles which have the
additional benefit of eliminating the current occupational health and safety
concerns evident with the current service.

New Directions for Waste Management in SA

The State Government, through Zero Waste SA, is encouraging Local
Government and the community to reduce waste by following the principles of
the waste management hierarchy:

      Avoid
      Minimise
      Reuse
      Recycle
      Recover
      Treat
      Dispose

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