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									A Bid from Umeå to Become the EU’s Northernmost European Capital of Culture Ever

and Passion
– the Art of Co-Creation
Curiosity and Passion
    – the Art of Co-Creation
                 We are very enthusiastic and have a deep sense of gratitude that so many
      have already been co-creative in the process to make Umeå European Capital of Culture 2014.
    We will now proceed with our development of “the Culturized City/Region” with curiosity and passion,
                and in close collaboration with our citizens and partners in the Umeå region,
                  as well as with our partners in northern Sweden, Europe and the world.

	                   Marie-Louise	Rönnmark	                                                  Jan	Björinge
                MayoR of thE City of UMEå (S)                                            City ManagER
     ChaiRpERSon, politiCal StEERing CoMMittEE, UMEå 2014                   hEad of ManagEMEnt CoMMittEE, UMEå 2014

Political Steering Committee: Lars-Erik Edlund, Alireza Mosahafi, Daniel Kallos, Lennart Johansson, Marie-Louise Rönnmark, Anna-Karin
Sjöstrand, Tomas Wennström, Ingela M. Eriksson, Sven-Olof Edvinsson, Lena Sandlin (Absent from Photo: Eva Westman Modig)
page   Contents
   7   part i. Basic principles
  35   part ii. Structure of the programme for the Event
  41   part iii. organisation and financing of the Event
  46   part iV. City infrastructure
  52   part V. Communication Strategy
  55   part Vi. Evaluation and Monitoring of the Event
  56   part Vii. additional information
  61   list of photographs

  63   appendix 1. Umeå – a Symphony in four Movements
  69   appendix 2. Umeå in pictures
       appendix 3. Umeå – the Movie
Part I. Basic Principles
    Question 1: Why does Umeå wish to take part in the competition
    for the title of European Capital of Culture?
    What, for it, would be the main challenges of this nomination?
    What are the city’s objectives for the year in question?

Setting the Scene: Umeå – An Unusual Place
the real challenge of this bid is to call upon and use our northern
spirit to raise provocative, yet significant new questions for culture to
address; to explore ways of looking at traditional art forms; to pro-
duce novel, innovative cultural expressions; as well as to use culture
to help solve the challenges of the world. this is all part of a long-term
ambition to develop Umeå as if it were a living work of art, with all the
aspiration, attention to detail and imagination that this implies.

We are confident that we have something to offer, together with the
northern region, Sweden, Europe and the rest of the world: something
surprising, unusual and important. Umeå is large enough to be taken
seriously and small enough to make it happen.

this campaign is on behalf of the northernmost region of Europe,
which wants to see itself not as on the periphery of Europe, but as
part of its heart. Umeå 2014 will use cultural participation to open all
our senses, to embed creativity as part of everyday life in seeking
opportunities and solving problems. to use creativity “for the world”
and to make it a better place, so redefining what a cultural capital

CURioSity and paSSion                                                  7
                                     can be. this we hope will help shift our individual and collective
                                     behaviour so that it becomes truly sustainable.

                                     our bid for the European Capital of Culture award is founded on a
                                     long-term strategy whose aim has been to build competence, concern
                                     and creative capacity. this we believe will create the necessary resil-
                           UMEÅ      ience to address future needs and help entrench our networks. for
                                     Umeå 2014 has already started. the year itself would be a marker of
                                     achievement, a stepping-stone along the way. in this way we want to
                                     show how Umeå can be a model of cultural development. this we hope
                                     will leave a legacy for the city and most importantly for Europe too.
                                     Umeå could be the northernmost European Capital of Culture in the
                                     European Union. For the first time the northern perspective would be
                                     exposed. This will go well beyond its unique expressions, themes and
                                     festivals inspired by the midnight sun, aurora Borealis, northern nature
                                     and Sami culture.

FACTS                                A Culture of Curiosity
                                     the creative journey starts by being curious. it is curiosity that awakes
population: 112 000
                                     our initial interest. this in turn sparks imagination. once we are imagi-
Students: 30 000
                                     native we can become creative, from which innovation and inventions
Companies: 12 000
                                     grow. With curiosity the entrepreneurial spirit can mature.
Birch trees in City Centre: 3 000
date of foundation: 1622
                                     We are at the edge geographically, yet at the cutting edge in how we
Sun hours per annum: 1 800
                                     use our diversity of imagination. Umeå punches well above its weight.
Surface area: 2 317 km2
                                     the city often leads the way, because it has etched a culture of curios-
                                     ity into its expressions and the way it behaves.
The northern region
                                     We believe we have a bid that can widen and deepen the concept and
County of norrbotten       251 886
                                     experience of the European Capital of Culture. We have a vision, a
County of Västerbotten     257 593
                                     challenging mission, a strategy based on successful experience and
County of Västernorrland   243 449
                                     a programme that consists of eight different themes, each with the
County of Jämtland         126 937
                                     aim of presenting a multitude of experiences within different art forms.
total                      879 865
                                     Umeå Means U+Me = The Art of Co-Creation
                                     Working in partnership comes naturally to us locally, regionally, nation-
                                     ally and internationally. the aim has always been to focus on what
                                     really matters to all of us as citizens, cities and civilizations. the most
                                     important of these are conviviality and co-creation – the art of living

                                     Umeå has the commitment of co-creating the European Capital of
                                     Culture with the four northernmost regions of Sweden. Umeå has a
                                     rapidly growing population and about 30,000 university students.
                                     We are prepared to fill this project with unbridled passion, curiosity,
                                     joy, and co-creation! at this early stage we have already collected more
                                     than 200 ideas for projects in culture and sports from citizens, cultural
                                     workers, voluntary associations, private corporations and public institu-

                                     Umeå is a special, unusual place. it represents distance and close-
                                     ness, dark days, reflecting snow, the magic Aurora Borealis and light
                                     nights with plants growing around the clock. it is a place that enlight-
                                     ens from within a northern dimension. We understand how culture
                                     and nature can live and work together.

                                     2014 will be Umeå’s 700th anniversary as acknowledged by the papal
                                     document. yet 2014 will at the same time be a catalyst for thinking of
                                     the future. for instance, 2009 will be the 200th anniversary of peace
                                     on Swedish soil, and this peace perspective is embedded in how we
                                     think about 2014. the last battle on Swedish soil took place in the
                                     Umeå region in 1809. Since then we have put all our efforts into peace-
                                     keeping diplomacy and collaboration for a better world. We have been

                                                                                           CUR ioSity and pa SSion
successful. Vasa in finland, which became part of Russia in 1809, is
today our closest neighbouring city and best friend. instead of trying
to be a candidate themselves for 2011, they have decided to be our
passionate partner in the bid for European Capital of Culture in 2014.

We are one of the few northern cities that has continually expanded
over the last 40 years. this year we were awarded “the City of Eco-
nomic growth in Sweden”. the founding of Umeå University in 1965
has been a crucial catalyst in this process. it attracts young people,
and they feel that here in Umeå they can do creative things that are
more difficult to do elsewhere. The university has deepened and wid-
ened the international dimensions of the city, and its international
students contribute to the diversity of cultural life in Umeå.

Umeå has tried to be imaginative in everything it does and its artistic
imagination has created a culture that is a fundamental part of
Umeå’s life. We started to work with urban creativity well before it
became popular. provocative new thinking has for decades inspired
the city’s activities. We are progressive, forward-looking, innovation-
driven and creative, and we have a record of achievement.

Umeå has invested heavily in cultural content and institutions. the
cultural infrastructure, ranging from theatres to opera, to the library
network, to music venues, museums and subcultures, is far larger
and more active and developed than in cities of equivalent size. Our
cultural institutions are nationally and globally networked, and our
cultural associations are strong and active. the theatre association
is the largest in Sweden, and the opera house of Umeå has been
visited by over 80% of the population. We have been able to democra-
tize what seem like elite forms of art.

CURioSity and paSSion                                                9
     An invitation to the North
     the northern region has always been regarded as borderless by its
     indigenous people – the Sami. this still remains a relevant notion. to
     live beyond boundaries and barriers is a central theme in the Euro-
     pean idea and its ideals. We like to describe ourselves in the northern
     region as being “the northern Room in the European Building”. this
     northern realm covers vast tracts across several countries, where
     there is a special vibrancy, gustiness, motivation and will. our bid is
     an invitation to this magic and exciting borderless country, with the
     unique Sami culture as one of its highlights.

     historically, the outside world has often varied in its descriptions of
     this borderless northern place, seeing it either as a country of the
     future, or as completely marginalised. for centuries travellers have
     visited this vast region, and some incomers have stayed to seek a
     better life, mixing with the Sami and, at times, creating conflicts about
     living together. Early records describe it as women’s country, since
     men were never seen – they were instead either hunting or fishing.
     this description is an interesting one, given Umeå’s recent strong
     feminist tradition. for centuries the north has been a meeting place
     of cultures, and this continues today in regard to how Umeå attracts
     new citizens, especially through the universities.

     Umeå understands the north through every fibre of its being; an es-
     sential attribute, as the northern region rises to the top of the Europe-
     an agenda. This is because conflicts about natural resources in the
     north are dramatically on the rise. The conflicts between nature and
     culture in the region need to be tackled, and issues surrounding the
     melting of the ice need solving.

     in short, our concept for the European Capital of Culture highlights
     issues that are of importance for the future of humanity. for instance,
     our mission Stay Cool focuses on global warming. Similarly, our artis-
     tic programme will encourage all artistic forms to promote issues that
     are of central import to the northern region, as well as to Europe and
     the rest of the world.

10                                                          CUR ioSity and pa SSion
Our Vision: Culturize the City                                                The Culturized City is a city
in pulling the threads together we use the awkward but important              which is infused by:
verb “culturize”. it means the desire to infuse a sensitive cultural un-
                                                                              Culture as pleasure, joy,
derstanding into everything we do. it means that culture nourishes us
                                                                              desire and passion
and provides our oxygen and life force. it means drawing out our
cultural assets both hidden and apparent, and lifting the general             Culture as an arena for
cultural competence and literacy of the population at large, and the          committed, creative, critical
institutions in the city. only by so doing do we believe the city and its     and active citizens
cultural life can develop sustainably.
                                                                              Culture as inspiration for
the Culturized City is our vision of a city that supports and encourages      a sustainable society and
a culturally aware, insightful, active and literate humanity. it is a         global development
city infused with culture, and where cultural understanding is embed-
ded in how the city’s stakeholders operate. it is the Umeå label for
making, shaping and planning the city, in a way that acknowledges
culture as the source and driving force for development. this means
recognizing what the distinctive Umeå culture is, where it comes from
and what its future might be. as a result, this is a place where individu-
als and groups have greater self-esteem as part of a wider community.

Our Objectives
Umeå’s objectives are to: promote human growth, strengthen the
role of culture as a driving force for sustainable development and
reinforce the international relations and dimensions of cultural life.

Our Mission: Stay Cool
one of our objectives concerns the development of the Culturized City
as a step towards the development of a sustainable society. Umeå is
close to the melting ice and to the future concerns of the world. how
places like Umeå react is important. We are already preparing a ma-
jor, global “Stay Cool” cultural event in the summer of 2009, in prepa-
ration for signing the revised Kyoto Agreement in Copenhagen that
coming autumn.

in dealing with our environment we have confronted the forces of
nature and have needed to find solutions and inventions to live well.
Mutual support and working together have always been keys to our
progress, as we cannot operate without interacting with the outside
world. We need to empower ourselves and each other, and to harness
all of our collective skills and talents.

2014 is one important means of mobilizing the energies and forces in
Umeå and the northern region to tackle the most difficult tasks ahead,
which are of relevance not only to Umeå but also to the wider world.
We want to show what a city can do when it channels its collective
spirit, creativity and inventiveness into bigger issues. We wish to
change consumption and behaviour patterns through enticing people
to participate in culture. our aim is that by the end of 2014 the citizens
of Umeå will have opened their minds to new cultural experiences,
changed their preferences and live more sustainably.

We believe that this process has important broader impacts because it
encourages human beings to grow, as well as revealing how putting a
cultural perspective centre-stage is the most effective means to create
a sustainable environment. it promotes a global perspective and con-
cern that will strengthen us in the longer run, and foster connections
and interactions with others. it challenges us to think how we can over-
come physical distance, and will allow us to think big – and Umeå has
always done that.

We have a spirit of adventure, exploration and of wanting to do good.
We are idealistic and values-driven, and want to make the world a
better place. We aim to be a model of how things can be, and how we
can balance the needs of nature with a culture of care and creativity.

CURioSity and paSSion                                                    11
                                             this bid is inspired by a strong cultural mission to involve itself in
                                             human, social, ecological and economic growth, as well as sustaina-
                                             bility. it is a mission to move senses and minds, as well as to highlight
                                             important issues such as what constitutes quality of life, and what
                                             needs to be done to ensure global survival.

                                             Our strategy: Open Source
                                             in culturizing the city we intend to use the 2014 process to challenge
                                             ourselves to address the key cultural dilemmas of our age, in an im-
                                             aginative way, through an open Source strategy, which collects ideas
                                             and solutions. open Source is a means of sharing, evolving and mu-
                                             tually shaping new ideas. the strategy represents an active invitation
                                             to involve all citizens of Umeå, our broader region and Europe, includ-
                                             ing cultural workers and institutions, universities, private companies,
                                             voluntary associations, public departments and partner cities. the
                                             aim is to create new means of expression in the different art forms,
                                             taking into account and responding to the big issues of our age.

                                             The Importance of Popular Movements and Folkbildning
                                             Folkbildning, our unique Swedish popular movement, engages peo-
                                             ple in culture and education, mainly in leisure time, and has been
                                             crucial in mobilizing citizens, cultural workers and local associations
                                             for what we call the Culturized City. the ethos of folkbildning has
                                             created a learning environment that is part of our cultural hard drive,
                                             and it involves a very large number of people in the city. it has helped
                                             to create the conditions for our ideas about co-creation to be success-
                                             ful. The Umeå region is the heart of folkbildning in Sweden. Equally
                                             significant is our rich network of associations and community organi-

                                             Redefining What a “Capital” is
                                             a capital is a place that can make itself central and relevant to to-
                                             day’s needs and urgent agendas. Being a capital has not necessarily
                                             to do with size. Capital cities are strategic places and communicative
                                             nodal points that have a direct effect and influence on affairs nation-
                                             ally and beyond, economically, culturally and politically, and where
                                             significant agendas are created, facilitated and enacted.

                                             in this sense our city is an important capital. We wish to shape global
                                             agendas from participatory creativity to new forms of civic creativity,
                                             and direct attention to the world’s currently most important issue – the
                                             melting of the ice. now is the time therefore to broaden even the idea
                                             of the European Capital of Culture itself. By 2014 it will be the 30th
                                             year, and 50 cities will have received the award.

                                             Creativity as a Way of Life
                                             Umeå’s open spirit, its extensive children’s participation programme,
                                             its strong focus on lifelong learning – exemplified by the vigour of
                                             folkbildning – its flourishing universities, and its encouragement of
                                             diversity and alternative movements, have all established an enabling
                                             environment that encourages imagination and inventiveness.

                                             We wish to broaden the potential of our citizens, to increase their
                                             perspectives and let their insights and understanding grow. this will
Anna-Stina Nordmark Nilsson
                                             deepen their experience of what life could be. this will apply to all the
Managing Director of the
Federation of Private                        initiatives foreseen in the European Capital of Culture year. therefore
Enterprises                                  what creativity is, and where creativity takes place, will all be re-
–	It’s	strategic	thinking	to	utilise	
culture	as	a	force	for	develop-              our intention is to spread creative capacity throughout the organiza-
ment.	A	creative	environment	
                                             tions of the city, from the public to the private and community sectors.
attracts	creative	people,	which	
also	enriches	the	business	                  this is what we call “the creative twist”.
community	in	the	region.

                                        12                                                          CUR ioSity and pa SSion
Challenging Culture
Umeå is a place where tensions and oppositions are used as an en-
gine to develop culture and the city’s vibrancy. this will be expressed
both in the official programme, and in our encouragement of “a cul-
tural capital fringe”.

in Umeå, modern and traditional forms of cultural expression encoun-
ter postmodern alternatives and challenges to the mainstream. Cul-
tural institutions, such as the opera house, have both the ambition to
and a tradition of trying to provide space to let new cultural expres-
sions emerge and encounter each other. for instance, traditional folk
dancing can co-exist with a queer dance club in one and the same
building, providing the possibility of mutual encounters and ex-
change. Similarly, performances and installations by art students at
the university challenge the ways in which traditional art is accepted
and allowed in the public space of the city. in another example, strait
edge rock bands demonstrate that music is a necessity to us all.

We do not always agree with what is said and done, but culture devel-
ops and grows by the negotiation of differences; one can disagree at
the same time as daring to listen and see. an inclusive and democrat-
ic city must dare to see conflicts, to respect different interpretations
and to give space to those who are seldom heard.

CURioSity and paSSion                                                13
     The City as a Living Work of Art
     Shakespeare once stated: “…what is the city, but its people…”, and
     we would like to ask ourselves: what would Umeå be without its citi-
     zens? our aim is to bring the city and the region to life, and to treat
     their development with the same consideration and attention to detail,
     quality, aesthetics and beauty as one would a work of art.

     We will challenge citizens, decision makers, developers and anyone
     with an impact on city life, to understand that the city is more than an
     urban engineering project. We will encourage the artistic imagination
     in how the city is put together physically, and how it is animated and

     Myriad opportunities exist to enable this to take place and, leading
     up to 2014, new facilities will reflect this approach. One of the exciting
     projects currently in progress is art Campus, which has been devel-
     oped by Umeå University. it encompasses, among other things:
     a brand new School of architecture; a new building to house Bild-
     museet, which will serve as an art Exhibition hall; a new building to
     house the academy of fine arts; a development centre for creative
     business; and the newly constructed building for the institute of de-
     sign. another example of city regeneration projects is the “Between
     the Bridges” project, which will open up the city centre to face the
     Umeå River. it will also connect the city centre with the art Campus,
     a new Bothnia line travel centre and the main university campus.

     Underused spaces and places will be artistically transformed, hope-
     fully triggering an increased sense of expectation in the city’s inhabit-
     ants, so that, in future, they will always ask: “is this good enough for

     Experiencing the Essence of the Arts
     Umeå wants to encourage new expressions, new methods of produc-
     ing art and new ways of using technologies. We want audiences in-
     volved as participants in new ways. With our artistic collaborators in
     the city, and elsewhere, Umeå will take all the art forms and remind
     ourselves of their essence, so that we can look at them afresh.

     When you say film you think cinema, when you say theatre you think
     stage, when you say painting you think gallery or a frame … Umeå
     will explore other opportunities to hear sound, see performance and
     speech or painting, whether this be underground, in unusual build-
     ings, on the streets, in mines or in space, in the forests or on water.

14                                                          CUR ioSity and pa SSion
depending on circumstance and artistic goals and themes you may
hear music in the dark, see an exhibition amongst the trees or the
streets, or a film in a cave or transposed on a building. Some of the
deepest experiences can come when you encounter the familiar in
unexpected places. this can broaden perception and understanding.
a shining example of this is Umedalen Sculpture park and Umedalen
Sculpture which together has contributed to Umeå’s artistic environ-
ment in terms of contemporary international sculpture.

Umeå: Not Only a Place on a Map, but a Force...
Umeå is a place of ideas, attitudes and approaches to making things
happen. We know that we need to invite the arts and sports of Europe
to be involved in co-creative collaboration. our co-creative and open
Source approach to city and cultural advancement will develop, and
has already developed, new expressions, ideas and solutions. We
want to consciously take this approach to the next level, as we believe
it is the next step in participatory democracy.

 Themes of the 2014 Programme
the structure of the cultural programme 2014 consists of eight
themes, inspired by the eight seasons in the Sami calendar. our
themes encompass all artistic forms, as well as sports and leisure. in
particular, we wish to encourage boundary-crossing as part of every
theme, both between different artistic forms, as well as between the
northern region and the rest of Europe. the organisational structure
will be characterised by a multitude of cultural formats, such as sym-
posia, festivals and seminars as well as other expressive cultural
forms. our main themes are:

    northern light
    Stories of the north – Ears for Europe
    Burning Snow – Melting ice
    the growth of identities
    She’s got the Beat – the gendered City
    Sämij Bivddieme – Sami invitation
    talking architecture – Speaking design
    treasures in leisure

for further details, see part ii, Question 1.                             Anna Borgeryd
                                                                          Managing Director of
                                                                          Polinova, parent company
The Legacy                                                                of the Polarbröd Group
the legacy of the year should be manifold. primarily, it should be seen   –	If	Umeå	were	European	
in a greater confidence of the citizens, as their visions and networks    Capital	of	Culture	it	would	
will have broadened. this will increase their desire to promote Euro-     highlight	the	unique	combi-
pean conviviality.                                                        nation	of	wilderness	and	
                                                                          civilisation	which	is	to	be	
the physical legacy should be places of beauty and inspiration;           found	in	northern	Scandina-
                                                                          via. The city is influenced by
places that make you want to be involved in them. if this is achieved,    both	the	calm	and	easy	
Umeå will be experienced as a place of anchorage, secure in its           relations	between	people	
evolving and changing identity; a place that people can call their        which	is	typical	of	Norrland,	
home, even if it is on a shorter-term basis.                              and	by	the	pulse	and	dyna-
                                                                          mism	which	its	international	
Umeå is, and will continue to be, a place of learning, re-learning and    influences provide. A year as
                                                                          European	Capital	of	Culture	
continuous personal growth. it will be a place of inspiration, because    would	attract	more	people	to	
it lifts us to achieve things we have never done before.                  discover	the	exciting	mix	of	
                                                                          Sami,	pioneering	northern,	
Umeå will be a place of possibility and imagination. a place where        Swedish	and	New	Swedish	
co-creative and open Source processes will bring the city’s innova-       culture	which	is	to	be	found	
tive capacity to new levels, and where stronger internal and external     in	Umeå.	In	addition,	the	
                                                                          university	and	the	art	and	
connections link us to wider worlds.                                      design	colleges	contribute	
                                                                          to	the	city	by	providing	an	
                                                                          invigorating flow of talent
                                                                          from	the	rest	of	Europe	and	
                                                                          the	world.

CURioSity and paSSion                                                15
Umeå’s Awards:                         A Coda
2005 Best City for art                 Umeå has for many years been working actively with benchmarking,
                                       together with other cities in Sweden, Europe and the world at
2005 Best Quality City in Sweden       large. We have also taken part in several national and international
                                       evaluations. this has resulted in Umeå having received the most
2006 Best City for Students
                                       awards of all Swedish cities. it has also resulted in a large amount of
2007 Best City for it in Sweden        rewarding study visits from many cities both in Sweden and abroad.
2007 Union of the Baltic Cities
                                       in the autumn of 2008, Umeå was appointed the City of Economic
Cultural prize
                                       growth in Sweden, and, together with the City of amaroussion, and
2007 European public Sector            our partners in Quality Cities, we will receive the EU Commission’s
award for Best innovations in          golden Star award for active European Citizenship.
the public Sector
                                       during the past year, Umeå has won both the European public Sector
2008 United nations public             award and the United nations public Service award. in both cases,
Service award for Best delivery        cultural activities from Umeå won in the face of competition from all
of Service in the public Sector        other types of public sector activities, on the local, regional and
2008 the City of Economic              national level in Europe, and in the world respectively. yet winning
growth in Sweden                       awards is not enough, so we will continue to challenge ourselves to
                                       do better.

2008 the EU golden Star award
for active European Citizenship,          Question 2: Explain the concept of the programme
together with amaroussion,                which would be launched if the city was nominated
greece and the network                    European Capital of Culture?
Quality Cities
                                       Open Source
                                       the title of our bid encompasses our key concept for Umeå as Euro-
                                       pean Capital of Culture 2014: passion and Curiosity – the art of Co-

                                       We seek to build our cultural programme by harnessing the potential
                                       of our citizens by means of co-creation, and open Source creativity.
                                       We have a two-fold concept that expresses both strategy and method-
                                       ology. the strategy is to continue mobilising through dialogue, co-
                                       operation and co-creation. the methodology is to promote creativity
                                       through the use of Open Source techniques.

                                       our strategy is a catalyst for unleashing potential in the collaborative
                                       conception and execution of projects, initiatives and opportunities. it is
                                       also the means whereby solutions to problems can be collaboratively
                                       found. at the heart of co-creation lies co-operation, and this changes
                                       the connection between producers and the audience, or users. in
                                       short, co-creation generates new forms of expression.

                                       a good conversation is an appropriate metaphor for co-creation and
                                       open Source creativity. there are simple rules, such as listening to
                                       other people, whereupon various groups can add or develop their
                                       own ideas. Such a development of ideas can lead to insight, under-
                                       standing or even amusement. this interchange of ideas then allows
                                       concepts, arguments or projects to grow.

                                       the core concept in terms of the cultural programme for 2014 is to
                                       invite people to participate in the project, and seduce them by means
                                       of a new approach to the arts and culture. too often many artistic
                                       genres lock people out, because the people do not understand the
                                       core ideas: how the art forms work, or of what their building blocks or
                                       instructions are composed. in short, the people do not understand the
                                       source code. Indeed, some within the cultural field deliberately close
                                       off their source code to protect their limited interests.

                                       By contrast, if people are given access to the source code, they will
                                       become more curious to explore a once-closed arena. open Source
                                       creativity is not an idea to make art amateurish, but rather to invite
                                       people to participate.

                                  16                                                          CUR ioSity and pa SSion
for instance, Umeå’s sister city Vasa, in finland, has a long tradition
of amateur theatre in which a huge number of people participate. as
a result, most citizens of Vasa visit the theatre to see a professional
performance about three times a year – far more than in Umeå.

in sports, the source code tends to be more open. practically every-
one knows how to play football, or tennis, or knows how to swim. in
the arts it is more closed. We are under no illusion that it will be diffi-
cult to open up the arts in this way, yet our aim is for citizens to be far
more committed to the arts and culture, because they have been
active participants and co-creators. We do not want only those direct-
ly connected to the theatre, opera, gallery or library to feel a sense of
ownership. We hope the people of Umeå will say of their cultural insti-
tutions that: “this is my theatre”; or “this is my art gallery”; or “this
museum is mine, so don’t stop supporting it”. We believe that being
present in the auditorium will lead the people of Umeå to care about
cultural issues as well.

This approach fits the ethos of our citizens, with their passion to con-
tribute and participate. it also suits their provocative opinions and
desire to empower themselves to make a difference. Co-creation
fosters a process of commitment and mutual involvement as well as
two-way communication. it is a process based on trust, and can lead
to an upward spirale of inventiveness. Ultimately, it may lead to mass
everyday creativity in the general population. Co-creation is at the
heart of the open Source software movement, where users have full
access to the source code and are empowered to make their own
changes and improvements to it.
                                                                              Filippa Rådin
                                                                              Designer and owner
from very early on, Umeå understood that it is necessary to work in           of the Boutique Kii
an interdisciplinary way, and to cross the boundaries between art and         (Fashion Shop of the
science. Umeå has tried to create an enabling environment where               Year 2003)
working together on projects of mutual discovery is possible and of
benefit to both parties. Umeå has based this on the premise that the          –	Umeå	is	a	powerful,	inspi-
most fruitful developments in human thinking frequently take place at         ring	and	creative	city.	Its	
                                                                              atmosphere has been influ-
those points where different lines of creativity meet.                        enced	by	young	people	who	
                                                                              dare	to	use	their	creativity,	
Walking the Talk on Open Source                                               to	believe	in	themselves	and	
                                                                              to	stand	out	from	the	crowd.	
Umeå attitude to open Source isn’t just empty talk. Umeå has a prov-          The	young	creative	forces	
en track record of co-creation, and this has lead to pioneering modes         which	are	to	be	found	here	
of expression.                                                                are	very	important	for	
                                                                              Umeå’s	future	development.	
                                                                              I	am	convinced	that	becom-
for example:
                                                                              ing	European	Capital	of	
My liBRaRy                                                                    Culture	2014	will	contribute	
                                                                              to	further	developing	the	
this is a partnership between six cities in order to develop cutting-         atmosphere	and	sensibility	
edge library technology jointly with users. the goal is to increase           of	the	city.

CURioSity and paSSion                                                   17
     accessibility for all users, but especially for disabled citizens. in coop-
     eration with the institute of design at Umeå University, the library has
     introduced a unique “talking palm computer” called AudioIndex,
     which gives visually impaired people access to the library in the same
     way as other visitors. the product has been patented and new appli-
     cations are currently being tested in the retail business. indeed, in
     2008 the libraries of the Umeå region won an international prize: the
     United nations public Service award, for their development of the
     library system.
     dEMonS of thE opERa
     in 2005, a metal music festival was arranged by means of a ground-
     breaking and boundary-crossing collaboration between the Sympho-
     ny orchestra at norrlandsoperan and a number of local metal bands.
     SEa CoWS and pREtEnd loVERBoyS
     The organization Kulturverket’s programme “Kids Tell Pros What to
     do” engaged 400 young students in vocational programmes to com-
     pose the libretto and music for a new opera, by means of an innova-
     tive blogging process. the Blog opera premiered in late 2007, and the
     method is now being employed for a collaborative co-creative venture
     with the opera in hanoi.
     dialogUE 2014
     for a long time Umeå has mobilized the city in its bid to be European
     Capital of Culture 2014. one initiative involves a web-based dialogue
     with the citizens of Umeå about the purpose and content of the
     bid. as part of the ongoing dialogue, more than 50 public meetings
     have been held, as well as focus groups on different cultural themes.

1                                                           CUR ioSity and pa SSion
poEt and pRophEtESS
the libretto and music for this new opera were composed in a collabo-
ration between norrlandsoperan in Umeå and the Cape town opera,
and it was performed in both cities in 2007. the performance was
praised in reviews, with one calling it “the most important opera per-
formance in Sweden for the last 20 years”.
CiVil SERViCE dESign
the City Council has been involved in a partnership with the institute of
design to re-design more than 40 civil service operations.
this is a innovative internet community which is being developed as
part of a collaboration between Kulturverket and Umeå University.
Cultumea can be used for collective creativity in a variety of different
media such as text, sound, images and video. this open Source
method stimulates creativity and new expressions by means of large-
scale collaborative ventures that are not specifically time or location-
aiming at the Winter olympic games in Vancouver in 2010, more than
5,000 young people in Canada and Umeå are producing the libretto
and music for an ice hockey musical. the libretto is being written on the project brings together school students and profes-
sional performers, sports clubs and cultural institutions, as well as
sports fans and cultural consumers.

    Question 3: Could this programme be summed up by a slogan?

the title of our application is Curiosity and passion – the art of Co-
Creation. We have a vision – the Culturized City – a mission with the
heading Stay Cool and a strategy based on the concept open

an overall theme for the programme will be developed through open
Source methods in co-operation with citizens, cultural workers and
our co-creative partners. our ambition is that this overall theme will
be of topical interest as we approach the year 2014.

    Question 4: Which geographical area does the city intend
    to involve in the European Capital of Culture event?

The Northern Room
Umeå has good cooperation with its neighbours in the northern
Room. the work surrounding the European Capital of Culture event
has created additional interest in win-win collaborations in the north-
ern region. Within Sweden this region encompasses four counties:
Västerbotten, Norrbotten, Västernorrland and Jämtland.

if Umeå is appointed European Capital of Culture, the collaboration
surrounding the programme will intensify. a clear assignment
of roles will be created for the enactment of cultural activities in all of
the four northern regions of Sweden, and in the northern parts of nor-
way, finland and Russia.

our goal is to make the entire northern Room visible, and create new
networks and collaborative projects within both the region, as well as
between the region and the rest of Europe and the world.

CURioSity and paSSion                                                   19
                                     Sápmi is a border-crossing area in the northern Room named after
                                     one of Europe’s last remaining indigenous populations, the Sami.
                                     Sápmi is a part of the Barents Region, which consists of 13 counties in
                                     the northernmost parts of norway, Sweden, finland and Russia. it has
                                     a population of five million people, in an area that is three times as
                                     large as france. Cooperation within Sápmi is an important part of the
                                     European Capital of Culture programme for 2014.

Umeå has so far received             Europe and the World
letter of support from the           Umeå’s programme will encompass activities both in Europe and in
following international              other parts of the world. So far there has been support for Umeå’s
partners:                            candidature from the organisation Quality Cities, as well as from our
                                     twin cities and cooperative cities. this support also encompasses a
the City of amaroussion              willingness to cooperate with the programme year. an interesting
the City of harstad                  point to mention in this context is the petition in support of Umeå from
the City of helsingør,               the citizens of Würzberg, which has a large number of signatures.
the City of lanzhou
the City of petrozavodsk             as a result of our candidacy, already established networks and colla-
the City of Qufu                     borative ventures are being strengthened and developed. there are
the City of Saskatoon                about a hundred international cultural projects which can be built
the City of Vasa                     upon, such as Kulturverket’s collaboration with the National Dance
the City of Würzburg,                academy in Rome and the Vancouver opera, as well as norrlands-
the City of Xi´an                    operan’s collaboration with the operas in Cape town and hanoi.
The Municipality of Altındağ
the Municipality of nilüfer          Umeå participates in a number of European organisations, including
the Municipality of osmangazi        being Vice president of the Union of the Baltic Cities (UBC). this or-
The Municipality of Tepebaşı         ganisation works on a broad front with the development of about a
The Municipality of yıldırım         hundred different municipalities from all the countries around the
                                     Baltic. Umeå is also the Vice president of the recently established
Quality Cities                       European organisation Quality Cities.
                                     Moreover, in connection with its recipience of the United Nations Pub-
                                     lic Service award, Umeå has launched an initiative to host a World
                                     forum of Excellent Cities in Umeå in 2009.

                                     The Digital Room
                                     Umeå is committed to utilising the various possibilities provided by
                                     modern information technology, and its communicative opportunities,
                                     in order to involve a larger geographical area in the programme for
                                     2014. information technology will be an important tool in the work to
                                     establish contacts with new partners, and to carry out collaborative
                                     projects. More than 95 % of Umeå’s households have the possibility
                                     of access to broadband in the home. indeed, Umeå University is at
                                     the cutting edge of it research, which among other things has led
                                     to the establishment of several successful it companies. also, at the
                                     humanities faculty there is an it laboratory for digital art and culture
                                     entitled hUMlab. this laboratory has contributed to fruitful encounters
                                     between researchers in the humanities at Umeå University, it practi-
                                     tioners, artists, cultural performers and the general public.

                                     the project “Visual Cities” is an example of an international collabo-
Yngve Bergkvist                      rative project based on the potential of digital technology. fourteen
Managing Director of                 partners from ten cities in seven countries around the Baltic Sea will
the Icehotel in Jukkasjärvi          participate in cultural exchange and technological development.
                                     this is in order to help facilitate development, as well as the use of
–	We	have	much	to	offer	in	
northern	Sweden:	snow,	ice	
                                     virtual three-dimensional city models in urban planning processes.
and	the	midnight	sun,	as	            these models can also be used as basic data for other societal infor-
well	as	many	other	things	           mation. as part of this project, publicly accessible applications such
guaranteed	to	fascinate	the	         as google Earth and Microsoft Virtual Earth will be utilised.
curious.	If	Umeå	becomes	
European	Capital	of	Culture	
then	all	of	northern	Sweden	
will benefit. Europe is

                                20                                                         CUR ioSity and pa SSion
                                                                          Umeå has so far received
                                                                          letter of support from the
                                                                          following regional partners:

                                                                          the Municipality of Bjurholm
                                                                          the Municipality of lycksele
                                                                          the Municipality of nordmaling
                                                                          The Municipality of Norsjö
                                                                          the Municipality of pajala
                                                                          the Municipality of Robertsfors
                                                                          the Municipality of Storuman
                                                                          the Municipality of Vindeln
                                                                          the Municipality of Vännäs
                                                                          the Municipality of åre
                                                                          The City of Härnösand
                                                                          The City of Kiruna
                                                                          the City of luleå
                                                                          the City of piteå
    Question 5: Do you already have the support of the local              the City of Skellefteå
    or regional political authorities? Or are you planning                the City of Sundsvall
    to ask for their support at a later date?                             The City of Örnsköldsvik
                                                                          the City of Östersund
the City Council of Umeå decided in 2005 to put itself forward as
a candidate for European Capital of Culture 2014. Since then Umeå         Regional Bodies:
has worked on gaining regional support for the project in the four        the E12 alliance/the Blue
northernmost counties. Some of our partners have subsequently               Road association
formed their own working groups including, for example, Umeå              The Kvarken Council
University and the City of Örnsköldsvik.                                  the nordic information
                                                                            Office in Umeå
                                                                          the Region of Umeå
    Question 7: How does the event fit into the long-term cultural        Västerbotten County Council
    development of the city and, where appropriate, of the region?        Västerbotten County
                                                                            administrative Board
Umeå’s vision of the Culturized City has a planning horizon which         Västerbotten Regional association
extends to 2050. We have a development strategy that is largely cul-
ture-driven and entirely compatible with the intentions for the Europe-   Universities:
an Capital of Culture year. if we are appointed, the developmental        luleå University of technology
work will be speeded up through further mobilisation of human and         Mid Sweden University
financial resources, and by new partners and networks. The Europe-        the Swedish University
an Capital of Culture award will serve as a catalyst for the develop-       of agricultural Sciences
ment of both Umeå and the region as a whole.                              Umeå University

a new cultural policy programme including Umeå 2014 has been              Sami Organisations:
initiated and will be decided on in 2010. Umeå’s sociocultural strategy   national association
is continuously being developed. this strategy is part of the overall       of Swedish Sami – SSR
work with structural planning and development issues which con-           Sami parliament
cerns the whole city.                                                     Umeå Sami association Såhkie

CURioSity and paSSion                                               21
                                            Question 8: To what extent do you plan to forge links with
                                            the other city to be nominated Capital of Culture?

                                         latvia’s European Capital of Culture 2014 will be a close partner
                                         and several contacts have already been made with cities who are
                                         candidates to become the European Capital of Culture for latvia in
                                         2014. as part of this process, in autumn 2006 Umeå hosted a delega-
                                         tion from Riga. in february 2008 a return visit was arranged, in order
                                         to develop personal contacts and to discuss concrete plans for col-

                                         Meetings have been held with representatives of some of the appli-
                                         cants in latvia. discussions have been initiated about exchange and
                                         cooperation between the Umeå Sami association and representa-
                                         tives of the livonians in latvia. Umeå’s ambition is to implement the
                                         planning process and the programme year in creative collaboration
                                         with the city which will be appointed in latvia.

                                            Question 9: Explain how the event could fulfil the criteria listed
                                            below. Please substantiate your answer for each of the criteria
                                            (this question must be answered in greater detail at the final
                                            selection stage).

                                            As regards “The European Dimension”, how does the city
                                            intend to contribute to the following objectives:

                                            –	to	strengthen	cooperation	between	the	cultural	operators,	
                                            artists	and	cities	of	your	country	and	other	Member	States,	
                                            in	all	cultural	sectors?

                                         our candidature is an invitation to Europe to create a European
                                         Capital of Culture year in cooperation with our regional partners.
                                         We wish to invite Europe’s cultural world to Umeå and to the northern

                                         Working collaboratively on a regional, national and international level
                                         is a matter of which we have a great deal of experience. Umeå has a
                                         considerable network for European collaboration. our regional parti-
                                         cipants, the universities, cultural institutions, the business community
                                         and the broad swathe of various associations and individual organi-
                                         sations, also have extensive European and global contacts, all of
                                         which contribute to promoting cooperation.

                                         at this stage Umeå’s programme structure encompasses eight
Christer Fuglesang                       themes. Within each theme there are plans for international events,
Astronaut, Honorary Doctor               seminars and festivals, as well as a number of different projects. as
at the Faculty of Science                part of the construction of the programme’s contents we will strive to
and Technology, Umeå
                                         ensure that the projects encompass boundary-crossing collaborative
                                         ventures, and new forms of expression. the programme will mobilise
–	I	think	its	very	exciting	that	        and stimulate collaboration between participants locally, regionally,
Umeå	wishes	to	become	                   nationally and internationally.
European	Capital	of	Culture	
2014.	Umeå	is	a	very	pleas-              our strategy – open Source – has been developed in accordance
ant	city	which	has	a	vibrant	
and	thriving	university.	It’s	
                                         with Umeå’s wish to present a programme which is based upon the
above	all	Umeå	University’s	             creativity, curiosity, joy and desire amongst cultural performers across
close	connection	to	space	               all of Europe. those who will help us facilitate this project are, among
research,	which	includes	                others: our twin towns and collaborative cities in Europe, and around
outposts	as	far	north	as	Kiru-           the world; the international students at the university; the international
na,	that	inspires	me.	The	idea	          companies in Umeå; and our new citizens from other countries.
of	gathering	all	the	excellent	
resources	of	northern	Sweden	
to	facilitate	a	project	such	as	
“Space	Culture”	during	the	
European	Capital	of	Culture	
Year	is	fantastic,	and	one	that	
I	support	wholeheartedly.

                                    22                                                          CUR ioSity and pa SSion
    –	to	highlight	the	richness	of	cultural	diversity	in	Europe?

Umeå aims to harness and promote the cultural diversity of the
northern Room, as well as strengthen interaction with the wide varie-
ties of cultures to be found in Europe at large.

By means of the theme “Sämij Bivddieme – Sami invitation”, Sami
culture will be highlighted as part of the multiplicity of cultures exist-
ing in Europe. the Sami organisations in the region will invite indige-
nous and minority cultures from around the world to a thought-pro-
voking and boundary-crossing cultural festival in 2014, featuring
in-depth seminars on important future issues for these ethnic groups.
Umeå University and Vaartoe – the Centre for Sami Research are
important partners in this work, not least because of the international
research context in which CeSam is involved.

    –	to	bring	the	common	aspects	of	European	cultures	to	the	fore?

the different European cultures have several cultural languages in
common which they can use to communicate, such as music, art,
theatre and film. The theme “The Growth of Identities” will encom-
pass a project examining European young people’s new joint cultural
activities: music, skateboarding, contemporary circus, parkour, street
performance, and so on.

CURioSity and paSSion                                                   23
     as part of its plans for the 2014 event, Umeå is planning to expand
     and develop the city’s well-established gay pride festival. We plan to
     issue an invitation to a European gay pride festival which aims to
     additionally strengthen supportive attitudes towards issues of identity,
     gender and sexuality.

     Europe has a common cultural heritage in the various forms of ex-
     pressions that have developed in relation to health, outdoor activities
     and sport. By means of the theme “treasures in leisure” we wish to
     include Europe’s sports and outdoor activities in the programme for

        Can	you	specify	how	this	event	could	help	to	strengthen
        the	city’s	links	with	Europe?

     Umeå’s candidacy has already created a mobilisation of existing and
     new networks for citizens, cultural performers, institutions, the public
     sector, associations and the business community. all of this has
     helped promote the internationalisation of Umeå’s developmental
     work. We have been able to produce good results in European evalu-
     ations and we have been successful in terms of international cooper-
     ation. We are convinced that the award of European Capital of Cul-
     ture 2014 could be a catalyst which contributes towards establishing
     Europe within Umeå and its collaborative regions, whilst simultane-
     ously establishing Umeå and the northern region in Europe.

     a good example of the region’s European cooperation is Västerbotten
     County theatre’s production of henrik ibsen’s play “When We dead
     Awaken” directed by Josette Bushell-Mingo. The production is being
     carried out in collaboration with Sweden’s national touring theatre,
     Riksteatern, and the Unity theatre in liverpool. the premiere will take
     place in collaboration with Umeå 2014 and the Unity theatre’s partici-
     pation is supported by liverpool 2008. Stavanger 2008 is also support-
     ing the project by sending some ibsen scholars from norway to a
     seminar arranged in connection with the premiere in Umeå. the play
     will be performed in Umeå, Skellefteå and liverpool, and will then go
     on a national tour under the management of the national touring

     in order to strengthen cooperation between Umeå and various Euro-
     pean cities, Umeå University has started the project “Umeå in Mo-
     tion”. this includes tours composed of cultural activities from Umeå
     and northern Sweden, which will travel to selected cities and universi-
     ties in Europe. the aim is to create interest in culture from the north-
     ern Room.

24                                                         CUR ioSity and pa SSion
    Question 10: Explain how the event could meet the criteria
    listed below. Please substantiate your answer for each of the
    criteria (this question must be answered in greater detail
    at the final selection stage).

    As regards “City and Citizen”, how does the city intend
    to ensure that the programme for the event:

    –	attracts	the	interest	of	the	population	at	European	level?

Besides Umeå’s broad and dynamic cultural life, with its opera,
symphony orchestra, galleries, museums, sculpture park and so on,
we can also offer established and attractive festivals, such as the
International Jazz Festival, Umeå Open Rock Festival, the cross-over
festival MADE (Music.Art.Dance.Etc), the Song Festival on Holmön
and the Sami Culture festival.

in addition to this, the programme’s eight new artistically and geo-
graphically boundary-transgressing themes will be particular high-
lights during the European Capital of Culture year 2014.

Our northern region with its unique wilderness, mountains, snow,
cold, midnight sun, aurora Borealis, rivers, rapids and ice hotel offers
additional tourist attractions. together with tourism entrepreneurs,
we are planning combined nature and culture trips to the northern
region. a special tourism project within the framework of Umeå 2014
has as its goal to package and sell combined culture and adventure
trips throughout 2014, with an international audience as its primary
target group.

    –	encourages	the	participation	of	artists,	stakeholders	
    in	the	sociocultural	scene	and	the	inhabitants	of	the	city,	
    its	surroundings	and	the	area	involved	in	the	program?

We have already started working to involve the city’s and the region’s
citizens in the project through open Source methods. among other
things, we have held some fifty public dialogue meetings dealing with
various different cultural manifestations. We also maintain an active
and updated website. the steering committee Umeå 2014 has contin-
uously received project ideas from cultural performers in the city and
region by means of meetings, written submissions and individual
interviews. More than 200 project ideas have already been sent to us.

a regional dialogue about the European Capital of Culture year has
been initiated and various strategies for involving the citizens are
being discussed in the four counties.

Within the theme “the growth of identities” there are several projects
which focus upon on citizens’ participation. the project “Culture for
life” emphasises the important issue of demographic change in
European societies. the project has as its aim to highlight the impor-
tance of culture for promoting public health, with a particular focus
on the older generation.
                                                                            Mikael Sjödin
                                                                            Local Manager
Umeå is facing great changes in its urban development. in collabora-        of Astra Zeneca
tion with other cities in Europe, special development projects will be
implemented with the aim of making the citizens co-creative in the          The	advantages	of	Umeå’s	
design of the city.                                                         emphasis	on	culture	is	that	it	
                                                                            creates	a	fantastic	charisma	
                                                                            about	Umeå	as	a	city,	the	
                                                                            attraction	of	which	is	contin-
                                                                            ually	increasing	for	both	our	
                                                                            present	and	future	associ-
                                                                            ates.	It’s	a	remarkable	asset	
                                                                            for	Umeå,	and	for	all	of	us	
                                                                            who	work	in	this	beautiful	

CURioSity and paSSion                                                  25
        –	is	sustainable	and	an	integral	part	of	the	long-term	cultural
        and	social	development	of	the	city?

     Umeå is working with an overall strategy for demographic develop-
     ment, housing, the labour market, infrastructure and sociocultural
     development extending up until 2050. the work is based on long-term
     cultural, social, environmental and economic sustainability. Various
     structural plans to do with urban development are being revised and
     complemented within the framework of the overall strategy. Umeå’s
     vision of a culturally permeated city, the Culturized City, is included in
     the overall long-term development strategy.

        Question 11: How does the city plan to get involved in or create
        synergies with the cultural activities supported by the European

     the European Capital of Culture programme will largely be built up
     through international collaborative projects. We have long-standing
     experience of cooperation between the universities and the various
     institution of the EU. Both Umeå University and the Swedish University
     of agricultural Sciences in Umeå participate in different EU pro-
     grammes, including in the cultural sector. this is a strength that we
     wish to build upon in our future developmental work.

     the EU’s institutions and different support programmes will be strate-
     gically important partners in our future work. in 2014 a new budget
     period will begin in the EU, which may lead to certain changes in
     relation to the present programme areas. the current programmes
     we are focusing on are: the Culture programme, Europe for Citizens,
     the Media programme, youth in action and the lifelong learning
     programme. We can also see opportunities for cooperation with pro-
     grammes which support European territorial collaboration, such as:
     the northern periphery programme, the Bothnia-atlantica pro-
     gramme, the nord/Sápmi programme and the Baltic Sea programme.

     the City of Umeå has a strong standing within the inter-regional
     programmes which build upon cooperation within the regional vicin-
     ity, including above all norway, finland and Russia. Umeå has also
     built up cooperation with countries from the whole of Europe by
     means of the transversal inter-regional programmes, such as
     URBaCt ii.

     in addition to collaborating with the EU’s structural funds, and the
     regional and social funds, the Seventh framework for Research and
     technological development will be of interest. the programme is a
     central tool for attaining the objective of the lisbon agenda, which is

26                                                          CUR ioSity and pa SSion
that the EU should become “the most competitive and dynamic know-
ledge-based economy in the world”. Knowledge is the core of the
lisbon strategy, among other things through the knowledge triangle
of “research – education – innovation”. the City of Umeå has had
close cooperation with Umeå University in this regard for the purpos-
es of strengthening the city’s and the region’s development and com-

there are several relevant areas of activity in which to develop
cooperation via the EU’s Seventh framework programme (fp7). this
cooperation is important to establish ahead of the European Capital
of Culture year, and includes areas such as: information and commu-
nication technology, social science and the humanities, regions of
knowledge, the environment and research for the benefit of SME’s.
projects in fp7 presuppose collaboration and dispersal of knowledge
within the EU, and in a wider international context.

    Question 12: Are some parts of the programme designed
    for particular target groups?

Umeå’s cultural activities have an acknowledged ability to snap up
and develop methods that are inclusive of new target groups within
the cultural sphere. Umeå’s forthcoming cultural policy programme
will focus particular attention on groups which today are excluded
from the different cultural arenas. We see the European Capital of
Culture year as a huge possibility to be inclusive of new groups within
different cultural areas. We wish to challenge traditional patterns, and
make possible participation and creativity by means of new open
Source methods.

the notion of culture for everyone is both self-evident and a guiding
light in all our work. however, it is a means of relating which to a
degree is problematical, as we cannot reach everyone, no matter
how open our invitation may be. an important strategic project for
Umeå 2014 is to open up the source codes within culture to new
target groups. one means of opening the doors for new groups is
to visually interpret theatre productions. this is a project which is
already underway in Umeå. another example is the audio index,
which gives the visually impaired access to the library.

    Question 13: What contacts has the city established or what
    contacts does it intend to establish with cultural operators?
    Name some operators with whom cooperation is envisaged
    and specify the type of exchanges in question. (The answer
    is optional at the pre-selection stage).

Cultural Operators 2014 – In the City
The whole of Umeå is involved in our application. The official cultural
institutions, the smaller cultural associations, the various organisers,
the independent theatre and artistic groups and, not least, the artists,
have all been invited to meetings and to participate in dialogues
about project ideas and the city’s application to be European Capital
of Culture 2014.
                                                                             Lage Lindfors
                                                                             Local Manager
Cultural Operators 2014 – Outside the City                                   of Volvo Trucks
in order to create a successful programme we will develop and
                                                                             –	The	municipality’s	goal	to	
strengthen our contacts with regional and national cultural operators,       become	European	Capital	
including cultural activities outside the main cultural institutions. if     of	Culture	is	important	to	us.	
Umeå is appointed European Capital of Culture, we will also invite           In	order	for	us	to	be	able	
the other candidate cities in Sweden to participate in joint events.         to	recruit	key	personnel	to	
Examples of some of our Swedish collaborative partners are listed            Umeå,	the	city	must	be	able	
                                                                             to	offer	a	rich	and	varied	
                                                                             cultural profile.

CURioSity and paSSion                                                   27
                                         noRRSCEn is a collaborative project between the four provincial
                                         theatres in northern Sweden, which has as its goal the strengthening
                                         and development of theatre in the region. norrscen has been invited
                                         to participate in dialogue about the European Capital of Culture year
                                         and is positive about participating.
                                         KOMPANI NOMAD is the world’s only Sami dancing troupe. its artistic
                                         director, ola Stinnerbom, wishes to use Umeå as the platform and
                                         base for the troupe.
                                         BildMUSEEt at Umeå University cooperates among others with:
                                         Göteborgs Konsthall, Länsmuseet Västernorrland, Bildens Hus,
                                         Sundsvall and Centrum för Fotografi, Stockholm.

                                         Cultural Operators 2014 – Abroad
                                         in order to create a successful programme, we will develop and
                                         strengthen our contacts with international cultural operators. We will
                                         strengthen already established networks and contacts, as well as
                                         create new ones. Events of high artistic quality will be given priority.
                                         Examples of established and intended contacts are listed below.
                                         BEaiVVáS SaMi tEáhtER has its roots in Kautokeino, Norway. The
                                         theatre has close contact with the Umeå theatre association. the
                                         theatre’s productions are of interest for the 2014 programme.
                                         SaMi thEátER – The Sami Theatre in Kiruna, with a branch in Tärna-
                                         by, has visited Umeå with its productions on several occasions, not
                                         least during Sami Week. in tärnaby they have worked successfully
                                         with children and young people as actors both on stage and back-
                                         liEt laVlUt is the only song contest for minority languages in Europe.
                                         the organisers have been contacted and are favourably disposed
                                         towards organising a song festival in 2014.
                                         iaSpiS – thE intERnational aRtiSt StUdio pRogRaMME in SWE-
                                         dEn is an exchange programme for artists. Umeå is visited annually
                                         by two internationally renowned artists, who are jointly hosted by
                                         Bildmuseum, the academy of fine arts, the City of Umeå, galleri
                                         Verkligheten in Umeå and Museum anna nordlander in Skellefteå.
                                         lE CiRQUE inViSiBlE with Jean-Baptiste Thiérrée and Victoria Chaplin
                                         Thiérrée has a well-established collaboration with Umeå Theatre
                                         association that is set to continue.
                                         StUffEd pUppEt is a puppet theatre group from the netherlands.
                                         they have given a special performance in Umeå, and the group’s
                                         manager is a valuable contact regarding high quality puppet theatre
Elvy Söderström                          for adults.
Chairperson of Örnsköldsvik
City Council                             thE hanoi national ConSERVatoRy of MUSiC has an established
                                         collaboration with norrlandsoperan and will continue to be an impor-
–	Örnsköldsvik	supports	
                                         tant collaborative partner.
Umeå’s	candidacy	to	be	Euro-
pean	Capital	of	Culture	2014.            lES 7 doigtS dE la Main , a contemporary circus group from Cana-
Culture	is	a	very	important	
                                         da, came into contact with Umeå theatre association in august 2007.
factor	in	our	efforts	to	develop	
our	common	region.	Music,	               as a result, the performance traces had its Scandinavian premiere in
dance, film, theatre and litera-         Umeå. future collaboration is currently being discussed.
ture,	as	well	as	art	and	design	
add flavour both to everyday             lEi yang fRoM China is one of the organisers of the notch festival,
life	and	to	special	occasions.	          which is held annually in three Chinese cities. lei yang held a semi-
Örnsköldsvik	both	comple-                nar in Umeå in 2008 and will be contacted concerning further cooper-
ments	and	supports	Umeå’s	               ation for the European Capital of Culture year.
cultural	activities	in	a	wide	
range of fields. Ancient history         KEDJA – DANCE ENCOUNTERS 2008-2010 is a platform for dance art-
comes	alive	in	our	iron	age	             ists within the contemporary dance field in the Nordic/Baltic region.
village	of	Gene	for	instance,	
while	art	and	landscape	
architecture	are	both	being	
developed	and	play	an	impor-
tant	role	in	Örnsköldsvik.

                                    2                                                          CUR ioSity and pa SSion
EURopEan off MEEting (EoM) is an informal European network for
non-institutional drama with representatives from 25 countries, which
encompasses Umeå’s non-institutional theatre groups. an EoM festi-
val has been planned for 2014.
thE liVing VoiCE inStitUtE is an ambulatory international project
for crossover activities in the vocal field, and is of interest for 2014.

    Question 14: In what way is the proposed project innovative?

Umeå is applying to be the northernmost European Capital of Culture
ever within the EU. We have a concrete strategy for how we wish
to attain our vision of the Culturized City and our mission Stay Cool.
We wish to secure cultural and social longevity, and by so doing in-
vestigate in what ways we, in cooperation with others, can contribute
to reducing global warming.

We are convinced that we have much to learn from others and from
one another. By means of boundary-crossing culture we want to coop-
erate with other cities in Europe and the world in order to find new
solutions to pressing problems and to find new ways of relating to
others. We believe that our open Source methodology will make cre-
ative local and global mobilisation possible. We also wish to lower the
threshold for participation. We wish to open up restricted source
codes, and provide everyone with access to the nourishing power of
culture. We also wish to promote sustainable ecological, social and
economic development for people and for society at large.

our goal is to promote the northern Room in an innovative way, as
a cultural meeting place. Simultaneously, we wish to give northerly
culture a presence within the EU, by offering workshops, performan-
ces and programmes in a variety of places all over Europe. one
example of this is by means of the project “Umeå in Motion”.

By means of open Source, Umeå will issue an invitation for innovative
developmental work based on the eight programme themes for 2014.

CURioSity and paSSion                                                       29
                                     Each theme involves a content-based challenge, and is an opportuni-
                                     ty to produce cultural modes of expression that widen and deepen the
                                     theme concerned. another challenge within each thematic area will
                                     be to create new boundary-crossing encounters between different
                                     local, regional and international partners.

                                        Question 15: If the city in question is awarded the title of Capital
                                        of Culture, what would be the medium and long-term effects of
                                        the event from a social, cultural and urban point of view? Do the
                                        municipal authorities intend to make a public declaration of
                                        intent concerning the period following the year of the event?

                                     Becoming European Capital of Culture 2014 is an integral part of
                                     Umeå’s long-term developmental strategy up until 2050.

                                     Culture will after 2014 have established new meeting places and
                                     social networks, which will increase the cultural and social longevity
                                     of society. Culture, the citizens, the city, the independent groups and
                                     associations, the business community, the tourist industry, sports and
                                     the universities will all have developed by means of an increased
                                     collaboration with each other, and with other participants in Europe
                                     and the world at large.

                                     local and regional cultural identity will have been strengthened
                                     above all by means of encounters with different cultural forms, and
                                     experiences from other regions and countries.

                                     after 2014 culture in Umeå and in northern Sweden will have addition-
                                     ally strengthened its position as a powerful impetus for societal de-
                                     velopment. the role of culture for long-term sustainable development
                                     will have been acknowledged in the region, and will be an inspiration
                                     to the rest of Europe. Work with open Source will have contributed to
                                     the development of new networks and cultural expressions in a colla-
                                     boration between northern Sweden and the rest of Europe and the

                                     different art forms will have deepened their artistic specialities while,
                                     simultaneously, many boundary-transgressing projects will have cre-
                                     ated new modes of expression. institutions, cultural associations,
                                     sports associations and independent cultural groups will all have
                                     substantially increased and broadened their audiences, as well as
                                     have increased their takings. Many citizens will have encountered
                                     new experiences and found their way to new cultural arenas. partici-
                                     pating in and experiencing culture will have had an increased level of
                                     importance for many people. this means that consumption patterns
                                     will have changed to include a higher prioritisation of culture. this
                                     will, in turn, have created a basis for a permanently increased variety
                                     of the cultural activities on offer.

                                        Question 16: How was this application designed and prepared?
Per Wennberg
Local Manager                        in May 2005 the City Council decided that Umeå should launch a bid
Carlstedts/Greenzone                 to become European Capital of Culture 2014. a political steering com-
                                     mittee for the project was formed, consisting of leading representa-
–	The	European	Capital	of	
Culture	project	involves	
                                     tives of the political parties on the City Council. a group of administra-
Umeå	entering	onto	the	              tors was also appointed to assist the steering committee. this has a
European	stage.	For	us	this	         permanent core consisting of the city manager, two project managers,
means	that	we	can	spread	            a project coordinator and a web designer. Representatives of the City
our	message	of	green	busi-           of Umeå’s administrative units, Umeå University, Västerbotten County
ness	options.	We	want	more	          administrative Board and Västerbotten County Council have func-
people	to	discover	the	possi-
bilities	of	GreenZone	which	
                                     tioned as a consultative group for the project management, as part of
is	all	about	using	the	most	         the work of designing the application. a project plan has been pro-
environmentally-friendly	            duced in five stages for the period 2005–2025. The City Council and
materials	and	solutions.             the boards have continually been informed about the progress of the

                                30                                                          CUR ioSity and pa SSion
project, and they have contributed with proposals, views and project
ideas. Umeå 2014 has been an integral part of the city’s overall
planning of activities for all boards and administrative units.

Support from and dialogue with regional operators has been accom-
plished by means of workshops. in 2006–2008 the steering committee
and the management committee organised about 50 public talks and
lectures with specially invited cultural figures. Representatives of previ-
ous European Capitals of Culture have participated in some of these
meetings. Via the website – – the citizens of Umeå
have been given the opportunity to express their opinions about the
European Capital of Culture year and to share their ideas and dreams
with others.

the dialogue with the citizens has yielded impressive results. an
opinion poll in May 2008 showed that 83 % of Umeå’s citizens know that
the city is bidding to become European Capital of Culture 2014. the
2014 process so far has been evaluated in a special auditor’s report.

different forms of dialogue have been developed for the purposes of
involving citizens, cultural operators and other interested parties.

Dialogue 2014 – Everybody on Board!
dialogue 2014 involves a continuously ongoing dialogue with the
city’s and region’s citizens, cultural performers, institutions, business
community and collaborative partners. By means of dialogue 2014
the steering committee wanted to invite everybody to participate and
be involved in Umeå’s endeavour to become European Capital of
Culture. the objective has been that everybody should be able to feel
that the project concerns him or her in some way or other.

Dialogue 2014 consists of two parts. The first part is composed of a
survey which is answered digitally on the city’s main website. the
survey, which is divided up into 14 different sections, can be answered
in total or in part depending on one’s interest or time. the answers
provide a microcosm of the Umeå citizens’ interests, visions and
thoughts. A concluding open question provides scope for expressing
ideas about project proposals for the 2014 programme.

the second part of dialogue 2014 consists of subject-based seminars
with debates; about 50 seminars will have been arranged by the end
of 2008. the seminars are planned and carried out by various interest
groups within every genre; a method which calls for passion within
one’s field and which creates a sense of participation. The audience
has enthusiastically debated how best to develop each respective
genre should Umeå become European Capital of Culture.

all seminars have been documented, and the transcripts have been
posted on the website: the seminars have been
well attended, and the variety of subjects has attracted broad and di-
verse audiences. as an additional twist, Umeå 2014’s logo has been
on display in an exclusive and idiosyncratic format at every seminar.
dialogue 2014 will continue throughout autumn 2008 and spring 2009.

in addition to this, all political parties have arranged internal and
external meetings, as well as information and dialogue sessions.
on their own initiative, a number of associations have invited the
public to receive information and take part in discussions about 2014.
also Umeå University has formed a special working group for 2014,
headed by the proVice-Chancellor. the City of Umeå has close coope-
ration with this working group, as well as with the university manage-
ment and the student unions. Several departments, teachers and many
students have participated in dialogue 2014 and thereby contributed to
the content of the bid.

CURioSity and paSSion                                                  31
     Vision 2014 – With Special Emphasis on Cultural Operators
     in spring 2006 talks were started with large groups of cultural opera-
     tors. in 2007 this dialogue was augmented to include cultural institu-
     tions and special target groups. the talks have created many ideas
     about how cultural activities can be developed in the run up to 2014,
     as well as how a programme with European features can be de-
     signed. these ideas were given the working title “Vision 2014”. as a
     direct consequence of this, some new projects were started. For in-
     stance, the theatre group Profilteatern created a venue for cultural
     workers with the aim of encouraging creative ideas. in another exam-
     ple, Umeå theatre association created an “open Stage” giving the
     city’s less well-established theatre groups free access to a stage for

     Umeå 2014 – An Active Website
     a website was created in spring 2006 and has since then constituted
     an important forum for extensive local, national and international
     information. the material on the site is continuously translated into
     English. Besides basic information, advertisements of events and
     continuous news updates, the site contains several interactive

     Every week somebody is invited to blog about the European Capital
     of Culture award. the typical blogger is usually someone active in the
     cultural sphere. on average the blog has had 140 visitors per day.
     additionally, several hundred inhabitants of Umeå have sent in their
     “dreams and Visions” for 2014. this material has been documented
     and will be drawn upon as inspiration for future programmes. also, in
     the winter of 2008 the inhabitants of Umeå were invited to send in their
     “picture of Umeå” in the form of photographs. 450 photos were re-
     ceived and these will be utilised as part of future campaign work.
     a selection of these photos is on display in this application.

     Voices from Umeå
     led by the composer anders lind, about 2,000 inhabitants of Umeå
     have participated in a recording entitled Voices from Umeå. this is a
     musical theme for the European Capital of Culture 2014. the various
     sound collages on the Cd were recorded both in the City Council and
     at many other meetings and events.

32                                                        CUR ioSity and pa SSion
The Umeå Short Story Prize
in order to establish Västerbotten as a storytelling county, Umeå
2014 has created a new forum for Swedish short stories – an annual
short story competition. a jury composed of cultural expertees ap-
points a winner each year. The prize sum amounts to SEK 100,000
and the five best short stories are presented every year in an anth-
ology. The first year of the competition generated 761 entries.

Cooperation with the Business Community
a large number of meetings have been held in order to both inform
and help make Umeå’s business community co-creative in the Euro-
pean Capital of Culture project. in their capacity as employers,
Umeå’s companies have been asked to encourage their employees
to participate in dialogue 2014. Cooperation with the business com-
munity has been undertaken in order to develop enduring forms of
active participation in cultural activities. a number of cultural projects
have been implemented in collaborative projects between the city,
the universities and local companies.

“ålidhem – a democratic art project” is one such example. in this
project, the inhabitants of one of Umeå’s housing areas developed
artistic decorations, together with students from the academy of fine
arts at Umeå University. the aim was to create a more attractive liv-
ing environment. financial support was provided by the two housing
companies affected by the project.

in collaboration with Umeå C, which is a retail-promotional organisa-
tion, a cultural relay was organised in which companies first chal-
lenged and then succeeded one another as hosts of various cultural
events. one example of the business community’s involvement with
culture in Umeå is the sparkling show with Cirkus Cirkör that was
performed in 2008 in Umeå’s central square. The organiser was one
of Umeå’s larger industrial companies. Umeå C also organises Cul-
ture night every year, which is an event comprising several hundred
cultural activities.

CURioSity and paSSion                                                  33
Striking a Blow for Culture
the campaign “Strike a Blow for Culture” was launched in 2005. By means
of striking a blow on a steel bar – originally a percussion instrument used by
the Symphony orchestra at norrlandsoperan – citizens of Umeå and guests
from different parts of Sweden and the world have demonstrated their sup-
port for culture, and for Umeå’s bid to become European Capital of Culture
2014. all those who have struck a blow for culture have been documented by
means of photographs and text on the website the aim
is to have registered a total of 2014 blows by the year 2014.

Culture on Campus
Culture on Campus is a project unique to Sweden, which aims at inspiring
people by means of culture on the campus of Umeå University. the target
group is composed of students, staff and the general public. last year the
project was given a substantially increased budget. Culture on Campus
implements a large number of exciting artistic events, and has developed
into an innovative and vital part of Umeå’s cultural activities.

Study Visits to European Capitals of Culture
politicians, administrators, representatives of universities, companies
and institutions have visited many of the European Capitals of Culture in
order to gain information about these Capitals’ prior experiences. as part
of these visits, special interest has been devoted to working methods that
have resulted in long-term positive effects. at present we have visited about
30 European Capitals of Culture and a dialogue has also been initiated with
a number of cities bidding to become European Capital of Culture in the
years before 2014.

34                                                          CUR ioSity and pa SSion
Part II. Structure of the Programme
for the Event
    Question 1: What structure does the city intend to give to the
    year’s programme (guidelines, general theme of the event)?
    How long does the programme last? (This question must
    be answered in greater detail at the final selection stage).

the rhythm of the programme is inspired by the eight seasons of the
Sami calendar. at this stage of the process we are presenting eight
key themes as part of the main structure of the 2014 programme.
Besides these key themes, the subcultural movements of Umeå will be
a vital independent force. in designing the programme we will see to
it that all art forms are embraced by challenging developmental
projects with high artistic quality. Representatives of all art forms will
be invited to develop and deepen their artistic repertoire and be given
opportunities to broaden their audience. at the same time we wish to
use the European Capital of Culture year for new boundary-crossing
forms of collaboration, as well as new forms of artistic expression
among cultural operators, locally, regionally and in Europe. a few
examples of projects that are being discussed are mentioned under
each theme below. a large number of other project proposals have
been gathered together during the preparatory process, and will be
further developed at a later date.

CURioSity and paSSion                                                  35
                                        Theme: Northern Light
                                        the theme “northern light” concerns our northern cultural traditions
                                        and comprises film, dance, drama, music and literature. This theme
                                        explores the concept of the northern Room in order to deepen and
                                        develop artistic expression in this domain. Simultaneously, the theme
                                        encompasses an attempt to broaden interest in this field, as well as
                                        the creation of new forms of cooperation with Europe. among the
                                        projects that are being planned are: a winter festival utilising the
                                        Northern Room’s unique scenery and expressive form in boundary-
                                        crossing meetings between different artistic genres, from across the
                                        whole of Europe; a synthesis of artistic modes, based on stories from
                                        the north, which will be staged on a raft in the Umeå River; a space
                                        culture project, entitled “Space Culture 2014”, for children and young
                                        people, which illustrates space in a scientific perspective, as well as
                                        in its cultural, historical and regional dimensions; and a multi-art
                                        work, entitled “Rock art in Sápmi”, based on boundary-crossing sto-
                                        ries in speech, sound, pictures and movement, which emphasises
                                        the northern dimension in relation to Europe.

                                        Theme: Sämij Bivddieme – Sami Invitation
                                        Based on Sápmi and its indigenous and minority population, the
                                        Sami, we aim to emphasise the northern dimension in different ways
                                        in terms of European and global socio-cultural activities. in addition,
                                        we aim to continue to strengthen cooperation between Sami institu-
                                        tions, museums and cultural associations in the northern area. our
                                        objective is that the European Capital of Culture year should offer
                                        development and cultural activities on all sites where Sami culture is
                                        established. a festival for the indigenous and minority peoples of the
                                        world, together with a global congress for the same target groups, will
                                        constitute two of the highlights of the year. Sami culture will also per-
                                        meate all of our work with the European Capital of Culture year, and
Sara Stenlund                           have significant and lasting effects for the indigenous Sami people.
Real Estate Agent
Boporten                                furthermore, the project entitled “the Sami and the livonians” aims
                                        to initiate dialogue and cooperation between these two minority popu-
–	If	Umeå	is	appointed	Euro-
                                        lations in the European Capital of Culture countries Sweden and
pean	Capital	of	Culture	2014	
there	will	be	an	added	focus	           latvia. Cooperation has already started by means of Umeå Sami
on	the	city	for	several	years	          association’s contacts with Riga.
to	come.	We	will	have	better	
preconditions	for	exhibiting	           for many years Umeå University has had national responsibility for
Umeå’s	wide	range	of	activi-            Sami studies. The Sami field is covered by both Vaartoe – The Centre
ties.	It	will	also	be	easier	to	
                                        for Sami Research, and a special unit for Sami studies. these two
build	upon	the	positive	spirit	
which	exists	here,	and	the	             bodies will be important partners within the framework of this theme.
effects	will	be	visible	for	
several	sectors	and	lines	
of	business.	

                                   36                                                         CUR ioSity and pa SSion
Theme: Stories of the North – Ears for Europe
the art of storytelling is part of our common European cultural heritage.
With Västerbotten’s unique narrative tradition as our point of departure,
we want to emphasise and strengthen Europe’s and the world’s narra-
tive traditions, both orally and in the written word. narrative perform-
ances, seminars and workshops will follow on from one another through-
out the year. We will issue an invitation to an international narrative
symposium which will be complemented by smaller adjacent events
throughout the region. Libraries, cafés, local history museums and
schools, as well as city squares and parks will be arenas where writers
and storytellers can meet their audiences. the national competition the
Umeå Short Story prize will be open for the whole of Europe in 2014.

Theme: Burning Snow – Melting Ice
We want to emphasise contrasts, the unexpected, the innovative, the
boundless – all those things which, quite simply, characterise Umeå
and the northern Room. one of our projects is about inviting Europe’s
citizens to a Midnight Sun festival. young artists in various different art
forms will be invited to perform on outdoor stages and in natural environ-
ments all over Umeå and the northern region. Meetings without bound-
aries in the northern Room’s light nights will produce unforgettable
memories and help create new networks. Many different projects are
being planned within this theme of contrasts and surprises. one of
these has the working title ’Snow’ and comprises a contemporary
circus show which will tour the entire arctic region of the nordic coun-
tries as well as the Kola Peninsula. An integral part of this tour will be a
discussion of the impact of climate change on indigenous populations.
performers from the entire arctic region will participate in “Snow”. all of
these performers use contemporary circus as their mode of expression.

CURioSity and paSSion                                                 37
     Theme: The Growth of Identities
     this theme aims at giving voice to diversity, creating arenas for co-
     creation and creativity and strengthening people’s quality of life and
     health through culture. different groups will be invited to participate in
     identity-forming dialogues within the framework of popular adult educa-
     tion. Some examples of projects planned for the European Capital of
     Culture year include: a children’s culture festival; a multicultural festival
     with an emphasis on ethnicity; a European gay pride festival; a Europe-
     an symposium about the importance of culture for public health; a sym-
     posium on popular adult education; a symposium on popular move-
     ments; and a symposium on different social and cultural movements,
     with an emphasis on their European connections. additionally, a project
     about queer theory is being planned in collaboration with Umeå

     in the project “young Subculture”, young people from Umeå will contri-
     bute by organising exciting meetings involving youths from across the
     whole of Europe. these meetings encompass young people who prac-
     tise or organise different forms of hybrid culture: fire art, contemporary
     circus, street theatre, le parkour, art street performance and so on.

     Theme: She’s Got the Beat – The Gendered City
     We have taken the heading of this theme from a non-profit organisation
     that has been active in Umeå for some years, and that, in an innovative
     way, has provided support, inspiration and courses for female musi-
     cians. the organisation arranges an annual pop music camp for young
     women, and also a festival with female-dominated bands. the theme
     of “She’s got the Beat” aims to emphasise a female perspective in a
     number of local and regional events. it also aims to explore how tradi-
     tional gender patterns in different forms of culture can be subverted or
     changed. Various cultural activities concerning the perspectives of gen-
     der, class and ethnicity will be organised, together with different wom-
     en’s organisations and associations. there will also be a collaboration
     with the teaching and research conducted in the field of gender studies
     at Umeå University. the aim of a one particular project, entitled “gen-
     der Breakers”, is to visualise people, environments and workplaces that
     contrast with traditionally gender-segregated structures. this project
     will take place by means of regionally based exhibitions and work-
     shops. the aim of another sub-project is to examine urban planning
     utilising a gender perspective.

     Theme: Talking Architecture – Speaking Design
     Umeå’s endeavour to create a new art Campus demonstrates the
     city’s belief in culture as a driving force behind urban planning. the art
     Campus aims to be a creative environment which will have an interna-
     tional emphasis on art, design and architecture. it will be developed
     on the riverbank in the city centre over the next few years. as part of this
     project, a new School of architecture will be initiated. also, a new build-
     ing will be constructed to house Bildmuseet. this new art Exhibition hall
     will complement the existing academy of fine arts and the institute of
     design. projects involving boundary-crossing meetings with European
     architects, designers and artists are continually in progress, and these
     will culminate in a European architecture and design festival in 2014.
     in addition, one project will investigate children’s and young people’s
     view of their living environment. this project will feature in a number of
     cities across Europe. how do children want to design the external and
     internal environments of pre-schools and schools? how should the city
     be designed from the perspective of children? as well as this, Bildmu-
     seet at Umeå University will open the exhibition “Contemporary art
     Transformation” during the course of the year, as well as Umeå’s first
     art biennial.

     in 2014 we want to help develop European dialogue about modern
     planning methods. the democratic process in urban planning is impor-

3                                                           CUR ioSity and pa SSion
tant, and, in Umeå, the institute of design at Umeå University, together
with the city, has been commissioned to develop democratic dialogue
and information to citizens with regard to urban planning processes.
the aim is to develop interactive information and dialogue with citizens
via the internet. it will do so with the aid of new dialogue tools, virtual
3d models, interactive maps, multimedia presentations and so on.

Theme: Treasures in Leisure
this theme is about development and basic values in outdoor life and
sports. it also concerns arenas, and research on mass and elite sport.
In addition it comprises exercise, leisure, joy, quality of life, entertain-
ment and social development. it is about children, young people and
adults, gender equality and everybody’s right to participate.

generally speaking, sport has an open source code. We believe that
bringing about a closer collaboration between culture and sports will
make possible the promotion of more open source codes within the
arena of culture as well.

Sport is our largest popular movement, and has a self-evident position
in the 2014 programme. this theme aims at increasing European coop-
eration in various different types of sport, as well as emphasising the
issue of basic shared values. it also aims at encouraging more children
and young people to participate in active leisure pursuits. as part of the
2014 programme, new and larger stadiums have been planned, thus

CURioSity and paSSion                                                    39
     enabling more and larger international sports events to take place.
     Umeå’s existing sports festivals will also attract more European partici-
     pants. in addition to this, new boundary-crossing collaborative projects
     are being planned.

        Question 2: What main events will mark the year? For each one,
        please supply the following information: description of the event
        / date and place / project partners / financing.
        (The answer is optional at this stage).

     as has been described above, the programme for the year is based on
     eight local, regional and European themes, comprising symposia,
     projects, festivals and seminars. The year will start and finish with two
     major events, marking the beginning and the end of Umeå 2014. We
     will start as early as december 2013 with a joint event together with
     the two European Capitals of Culture in france and Slovakia: Marseille
     and Kosice. We want to mark our assumption of the baton and give the
     starting signal for a new European year of culture in Umeå. during a
     concluding event in December 2014, we will relinquish the baton to the
     following year’s European Capitals of Culture in Belgium and the
     Czech Republic. We will seek collaboration with the latvian European
     Capital of Culture as part of the assumption and reliquishing process.

        Question 3: How does the city plan to choose the projects
        / events which will constitute the programme for the year?
        (The answer is optional at this stage).

     projects and events will be selected both in relation to the eight
     themes identified so far and in relation to three guiding concepts: “the
     northern dimension”, “cultural diversity” and “boundary-crossing cul-
     ture”. in addition, the suggested projects will be related to the criteria
     stipulated by the EU. The quality of the culture programme will be
     secured through the organisation by means of an artistic director, an
     advisory board, programme managers and programme boards.

40                                                          CUR ioSity and pa SSion
Part III. Organisation and Financing
of the Event
1. Organisational Structure

    Question 1.1: What sort of structure is envisaged for the organi-
    sation responsible for implementing the project? What type of
    relationship will it have with the city authorities? (This question
    must be answered in greater detail at the final selection stage,
    by enclosing in particular the statutes of the organisation, its
    staff numbers, the curricula vitae of those primarily responsible,
    information concerning its financial and management capacity,
    and a graph of the structure with comments on the respective
    responsibilities of the different levels).

We will guarantee artistic standards and integrity by means of an
overall artistic director, an overarching arts council and a pro-
gramme council for each and every one of the eight main thematic
areas. an artistic head of programme will be recruited for each pro-
gramme area, whilst project leaders will be responsible for all the
various smaller projects. the artistic director, the arts council, the
programme council and the heads of programmes will all be recruit-
ed based on merits which will guarantee a high artistic standard in
the collective cultural programme for 2014.

CURioSity and paSSion                                               41
                                       We will work with a cohesive organisation for the European Capital
                                       of Culture 2014 event. it will be directly linked to the City Council, the
                                       City’s political management, and be coordinated with the council and
                                       administrative organisation. there will be close cooperation with the
                                       Cultural Committee and Cultural administration as well as with the
                                       Committee for leisure and Sports and the administration for leisure
                                       and Sports. there will also be close cooperation with all other coun-
                                       cils, committees, administrative units and companies, since the entire
                                       organisation will contribute to the European Capital of Culture
                                       project. We will develop methods for promoting cultural cooperation
                                       that will continue after 2014.

                                       a particular Capital of Culture company will be established primarily
                                       for collaboration with the private sector business community, locally,
                                       nationally and globally. the company and the rest of the organisation
                                       will essentially have a joint board of directors and management team.
                                       the company’s board of directors can be expanded to include repre-
                                       sentatives of the business community and other organisations.

                                       the management team will be recruited based upon professional
                                       competency and ability to run the European Capital of Culture project
                                       in its entirety. The budget is projected to be at least 410 MSEK of
                                       which at least 70% is to finance the programme of events.

                                          1.2. If an area around the city is involved in the event,
                                          how will the coordination between the authorities of the
                                          relevant local and regional authorities be organised?

                                       the organisation which is described under section 1.1 will have the
                                       overall responsibility for carrying out all programmes locally, region-
                                       ally, nationally and internationally. Collaborative parties in cultural
                                       institutions, municipalities, companies and associations will carry out
                                       various sub-projects.

                                          1.3 According to which criteria and under which arrangements
                                          has or will the artistic director of the event be chosen?
                                          What is or will be his/her profile? When will he/she take up
                                          the appointment? What will be his/her field of action? (Question
                                          must be answered in greater detail at the final selection).

                                       the artistic director will be the chairperson of the overarching arts
                                       council. the council will be composed of individuals with a wide-
                                       ranging experience of cultural activities in Sweden and Europe at
                                       thE aRtiStiC diRECtoR ShoUld poSSESS:

                                          a high degree of cultural competency
                                          a good grasp of co-creative open Source-methods
                                          a good grasp of northern and European cultural traditions
                                          a willingness to find new arenas and new forms of expression
Fredrik Lundberg
                                          an international network and experience of international projects
Private Market Manager                    enthusiasm for equality of opportunity in all areas, and an
Swedbank                                  interest in children’s and youth culture
–	Umeå	is	characterised	
by	openness	and	curiosity.	
                                       the artistic director will be appointed when the decision is taken to
Their	work	with	the	Euro-              award Umeå the title of European Capital of Culture. the director’s
pean	Capital	of	Culture	               first task will be to participate in the selection of the overarching arts
project	is	an	example	of	the	          council. the council will then in turn collaborate with the artistic direc-
city’s	initiative	which	in-            tor in the choice of the heads of programmes and the programme
creases	interest	in	the	region	        councils for the various themes throughout the year.
and	which	encourages	more	
companies	and	individuals	
to	get	involved	with	Umeå.

                                  42                                                           CUR ioSity and pa SSion
2. Financing of the event

    2.1 How is the event budget to be organised? What is the total
    amount of resources earmarked for organising the “European
    Capital of Culture” year? What are the sources of financing
    and the respective importance of their contribution to the total?
    (Question must be answered in greater detail at the final
    selection stage).


thE City of UMEå
The City of Umeå will earmark 100 MSEK to help finance the European          Total Expenditure
Capital of Culture event in 2014.                                            up to 2015        MSEK

THE REGION, THE EU AND TICKET RECEIPTS                                       Income
We will collaborate with other municipalities, county councils, regional     the City of Umeå         100
associations and cultural institutions from the four northern provinces,
and from the rest of Europe, in order to help enact the cultural pro-        the Region, the EU
grammes and developmental projects. We will also collaborate with            and ticket Receipts       90
the EU’s funds to this end. In total we estimate financial income
amounting to 90 MSEK from the region and the EU, including the               national authorities and
Melina Mercouri prize. this income also includes ticket receipts.            Collaborative partners 170
national aUthoRitiES and CollaBoRatiVE paRtnERS
                                                                             Collaboration with the
We estimate that financial assistance from the Swedish government,           Business Community        50
national cultural organisations and other national bodies will in total
amount to 170 MSEK. There is at present no formal financial commit-          Total:                   410
ment from the Swedish state however.
CollaBoRation With thE BUSinESS CoMMUnity
We will place great stock on developing collaboration with the busi-         Cultural programme
ness community both locally, nationally and globally, and estimate that      and project Costs        300
it will produce a sponsorship income of at least 50 MSEK including
barter agreements.                                                           Marketing/information
Costs                                                                        /Evaluation           110

pRogRaMME CoStS                                                              Total:                   410
About 70% of the budget, roughly 300 MSEK, will be utilised for the
cultural programmes and developmental projects within the fields of
culture and sports. the cultural activities of the region will account for
a large portion of the programme in 2014. the aim is that current oper-
ators together with new participants will be able to develop activities
which can continue well beyond 2014. Umeå also has the aim of carry-
ing out cultural activities on a national level as well as in Europe

CURioSity and paSSion                                                 43
                                        during 2014. this will be in collaboration with cultural institutions and
                                        municipalities, including the other candidate cities.
                                        110 MSEK will be set aside for marketing, information, administration
                                        and evaluation. the marketing of Umeå 2014 will take place in cooper-
                                        ation with the region, the business community and Umeå University, as
                                        well as with national and international collaborative partners. We will
                                        be able to draw upon the region’s collective experience and resources
                                        within the fields of information, marketing and tourism.

                                        administration will be reduced as far as possible by the means of call-
                                        ing upon administrative experience, structures and systems that are
                                        already in use. indeed, we will as far as possible avoid creating expen-
                                        sive parallel administrations. all incomes and costs will be separately
                                        accounted for, so that all the individual items for European Capital of
                                        Culture event in 2014 can be completely transparent.

                                        Resources for professional external evaluation will be divided up for
                                        the entire period 2008–15. the work involved in drawing up an applica-
                                        tion for the European Capital of Culture event in 2014 has already been
                                        appraised in a separate auditor’s report. our guiding light for Umeå
                                        2014 is openness and transparency in all of our work. our citizens must
                                        be able to both follow and affect the process by means of open Source
                                        methodology and be able to see the results of the project.

                                           2.3 Have the finance authorities in the city already voted
                                           on or made financial commitments?

                                        yes. the City Council decided that Umeå would be a candidate city as
                                        early as May 2005. the City Council decided upon the content of the
                                        application, including the city’s planned financing on 27 October 2008.

                                           2.4 What is the total expenditure planned strictly for the
                                           programme of the event?

                                        Total expenditure for the cultural programme is 300 MSEK, which is
                                        roughly 70 % of the total budgeted costs.

                                           2.5 How much expenditure is planned for infrastructure
                                           (cultural and tourism infrastructure, including renovation)?

                                        the total investment budget for items which affect culture, leisure
                                        and sports as well as urban development amounts to more than
                                        SEK 7 billions in the years up until 2014.
Per Taersbol
The Mayor of Helsingör
                                           2.6 What is the plan for involving sponsors in the event? What
–	Umeå	is	a	city	with	strong	              is the estimated level of financial participation by sponsors?
cultural	traditions.	Its	more	
than	20,000	students	give	the	          Umeå 2014 aims to offer culture of a high standard to companies, and
city	a	strong,	young	and	               this includes everything from local character to international quality.
culturally	expansive	poten-
                                        Umeå 2014’s goal is that both parties are to attain long-term positive
tial.	Like	Helsingør,	Umeå	
wishes	to	move	in	an	inter-             effects from their collaboration. another aim is to create long-term
national	direction.	My	many	            effects for cultural activities, in the form of increased interest in cultural
years	of	collaboration	with	            sponsorship, from the perspective of both cultural performers and that
Umeå	and	many	visits	to	the	            of the business community. Cooperation with companies means that
city	make	me	convinced	that	            they are helping to support the European Capital of Culture project by
Umeå	will	be	a	successful	
                                        means of marketing, finance, goods and services, which in turn will
European	Capital	of	Culture	
in	2014.	The	cultural	cities	of	        help to contribute to strengthening the companies’ brands.
the	future	need	more	collab-
oration	and	strong	common	              the Capital of Culture company will have a special division which is
objectives.                             responsible for closing sponsorship deals with the business community.

                                   44                                                            CUR ioSity and pa SSion
The aim is to achieve sponsorship income of around 50 MSEK. We
will work with three groups of sponsors: main official sponsors, official
project sponsors and cultural supporters.

Our preliminary strategy is to recruit four main official sponsors in the
shape of national and international companies. We also aim to con-
tract about 30 official project sponsors, who will be national compa-
nies. the third level, cultural supporters, will be offered three different
types of contracts: gold, silver and bronze. these latter collaborative
agreements are aimed at small and medium-sized companies in the
local and regional business community, in order to help create a
groundswell of support for the entire project.

    2.7 According to what timetable should this expenditure be
    committed if the city receives the title of Capital of Culture? (The
    answer to this question is optional at the pre-selection stage).

Umeå’s work started in 2005 with the decision of the City Council to
put forward the city’s candidacy to be European Capital of Culture
2014. The project Umeå 2014 has a budget of 15 MSEK for the period
2007–2009. if Umeå is appointed European Capital of Culture 2014 we
will negotiate sponsorship deals and set in motion the financing for
programmes and projects. the City of Umeå has already decided to
commit 100 MSEK of its own resources to finance Umeå as European
Capital of Culture 2014.

CURioSity and paSSion                                                   45
     Part IV. City infrastructure
        1. What are the city´s assets in terms of accessibility
        (regional, national and international transport)?

     Air Travel
     over 800,000 people travel every year via Umeå airport, Sweden’s
     sixth-largest airport, which is only 6 minutes from the centre of Umeå.
     flying to Umeå from Stockholm takes only 55 minutes. there are
     currently 15 daily departures to choose between in both directions,
     provided by three competing airlines. There are also quick and easy
     connections to the rest of Europe via Stockholm. Umeå places a great
     emphasis on good transport communications since it is a prerequisite
     for the continued development of both the business community and
     the universities. We will continue to work for the additional strengthen-
     ing of the transport network in order to meet the increased demand
     from visitors to the region in 2014.

     The Bothnia Line
     in 2010 the new rapid and environmentally friendly coastal railway,
     the Bothnia line, will be inaugurated. in future Stockholm can be
     reached in less than six hours, and the possibilities for fast travel
     within the region will be increased dramatically. this expansion of the
     region means that all cultural and sporting events can attract a larger
     audience from a greater catchment area.

46                                                         CUR ioSity and pa SSion
Coaches and Ferries
the two European motorways, the E4 and the E12, intersect in Umeå.
there are long-distance coach routes, both along the coast and fur-
ther inland to our northern ski resorts, among other places. in fact,
Umeå Coach Station currently has a total of 1.4 million long-distance
travellers. there is also a well-developed public transport network
within Umeå, as well as 180 km of specially constructed cycling
routes, that are separated from the main traffic. In addition, there
is a ferry connection across the gulf of Bothnia to Vasa in finland.

Umeå made large investments in underground broadband fibre opti-
cal cables at an early stage. at present 95% of the inhabitants of
Umeå can access broadband in their homes, and subsequently an
unusually high percentage of those who live in the city are connected
to the Internet and are very active. This is reflected by the very large
number of visitors on the websites of newspapers and other media,
the city’s websites, online bank services and other interactive servic-
es via the internet.

    2. What is the city´s absorption capacity in terms of tourist

Absorption Capacity/Tourist Accomodation
Umeå’s central hotels have a capacity of around 2,000 beds. in addi-
tion to this, there are about 1,000 beds available at youth hostels,
smaller hotels and cottages. there are several smaller hotels outside
Umeå and capacity increases in the summer months by means of
additional youth hostels and group living accommodation. a number
of hotel chains are planning to expand their hotels, and there are
plans to build a new hotel in the centre of Umeå. the number of hotel
beds in the four northernmost counties together with Vasa in finland
totals approximately 25,000. The equivalent number for holiday villag-
es and youth hostels is around 30,000. additionally, there are a great
many camping sites in and around Umeå.

Conference Centres and Arenas
the Umeå folkets hus has been selected as the best daytime con-
ference facility in Sweden for four years running, which has a large
number of rooms for all kinds of activities, such as cultural festivals.
nolia is the largest fair organizer in northern Sweden. in terms of the
number of visitors it is Sweden’s largest consumer fair and it can
handle up to 20,000 visitors per day. the aula nordica on the univer-
sity campus is another facility that hosts large cultural events. there
are also other organizers and indoor and outdoor facilities for cultural
and sports activities like the football stadium and IKSU, one of
Europe’s largest indoor sports facilities.

    3. What projects are to be carried out between now and the year
    2014 in terms of urban and tourism infrastructure, including
    renovation? What is the planned timetable for this work? (The          Karin Larsson-Tängdén
    answer to this question is optional at the pre-selection stage).       Head of Umeå Airport

Umeå has a rapidly growing population, expanding economy with              – Umeå is influenced by its
                                                                           nearness	to	the	world.	
growing trade and a strong export industry, as well as two dynamic
                                                                           	 ransport	communications	
universities. a variety of city development projects that have impact      have	been	greatly	devel-
on culture and tourism are being planned up to 2014. the investment        oped	in	recent	years.	Good	
volume totals over SEK 7 billions and includes private, municipal and      communications	mean	more	
federal funding. here are a few examples of larger investments:            meetings	between	different	
                                                                           cultures	and	peoples,	which	
                                                                           is	a	prerequisite	for	develop-

CURioSity and paSSion                                                 47
     Art Campus – a New Landmark for the Citizens of Umeå
     a new art Campus will be a hotspot for internationally competitive
     study programs, research, and development work in the fields of art,
     design, architecture and creative companies. it will be centrally loca-
     ted on a beautiful site by the river. an attractive path for walking and
     biking connects the art Campus with the rest of the university cam-
     pus, the new travel centre for the Bothnia line and the city’s down-
     town area.

     the art Campus will include a facility for a new study programme in
     architecture, a new building for Bildmuseet/art Exhibition hall. Space
     will also be made available for the creation of new businesses for
     creative companies. the area will also be provided with places for
     meetings, restaurants and cafés to stimulate cross-border artistic
     and public meetings. art Campus will be a welcoming and accessible
     meeting place for visitors, students and the inhabitants of Umeå.

     The City Between the Bridges
     “the City between the bridges” is a city development project that
     shifts the focus of the city toward the river and links the downtown
     area with the new art Campus. the venture includes plans for a new
     hotel. four connected districts of the city are being planned based on
     the idea of developing a continuous cultural passage: young & active,
     Body & Soul, the town hall park and peace & Quiet. the area will
     feature attractive meeting places and environments for different types
     of cultural activities.

     Meeting Places for Film
     There is great interest in films in Umeå. For that reason plans are in
     the works to create a new cinema and digital meeting place for all
     film buffs. The importance of the cinema as a cultural meeting place
     will create a broader selection for quality films, film clubs, school
     cinema, and different kinds of film festivals. Furthermore, the digital
     technology will improve the opportunities for the growing interest in
     different types of interactive and artistic forms of express in the areas
     of digital art, computer and tV games, music videos and web produc-

     An Attractive City Centre
     Work is in progress with strengthening the attractiveness of the down-
     town area by resurfacing the square and streets, art in public places,
     and garden arrangements. a new underground parking facility is
     being planned to increase accessibility and decrease parking along
     the streets.

     New Experiences at Västerbottens Museum.
     an addition is being planned for the Västerbottens Museum at the
     same time as the present premises of the Bildmuseet will be taken
     over. the project includes an experience centre that will include a
     new entrance, a café, an arena for storytellers, a shop, a centre for
     documentary photography, and a dialogue-based documentary
     room, which will be the heart of the museum. three different Sami
     dwellings will be built as new parts of the open air Museum

     An Aquatic Centre
     a new indoor swimming pool with a 50-metre swimming pool, water
     park, spa and conference rooms, as well as a hotel and restaurants
     will be constructed downtown.

4                                                         CUR ioSity and pa SSion
Meeting places for Flourishing Club and Association Activities
Several new facilities are being planned for the active clubs and as-
sociations in Umeå, such as a curling arena, a gymnastic hall, an
indoor pool in obbola, a Club house for associations, and an addi-
tional artificially frozen skating rink, the Dragonen football hall, and
another artificial grass pitch. A new hall with seating for floorball is
in the planning stage.

Dance at NorrlandsOperan
in the last few years the dancing scene at norrlandsoperan has
become an activity of considerable size. norrlandsoperan now has
plans to build a rehearsal hall for dance, expand the lobby, and build
accommodation for guest performers.

Football Stadium becomes Concert Arena
to meet the increasing need for attractive arenas for large audiences
the present football and sports arena will be rebuilt so that it will be
a modern arena for football, concerts and other large outdoor per-
formances. At the same time, track and field will be moved to a
new arena.

Track and Field Arena on Campus
A modern track and field arena that meets international standards
will be constructed in the campus area.

Development of Parks
Umeå has many families with children and will make investments
in outdoor environments and attractive meeting places. Several new
parks are being planned: playgrounds, forest park, nature park, fam-
ily park and a park close to the river. a new skateboard park is under
construction to meet the demand from an active skateboard culture
in Umeå.

CURioSity and paSSion                                                  49
     The Umeå Mosque Foundation and the Islamic congregation in Umeå
     will build the world’s northernmost mosque. The mosque will serve as
     a meeting place for non-Muslims as well. the construction of a library
     and restaurant is being planned adjacent to the building.

     Visitor Centre Stornorrfors
     a new visitor centre with activities to stimulate tourism will be built at
     Stornorrfors, one of the largest hydroelectric power stations in Eu-
     rope. an extensive conversion of the salmon ladder is being made
     that will considerably improve the upstream migration of salmon and
     sea trout in the rivers Umeälven and Vindelälven. at present over
     6,000 large salmon use the salmon ladder each summer.

     Additional  000 Indoor Seats
     a new activities arena for culture, sports and conferences with at
     least 8,000 indoor seats is being planned thanks to private promoters.

50                                                           CUR ioSity and pa SSion
Bothnia Line – 190 kilometres of new Railway to Umeå
the new railway along the coast to Umeå, the Bothnia line, will be in
operation in 2010. the construction of the 190 kilometre railway has
involved the building of 140 bridges and 25 kilometres of tunnels. the
Bothnia line will stimulate regional growth, develop trade and indus-
try, and strengthen settlement development and transportation struc-
ture for a good environment and long-term sustainability. it will im-
prove travel time, make goods transport more efficient, and improve
accessibility to work and education.

Three New Travel Centres
three new travel centres will be built in the City of Umeå for the Both-
nia Line; Umeå East, Umeå Central and Hörnefors travel centre. The
architectural design and cultural adornment will be important issues.
the ambitions are high and a great deal of energy is used to achieve
the best possible solutions for travellers; everything to utilize the deve-
lopmental potential that this large railway ventures signifies.

Nordic Logistic Centre
Very large investments have been made to further develop Umeå as
an efficient and attractive transportation and logistic hub for northern
Scandinavia. the downtown area will be free of the current goods
station and new sought-after activities can be established in the city

New Ring Road around Umeå
To reduce the through traffic in the centre of the city, the European
motorways E4 and E12, and to improve the quality of the air the deci-
sion has been made to build a ring road around Umeå. this creates
completely new opportunities to develop an attractive downtown area.

CURioSity and paSSion                                                   51
     Part V. Communication strategy
        1.What is the city´s intended communication strategy for the
        European Capital of Culture event? (This question must be an-
        swered in greater detail at the final selection stage, in particu-
        lar with regard to the media strategy and the mobilisation of the
        public and the inhabitants. At the final selection stage, consid-
        eration must be given in particular to the partnerships planned
        or established with the written press and the audiovisual sector
        with a view to ensuring media coverage of the event and of the
        plans relating to this strategy).

     Visions and Goals
     the aim of our communication strategy before, during and after 2014
     is that it should contribute to the realisation of our vision, help carry
     out our mission and also achieve the objecties which are outlined in
     our application. We have a strategy to promote participation and co-
     creativity by means of our open Source methodology. the concept
     is also the basis for our communication strategy.

     the communication strategy has the following aims:
     • to facilitate change by means of promoting the northern Room
       and its special characteristics and advantages
     • to contribute towards promoting the European dimension
       in all our activities
     • to strengthen knowledge of and create a sense of interest
       and participation in:

52                                                          CUR ioSity and pa SSion
  – the northern region as a cultural meeting place
  – those activities which are planned to take place during
    the programme year and which are described in part ii;
    and also the structure and programme of the event
  – our long-term efforts to contribute towards Europe’s
    cultural development.

the communication strategy has played an important role during the
project’s development phase, partly to anchor the project and help create
positive attitudes towards it, and also partly to harness opinions and ideas
by means of different types of dialogue. We have been successful in
spreading knowledge of and interest in our bid to become European
Capital of Culture, both among the citizens of Umeå, and among groups
outside of the city. Communications are necessary for our future work in
order to create a broader sense of participation, and we aim to reach a
larger target group in the four northern provinces, and in the rest of
Sweden, as well as in Europe and the world at large.

Target Groups within and outside Umeå
We wish to utilise our communication strategy to reach the citizens of
Umeå, and those of the northern region, on their own terms and in their
own environment. for the purposes of this, we have divided these citizens
into different target groups. We wish to involve students of different ages
at school for instance, as well as the students of Umeå University. We also
wish to involve Umeå’s business community, the many associations in
Umeå, as well as those who partake of the city’s varied cultural and sport-
ing activities, and so on. those target groups outside of the Umeå region
whom we wish to reach, include tourists and other visitors from different
societal groups. these may come from, variously, the local area, the rest
of Sweden, or other countries. additionally, plans and strategies for in-
volvement have been developed both for those who visit Umeå to partake
of the Europan Capital of Culture programme, and for those who visit
Umeå for other reasons. in the latter case, we believe that involving these
individuals in cultural activities can produce many additional benefits.

Cultural Operators and Collaborative Partners
the foundation for the communication strategy is already being utilised
by the project groups working with the European Capital of Culture event,
as well as by the city’s information unit, its business section and its tourist
agency. an important part of our strategy is to involve several different
cultural operators both within and outside Umeå as communicators.
Umeå University, which already has a close collaboration with the City
of Umeå, is an important partner in this regard. there are degree courses
at the university in the fields of communication and journalism which have
an active collaboration with the City of Umeå’s cultural organisation Kul-
turverket. We wish to expand and intensify this collaborative venture by
means of involving these degree courses in the communication strategy
for Umeå 2014. The adult education college Strömbäcks folkhögskola,
which trains journalists, can also be an important operator in this regard,
as can the students within the media programmes of upper secondary
schools. Umeå also has a rich vein of local and regional media, in terms
of daily newspapers, radio and television, which we wish to involve and
collaborate with as part of the European Capital of Culture project.

All of our operators within the cultural field will play an important role,
both in terms of their actions and by means of participating prominently
in their role as communicators. these operators will be drawn from a
variety of different places, such as: the Cultural Centre for Children and
young People; Kulturverket; schools; and also from professional cultural
performers. in addition to this, we also wish to establish ties with cultural
operators in the latvian city which is appointed European Capital of
Culture, by means of similar methods to those described above.

Since participation and enthusiasm are key words in our bid we want our
target groups to be cultural operators too. this is particularly the case
with regard to citizens of Umeå who have a non-Swedish ethnic back-
ground. these individuals can contribute to the European Capital of Cul-
ture project by means of expanding its linguistic and cultural dimensions.

CURioSity and paSSion                                                  53
                                        Channels, Methods and Solutions
                                        Umeå is one of the most on-line cities in the world. Just about all of its
                                        citizens have access to broadband in the home. in the light of this fact,
                                        the use of different digital communicative forms will be a natural and
                                        self-evident aspect of the communication strategy, both internally within
                                        the city, and externally towards the rest of the world. Examples of chan-
                                        nels which are already actively in use are: the popular website of
                                        the new Umeå portal,, which includes information supplied
                                        by the City of Umeå; the websites of different local media; and the web-
                                        sites of Umeå University. the website will in future
                                        remain an important channel for communication and dialogue. We
                                        also wish to act as cultural operators on other websites, for example
                                        in tandem with other organisations, and not least on those websites
                                        where young people interact with each other.

                                        the City of Umeå and the physical city itself will act as important chan-
                                        nels of information by means of, for instance, virtual meeting places
                                        and big televisual screens. the City of Umeå and the cityscape will
                                        also act as channels of information by means of actual physical meet-
                                        ing places, such as the “municipality corner” at the Central library.
                                        Regarding the communication strategy in terms of the mass media, we
                                        will base our work on our previous experience of long-term collabora-
                                        tions with media contacts on a local and national level. We also believe
                                        that it is important to establish ties with the latvian mass media, partic-
                                        ularly within the latvian city which is appointed European Capital of
                                        Culture 2014.

                                        Umeå in Motion
                                        Umeå in Motion is a marketing project in collaboration with Umeå
                                        University and which is a part of the preparation for 2014. the basis of
                                        the project is a coach tour during the late summer of 2009, which will
                                        visit 12 different seats of higher education and/or cities across Europe.
                                        the passengers on the coach will include scientists, students and cul-
                                        tural performers. one of Umeå University’s most prioritised research
                                        areas is northern studies, and here there are excellent research and
                                        communicative possibilities with regard to cultural expression in the
                                        northern Room.

                                        The tour is the start of a permanent exchange in the field of science
                                        and culture, and this exchange will also take place between Europe,
                                        northern Sweden and Umeå. the tour will deal with creating and main-
                                        taining contacts between participants and the audience before, during
                                        and after the tour. this will take place by creating active communities
                                        and vibrant networks. By means of modern technology, Umeå has the
                                        ability to participate in cultural events in Europe, as well as host joint
                                        seminars and events.

                                           2. What proportion of the budget is earmarked for communi-

                                        12% of the budget has been reserved for communication; about
                                        50 MSEK.

                                           3. How does the city plan to promote the Award of the Melina
Chen Baogen                                Mercouri prize if it receives it? (The answer to this question
The Mayor of Xi án, China
                                           is optional at this stage).
–	We	are	delighted	to	colla-
borate	with	Umeå,	which	is	             Umeå is planning to promote its possible recipience of the Melina
a	city	that	pushes	bounda-              Mercouri prize by means of a special event held in cooperation with
ries	for	both	itself	and	others	        Mercouri’s home town of athens. By means of the organisation Quality
within	many	different	areas.	           Cities, Umeå has close cooperation with the City of amaroussion in
Culture	is	an	exciting	force	           athens, which could help facilitate such an event. Should the city re-
and	can	provide	many	new	               ceive the Award, the prize money will be used to finance different
solutions	to	the	challenges	of	         activities around Europe. Additionally, it will also be used to finance
the	future.	We	support	Umeå	
                                        various projects in collaboration with our European partners.
in	its	ambition	to	become	
European	Capital	of	Culture!

                                   54                                                          CUR ioSity and pa SSion
Part VI. Evaluation and monitoring
of the event
    Does the city intend to set up a special monitoring
    and evaluation system?

Evaluation and Monitoring of the Programme and its
Knock-On Effects
We have set aside funds in the budget for professional evaluation of
the European Capital of Culture programme. apart from the evalua-
tion and follow-up of the programme’s results, there will be a number
of special studies conducted concerning different areas within the
programme, such as media coverage and tourism. additionally, the
project will be documented in both written and visual form throughout
the entire year of the programme, as part of a special youth project.

Evaluation and Monitoring of Financial Management
apart from the evaluation described above, both the elected repre-
sentatives of the City of Umeå and its professional accountants will
thoroughly examine the project’s financial aspects. They will also
examine the project in terms of its auditing.

CURioSity and paSSion                                                  55
     Part VII. Additional Information
        1. What, in your opinion are the strong points of this application
        and the parameters of its success as European Capital of
        Culture and what, on the other hand, are its weak points?

     the strength of Umeå’s application is our concept. our vision,
     objectives, mission, strategy and eight programme themes create
     an all-encompassing framework designed to promote long-term
     culturally-oriented social development.

     other strengths include:
     thE noRthERn RooM
     Sápmi, the northern parts of norway, Sweden, finland and north-
     western Russia, encompasses one of Europe’s last indigenous popu-
     lations, the Sami, with their fascinating and many-faceted culture.
     the language, reindeer husbandry, the jojk and native crafts are im-
     portant aspects of traditional Sami culture. today Sami culture also
     encompasses a multiplicity of modern artistic forms such as: theatre,
     art, music, dance and performance, as well as other cultural modes.

     the national borders in the north are a relatively recent invention, and
     for cultural and linguistic encounters these borders are of fairly minor
     importance. It is significant that Sápmi lies within four contemporary
     states but yet can still be considered a cultural and linguistically uni-

56                                                         CUR ioSity and pa SSion
fied area. We wish to take the opportunity to raise the profile of Sami
culture during the European Capital of Culture year. Umeå will be the
host of a European cultural inheritance that is without compare, and
we believe that it will contribute to the programme’s value.
CRoSSing BoUndaRiES
The strong economic growth of Umeå and the continual flow of people
throughout the city have contributed to a society which is full of move-
ment, where boundaries are continually pushed and crossed, and
where collaboration occurs without any concern for wealth or prestige.
there is a multiplicity and openness here in terms of different lifestyles,
as well as great civic participation in different associations, movements
and social phenomena. the innovative tempo of the city and its con-
cern with quality in all its dimensions is a notable asset. Indeed, Umeå
is continually striving to renew and raise the quality of its public sector
work. a number of awards have been presented to the city which we
take as proof that our efforts at improvement have borne fruit.

yet though it is nice to win awards, the important thing is how we move
forwards. We must find forms to utilise the energy and commitment that
people put into their daily work, and create spaces for new creative
ideas and methods, both within and throughout the cultural sphere.
one of Umeå’s greatest assets is the commitment of its citizens to cul-
tural activities, and their involvement in societies and associations. this
is one of our biggest strengths. our candidacy is supported well be-
yond the corridors of cultural policy makers.

Umeå is a world leader when it comes to folkbildning. no one else
gathers so many people in relation to its size in study groups, lectures
and cultural events. the Study associations carries out almost 15,000
cultural programmes annually. in fact, there are about 700 active asso-
ciations in Umeå. this commitment to associations and societies is
widespread amongst the population of Umeå, and is to be found in
everyone from children to pensioners, in both men and women, in
those who work 9 to 5, in those with little education and those who are
well-educated, in immigrants, in the unemployed and in the physically
impaired. additionally, libraries and museums help contribute to the
considerable folkbildning activities. indeed, we have the highest pro-
portion of those borrowing books in Sweden. the active Umeå theatre
association is one additional reason as to why Sweden’s national tour-
ing theatre, Riksteatern, arranges to have the premieres of new pro-
ductions in Umeå. thanks to the various study societies and associa-
tions, the hundreds of music groups and choirs in the city have access
to rehearsal facilities and possibilities to perform.

the everyday cultural activities of Umeå are characterised by large
public involvement. the depth and breadth of the commitment to folk-
bildning, and to popular movements in local society, is an exceptional
force for change and renewal. We wish to demonstrate how this com-
mitment can contribute to create new democratic arenas and encoun-
ters between different interest groups and viewpoints in society.
the new diversity of voices, of cultural and ethnic experiences and of
knowledge and perspectives, brings with it great possibilities for Umeå
and for northern Sweden’s future development. one of our time’s most
important questions is how we are to harness and develop this growing
multiplicity within the framework of our common interests, and with
respect for the equal rights of everyone.

The ethnic and cultural homogeneity which has influenced Sweden is
in the process of change. new multicultural societies have developed,
consisting of many different ethnic identities. in Umeå today more than
100 different languages are in use amongst the city’s population. Umeå

CURioSity and paSSion                                                 57
                                       has long been characterised as an open, multifaceted, equal oppor-
                                       tunity and multicultural society. it is not by accident that Umeå has
                                       been voted Sweden’s most gay-friendly city and that it has also been
                                       spared racist and anti-immigrant movements.

                                       folkbildning and the active interest in associations and societies are
                                       important meeting places which help facilitate integration. indeed
                                       mutual integration in order to help produce a better and more secure
                                       society is our goal. those who have a different ethnic background
                                       should be given the possibility to learn more about Swedish culture
                                       and society, whilst simultaneously native Swedes should be given the
                                       opportunity to learn more about today’s modern multicultural and
                                       multi-ethnic society.

                                       Weak Points
                                       Umeå is the biggest city in northern Sweden, but it has a small po-
                                       pulation and a sparsely populated surrounding area, relative to Eu-
Per Häggström                          rope’s large metropolitan and cultural centres. as a result, the cultur-
Armagent AB
                                       al life of Umeå is continually seeking new target audiences, including
–	The	European	Capital	of	             non-traditional audiences.
Culture	2014	event	will	bring	
people	from	different	lines	           Culture in Umeå encompasses an impressive number of expressive
of	business	closer	together.	          forms, but so far it hasn’t reached all groups in society to a sufficient
We	have	gained	many	new	               extent. our goal is that all children within the framework of their
contacts	as	a	result	of	work-
ing	with	the	European	Capi-
                                       schooling will have the opportunity to experience a multitude of
tal	of	Culture	project;	people	        cultural experiences, which is something we have not yet achieved.
with	whom	I	might	not	have	            Many young people are actively creative in the fields of music, dance,
worked	with	otherwise.	                theatre, film, art and sports, but far too many have never attempted to

                                  5                                                         CUR ioSity and pa SSion
get involved. not all children have had the possibility of being culturally
creative. the school of music educates very many children today, but
has insufficient resources to teach all those children who wish to learn
an instrument.

in Umeå the sports associations work actively with issues regarding gen-
der and ethical choices. a great deal of effort is devoted to breaking
traditional gender roles. it’s no coincidence that Umeå’s most successful
sports team is the women’s football team Umeå IK, who have been in
European finals on four occasions and won two of them. We are on the
right path, but there is much that still needs to be done to challenge gen-
der roles within sport. this involves opening a dialogue which helps pro-
mote healthy ethical values amongst both active participants and sports

Umeå has a plan to increase access to public localities and cultural
activities for the physically impaired. one example is a library system
which enables the visually impaired to browse amongst books in the
same way that others can, in other words without assistance from a li-
brarian. there is still much that can be done in order for the physically
impaired in order for them to be able to participate in cultural activities
in the same way as everybody else.

Umeå has been greatly influenced by a rich multiplicity of immigrant
cultures, but for too long the source codes to these cultures have been
the preserve of the group members themselves. our aim is that the Euro-
pean Capital of Culture year, by means of open Source methodology,
will open the sluice gates between all the different cultures. our aim is to
attract interest across the spectrum of society for the different aspects of
these various cultures, but also to help contribute to new cultural expres-
sions by means of boundary-transgressing encounters. there are many
of the elderly who have difficulty in accessing cultural events on their
own, but who can be reached by cultural events which visit them, such          Margareta Hansson
as at old people’s homes.                                                      Managing Director
                                                                               Konsum Nord
There are many of the elderly who have difficulty in accessing cultural        (The Swedish Cooperative)
events on their own, but who can be reached by cultural events which
                                                                               –	We	appreciate	Umeå’s	
visit them in residential care homes for the elderly. Many more would be
                                                                               ambition	and	desire	to	further	
able to participate in various ways and a good example is the successful       develop	the	municipality	and	
program “Culture for Senior Citizens – Culture and health” which pro-          its	culture.	By	becoming	the	
motes co-creation and cooperation between generations.                         European	Capital	of	Culture	
                                                                               Umeå	will	demonstrate	that	
The problem of distance is a difficulty which we are continually working       it	is	ready	to	take	another	
                                                                               giant	leap	forwards.	People	
with, and effective, environmentally friendly communications are a neces-
                                                                               need	both	bread	and	culture	
sity. We hope that the European Capital of Culture year will contribute to     for	their	development,	so	we	
permanently increasing cultural exchange and tourism between Umeå,             too	have	an	important	role	
the northern region and the world at large.                                    to	play.

CURioSity and paSSion                                                  59
     in Sweden in general, and also in Umeå, the business community’s
     collaboration with the cultural world is underdeveloped. Several new
     initiatives to promote creativity have already been launched as part
     of the process to become European Capital of Culture, but there is
     still much to be done. We believe that the programme for 2014 can be
     a major catalyst in the building of a permanent collaboration between
     different cultural operators and companies.

     about 7,000 people move every year to this university city, and a less-
     er number of graduates move away. it is worth noting that the majority
     of Umeå’s population weren’t born in Umeå. the considerable mobil-
     ity in the city, and its young population, create a dynamic flow of new
     ideas and activities. Simultaneously, there are problems concerning
     identity and continuity which need to be highlighted in different ways.

        2. Does the city intend to develop particular cultural projects in
        the coming years, irrespective of the outcome of its application
        for the title European Capital of Culture?

     Umeå’s application to be European Capital of Culture is the initiation
     of a process with very long-term ambitions. We will continue to devel-
     op the process and the dialogue which has been established be-
     tween cultural operators locally, regionally, nationally and internation-
     ally, irrespective of whether Umeå is appointed European Capital of
     Culture 2014 or not. the title will naturally increase the possibilities for
     local, regional, European and international mobilisation for our long-
     term cultural policy aims. Becoming the European Capital of Culture
     will definitely be a boost which will accelerate development towards
     our vision of the Culturized City and our mission to promote the role
     of culture for long-term sustainable development, entitled Stay Cool.

        3. Further comments
     A Summary of Our Bid
     We believe we have a bid that can widen and deepen the concept
     of the European Capital of Culture. We have a vision, a challenging
     mission, a strategy based on successful experience and a pro-
     gramme inspired by the eight seasons of the Sami calendar.

     Umeå has a desire to infuse a sensitive cultural understanding into
     the city and its citizens. it is also a desire of a city which supports and
     encourages a culturally aware, insightful, active and literate human-
     ity. Umeå´s vision is to Culturize the City.

     Umeå wants to use the 2014 process to challenge ourselves to ad-
     dress one of the key dilemmas of our age – climate change. We are
     situated close to the arctic and hence close to one of the most impor-
     tant future concerns of the world. how places like Umeå react is of
     importance. through the event European Capital of Culture we want
     to highlight a mission to Stay Cool.

     Umeå has experienced the success that follows when you work in an
     interdisciplinary way. Co-creation lies at the heart of this bid. We
     believe that the most fruitful developments in human thinking take
     place at those points where different lines of creativity meet. We want
     to harness the potential of European citizens, foster and inspire new
     co-creative alliances and our name for this strategy is open Source.

     We will present a programme for 2014 which consists of eight different
     themes, each with the aim to present a multitude of experiences with-
     in different art forms, and through intriguing, multifaceted and inspir-
     ing international festivals, seminars and projects. it will be a pro-
     gramme developed in close collaboration with our citizens and
     partners in northern Sweden, Europe and the world.

60                                                           CUR ioSity and pa SSion
List of Photographs

page 5 political Steering Committee, photo: andreas nilsson
page 7 the Culturized City, photo: andreas nilsson
page 9 the City of Umeå, photo: Masoud Emaden
Page 10 Sami week, Photo: Christer Häggström/Norrlandia
page 13 poet and prophetess, norrlandsoperan, photo: Malin arnesson
page 14 Umeå open, photo: andreas nilsson
Page 17 A Place for Glorious Ideas by Mikael Richter, Photo: Johan Gunséus
Page 18 Ice skating, Photo: Christel Häggström
Page 21 The Ice Church in Jukkasjärvi by Cindy Berg, Marjolein Vonk,
  Jan Willem van der School and Marinus Vroom, Photo: Big Ben Productions
page 23 Carnival, photo: per lundberg
Page 24 Football, Photo: Joakim Sundkvist
Page 26 Cycling, Photo: Lars-Göran Norlin
Page 29 The Institute of Design, Umeå University, Photo: Anna-Karin Drugge
page 32 Rejoice gospel choir, photo: andreas nilsson
page 33 the writer torgny lindgren at the Umeå Short Story
  award ceremony. photo: andreas nilsson
page 34 “Striking a Blow for Culture”
page 35 the (international) noise Conspiracy, photo: andreas nilsson
page 36 parashooting, photo: Erik hedman
Page 37 Hamnmagasinet youth centre. Photo: Jenny Sandström Lindberg
page 39 Skiing, photo: andreas nilsson.
Page 40 Two generations, Photo: Joakim Sundkvist
page 41 filmmaking, photo: andreas nilsson
page 45 Rehearsal of “When We dead awaken”,
  Västerbottensteatern, photo: patrick degerman
Page 46 The Umeå Autumn Light Festival, Photo: KF Kretsen
Page 49 The City between the Bridges, Photo: Johan Gunséus
page 50 from the book “Veils”, photo: Elin Berge
page 51 a new station on the Bothnia line. image: White
Page 52 Red gloves, Photo: Frida Sömskar
page 55 green fire by Vicke lindstrand, photo: amanda Sveed
page 56 Children, photo: andreas nilsson
page 58 the Culture Centre for Children and young people, photo: Elin Berge
page 59 ice sculpture, photo: patrik olsson

CURioSity and paSSion                                                         61
                   Umeå – A Symphony in Four Movements

NyfikeNhet och passioN – MedskapaNdets koNst   63
The Fire – The end which was a Beginning
ThAT wAS when everything actually began.                   a modern city plan was approved, with broad
even though it looked like the end.                        avenues and birch trees on either side to act as
                                                           firewalls. The school was started as early as au-
the ground was still warm, and everywhere people           tumn 1888 and, later, a new school building was
walked around in despair, searching for their pos-         constructed to house it. a city hall, a church, a
sessions in the heavy ash, amongst timber and              power station, a hospital, an official residence and
charcoaled beams. only the chimney pipes lay               large private buildings like banks and hotels were
raised above the ground. Umeå was a city in ruins.         built during the next few years. Soon thereafter the
                                                           railway arrived.
it was the evening of the day after Midsummer
1888. it was in other words light twenty-four hours a      a building boom was the result, the likes of which
day at that time here in the north. almost the entire      have never been seen in Umeå before or since.
wooden city of Umeå had burnt down during seven            Workers from many parts of sweden were drawn
hours of storms and winds. one of those buildings          to work in the city. those who moved to Umeå
gutted was the city archives; the very memory of           brought with them new ideas about unions, about
the city.                                                  politics and about temperance societies.

Now there was nothing left. Well, there were some          This combination would influence Umeå for quite
houses around the city’s edge – and the prison.            some time to come. Local action was combined
after all, that was built of stone.                        with a large-scale influx, the latter of which brought
                                                           with it new ideas and habits.
only 500 of the city’s 3,000 inhabitants had a roof
left over their heads. the others had to sleep in          to begin with the city grew slowly, step by step.
tents or barns, under the light night sky.                 soon two regiments arrived, as did a theatre which,
                                                           however, later burnt down. after that a court of
The fire was a disaster. The main concern now              appeal, an expanded training college, a larger
was survival. everyone strained themselves to              library, and so on.
the utmost.
                                                           some industries emerged, but in the main Umeå
Emergency help got underway on the very first day.         stayed a trading city. it was a city with government
on the second day the king himself, oscar ii, arri-        administration as well as civilian and military
ved from stockholm. he and the Queen donated               education. it grew slowly, but surely.
4000 crowns as starting capital for the disaster

a large national appeal was launched – but it was
the city which had to do most of the work. there
was food distribution, emergency housing and
financial support. In fact, during the first six months,
up until the new year, 46,000 crowns were paid out
in financial support, which was the equivalent of the
normal budget for the entire city.

The city was to be rebuilt quickly; that was self-

the city council was forced into activity as never
before. the old principle about maintaining the
greatest possible financial restraint was abando-
ned. it was realised that only investment and new
development could lead forwards.

NyfikeNhet och passioN – MedskapaNdets koNst                                65
SeCOnd MOVeMenT (the Slow One):
The european Beginning
MOdeRn UMeå was born in 1888 then. however,               throughout history the ties between the northern
Umeå’s european history began in 1314; in other           room and the rest of europe have varied in
words exactly 700 years before the year when              strength. for a couple of centuries the central
Umeå can become european capital of culture.              authorities of the kingdom, which at that time
                                                          encompassed both sweden and finland, forbade
yet how can this anniversary be possible?                 the northern parts to trade independently with other
                                                          countries. This decree was not repealed until 1765.
during the early Middle ages there developed a            Later on the close east-westerly links were reduced.
small market place and a harbour just below the           The first restriction of these links saw Finland,
first of Umeå River’s torrential rapids. Indeed the       which after 1809 had become a Grand duchy within
word “Uma” is supposed to mean “the wailer”.              Russia, exposed to Russification. Finland also
the inhabitants in those days were independent            experienced an increased monitoring of its borders
farmers. owing to the rise in the altitude of the land,   towards the end of the 19th century. secondly, the
the site of the original market place and harbour         east-westerly links were restricted throughout the
is nowadays located tens of kilometres inland.            entire existence of the Soviet Union.

christianity had reached here by the 13th century,        the north-southerly links, and thereby contacts
and it brought with it a certain amount of european       with continental europe, and with Britain, became
cultural influence.                                       therefore the completely dominant ones. it is only
                                                          since the 1990s that east-westerly links have begun
however, it wasn’t culture which led Umeå to enter        to be re-established.
recorded history for the first time. It was war. The
reason was due to one of standard demands that            this recent re-establishment of contacts means
authorities place on the citizenry: the requirement       that the european dimension for the populations
to pay taxes. The pope in Rome had demanded that          in the north nowadays feels more complete, encom-
the small number of Umeå citizens should contri-          passing both north-south and east-west. the
bute towards financing a new crusade. This they did       northern room has four open doors; one for
– and as ‘thanks’ for their financial endeavour Umeå      every direction.
entered recorded history. it entered it moreover
entirely without the knowledge of the financial

archaeologists have however ensured that all of
Norrland has these days entered european history.
that which not too long ago was regarded as being
an obscure, almost deserted country far in the arctic
north, slowly populated and civilised from the south,
was revealed to be something else entirely.

the northern room was populated by the sami,
by hunters and also by traders. the routes by which
people travelled were east-west-easterly. the sami,
Finns, Russians, and Nordic peoples met and mixed
together. New cultural forms arose. Later on, trade
was expanded and ships came up from the south
to the Gulf of Bothnia, or sailed along the atlantic
coast up to archangelsk by the White sea. the
northern room gradually became a natural part
of the european one.

                                     66                         NyfikeNhet och passioN – MedskapaNdets koNst
Travel Scherzo
AFTeR 1721, when Sweden was transformed
from european great power to a minor state on the
northern periphery, interest turned towards inves-
tigating what treasures sweden and finland held
within their borders.

the latterly famous botanist carl Linnaeus (knigh-
ted carl von Linné) was the primary vehicle appoin-
ted by the state for this mission. His first trip, the
Lappland journey or iter Lapponicum, was made in
1732 whilst he was a bold young student. His semi-
nal work Flora Lapponica was issued in 1737.

As early as the 17th century the country’s great
statesman Axel Oxenstierna had stated that “in
Norrland we have our india”. despite this, the
northern room remained mostly unknown territory
in the sweden of the time.

carl von Linné’s long journey in northern sweden
and finland is one of the classics of swedish travel
literature. Linné intensely observes and describes
the flora and fauna, the habits of the people in the
north, as well as possible resources that might be
harnessed for the development of the country.

Linné’s pioneering trip to Lapland and the northern
expanses became well-known even though Iter
Lapponicum was not issued until much later. his
journey was the inspiration for a whole series of ex-
ploratory journeys northwards by europeans such
as the italian Giuseppe acerbi and the Briton e.d.
clarke. the Umeå professor heidi hansson, who
has researched Linné’s journeys, has argued that
Linné, as a star in the scientific firmament, served
as a sort of PR man for the northern room. He came
to be regarded as a guarantor that the area was a
sufficiently civilised and worthy object of study.

By these means the youthful trip of the latterly
world-famous researcher carl von Linné served
to tie Norrland closer to continental europe.

NyfikeNhet och passioN – MedskapaNdets koNst             67
The entrance of Modernity
when KIng gUSTAV VI exited the royal railway                had been apparent as early as 7am when cannons,
carriage at Umeå station shortly before 9am on a            especially transported to the city for the occasion, had
sunny saturday, 13th september 1958, he knew that           fired off a ten-shot volley. It was time for the conferment
he had a strenuous day ahead of him. he was greeted         of doctoral degrees in the city church. a grand total
on the platform by the county governor, the chairman        of ten doctors of philosophy were to graduate, and a
of the city council, the chairman of the county coun-       few honorary doctorates were to be presented – one of
cil and a government minister, Minister of transport        which was for Gösta skoglund. Latin was recited, and
Gösta skoglund.                                             a fusillade of shots were fired from the cannons. The
                                                            party continued with a banquet in the sports arena for
the people cheered and a young girl gave the king           800 people. this became popularly known as “Norr-
a bouquet of flowers. Everything was as per usual for       land’s greatest feast” and the food was prepared un-
a royal visit.                                              der the aegis of sävargården’s legendary head chef
after that, however, things were somewhat different.        sigrid holmström. it was reported that there were de-
Gustav Vi was on an unusual visit. he was there to in-      bates and dancing along with the serving of food and
augurate the first higher educational programme in          drink until well into the early hours of the morning.
Norrland. this was also the reason for the presence         By that time the king had already departed by car to
of Gösta skoglund on the platform. admittedly as Min-       a train waiting for him in Vännäs. he left behind him
ister of transport he was responsible for the trains, but   his alcohol-free drink – a decoction of oats. those who
this involved the inauguration of a new age; the first      sneaked a drink declared that it didn’t taste particular-
major step towards a northern university. skoglund          ly nice.
had been one of the most enthusiastic proponents
of this idea down the years.                                the end result of the proceedings was far from a de-
                                                            coction however. after the fanfares were over steps
Things proceeded quickly and smoothly. Firstly the          were taken towards gradually establishing a university.
king travelled to the provincial museum at Gammlia,         degree courses for doctors, social workers, scientists
and thereupon to the central library.                       and finally for the humanities were established one by
it was there that the long march towards academia           one – a matter for which king Gustav Vi had repeated-
had begun. in 1949 Umeå Municipality had the audac-         ly argued, despite his formally neutral role.
ity to attempt to launch a university college devoted to    Seven years later, on 17 September 1965, the King was
the humanities, housed at the museum, but were un-          back in Umeå. Now he had come to inaugurate Umeå
able to carry out the plan. the central library howev-      University; Sweden’s fifth. This time the inauguration
er was more successful. As of 1951, every fifth copy of     was not in the city church but in the newly built hall of
everything that was printed in sweden was sent there,       Östra Upper secondary school.
just as it was to the four traditional university cities.
                                                            since then things have developed naturally. Umeå has
As the day progressed, the King moved quickly on to         quickly grown to be the biggest city in Norrland, and it
the first higher educational programme in the north:        is a city with one of the youngest populations in swe-
the inauguration of the dental institute, the building      den. the city is characterised by youth, multicultural-
of which had just barely been completed. soon there-        ism, individualism and an openness in the face of new
after the King participated in the first meeting with       trends and different lifestyles.
Kungliga Skytteanska Samfundet, Norrland’s first
educational academy.                                        the modern pulse of the city beats on. however, those
                                                            who listen can clearly notice remnants of the industri-
then came the highpoint. at half-past two in the af-        ousness and inventiveness of yesteryear; of those very
ternoon the citizens of Umeå were witnesses to some-        things which enabled the city to establish itself to begin
thing which had never been seen in the city before.         with, and to begin again after the fire.
From the city hall square to the city church there
marched a procession of dazzling banners, followed          the old blends with the new, creating as it does a
by a series of gentlemen wearing full evening dress         multi-layered symphony.
and decorated with orders, as well as one or two well-
dressed ladies. something was happening; that much                                                       Olof Kleberg

                                    68                             NyfikeNhet och passioN – MedskapaNdets koNst
                                      Umeå in Pictures

NyfikeNhet och passioN – MedskapaNdets koNst             69
“A divine could never describe a place of future punishment more horrible than this country, nor could the Styx of the poets exceed it.”

NyfikeNhet och passioN – MedskapaNdets koNst                                                  71
Umeå open is an indoor pop and rock festival which has circa 5 000 visitors annually. since the festival’s inception in 1998 there
have been over 400 concerts with artists from around the world. PHOTO AN dREAS NILSSON .

                                          72                                 NyfikeNhet och passioN – MedskapaNdets koNst
An old wooden flume from the rafting era is popular among Umeå’s skateboarders. PHOTO   AN dREAS NILSSON .

NyfikeNhet och passioN – MedskapaNdets koNst                                       73
Torgny Lindgren, Sara Lidman and Per Olov Enquist: all authors from västerbotten. photo   ULL a MoNtaN .

                                        74                                NyfikeNhet och passioN – MedskapaNdets koNst
Umedalen Sculpture Park is financed by balticgruppen. An internationally renowned exhibition entitled ‘Umedalen Sculpture’ is
held every other year. cEmENT TRUcK ” by wI m dELv Oy E, “OUT ”by cHARLOTTE gyLLENHAmm AR , “A PATH ” by KAARINA KAIKKONEN.

NyfikeNhet och passioN – MedskapaNdets koNst                                          75
anja pärson, Marta Vieira da silva och Madelene Nordlund, three sports personalities from Västerbotten.

                                           76                             NyfikeNhet och passioN – MedskapaNdets koNst
Umeå is characterised by architecture from many different european countries. PHOTO   AN dREAS NILSSON.

NyfikeNhet och passioN – MedskapaNdets koNst                                           77
One of Umeå’s larger industrial companies, ålö, in collaboration with cirkus cirkör, treated Umeå’s citizens to a winter show with
a difference. PHOTO ANdREAS NILSSON.

                                          78                                NyfikeNhet och passioN – MedskapaNdets koNst
Today there are plenty of festivals in Sweden, but when the Umeå International jazz Festival started in 1968 it caused reverberations
well beyond sweden’s borders. ELv IN jONES, PHOTO cURT dAHLgREN; E LLA FITzgERAL d, PHOTO jAN OLOFSSON; HARRy c ARNE y, PH OTO cURT dAHL gREN.

NyfikeNhet och passioN – MedskapaNdets koNst                                               79
Umeå University’s new initiative art campus collects courses, research and developmental work within art, design, architecture
and creative endeavours. HENNINg LARSEN ARcHITE cTS AN d wHITE.

                                         80                                NyfikeNhet och passioN – MedskapaNdets koNst
there are more than 80 choirs today in Umeå and its surroundings, with many different specialities. PHOTO   AN dREAS NILSSON .

NyfikeNhet och passioN – MedskapaNdets koNst                                           81
twelve powerful installations by some of the most important contemporary artists have been positioned along “konstvägen sju
älvar”, a 350 km road, which stretches from the sea to the mountains. “HägRINg” by K ENT KARLSSON . PH OTO göRAN FURSTE dT.

                                        82                                NyfikeNhet och passioN – MedskapaNdets koNst
klungan is a critically acclaimed and offbeat humour group. PHOTO   AN dREAS NILSSON.

NyfikeNhet och passioN – MedskapaNdets koNst                                            83
marianne Folkedotter, oral curator; jens jonsson, film director; and Per Enoksson, artist. PHOTO   AN dREAS NILSSON.

                                           84                                 NyfikeNhet och passioN – MedskapaNdets koNst
Even since its inception in 1984, Profilteatern has worked with crossing boundaries in different artistic forms. PHOTO   AN dREAS NILSSON .

NyfikeNhet och passioN – MedskapaNdets koNst                                              85
kulturverket in Umeå has developed a pedagogical model which can be summed up as: “kids tell pros What to do”.

                                       86                               NyfikeNhet och passioN – MedskapaNdets koNst
the mobile library lends most books in the region after Umeå central Library. the new mobile library has been designed in col-
laboration with students at Umeå institute of design. PHOTO AN dREAS NILSSON.

NyfikeNhet och passioN – MedskapaNdets koNst                                          87
Umeå is one of the centres of the young music scene: the Bombettes, ears, deportees. PHOTO   AN dREAS NILSSON .

                                        88                               NyfikeNhet och passioN – MedskapaNdets koNst
Made – Music, art, dance, etc – is a boundary-crossing international festival. pioneering and forever changing, it is as far from
the mainstream as it is possible to be. PHOTO m IKAEL LUN dgREN.

NyfikeNhet och passioN – MedskapaNdets koNst                                             89
dance has become increasingly popular in Umeå. PHOTO   j OHAN g UNSé US.

                                      90                                   NyfikeNhet och passioN – MedskapaNdets koNst
Sune jonsson (born 1930), documentary photographer, filmmaker, author and ethnologist. during his time as a field ethnologist at
västerbottens museum, jonsson, using a rare ability to capture the individual moment, chronicled Sweden’s transformation from
agrarian society to industrial nation. PHOTO SUNE jONSSON .

NyfikeNhet och passioN – MedskapaNdets koNst                                           91
the symphony orchestra at Norrlandsoperan developed more than 30 years ago from its origins as a military brass band. today
it is a musically genre-crossing orchestra. PHOTO A NdREAS NILSSON.

                                       92                               NyfikeNhet och passioN – MedskapaNdets koNst
ögonblicksteatern, Umeå’s first independent theatre group, has produced children’s and adult theatre for more than
three decades. PHOTO A NdREAS NILSSON.

NyfikeNhet och passioN – MedskapaNdets koNst                                         93
the mecca of women’s football…        …is an inspiration. PHOTO   AN dREAS NILSSON.

                                 94            NyfikeNhet och passioN – MedskapaNdets koNst
People from over 40 different countries study and work at Umeå University. The university has exchange agreements with about
200 universities in Europe and the rest of the world. PHOTO AN dREAS NILSSON.

NyfikeNhet och passioN – MedskapaNdets koNst                                         95
the photographer elin Berge has documented the everyday lives of young sami. PHOTO   ELIN bER gE.

                                       96                               NyfikeNhet och passioN – MedskapaNdets koNst
One of a number of high-quality private galleries is gallery Andersson Sandström, which together with balticgruppen also runs

NyfikeNhet och passioN – MedskapaNdets koNst                                           97
Bildmuseet at Umeå University is an arena for contemporary international art. ”cONSO mmONS   R Ac IAL”by jEAN-FRANç OIS bOcLé.

                                         98                               NyfikeNhet och passioN – MedskapaNdets koNst
Umeå Music society is a 150-year-old amateur orchestra with an almost professional standard. PHOTO   AN dREAS NILSSON.

NyfikeNhet och passioN – MedskapaNdets koNst                                        99
Part of västerbottens museum’s remit is to study and document Sami culture. Next to västerbottens museum is the Open Air

                                        100                               NyfikeNhet och passioN – MedskapaNdets koNst
dennis Lyxzén, Sahara Hotnights and Lisa miskovsky, performers from västerbotten.

NyfikeNhet och passioN – MedskapaNdets koNst                                        101
Kasper Salin was an influential architect when sawmill manager Frans Kempe constructed a utopian society in Norrbyskär in the
early 20th century. PHOTO A NdREAS NILSSON.

                                        102                               NyfikeNhet och passioN – MedskapaNdets koNst
the culture centre for children and young people is a vibrant institution. theatre groups for physically impaired children and
young people are a high priority, as is the use of theatre in education (tiU). PHOTO AN dREAS NILSSON .

NyfikeNhet och passioN – MedskapaNdets koNst                                            103
NorrlandsOperan is a site where new expressive forms can take shape. Opera, dance, music and contemporary art are the basis
of the artistic repertoire. PHOTO mALIN ARNESSON.

                                       104                              NyfikeNhet och passioN – MedskapaNdets koNst
the artist Lage Lindell has contributed to the artistic décor of Umeå University. photo   saMUe L BeNG tsoN .

NyfikeNhet och passioN – MedskapaNdets koNst                                                105
There is a great interest in film in Umeå. PHOTO   A NdREAS NILSSON.

                                           106                         NyfikeNhet och passioN – MedskapaNdets koNst
 some artists have been invited to provide an artistic
 commentary on our bid to become european capital
of culture 2014. As part of this commentary, a selection
             of pictures is presented here.

               108   NyfikeNhet och passioN – MedskapaNdets koNst
                                                     PER ENOKSSON

NyfikeNhet och passioN – MedskapaNdets koNst   109

                                110   NyfikeNhet och passioN – MedskapaNdets koNst
                                                     “ vILKOjOR ” ANNA KRISTENSEN

NyfikeNhet och passioN – MedskapaNdets koNst   111
                                                                                           T R A N S L AT I O N : m I c H A E L LU N d I N , R O b E R T m U L L I N S , g U N N A R P E R S S O N . P L A K AT. P R I N T: O R I g I N A L U m E å 2 0 0 8 .

”culture is statues. children´s culture is when you can climb on the statues.”
Umeå – The Movie

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