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champagne by the glass perrier-jou_t_ grand brut_ epernay_ france


Green apple contains a lot of vitamins, minerals and rich in dietary fiber, especially pectin and other ingredients, in addition to the general make up the heart of Apple Qi, stomach and spleen and other effects, research has shown, every morning fasting or sleep at night fresh before each eat a green apple, in addition to laxative, but on the prevention and treatment of obesity there is a certain effect.

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									champagne by the glass                                                          red wines by the glass
perrier-jouët, grand brut, epernay, france, nv                            29-   pirramimma, shiraz, mclaren vale, australia, 2007                       19-
perrier-jouët, blason rosé, epernay, france, nv                           35-   odfjell armador, merlot, maipo valley, chile, 2009                      23-
                                                                                simi, cabernet sauvignon, alexander valley, sonoma, usa, 2005           24-
                                                                                marques de luz, crianza, spain, 2006                                    25-
champagne cocktail                                                        29-   mount difficulty, “roaring meg”, pinot noir, central otago,
white peach bellini                                                             new zealand, 2010                                                       28-
classic kir royale                                                              chateau pey la tour, bordeaux, france, 2007                             29-
wild berries nectar

white wines by the glass                                                        asahi, becks, budweiser, carlsberg, corona, fosters,                     14-
kendall jackson vintner’s reserve, chardonnay, napa valley, usa, 2009     19-   heineken, kirin, miller draught, miller lite, tiger, warsteiner premium,
cloudy bay, sauvignon blanc, marlborough, new zealand, 2010               25-   san miguel, stella artois, yebisu, hoegaarden, leffe blond,
balthasar ress, “von unserm”, riesling trocken, rheingau, germany, 2008   26-   negra modelo
joseph mellot, pouilly fume, loire valley, france, 2009                   27-   kilkenny draught, duvel, grolsch, crown lager, erdinger weissbrau 16-

rosé wine by the glass                                                          non-alcoholic beer
domaine ott, les domaniers, rosé, provence, france, 2010                  22-   becks, löwenbräu                                                        14-

fresh fruit juices                                                        11-   smoothies                                                               11-
green apple, lemon & ginger vanilla syrup                                       raspberry
lemon, apple, melon & pear                                                      raspberry, maple syrup, yoghurt & fresh milk
cantaloupe, mango, orange & passionfruit                                        chocolate
                                                                                banana, chocolate ice cream & fresh milk
freshly squeezed orange, grapefruit, lime,                                      mango
green apple, watermelon, cantaloupe,                                            mango, vanilla ice cream & fresh milk
mango, starfruit, papaya or pineapple                                           green tea
                                                                                green tea powder, honey, vanilla ice cream & fresh milk
                                                                                iced coffee
soft drinks                                                                     espresso, vanilla ice cream & fresh milk
coke, sprite, diet coke, soda, tonic, bitter lemon,                        8-
ginger ale, ginger beer                                                         mineral water
                                                                                fiji                                                        500ml        8-
                                                                                acqua panna                                                 750ml        9-
signature coolers                                                         10-   san pellegrino                                              750ml        9-
ice lemon tea, fresh lemonade, passionade, soursop,                             perrier                                                     750ml        9-
lychee ice tea, peach ice tea                                                   evian                                                       750ml        9-

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