; Are You in the Market For a Flat Screen TV Stand
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Are You in the Market For a Flat Screen TV Stand


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									Are You in the Market For a Flat Screen TV Stand?

By: http://www.flatscreentvlib.com/

So you have purchased the brand new flat screen television, get it home, and realize that you
need something to set it on. The problem is, it just does not look right with your old setup. Well,
it is time to start looking for a new tv stand that will complement your new plasma tv or LCD tv.
Flat screen tv stands may be hard to decide on though depending on how you use the television.
Do you use it for family viewing? Do you use it primarily for gaming? Do you use it in a home
theater setup? These are all things to consider when deciding on what type of tv stand you are
looking to purchase.

Essentially there are two different types of flat screen tv stands out there on the market. The first
being the traditional looking rectangular tv stand, and the second being the corner tv stand. The
traditional LCD TV stand comes in all shapes and sizes but for smaller rooms it may end up
protruding into the space of your living area if you have a larger LCD or Plasma TV. You will
need to consider the spacing and also the weight of the TV as well due the weight limits that
most tv stands are limited to.

The corner tv stand is one of my favorite flat screen tv stands as it is generally triangulated or
rounded on the backside of the stand so that it has the ability to fit in the corner of the room and
not stick out so far into the living area. The downside to this type of tv stand is that you will be
limited to where you can put the tv and that stand as you will be confined to one of the corners of
the room.

There is a way though to not use any room at all up and save a great deal of space in the living
area, and that is to stay away from tv stands and go with wall mounts. These will allow you to
position the television on the wall of your choice and take very little space up. The trick to wall
mounts though is that once you have purchased them, you must decide if you can install them
well enough to look nice, or if you need a professional to install them. I would recommend hiring
a professional unless you are good with carpentry as you will want to run the wiring down the
inside of the wall so that you do not have a spider-web of wires hanging out in the open.

If you are in the market for a flat screen tv stand or a wall mount I would recommend you first
make your decision on the type you want and then find one that fits your style. You can be
watching that LCD TV or Plasma TV in style in no time.

If you would like to find some additional information on flat screen tv stands then you will want
to check out my informational site at:

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