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Center for Research and Integrated Development of Tropical Health
and Infectious Diseases
                                                               Volume 1, No. 1, January 2010



 Division of Tropical and Infectious Disease Department of Internal Medicine
 Faculty of Medicine University of Indonesia
 RSUPN Cipto Mangunkusumo
 Jl. Salemba Raya no,6, Jakarta
 021-3908157, 3914190, Fax. 021-3911873

Center for Research and Integrated Development of Tropical Health and Infectious Disease   1
January 2010
                                                Education, through an Institution-Based        also from all necessary Faculties in UI.
                                                Competition Grant Program (Program             The committee would also thank to all
                                                Hibah Berbasis Kompetisi/ PHKI). The           colleagues who work together in a team
                                                granted fund brought an opportunity            in preparing the proposal for getting the
                                                for UI to establish a Center for Research      grant.
                                                and Integrated Development of Tropical            This bulletin is presented to socialize
                                                Health and Infectious Diseases. This           the main activities as well as giving
                                                program will be conducted in Faculty           various information from the Center and
                                                Medicine University of Indonesia.              this is a real form of committee hardwork
                                                     This program is one of three finest       together with staff of various department
                                                UI internationalization program towards        in FMUI. The bulletin will be published
                                                World Class           Research University      quarterly and hopefully can be a media
                                                granted by PHKI. The program of this           to give information to all stakeholders of
                                                Center includes two main activities,           University of Indonesia.
    Prof. dr. Djoko Widodo, SpPD, DTM&H, KPTI   that is development of study group and            Thank you for your attention.
    Assalamu’alaikum Wr. Wb                     development of study program in the            Wassalamualaikum Wr. Wb.
                                                field of tropical medicine and infectious
   Praise to Allah SWT for His Blessing         diseases. Contribution in the form of             Best Regards,
and Kindness, University of Indonesia           scientific article, or other scientific
(UI) won a grant for internationalization       activities that related to tropical medicine      Prof. dr. Djoko Widodo, SpPD,
program from Directorate General for            and infectious diseases from colleagues
                                                                                                  DTM&H, KPTI
Higher Education, Department of National        not only from Faculty of Medicine but
                                                                                                  FMUI Organizing Committee for PHKI

                                                be published. This bulletin is a form          coordinator of the overall PHKI activities
                                                of existence of research centers and           at FMUI, expect all academic civitas in
                                                integrated development of tropical health      University of Indonesia in general and
                                                and infectious diseases.                       FMUI in particular, to be actively involved
                                                   First of all, I will give the highest       in developing this integrated centers.
                                                appreciation to the core team member              My sincere hope that this newsletter
                                                of Program Hibah Kompetisi berbasis            can continue as a medium of socialization
                                                Institusi (PHKI) UI Batch 3 that has           and communication between academic
                                                contributed their energy and ideas to          civitas in the field of tropical health and
                                                build the Research Center and Integrated       infectious diseases to reify UI’s vision to
                                                Development of Tropical Health and             be the world’s class research university.
                                                Infectious Diseases. As desired, this
       dr. Pradana Soewondo, SpPD-KEMD
                                                Research Center is aimed at improving             Sincerely,
                                                and strengthening our university to
    Assalamu’alaikum Wr. Wb                     become an international reputation and            dr. Pradana Soewondo, SpPD-KEMD
                                                produce excellent and usefull intellectual
  Thank the Almighty God, for mercy                                                               Coordinator
                                                products to improve the welfare of the
and His grace, this first bulletin can          mankind. Through this newsletter, I, as the

                                                Diseases. I congratulate and give the          teamwork to make FMUI as the center
                                                highest appreciation to members of             of learning, research, and development
                                                Institution-Based Competition Grant            of tropical health and infection which is
                                                Program (Program Hibah Berbasis                featured program on the international
                                                Kompetisi/ PHKI) and the bulletin team         network.
                                                from Media Aesculapius of Faculty of              In this first edition, I hope PHKI will
                                                Medicine University of Indonesia (FMUI)        be socialized to all FMUI civitas, therefore
                                                for publishing this bulletin on-time.          they should participate in achieving
                                                   Based on the vision of FMUI to become       the objective of this program. I hope
                                                world class Research University, FMUI has      this bulletin may become a media to
                                                the strategy to develop its main programs      communicate and socialize all activities
                                                to contribute more in the international        done by PHKI. In the future, I hope this
                                                level. That strategy is achieved through       bulletin can be a media communication
                                                PHKI which has set a program of                between related parties to achieve what’s
          Dr. dr. Ratna Sitompul, Sp. M(K)      University Indonesia internationalization      been set before.
    Assalamu’alaikum Wr. Wb                     through the development of Center of
                                                Research and Integrated Development of            Sincerely,
   First of all, I would like to thank          Tropical Health and Infectious Diseases.
God for the launching of the bulletin           We know that Indonesia, as a tropical             Dr. dr. Ratna Sitompul, Sp. M(K)
of Center for Research and Integrated           country, has a big potency to develop all         Dean of FMUI
Development of Health and Infectious            subjects related to tropical and infectious
                                                diseases. Therefore, we need a great

2                  Center for Research and Integrated Development of Tropical Health and Infectious Disease
                                                                                                                          January 2010
    Center for Research and Integrated Development of
          Tropical Health and Infectious Diseases
Dr. Pradana Soewondo, SpPD-KEMD
Manager of Academic and Student Affair in Faculty of Medicine University of Indonesia

E     ven though with recent health
      technological         advancement,
      infectious disease has been
evidently the world’s health problem.
Although the technology in antibiotics
and vaccines are still being developed,
these diseases are well known to be the
cause of death and disability, social and
economic issues for millions of people.
Based on WHO’s data of Global Burden
Disease in 2004, infectious disease
contributes to the death of 16-17% of the
world’s population.                                                                              departement of microbiology: laboratory
   In Indonesia, according to the Basic                                                     this activity involves the development of
Health Research (Riset Kesehatan Dasar
                                              Road map of the tropical health and           information systems management and
/Riskesdas) in 2007, infectious disease
                                              infectious diseases                           the dissemination of information through
was the cause of death of 28.1% from
                                                 UI’s Center for Integrated Research        the media and regular seminars for the
the national mortality rate. Tuberculosis
                                              and Development of Tropical Health and        general community. This whole process
is the leading of the infectious disease
                                              Infectious Diseases, will be developed        can certainly be run by having a good
in Indonesia. Other infectious diseases,
                                              through group activities and study of         business plan.
such as liver infection, pneumonia,
                                              tropical infectious diseases. Study group        In addition to the study group, UI’s
diarrhea, malaria, typhoid fever, and
                                              will involve various areas of expertise,      Center for Research and Integrated
dengue fever also contribute to the
                                              such as in health, science, technology, and   Development of Tropical Health and
tropical infectious diseases in Indonesia.
                                              social study. Through this study group,       Infectious Diseases also want to expand
Therefore, Indonesia should take serious
                                              UI will be expected to obtain a global        research-based educational programs in
steps to address this problem.
                                              partnership with leading institutions of      tropical health and infectious diseases
   University     of    Indonesia      (UI)
                                              tropical health and infectious diseases       at an international level. This is actually
has been rec       ognized       nationally
                                              in order to share knowledge, skills, and      included in the vision and mission of
and internationally in the field of
                                              facilities. Indonesia is already known,       UI. Through the development of the
tropical health and infectious diseases.
                                              as a “wealth” of diseases, must play an       education system, it is expected that
Furthermore, UI has committed to                                                            more foreign students and researchers
                                                                                            opt to study tropical health and infectious
                                                                                            diseases at UI.
                                                                                               This educational system utilizes the
                                                                                            latest technology by using computer
                                                                                            mediated learning and distance learning
                                                                                            conducted by the study group. An example
                                                                                            of this would be the development of
                                                                                            module in form of credit-earning program
                                                                                            by granting post-graduate certificate,
                                                                                            post-graduate diploma, and also elective
                                                                                            module for graduate level. This new
                                                                                            system will be introduced nationally
                                                                                            and internationally, including the
                                                                                            scholarship foundation through printed
department of pediatric: laboratory                                                         and electronic media, presentations to
                                              important role and becomes the primary        potential institutions, and open house.
                                              node cooperation network.                        We hope that these research
improve and strengthen its international
reputation by producing superior                 UI will develop a based-community          centers, study groups, and all the
intellectual products that will be useful     laboratory for the infectious disease.        planned programs can further confirm
for improving the welfare of mankind.         UI will also map the potential resources      University of Indonesia as a world class
To achieve these goals, UI will develop       that are associated with tropical             research university. A good business
a Center for Research and Integrated          health and infectious diseases in its         plan will support the implementation
Development of Tropical Health and            environment. This study group will then       of all activities in reaching the target.
Infectious Diseases                           be introduced and formed alliance with        Everyone’s support is required for the
                                              international parties. Other than that,       success of this program.

Center for Research and Integrated Development of Tropical Health and Infectious Disease                                                   3
January 2010

Organization Structure of Center for Research and Integrated
  Development of Tropical Health and Infectious Disease

                                                          Advisory Board

                                                        Daily Executive Board
                                                        Executive Board               Secretariat

                  Director of Activities I I
                   Director of Activities                                                         Director Activities
                                                                                                 Director of ActivitiesIIII
           (Head of Tropical InfectionDivision)
             (Head of Tropical Infection Division)                                         (Head of Biomedic Study Programme)
                                                                                          (Head of Biomedic Study Programme)

         Coordinator of
          Coordinator of     Coordinator of Database and
                              Coordinator of Database and    Coordinator of              Undergraduate
                                                                                          Undergraduate            Post Graduate
                                                                                                                    Post Graduate
                                                            Coordinator of
            Research                  Networking
                                     Networking                Advocacy
            (dr. Anis)                  (dr. Leo)             (dr. Muchtar)

      Thematic Team
     ThematicTeam           Thematic Team
      of Infectious
       of Infectious          of Tropical
                             of Tropical
        Diseases                Health

1.         Team of Proposal Completion of PHKI FMUI 2010             2.         Committee of Formation of Center for Research and
           based on ST Dean of FMUI no: 931/ST/D/FKUI/2008                      Integrated Development of Tropical Health and
           •       dr. Pradana Soewondo, SpPD-KEMD                              Infectious Disease in the framework of PHKI 2010
           •       Prof. dr. Djoko Widodo, SpPD-KPTI                            based on ST Dean of FMUI no: 932/ST/D/FKUI/2009
           •       dr.rer. Physiol. Septelia Inawati Wanandi                    •        dr. Pradana Soewondo, SpPD-KEMD
           •       dr. Leonard Nainggolan, SpPD-KPTI                            •        Prof. dr. Djoko Widodo, SpPD-KPTI
           •       dr. Anis Karuniawati, PhD, SpMK (K)                          •        Dr. dr. Suhendro, SpPD-KPTI
           •       Dr. dra. Taniawati Supali                                    •        dr.rer. Physiol. Septelia Inawati Wanandi
           •       dr. Muchtaruddin Mansyur, PhD, SpOk                          •        dr. Leonard Nainggolan, SpPD-KPTI
           •       dr. Indah Suci Widyahening, MSc                              •        dr. Anis Karuniawati, PhD, SpMK (K)
           •       dr. Eva Suarthana, PhD                                       •        Dr. dra. Taniawati Supali
                                                                                •        dr. Muchtaruddin Mansyur, PhD, SpOk
                                                                                •        dr. Indah Suci Widyahening, MSc
                                                                                •        dr. Widayat Djoko, SpPD-KPTI

4                  Center for Research and Integrated Development of Tropical Health and Infectious Disease
                                                                                                                     January 2010
                                  Networking Programme:
                                A Key to Success in Research
                                                                                           development of research in Indonesia.
                                                                                           Through this program, infectious diseases
                                                                                           study in Indonesia can be improved.
                                                                                           An example of program that has been
                                                                                           conducted is research about dengue
                                                                                           high fever. The research covers 6 areas in
                                                                                           clinical practice: internal medicine, clinical
                                                                                           pathology, microbiology, community
                                                                                           medicine, paediatrics , and parasitology.
                                                                                                “Networking program is not only
                                                                                           about integrated inter-departmental
                                                                                           cooperation in FMUI, but also will develop
                                                                                           into interfaculty level, among universities,
                                                                                           and hopefully among countries,” said dr.
                                                                                           Leonard. He admitted that until today
                                                                                           there are some researches performed
                                                                                           with international collaboration such
                                                                                           as Fever Study Group. In addition, this
                                                                                           programme is emphasizing not only the
                                                                                           research aspect, but also the exchange of
                                                                                           students between countries.” We expect
                                                                                           the results of networking program which

R       esearch of infectious disease grows   the Ministry of Education. Having been       involves the entire aspects can achieve
        rapidly including in Indonesia.       reviewed, by the Ministry of Education,      high quality result in order to support the
        As a tropical country, this field     the proposal was decided to be examined      health development in Indonesia, such as
of research is very important due to          in the system. The funding of support the    the discovery of H5N1 virus vaccine and
high prevalence of infectious diseases.       networking research program in tropical-     cure for many infectious diseases,” said
Indonesia itself is a repository of disease   infection is approximately 2 billion         dr. Leonard.
vectors. Many illnesses are typical in this   Rupiah per year. This fund will last for 3       This program offers new hope for the
country, but unfortunately not all of them
have been studied.
    Research of infectious disease in
Indonesia gains particular attention
in national and international level. In
infectious disease research, review from
only one science field is not enough. It
is necessary to integrate several related
fields, which is aimed to understand the
intricacies of the disease being studied.
However, one big question revealed
about how to integrate several different
disciplines in examining a disease. The
answer purposed is networking program.
    This program is quite new in Indonesia
but it has been implemented for a long time
in other countries. Networking program
is an integrated program involving several
disciplines to review an issue. According
to dr. Leonard Nainggolan, SpPD-KPTI,
the idea to implement this system was
declared in 2008 by several doctors in
FMUI who intrigued with the concept
of inter-department research. This idea
                                              years starting from 2010. It is estimated    improvement of health in this country, a
was then proposed by FMUI to the UI
                                              that within 3 years, this program can get    new hope for Indonesia.
level, especially regarding the existence
of research centers of infectious tropical    financial support independently.
diseases. At the UI level, the concept was       Networking       program      provides
embodied in the form of proposals to          a conducive atmosphere for the

Center for Research and Integrated Development of Tropical Health and Infectious Disease                                              5
January 2010
               Division of Tropical and Infectious Disease:
 Education, Research, and Public Service in Infectious Disease
A   s a part of Department of Internal
     Medicine, Division of Tropical and
Infectious Disease Faculty of Medicine
                                              measurement of tissue oxygenation
                                              in severe infection, and Side stream
                                              Dark Field (SDF) for a bedside real time
University of Indonesia (FMUI) has a          imaging of detail microvascularization in
vision to become a well known center of       severe infection.
infectious diseases in Asia Pacific in 2010       Various    researches     include     A
and capable to cope with education,           Prospective Multinational Surveillance
research, and public service demands with     of Hospital Acquired Pneumonia (HAP)
humanistic approach. The Educational          and Ventilator-associated Pneumonia
program of tropical health and infectious     (VAP) in Adults in Asian Countries:
diseases is held for those who will           Etiology, Clinical Outcome, and Impact
become internist or consultant. The           of Antimicrobial Resistance which has
division also concerns about education        been done completely and others, such
for paramedics and public. The program        as Effectivity and Safety of Lactobacillus
is given in various ways according to their   reuteri Usage in Prevention of Antibiotic
level.                                        Associated Diarrhea and Clostridium
    The division always tries to hold         difficile   Associated     Infections    in
researches according to the development       Hospitalized Adult Patients which is still
of tropical and infectious diseases           in progress.
knowledge as well as public concern.              The public services are given through
The topic includes clinical epidemiology,     polyclinic and inpatient ward. In order
and drug clinical trials in the field of      to increase the public services, Center of
tropical health and infectious diseases.      Infectious Disease is now being settled.
Diagnostic means for infectious diseases      In the future, the center hopefully could
were also included in the topics, for         give high quality services in the field of
example: Transcutaneous Monitoring            tropical health and infectious diseases.
System (Novametrix®) for time to time

                                   Department of Paediatric:
          Pillar for The National Children Health Improvement
                                              A   s one of the major departments in
                                                  Faculty of Medicine University of
                                              Indonesia (FMUI)-Cipto Mangunkusumo
                                                                                                Furthermore, there are many others
                                                                                            ongoing research themes, some of them
                                                                                            are The Systemic Mycosis in Malignancy,
                                              National Hospital, Department of              Role of CRP and Procalcitonin in Septic
                                              Paediatric always applies the Tri             Diagnostics in Children, and others
                                              Dharma:education, public service, and         researches. Besides the themes above,
                                              research. In terms of education, this         there are also other studies with various
                                              department continuously improves the          topics such as HIV, antimicrobial resistance,
                                              quality of its graduates through a new        and Streptococcus pneumonia.
                                              medical school curriculum commonly                To support all of the researches,
                                              called Kurfak 2005.                           Department of Paediatric            provides
                                                 This department also contributes a         an integrated laboratory supported
                                              lot in community service. There have          by technology and competent human
                                              been many medical staffs sent by the          resources incorporated called the
                                              department to work at the site of disaster    Paediatric Research Unit. This team’s
                                              and remote area.                              job are gathering people who have good
                                                 The Department of Paediatric is also       research ideas, collecting laboratory and
                                              actively conducts research projects. An       field workers, and fundraising either from
                                              example of research topic that gains          grant or research competition.
                                              particular attention is tropical health and       Establishment of Paediatric Research
                                              infectious diseases. Currently, several       Unit is a way to achieve the vision of
                                              studies are ongoing in this department.       the Department of Paediatric to be a
                                              In relation to the topic of fever, there      hospital which performs public service,
                                              has been an ongoing study named Fever         research, and education. The existence
                                              with Unknown Causes in Children 0-36          of Paediatric Research unit is expected
                                              months.                                       to be the primary support for improving
                                                                                            children health quality in Indonesia.

6               Center for Research and Integrated Development of Tropical Health and Infectious Disease
                                                                                                                        January 2010
          ARTICLES                                       Exploring the Micro-Study in
                                                    Department of Microbiology FMUI
                                                D    epartment of Microbiology Faculty
                                                     of Medicine University of Indonesia
                                                (Micro-FMUI) is recognized as an
                                                                                                Antimicrobial susceptibility in patterns.
                                                                                                Beside that, Micro-UI has planned
                                                                                                several researches which will be started
                                                outstanding department in terms of              in 2010 based on ‘the research tree’.
                                                institutional research facilities and high-     The titles of these researches are: Fever
                                                qualified scientists. Not only specialized in   study, Development of Dengue Vaccine,
                                                clinical microbiology, this department also     Selection and Production of Anti-
                                                works in medically related environmental        dengue Antibody Producing Hybridoma
                                                microbiology and surveillance study             for The Development of Dengue
                                                on various kinds of infectious disease          Diagnostic Reagent, Identification and
                                                which has become a major public health          Characterization of The Bacteria Causing
                                                problems in Indonesia.                          Acute Otitis Media Episodes in Young
                                                    Micro-FMUI has responsibility for           Children, Development of In-House Anti-
                                                education, research, and public services        retroviral Drug Resistance Test, and other
                                                in the field of microbiology. Educational       researches.
                                                activities for undergraduate students                     Public services provided by
                                                include basic clinical microbiology for         Micro-UI include microbiology diagnostic
                                                medical student and health science              test to identify and characterize etiologic
                                                student. Furthermore Micro-UI provides          agents from clinical specimens, as
                                                education for master degree on                  well as antibiotics susceptibility test,
                                                biomedical sciences, medical specialist         supporting infection control in hospitals,
                                                in clinical microbiology and research for       and consultation on clinical microbiology.
                                                biomedical and medical PhD program in           Additionally, Micro-UI has been chosen by
                                                FMUI.                                           Ministry of Health Republic of Indonesia
                                                    Micro-UI is also active in conducting       as The National Referral Laboratory
                                                research projects. In 2009, Micro-UI            for M.tuberculosis (culture and direct
                                                published some research reports with            antimicrobial susceptibility test) and
                                                the topic of Dengue Virus, Bacillus             The National Referral Laboratory for
                                                subtilis profile of vaginal flora and           Antiretroviral (HIV-1) resistance test.
                                                acidity of Indonesian Women, and                Existing facilities are being used and
                                                                                                developed for these purpose.

Community-Based Research in
Department of Parasitology
D    epartment of Parasitology Faculty
     of Medicine University of Indonesia
is one of the most focusing to perform
                                                several international agencies.
                                                    Collaborating with LUMC, another
                                                community-based         research     was
research on parasitic diseases. It has          performed in Ende district, ENT in 2006.
several research-projects with foreign          The study focuses on parasitic infection
partners, such as Leiden University             (intestinal helminth and malaria) and
Medical Center (LUMC); Washington               inflammatory diseases. A good effort in
University, Saint Louis, USA; Edinburgh         database has been started by mapping of
University, United Kingdom; Bernhard            the study area using global positioning
Nocht Institute for Tropical Medicine,          system technology. This tool updates
Hamburg, Germany; Bill Gate and Melinda         resident movement via monthly follow
Foundation and Germany Agency for               up performed by cadres. The cadres are
Technical Co-operation (GTZ-SiSKES),            local people who have been trained to
Germany.                                        record the people movement.
   In 2000, a research area in Alor district,       This department also contributes
East Nusa Tenggara (ENT) focusing               to increase the health quality of native
for Filariasis elimination program was          people who participated as research
established. The aim of the study is to         subjects and cadres of health department
eliminate filariasis due to specific filarial   and community health service. They
parasite in Indonesia, Brugia timori,           have been regularly informed about
by mass drug administration to whole            the result of the study on malaria and
population. Until this time on, the             stool examinations, blood analysis, and
research area has been being maintained         other measurements. Currently, Ende
for almost ten years in order to evaluate       district has been chosen as an area for
the target achievements. Furthermore,           community-based research for PHKI.
this study gets funding support from
Center for Research and Integrated Development of Tropical Health and Infectious Disease                                                7
January 2010
Knowing The Virology Study and Research in IHVCB-UI
                                                       tools based on Indonesian strains,       IHVCB-UI is supported with biosafety level
                                                       development of antiretroviral drug       2 and 3 (BSL-2 and BSL-3) laboratories, cell
                                                       resistance testing both genotyping       culturing room, polymerase chain reaction
                                                       and phenotyping, and development         (PCR) facilities, protemic machine, and
                                                       of antiretroviral drug and vaccines.     genetic engineering and transfection.
                                                          IHVCB-UI is the first institute       BSL2 and BSL3 laboratories have been
                                                       which has successfully cultured          certified by World BioHaztec Inc., an
                                                       avian influenza virus. The study is      international company from United
                                                       related to diagnostic kit and vaccines   States. In the future, we plan IHVCB-UI
                                                       development included polyclonal          to become the centre of excellence for
                                                       and monoclonal antibodies against        virological research in Indonesia. We hope
                                                       H5N1, and recombinant viral              that health development in Indonesia will

R   eseach is a basic thing and it becomes
    a focus of University of Indonesia (UI).
IHVCB-UI is established with international
                                                       proteins production. Prototype
                                                 Vaccines for H5N1 have been obtained,
                                                 and DNA and virus like-particles
                                                                                                be improved and more independent”, dr.
                                                                                                Fera closing with smile.

standard as a supporting unit. Through           (VLP) vaccines have been produced
research, hopefully it will realize the vision   by IHVCB-UI.
of University of Indonesia as a world class         The researches of HPV
research university,” says dr. Fera Ibrahim,     include mapping of cervix
MSc, SpMK(K), PhD, director of science.          cancer in Indonesia by molecular
   Researches in IHVCB-UI are related to         epidemiology         study       and
virological studies with four main focus:        development        of     diagnostic
HIV, avian influenza virus (AIV), influenza      tools, preventive, and curative
virus, and human papilloma virus (HPV).          vaccines.
   Researches on HIV include detection                “IHVCB-UI was founded in
and isolation of HIV, mapping of HIV in          2004, but we actively conduct
Indonesia, development of diagnostic             research since July 2007. Now

              Department of Community Medicine FMUI:
                          Pioneer in Community-Based Medicine
T   he Department of Community-,
    Occupational-, and Family Medicine
(COF Depart.) or Departemen Ilmu
                                                 Urban Setting, in collaboration with the
                                                 Global Fund. Another study that has just
                                                 started is a multidepartmental study
Kedokteran Komunitas, Okupasi dan                focuses on exploring the etiology of fever
Keluarga (Dep. KKOK) is one of the major         in the community. By collaborating with
departments at the Faculty of Medicine           the Slotervaart Hospital Amsterdam, this
University of Indonesia (FMUI) which is          study will evaluate the diagnostic value of
responsible for conducting education,            certain markers in establishing diagnosis
research and services in the field of            rapidly and accurately.
community medicine.                                  This department provides educations
   This department has conducted many            for undergraduate and postgraduate
community-based studies including                students. The undergraduate students are
infectious disease related studies, such         introduced to holistic and comprehensive       three months courses of the Third
as the efficacy of influenza immunization        patient management that considers the          Country Training Program in Community
program at the workplace. It also has            influencing factors of health, including       Medicine, which also consists of emerging
an ongoing research projects titled              genetic, environment, behavior, and            and reemerging infectious disease
Enhancing Tuberculosis Programme in              social. At post graduate level, the training   management modules. Until this time
                                                   and education expose the students to the     on, this program has trained two groups
                                                   community’s perspective of infectious        of trainee doctors from Afghanistan.
                                                   diseases and tropical medicine.                 Through some of its facilities, the COF
                                                      The COF department also has               department provides health services
                                                   significant contributions at international   at regular basis through their health
                                                   level. In 2009, two foreign students from    centers/family medicine clinics in Kiara
                                                   John Hopkins University and University       and Kayuputih. Health services in other
                                                   of Amsterdam joined this department          public health centres is also performed.
                                                   and studied HIV/AIDS and leptospirosis,      These health centers also serve as
                                                   respectively. This department is also        laboratory health services, research, and
                                                   trusted by the Japan International           education on infectious diseases and
                                                   Cooperation Agency (JICA) to conduct         tropical medicines for the community.

8                Center for Research and Integrated Development of Tropical Health and Infectious Disease
                                                                                                                           January 2010

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