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					   Access Master Resell Rights
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I won't waste your time talking about how beneficial getting products with
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products to sell and start making money.

That's how a lot of people, myself included, got started making money online -
by selling products that other people created.

The real task is finding quality products to sell . . . and quantity. Everyone says
that you will never get rich selling one ebook. No matter how many copies of
the ebook you sell, you will always be leaving money on the table.

You need plenty of high quality products to sell on the back end . . . that is, you
need more products to sell to your customers after they buy that first product
from you.
Of course, you could spend the time and money to create all of these products
yourself. Or, you could spend the time (a lot of time, actually) and money to
find quality products that have resell rights that you can turn around and sell to
your current customers.

But, the best . . . and most cost- and time-effective . . . option is to have a good
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I've managed to put together this package of 25 HOT selling products for
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hundreds of dollars, and dozens of valuable hours to track them all down.

But with this limited time offer, you'll spend a fraction of the time and money
getting 25 top quality products to start selling immediately. And, you'll even
get your very own copy of this page to help you along the way (but I'll get into
this more in just a moment).

First, take a look at the products you'll be able to sell once you
download this package . . .

     MRR Product #1 - Hub Blueprint - Version 2.0

                                       Average Joe Reveals The
                                      Stupid-Simple Hottest Web
                                       2.0 Traffic Property That
                                       Brought In 10,658 FREE
                                           Visitors in 6 Days

                                            Instant Indexing - Hub Pages
                                             Get Indexed Very Quickly
                           Google Loves Hub Pages -
                            Need We Say More?
                           Easy To Use - Hub Pages Are
                            Pretty Straight Forward,
                            especially with our Step By
                            Step Guide

MRR Product #2 - 12 WordPress Themes

                       Make Your Blog Standout
                      With These Exclusive Power
                      Series Wordpress Themes!

                     In this collection you'll find 12 great
                     themes: Power Black, Power Red,
                     Power Blue, Power Green, Power
                     White each with left and right column
                     variants - PLUS: Power Ai, Power Neo
3 Column

MRR Product #3 - Ready Made Sales Letters
5 Sales Letter Templates Ready Made - Edit & Modify These
                  to Fit What YOU Need!

MRR Product #4 - 48 Hour Affiliate Action Plan

                      Who Else Wants To Start Making
                      Real Money Online In The Next
                                2 Days?

                      New Report Gives You A Step-By-Step
                      Action Plan To Show You How To Create
                      Your Own Money Making Website In Less
                      That 48 hours!
           Bonus: Private Label Rights Included!

MRR Product #5 - List Building Explained

Finally! . . . An Easy Way for Newbies to Understand
 List Building, and How Even the Newest Internet
       Marketer Can Start Building Their Own
                High-Powered Email List!


                                 5 simple proven ways to build
                                 your list in just minutes.

                                       Learn how to design
                                 subscriber pulling web pages so
                                 people visiting your site
                                 automatically jump to sign up
                                 for your list.
                                       The secrets to double
      opt-in lists, and how you can use them to guarantee your
     And More!
MRR Product #6 - Tangible Profits Blueprint

                   Discover How Easy It Is To Cash
                     In On Thousands Of Tangible
                   Affiliate Products Online Without
                     Ever Having To Worry About
                     Stock, Shipping Or Customer

                    Bonus: Branding Rights Included!

MRR Product #7 - Internet Marketing Starts Here

                   Sack Your Boss And Write Your
                   Own Paycheck By Following The
                    Proven System Written By The
                         Guy Who Made It!

                  Internet Marketing Starts Here will show
                  you how to start out for free, how to create
                  an action plan that will work for you, how
                  to avoid the common pitfalls, and much
MRR Product #8 - CB Affiliate Reward System

                           Are You Ready To Put More
                          Money In Your Bank Account,
                         Spend Less On Advertising And
                        Have More Free Time To Do What
                                   You Want?

                        This Brand New System Motivates Your
                        Affiliates To Make More Sales, Increases
                        Their Earnings And Multiplies Your Profits!

           Bonus: Private Label Rights Included!

MRR Product #9 - Bum Marketing Secrets Revealed

Discover How to Make $100 - $200 or More Each Day
               with Bum Marketing!


                              The secret to writing great articles
                              fast – what you read here is sure to
                              surprise you!

                                    How to find hot niches that
                              will explode your profits – it’s much
                              easier than you think!
                                    How to find the most
      profitable products – and then fit your articles to those
     And More!

MRR Product #10 - The 17 Method

 Discover The Seventeen Simple 'Tweaks' You Can
   Use To Add A Zero Onto The End Of My Email
                       Marketing Earnings

                     How to get other people to build your
                      list for you
                     Let other people do all the work while
                      you pocket recurring payments
                     How to have your readers waiting in
                      anticipation for your next email
                     And Much More!
MRR Product #11 - Adsense Cash Crave

                  New Adsense Formula Revealed:
                   Learn how you can quickly and
                   easily generate residual profits
                    from Google Adsense, month
                            after month!

                  Give Me 45 Minutes And I'll Teach You To
                  Use The Most Powerful Tool On The
                  Internet (Google Adsense) To Create
                  Multiple Income Streams!

MRR Product #12 - CoRegistration Secrets Revealed

                   Are You Ready To Discover The
                     Incredible Co-Registration
                   Marketing Secrets That Will Put
                   Your List Building On Complete

                   How To Build Your List Faster, Easier And
                   Safer Than Ever Before!
MRR Product #13 - Squidoo Basics

                  How to Use “Squidoo” to Launch
                     Your Business and Persuade
                  Thousands of Visitors To Pay You
                   For Your Expert Knowledge And

                Use to skyrocket your credibility
                and trustworthiness using Web 2.0

MRR Product #14 - Free Traffic for Broke Marketers

  It's a simple fact - The FREE traffic generation
 methods in this book work better for me than any
                     paid marketing I've ever used.

                       How to get traffic to your websites
                        for FREE - as often as you like and
                        whenever you like
                       The main mistakes that most broke
                        marketers make when trying to
                        attract free traffic
                       The one simple traffic technique that
                        can vastly increase your site visits
MRR Product #15 - High Response Sales Letters

                           How To Write High Response
                          Sales Letters In Just 25 Minutes
                           With These 6 Quick And Easy
                           Steps That Work Every Single
                            Time... Even If You've Never
                                Written One Before!

                           Learn the exact tested and proven
                           methods Internet Guru's use to rake in
fortunes online with their sales letters.

MRR Product #16 - Membership Site Profits

                         Here's How You Can Quickly &
                          Easily Start Your Own Paid
                        Membership Site and Watch Your
                        Income Take Off In Just Weeks!

                       The Days Of Free Content Are Gone - People
                       Are Suffering From Information Overload,
                       and They're Scrambling To Pay To Have It
                       Delivered To Them In An Organized
Manner . . .
MRR Product #17 - The Newbie Toolkit

3 Step-By-Step Guides Showing You Everything You
         Need to Know to Get Started . . .

     How to Register and Host Your First Domain

     How to Build and Upload Your First Webiste

     How to Get an Promote Your First Affiliate Products

MRR Product #18 - Viral Marketing Unleashed

                          Discover The Amazing Viral
                       Marketing Tactics That Teach You
                         How To Get Other People To
                       Willingly Build Your List, Traffic &

                       And Why You'll Never Have To Pay Them A
                       Single Dime To Do It . . .
MRR Product #19 - Zero to Fifty in 30 Days!

 Give Me 2 ½ Minutes And I'll Show You This Brand
New System That Will Have You Making At Least $50
            A Day . . . In Just 30 Days!


                                It will NOT take you years to
                                learn everything you need to

                                    You do NOT need a lot of
                                money to start.
                                      You do NOT need to
                                know everything there is to start
      earning good money.
     You do NOT need to come up with anything revolutionary.

MRR Product #20 - Guru Craft

    Discover The Secret Of Achieving SuperFast
 Credibility Using The Same Techniques The Gurus
                    With a few simple techniques you can be
                    perceived as an expert in your chosen niche,
                    topic or field with surprisingly little work.

                    The gurus know this and have been using
                    these simple but deadly- effective techniques
                    for years. Think about it - think of a subject
                    and Google it - you'll instantly come across
                    'experts' in the niche.

MRR Product #21 - Interstitial Links Manager

  What If You Can Have The Ultimate System That
 Allows YOU To Offer Tons Of Offers Doubling Your
     Profits Through A Single Download Link?


                              Control how long each offer lasts

                                      Set the sequence of your
                                      Allows your visitors to
                              pause/repeat or skip offers
                                      Use it as a link cloaker
                                  Have unlimited offers for
      each campaign = unlimited offers in just one single link
MRR Product #22 - One Time Offers Uncovered

Discover How You Can Double Or Triple Your Sales By
      Using The “One Time Offer” Effectively


                                   How to create an interesting
                                   OTO that heightens the
                                   customer’s buying experience.

                                         Proven techniques for
                                   pitching clever OTOs that work
                                   almost every time.
                                         What the best OTO is
                                   and how to incorporate it
      when selling anything, anytime, anywhere.
     And More!

MRR Product #23 - Testing Your Way to Profits

Do You Know How To Properly Test Your Website To
   Make Sure Your CTR Is The Highest Possible?

                              Learn How To Do Comparative Site
                              Testing On Every Single One Of
                              Your Sites!

                                   Learn The Right Way To
                              Track Your Results To Provide
                              Accurate Data!
                                    Find Out How To Organize
      Your Results So The Profits Keep Rolling In!
     And More!

MRR Product #24 - Video Creation Secrets

Discover How YOU Can Take Advantage of the Video
  Boom By Creating Your Own High Quality Video
                  Products . . .

                           Now YOU Can Finally Learn All the ins
                           and outs of Creating Your Own Video
                           Product . . . and it's broken down into
                           simple terms ANYONE can understand

                           Are you ready to learn what marketing
                           experts have known for quite awhile
                           about creating your own video
                           products? It's simple with this step by
                           step guide.
     MRR Product #25 - Smart Window Maker

      Its Time to Say NO! to Boring Old Links Opening in
      New Windows . . . Now You Can Keep Your Visitors
     On YOUR Website Regardless Of Where You Link To!


                                      Creates Pop Up Windows
                                      That Don't Suck!

                                           Display websites
                                      and images
                                            Supports major
            Absolutely no MySQL configuration required!
            And Much More!

Buying all of these products individually could literally cost you thousands of
dollars. Many of these products regularly sell for upwards of $67 (and
sometimes more).

Because of the high quality of all of the products involved, I could easily sell this
package at $97 (or even higher).
But if you take advantage of this today, you won't pay anywhere near
that. You can get all 25 products for just $47 $1!

That's right! Only 1 buck and you can kick start your online money making
empire. You know what? 99% people will pass this opportunity up and never
get a chance to make money online with this package. Become the smart 1%
now! Don't let this trap hold you back from your success!

       What Can You Do With This Package?
That's the great thing about this offer - you have several different options
here . . .

      You can use this same offer as your One Time Offers
      You can sell each of these products individually
       You can use the products for yourself and learn from all of this top
        quality information
     You can even break this down into 2 or 3 other special offers
Like I said, you have several different offers. No matter what you do with this
package, you're sure to see a great return on your investment in this package.

       But Remember . . . You Won't See This
                          Special Offer Again!
This is a One Time Offer - that means once you leave this page, you probably
won't see this offer again. And if you do, it will be at a much higher price.
   Bonus Gift – Free One Month PLR Gold Membership

        Create your own information products with our private label content now! Every month, we will

        offer complete PLR package for red hot niches that have been well researched.

        And should you decide to continue with your membership in Private Label Gold – simply stay

        after your free month and you will continue to have access for the low fee of just $97 a month.
To secure your copy of this package, simply click on the button below. In just
a few minutes from now, you can be setting up your very own offer just like this
one, ready to bring you easy profits . . .

             Yes, Ken, I want to take advantage of this
      special offer and get all 25 products with Master
      Resell Rights!

      I understand that this is a limited time offer, and if I leave this
      page without ordering, this offer could be gone forever.

       After you place your order, you will be redirected directly
                                      to the download page.

All the Best,

Ken Wu

      Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our product and it's potential. Any claims
made of actual earnings or examples of actual results can be verified upon request. The testimonials and

examples used are exceptional results, and don’t apply to the average purchaser and are not intended to

represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual’s success

depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation. As with any business endeavor,

there is an inherent risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee that you will earn any money.

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