checklist Hiring Term by xiaoyounan


									Hiring/Term Checklist

Name: _____________________ Hire Date: _________ Term Date: _________

Address: _____________________________ Review Date: _________ Phone: _____________

S.S #___________________ Birth Date: _________ Term Reason: ________________________

Initial Review:
       Physical & Electronic Employee Folder
       Employment Application
       Background Check Ordered _______ Received _______ (Sales & Field Services)
       Previous Employment Checked
       Copy Of Offer Letter Sent (If Applicable)
       Initial Payroll Change Notice
       I-9 Form & Documentation
       W4 – Employee’s Withholding Certificate
       Company Handbook Review & Acknowledgement
       Orientation – Company Overview, Policies/Manuals, Departments/Management, Office Tour
       Direct Deposit Enrollment Form
       Emergency Contact Information
       ADP iPay Statement Setup
       Signed Job Description
       Sexual Harassment Awareness Training
       Vacation/Holiday/Sick Leave Time
       Benefit Introduction
       Initial Payroll Submission & W-4 – Payroll
       New Hire Reporting Submission

30 Day Review:
       Benefit Review                                                      Benefit Enrollment
       30 Day Payroll Adjustment Submission (If needed)                    New Employee Survey

Termination Checklist:
       COBRA Sent                                          Last Day Notice - Payroll
       401(k) Term Notice – Payroll                        401k(k) Benefit Payment Request
       Exit Interview                                      Folders Archived
       Employee Account Review                             72 Hour Pay
       Company Profile/Domain/Phone/Email Notice           Door Access Card

       Benefits (Life, Disability, Health) Canceled Dates _____________________________________


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