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					                                Project Charter
Project Title: C.E.M.E.N.T.
Project Start Date: December 6, 2010        Projected Finish Date: December 16th, 2011

Key Schedule Milestones:
    Survey completed and analyzed by Jan 15th
    IT inventory updated and analyzed by Feb 15th
    Purchase needed hardware, software, and materials Mar 1st
    Installation started by Apr 15 and completed by July 15th
    Training started with students and instructors by beginning of fall semester (end
      of Aug, first of Sept)
    New system fully implemented and in students control by Dec 16th

Budget Information: Estimated cost of $1,206,902; 25% for labor and 57% for
hardware, software and other needed materials. Refer to Project Cost Estimate document.

Project Manager: James McCarty, 865-684-9362,

Project Objectives: Creating a virtual network for distance learning that offers a hands
on environment that has until now exclusively been used in corporate learning. This
project’s main focus is to provide student with practical (on-the-job) experience that
cannot be replicated in a classroom or lab environment. Students will assume total
responsibility for day-to-day operations. They will also become the drivers for change
and growth on their production network.

   Develop a survey to determine critical features of new student ran network and
     Distance Education requirements
   Update the information technology inventory database to determine needed
     hardware, software and materials
   Develop a detailed cost estimate for project and report to CIO
   Issue a request for quote to obtain hardware, software and materials
   Hold weekly progress review meetings with the core project team, CIO and the
     sponsor’s representatives
   Use internal staff as much as possible for planning, analysis, installation, training,
     and maintenance
   Monitoring and controlling phase
   New system fully implemented and in students control
   Provide technical support and regular maintenance

       Roles and Responsibilities:

Role               Name              Organization/ Contact Information
Team Member        Rocky Breeden     Student
Team Member        Jesse Capps       Student
Team Member        Sean Chavez       Student
Team Member        Daniel Hurst      Student
Team Member        Braylon Shown     Student
Team Member        Tommy Smith       Student
Project Manager    James McCarty Student 
CIO                Chris Nicholson Instructor
CIO                Jay Cabler        Instructor




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