; Some Of The Sights In And Around Orlando
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Some Of The Sights In And Around Orlando


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									  Some Of The Sights In And
Around Orlando: Beyond Theme
Theme parks, theme parks, theme
This is what most people think about
when they discuss Orlando, Florida as
        a vacation destination.
In fact, a lot of people have heard of
these theme parks, especially Disney
         World and SeaWorld
Even if the theme parks weren’t there,
    Orlando would make a great
      destination for a vacation,
  and people would still be touching
down at Orlando International Airport;
scouting through all the motels, hotels
 and vacation accommodation for the
  perfect place to stay with a family,
And booking stroller rentals in Orlando
  and packing their bags for sunny,
          tropical weather.
Orlando’s climate
Florida is well known for its balmy
  temperatures and its sunshine.
Long before theme parks were invented
   and even before the airplane was
   invented, people were flocking to
          Florida on vacation,
   especially if they lived in the more
    northern states or in Canada, as
Florida provided a nice, warm getaway
 to escape the snow and ice of winter.
Orlando is located slightly inland which
 means that its far away enough from
  the coast to escape the worst of the
 hurricanes that are part of living in a
              tropical area.
but close enough to the coast so that
 people on vacation in Orlando can
make a day trip in a rental car to the
    beach to spend the day there.
Orlando’s climate also created another
   of the major industries that still
        flourishes in the area,
although not to as great an extent as it
 did in former days: citrus fruit, which
  gave the Orange Blossom Trail and
 Orange County (for which Orlando is
      the county seat) their names.
 if you are thinking of booking stroller
    rentals in Orlando, look out for a
stroller that comes with the option of a
chiller pack to keep drinks for children
 cool, and a good sunshade that casts
           shade from the side
  Also, overheads are important for
protecting young, sensitive skins from
          brilliant sunshine.
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