gill-musk by xiaoyounan


									Saving: a route to social inclusion
   Gill Musk - Indigo Network Facilitator
                       Why do savings
• Lack of savings:
  Financial insecurity
  Limited or no choice

• Savings / assets:
  Ability to weather ‘storms’
  Choice - opportunity
                           Barriers to saving
•   Cost and suitability of products /services
•   Lack of understanding
•   Fear of losing benefits
•   Tendency to incentivise higher earners
•   Legislative frameworks
•   Low income?
                   Can poor people save?
• No direct link: saving and income levels
• Low-income people can and do save
• How do we enable and encourage more
  people to save?
• Aim: social change by creating opportunities
  for people to build financial assets through:
        - Sharing            - Research
        - Replication       - Advocacy

• International network of those working in or
  supporting community development
• Work on asset based approaches
  – Building strengths, not deficits
• Facilitation regional/international networks
                Saving & social inclusion

          A dual route to inclusion

Having assets creates Process of building assets
 capacity to participate  helps build networks


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