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									  Ford Car – The Top Best Cars to Purchase
Ford cars are truly one of the best cars in the world in all of human history. Well, there
are a lot of criteria that people use to define the best car and there is no hard and fast rule
to gauge which one is it. Design quality, utility, type and number of technological
gizmos, number of sales, fuel efficiency, handling, safety features, and a host of other
criteria can be used to find that out.

Best Cars for Different People

The following is a set of cars that the Ford Motor Company came up with. Each of these
cars suits various types of individuals from young kids to avid vintage car collectors. The
bottom line of it all is that when choosing the best car in the world, it sometimes just
boils down to one's personal bias even when fishing out a set of good criteria to judge

Ford's Teen Car Choice: Several experts and automotive reviewers have recommended
the Ford Fiesta as the perfect car for all teens. Judging by the car's exterior, one can say
that it's cheeky, fun looking, and cute. It's a great looking car for both the boys and the
girls, well depending on the color that is.

One of the biggest factors that kick people into the right perspective about this car is the
number of safety features is packed into the Ford Fiesta. Where air bags are concerned,
this car also has airbags for the knees. Other than that, the car is also equipped with
electronic stability control. The incredibly low price of this car and the outstanding fuel
efficient ratings attract not just teens.

Best Pickup Trucks: Arguably the best pickup trucks of all time are the Ford F-Series.
These pickups placed the word "fashion" where trucks are concerned. With a completely
stylistic design enhanced the people's standard paradigm for pickup trucks in general.
With fuel efficient and very powerful V8 engines, these vehicles showed everyone that
trucks aren't that red neck after all. It's really no wonder why there are more than 30
million Ford F-Series pickup trucks sold worldwide.
Fuel Efficiency: Ford Motor Company has come up with several different fuel efficient
cars in the past decade. They also introduced several hybrid Ford cars into the foray in a
campaign not just to save fuel but to save the environment, which is a current trend
nowadays. A good example of the fuel efficient offerings from Ford is the Escape

This hybrid car has a rating of 32 mpg, which makes it the most fuel efficient SUV in the
world to date. The better gas mileage plus the fact that it's a hybrid car makes it quite an
impressive piece of automotive equipment. Other fuel efficient cars include the Ford
Fusion Hybrid, Lincoln MKZ hybrid, Ford Fiesta, and Ford Focus just to name a few.

Best Vintage Car: There's no arguing that the 1908 Ford T Model vintage is the best one
out there and not only because it was one of the first automobiles to be mass produced.
This vintage car is a true testament to the Ford cars legacy.
        Ford Cars - Great Daily Car Options
Ford cars are some of the most popular cars to hit the streets in the world. They are even
great cars to use for work or school. Not only do they pack some spunk, they also have a
lot of great things to offer under the hood, which is where the things that really matter are
stored. People who are looking for a daily car can consider getting a Ford.

Characteristics of a Daily Car to Look For

Not every car can be considered as a good ride to use on a daily basis to get to work and
back. Some cars are just too good for mediocre use, which includes really fancy cars that
cost car owners quite a hefty sum of money. A car that will only be used to drive to and
from work should at least be somewhere in the mid range of things.

It definitely will not need any fins that induce any drag to the vehicle. It also doesn't need
a lot of horse power to drive people to work. A car with neutral colors and a touch of
personalization to it minus the exaggerated frills will work quite nicely for a daily car.
The car itself can be outfitted with a small engine that has four cylinders. The goal here is
to get optimum fuel efficiency since this car will be eating up a lot of gas on a monthly
basis, which is where Ford cars usually come in handy.

Although the exterior of an average daily car may seem to be a bit conformist for some
folks, but the interiors is where people can add that personal touch. One final thing to
look for in a car that people will use to drive to work is the price. It doesn't have to be dirt
cheap but it also shouldn't cost as much as a luxury car.

Some Great Offers from Ford

Since one of the factors that people should consider in a home to work and back car is
fuel efficiency then something that has better a mile per gallon rating will work quite
nicely. A good example of such a car is a Ford Fiesta. It has an average of 33 mpg, which
is considered one of the most fuel efficient industry ratings today.

It has a 1.6 liter four cylinder engine that brings about 119 horsepower. To sweeten the
deal a bit, this car sells for less than $15,000. It's actually around $14,420, which makes it
one of the most affordable sedans in the automotive market today.

For people who have a bit more leeway in their budget then a Ford Focus is a good
option. It's a compact sedan that has a maximum 36 miles per gallon. It's outfitted with a
2.0 L engine that blurts out 160 hp. It has a chic exterior and state of the art high tech
interior features. The only hitch is that its base price is set at $16,500, which can become
a minor turn off for some people.
Of course, these aren't the only cars from the Ford Motor Company that people can check
out. The other cars from this car manufacturer also perform quite well. Ford cars can be
pretty good options when looking for a daily car.

     Ford Cars – Some Basic and Interesting
Ford Cars are some of the most popular car brands in the market today. The Ford Motor
Company is a multinational car manufacturer that is based in Michigan in the United
States. This automaker is named after its founder Henry Ford who incorporated the
company in 1903. Ford has weathered many economic storms and today stands as one of
the oldest car manufacturing companies in the entire world.

Other than creating a car manufacturing giant, Henry Ford also perfected what is known
today as the assembly line, which basically made manufacturing products a lot faster and
easier. Because of this intuitive production innovation, the Ford Motor Company was
able to produce large volumes of automobiles, which were eventually more affordable
due to a lower production cost.

Notable Cars and
Innovations from the
Ford Motor Company

Here are some of the
interesting facts about
this car manufacturing
giant and some of the
most popular vehicles
that ever came out of
its assembly line.
Some of the early
types of vehicles that
Ford came up with can
still be seen today.

Model T: Ford's
Model T car was one of the earliest successful cars that this company has ever come up
with. The Model T was manufactured in 1908 and was really popular in its day. There
were about 15 million units sold with some of these vintage models still operational to
the present day.
Lincoln: When Ford acquired the Lincoln luxury car brand, things turned into the fusion
of American and European styles for many Ford cars. The purchase of the Lincoln
luxury line was made under the leadership of Edsel Ford, Henry Ford's son.

Ford Mustang: The Ford Mustang can be argued as the car of the baby boomer
generation. It was brought into the limelight in 1964 and was marketed for the younger
generation of the time. The marketing campaigned that was used to launch the Ford
Mustang became a standard in modern-day advertising in the 21st century.

V8 Engine: A lot of the cars today are outfitted with a V8 engine giving it more
horsepower. This type of engine was designed and sold to the market in the year 1932.
The Ford Motor Company initially installed them in their coupes. Other than being a
source of more horsepower, the V8 engine also acts as a longer lasting power plant.

                                                                       F-Series: If
                                                                       people want to
                                                                       find out what
                                                                       the best sold
                                                                       cars or trucks in
                                                                       the world are
                                                                       then look no
                                                                       further from the
                                                                       F-Series trucks
                                                                       and pickups
                                                                       from the Ford
                                                                       Company. This
                                                                       truck and pickup
                                                                       series started in
                                                                       1948. The F-100
                                                                       and F-150
                                                                       trucks are some
                                                                       of the most
                                                                       commonly sold
                                                                       pickup trucks in
the world today.

 Staying Afloat through Turbulent Times: A lot of challenges have rained down on many
companies today. Some of Ford's competitors have fallen prey to poor economy and a
diminishing market share. The Ford Motor company is keeping its own in spite of the
current financial crisis via a multi-billion dollar credit line.

The Ford Motor Company has weathered a lot of storms throughout the years and has
produced some of the best known cars in history. Ford cars are truly unique innovations
in themselves.
  Ford Cars – The Most Popular Cars of
                                   All Time
Without a doubt, whenever people go about naming the most popular cars of all time,
Ford cars usually take a very significant portion of the limelight. The Ford Motor
Company introduced some of the most popular car models to the American automobile
market. Some of the really popular car models are vintage type automobiles while others
follow a more modern trend. In truth, all of the popular Ford automobiles are highly
prized by the public in general.

The Most Popular Ford Cars in History

Ford's F-Series cars are undoubtedly the most popular cars that ever came out of this
manufacturer's factories. On the top of the heap in this series of cars is the Ford F-150,
which was introduced to the American auto market back in 1948. From that moment on
the F-Series has and still is the America's best selling pickup truck.

 The features of the F-Series pick up trucks bakes the cake for the many people who love
these cars. They are outfitted with either a V-6 or a V-8 engine, which already packs
enough horsepower for many vehicles in this category. Along the way, Ford released
both a four wheel drive pickup and a two wheel drive pickup. The great towing capacity,
payload, and generously spacious cabin are but icing to the cake. The F-Series cars are
also known for fuel efficiency and great road performance.

The next most popular Ford manufactured vehicle is the Ford Escort. The Escort series
was introduced in North America in 1981. However, this series has been roaming the
streets of Europe and many places in Latin America as early as the 1950's. More than 20
million escort series cars have been sold in various countries throughout the world.

Interesting enough, one of the most popular Ford car series is the Model T, which is a
vintage type car. This car is so popular that common folks have given it a variety of
names such as Flivver, Tin Lizzie, or simply just T. The Ford Motor Company stopped
manufacturing this series back in 1927. Nevertheless, it rings a bell with many car
enthusiasts to this day.

With more than 12 million units sold, another high selling car from this automotive
manufacturer is the Ford Fiesta. To date, this is the smallest car model that Ford has ever
come up with. The retail price for this one of a kind car is around $14,000. It has a sporty
and roomy interior and is pretty compact. Since this car hits the road at 40 miles per
gallon, it is truly one of the most fuel efficient cars in the world.

The Ford Edge is the company's offering to the crossover midsize car industry, which is
one of the most competitive markets in this sector. This car has been remodeled and now
has better fuel economy. This car is actually one of the newer bids the company has made
for the best selling cars in 2011.

Everyone knows a Ford Mustang when they see one. The Ford Taurus, Explorer, Focus,
Crown Victoria, E Series, Ranger, Cortina are also some of the most well known cars in
the world. We all have to admit that Ford Cars are truly some of the most popular cars
of all time.

 Ford Cars –Perfect Family Car Options
                                for Everyone
There is no need for second thoughts when someone claims that Ford cars can become
quite a good family car. Yes, these fashionable and usually modishly designed
automobiles can become quite the family car that many dads can be more than willing
enough to buy. Human society has somewhat stereotyped almost everything in this world,
family cars included. Well, it's about time that cars of this sort take on a new image so to

The Commuter Car Stereotype

Commuter cars have always been stereotyped as the ideal family vehicle. It has room
enough for mom, dad, and especially for the kids. Station wagons, minivans, SUVs have
also fallen prey to this sort of stereotyping. The design shouldn't be flashy, the interiors
should lean toward the conservative look, and all other such standards have been hard
pressed in people's minds.
The Ford Motor Company has introduced a good number of cars that can veer the public
view to a new and fresh outlook with regard to what a family car should be. These
vehicles can become stylish, trendy, a bit sophisticated, and it really helps if it's
completely beefed up for a good road trip for the entire family.

What Ford Has Been Cooking

The engineers and automotive designers at Ford Motor Company have included family
cars in their agenda. In fact, the company has introduced a lot of great cars to serve an
entire family in the past few years. Of course, in the coming years, everyone should
expect to find more innovative ideas from this leading car manufacturer in the world.

Those who are looking for economical automobile options will get a special treat from
Ford cars. A bit of an innovative approach is to intentionally make family cars a lot
smaller. That's exactly what the Ford Focus is all about – small, stylish, high-tech and
family friendly. It's truly something that daddy can brag about while engrossed in a mug
of beer with his buddies.

Other than all the above mentioned features, this car gets all the check marks covered
where safety and handling is concerned. It's comfortable enough for a small family and it
has all the right stuff to make a road trip fun and comfortable for everyone. However, as a
bit of a drawback, this car is a bit lacking if more kids are hopping on for the ride. The
interior is great for kids and it has that fit snugly like a glove feel to it. Leather and cloth
interior options are also available.

Now, we know that dads rave about technology – they just can't quit messing around with
the latest gizmos. So, why not put a lot of high-tech features in the family car, right? This
is exactly the idea behind the new Ford Fusion Hybrid. It's also the perfect car for people
who would love to do something good for the environment while saving money on gas.

The system that propels this hybrid automobile is perfect for dads who want to catch up
on the current modern trend. This car can run solely on the electric power stored in it.
This means that dad doesn't have to drop by the gas station to get the tank filled as much
as he used to. This in turn translates into savings for the entire household. This hybrid car
is a total package sedan, which simply means it's packed with all the features that every
family car should have.

Family cars don't necessarily have to conform to the stereotypes that everyone has set.
Innovations are welcome treats for the entire family where the car is concerned. Ford
cars have cooked up several great options that dads everywhere can be proud to own.
    Enjoy a Holiday Traveling on Ford Cars
Ford cars are some of the most familiar vehicles on the road today. These cars are also
considered as some of the most typical family cars around. This is one reason why these
cars are also commonly used for vacations, holidays, and weekend trips. The variety of
options and overall feel of these cars add to that familiarity that people have enjoyed all
these years.

Road Icons

These cars are quite iconic in some respects although they have now leaped beyond the
bounds of American soil. No one can say that they are just American icons since they are
pretty commonplace in other parts of the world as well. Ford has been around since the
early 1900’s. It traces its roots in North America but they now have footprints in Africa
and the Middle East, South America, Asia Pacific, and Europe.

Popular Models

For the holidays, the ideal Ford Cars that people usually go for are SUVs, minivans, and
station wagons. These car models from the Ford Company come in a wide variety of
looks and designs. Some models have flashy designs and colors while others follow a
more conservative look. Of course, if the holiday trip is intended for the whole family
then typically the car shouldn’t have a big daddy-ish or manly look.

The frills and the flashy overcharged panels should rather take a backseat and let the
conservative traditional stereo system take the wheel. Of course, a more modern appeal
can be sought for in case the entire family is more tech savvy, which dad would definitely
enjoy. The good news is that Ford always has a model to cover such needs whether it
would be a flashy weekend getaway car or the traditional conservative look for the entire
family – with a slight touch of a modern trend if warranted.

Fine Samples of Holiday Getaway Cars

Ford provided a lot of great options for holiday getaway cars. One good example of this
is the Ford Focus. It’s a compact car that carries with it enough style and conservative
touches that can make daddy proud to be driving it. It also packs family friendly features
perfect for a long trip with the kids. The interiors can be outfitted either with cloth or
leather depending on the family preference.

Ford also offers several hybrid models in case people want to be more environment-
friendly. A good sample such an offering is the Ford Fusion Hybrid. Hybrid cars from
Ford offer the same amount of power under the hood that is suitable for a family holiday
trip whether the car runs on gas or electricity. Hybrid cars designed by this car
manufacturer also tend to save mom and dad some good money on gas.

There are a lot of people who have fuel efficiency in mind. This is also an important issue
when going on a holiday drive. No one wants to spend too much on gas on such
occasions. Ford has offered a lot of fuel efficient options such as the Ford Fiesta to help
out in this department. When considering any of these factors, Ford cars have a good set
of offerings for that perfect holiday.

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