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					Tips For Increasing the Value of Your
There are many ways to improve the look of your home and increase its value without
breaking the bank. Whether it's in need of freshening up or you have decided to put it on
the market, a little bit of work can make a big difference for very little cost.

If you have decided to sell, a few minor home repairs can increase the value by as much
as 20% in today's market. By talking an objective walk through your home, you can note
the areas that need some minor repairs and develop a completion plan while keeping your
budget in control.

Make A Plan

Though updating the entire house in your primary goal, here are the key areas to focus
your attention and your budget on for the best results.


A good quality neutral coat of paint on all walls and trim can increase the value of a
home almost immediately. Done either by a professional or as a DIY project, this is the
first step in your homes new life. Repairing any trim and replacing broken or faded
switch plates is also an easy fix for very little cost.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is the most critical area in your home repair efforts. Home buyers are looking
for clean and spacious kitchens that flow without clutter. By updating the lighting and
adding a coat of fresh paint, you can transform a dated kitchen for a more up to date look
and feel. Remove all unnecessary clutter and replace any fixtures that show wear. If
budget allows new flooring can punch up the overall effect for added value.

Living and Family Areas

Like the kitchen, the family areas must give the illusion of space and comfort. Old and
broken furniture should be removed as well as faded and excessive wall art. Once
painted, continue with the neutral theme by minimizing clutter and adding light with
lamps. New window furnishings can capture extra visual appeal by enhancing natural


Think clean and spacious with luxurious touches to make these rooms pop. As in the rest
of the home, remove extra furniture and repair and replace any fixtures that have seen
better days. Invest in new bed linens and carpeting if possible. Bedrooms need to feel
calm and soothing and by minimizing distractions you can offer this effect with very little

The Bathroom

This is the second critical area that may require a bit more effort to bring it up to date.
New lighting, fixtures, and furnishings can overhaul an outdated bathroom immediately.
Repainting cabinetry and re-grouting tiles are also quick and easy fixes for a cleaner and
new feel. Clear out medicine cabinets and add new towels for better presentation.

Curb Appeal

Simple gardening will go a long way to make your home more attractive. Keep your trees
and hedges trimmed and your gardens colorful for instant appeal. Repaint the moldings
and front door a welcoming color and change the style of your light fixture for a new

A well maintained home can be seen from the first step. Enhancing the flow and visual
appeal of a well put together home can increase its value considerably. If moving is not in
your plans, then all these ideas can be used to update your home for a brand new feel.
Either way, keeping your home in the best shape will always be money well spent.

Conceptualizing A Home Construction
Home construction is an activity that requires diligence and focused attention. Lots of
time and efforts must be spent starting from the conceptualization of the idea until the
turning over of its key. Failure in one aspect of this challenging task will create a problem
that would be visible on the building upon its completion. A careful study, efficient
planning, full coordination, and close monitoring are some vital requirements that are
necessary in the construction of the planned home.

Many people believe that this job is for technical people like, engineers and architects. It
is not so. A simple housewife with her seven to five worker-husband can also work-out
together and plan their dream-house. The husband and wife team can do the drafting of
the proposed home building plans. After all, they are the best thinkers since they know
exactly what they want, as well as the needs that must be met by that house they are
about to build. The planning of a home construction project is a free zone that nobody
can monopolize. Any person or a team for that matter can exercise their respective
creativity and produce a masterpiece from their own idea.
It is a common belief that two heads are better than one. The man and his woman team
must be joined together in this endeavor. The ideas of the husband must come to agree
with that of his wife and vice-versa. Their thoughts should conform together on the
following subjects:

· Site or location of the home construction project.

· Design of the house as to room sizes, numbers of rooms and bathrooms, elevation of the
home building, roofing, finishes and other technical specifications.

· Cost of the home construction project.

· Mode of construction management to be implemented.

· Construction timetable, date of completion and turnover.

Any disagreement must be resolved at this stage. This will avoid bottlenecks that might
progress as the two moves on to the next stages of the home construction activity.

The conceptualization stage is a vital step in the physical construction of the home. It also
serves as a reality check on the level of commitment of the two planners (husband and
wife). Their affection and respect for each other would be put to a test when their
respective views clash, Both must always remember that the home that would be founded
on love and understanding cannot be destroyed by whatever amount of disagreement.

2 Of The Best Home Improvements
There are numerous improvements that can be made to your dwelling and some will
prove to be a far better investment than others. Having said that, improvements on your
house are not always all about a return on your investment, and in a lot of situations the
work is for making your household look much nicer and be a much more pleasant place
to reside.

Whilst the investment angle of any home development project is certainly not the only
motivation, it's definitely good to know that you would end up being likely to recoup any
money spent should you decide to sell, or better yet, your improvements may have
increased the equity in your home.

Listed below are my 2 favourite improvements of differing costs that can be made to any
house, both of which would be an intelligent investment, assuming they are executed in
the correct way:
1. The initial area that's always terrific to tackle would be a bathroom that is looking
tired. It's very easy to think that a smart completely new modern bathroom can cost the
earth, but thanks to the Internet this is certainly not the case. If you have the time to
search online for all the required elements, the rewards can be fantastic. Enormous
savings can be had on: the bathroom suite, the floor and wall tiles, the taps and also
shower related items. You may literally achieve a top quality bathroom at a fraction of
the normal cost if you are prepared to put in the hours searching. You might even be able
to hire competitively priced tradesmen online to undertake your job, assuming you cannot
undertake a job of this nature yourself.

2. My second area to tackle is more expensive but if done in the right way can make a
dramatic difference to any dwelling. Whether your house suffers from damp rotten
wooden windows or maybe dated 1970s style windows and patio doors, updating with
bespoke wooden casement, box sash windows or maybe hardwood bi-folding patio doors
can end up being a massive improvement. Bi-folding doors that span across the back of
the house are becoming increasingly popular as a result of their ability to create a natural
flow from inside the house to the outside patio area. If you are contemplating extending
the downstairs area of your home, it would certainly be a very good occasion to check out
the massive difference that well put together wooden windows and doors can make. Once
again search online for a company that can ideally manufacture and install the type of
product you want.

So there are my two favourite home improvements. Both these can transform a property
in very different ways and if done correctly, they would also end up being a shrewd

Things You Need To Know About Spontex
The word 'Spontex' stands for 'sponges' and 'textiles'. Mapa Spontex is a leading
manufacturer of hand protection and cleaning products. Headquarter of the company is
located in Paris. Mapa Spontex markets its products in more than 80 countries across the
world. Mapa Spontex products are designed to make everyday household chores easier.
Mapa Spontex products are developed to provide complete solutions for home care
needs, such as wiping, scouring and floor cleaning. The eclectic range of cleaning tools
and products offered by Mapa Spontex include Spontex gloves, natural sponges, sponge
cloths, wipes, cellulose scourers, Calypso, DIY and floor cleaning tools.

Mapa was the first company to create the world's first gloves manufactured by the natural
latex dipping process. Mapa Spontex gloves are available in a variety of shapes, sizes,
designs and materials. These gloves have several applications. They are used for painting,
hair coloring, pet care, home cleaning, home repairs, gardening, clean room cleaning,
chemical handling, medical procedures, plant maintenance and other industrial processes.
These gloves are widely used in salons, beauty parlors, factories, food and beverage
industry, hospitals, medical clinics and laboratories.

Spontex gloves have become extremely popular due to their cost-effective prices,
premium quality, high durability, strength, elasticity and flexibility, great sensitivity and
good barrier properties. These gloves are very long-lasting, puncture resistant and thick.
These hand coverings are designed to provide high level of safety to the wearer. Wearing
these hand coverings can eliminate damages caused by chemical exposure and workplace
hazards, such as cuts, burns, abrasion, frostbite, puncture and bio-hazards. Further,
wearing these gloves can make household chores easier and more enjoyable.

Some of these hand coverings have velvety antiperspirant interior to provide high level of
comfort. Further, these gloves are extremely skin friendly. They do not cause any
irritation or skin allergies. The special anti-slip feature of Spontex gloves makes dish
cleaning very easy. The Spontex gloves with anti-perforation surface are ideal for
pruning rosebushes.

Different types of gloves offered by Mapa Spontex are disposable, heavy-duty and
reusable gloves. The disposable hand coverings offered by Mapa Spontex are ideal for
carrying out medical examinations and procedures, food services and other general
applications. Wearing these gloves during medical examination prevents contamination
between the health care professionals and patients. These disposable hand coverings are
available in latex, vinyl, nitrile rubber and neoprene. The heavy-duty gloves are suitable
for carrying out heavy-duty work applications, such as industrial applications and
construction work. These hand coverings are designed to withstand high temperatures.
Further, these safety equipment are resistant to abrasion.

Dollar Homes Program
The Department of Housing and Urban Development, also known as HUD, is a Cabinet
department in the Executive branch of the US federal government.

The Department of Housing and Urban Development's work is centered on the roll-out of
strong and sustainable communities as well as decent, quality homes that are widely
available for all.

In addition to all its existing housing programs, HUD has recently established the Dollar
Homes Program.

The Dollar Homes Program involves the entire process of selling single family homes for
a superbly reasonable price of $1 (plus closing cost) to low-to-moderate income families,
granted that these houses have been acquired through foreclosure by the Federal Housing
Administration, and have already been actively marketed for at least six months and still
remained unsold after that certain time frame.

The primary goal of the Dollar Homes Program is to offer assistance and promote real
estate opportunities for low-to-moderate income families, thereby dealing with certain
community needs.

In addition, the Dollar Homes Program was also meant to make it possible for
communities to make good use of empty homes that have stayed on the market for six
months, and at the same time it seeks to make the newly occupied homes act as
instruments towards neighborhood revitalization, on the grounds that it could draw in
new residents and start up business institutions to the area.

Since HUD is partnering with local governments for the program, the agency also makes
it necessary that the properties be positioned within the jurisdiction of the purchasing
local government, granted that their intentions are limited by using the properties for a
clear public intent instead of using it to get profit.

Local governments will be regarded as eligible to take part in the Dollar Homes Program
as long as they are certified by their local law to make the purchase, and as long as they
desire to make this houses accessible for low-to-moderate income families, as implied by
the program guidelines and stipulated in the notice of funding announcement.

The Department of Housing and Urban Development, the prime agency who established
the home buying project in focus, is the US government's premiere agency that is
primarily responsible for increasing home-ownership rates, providing support to
community development projects and increasing access to affordable housing

In the fiscal year 2007, the Department of Housing and Urban Development reports that
at least 70 homes were sold for $1 under the Dollar Homes Program.

Ideas on Family Room Designs
In most if not in all the homes, the family room is the soul of the home. The room, where
you and your family members gather and enjoy each others company either watching a
football game, chatting or just relaxing. It is the place where you may gather and watch
TV, listen to music or at times even eat and have drinks. For this the design and decor of
a family room should be focused on comfort and enjoyment. Most family rooms are
designed around major sources of entertainment such as the TV, Hi-fi and so on, and it
may have many sofas and chairs in it. There are many ideas that one can up with for a
family room design. Since most rooms are casual areas where people get to have fun and
enjoy each other's company as opposed to formally entertaining guests, you would have
to give it a more casual approach when it comes to designing.

Furniture -

A sectional sofa is one of the most popular choices in a family room. It allows many
people to seat and with that giving them a casual relaxed feeling. Since the living room is
used for a lot of activities, you will want to choose and select fabric material and
furniture that is durable and quite easy to clean. Microfibers are always the best choice
when it comes to kids and pets being involved in the setup. Spills and stains can be wiped
off easily, and above all is not easily destructible.

Themes -

A theme is one great way in which you can tie the family together. If your family is into
sports or movies, then decorate the area with sports and movie illustrations. This you can
do by placing posters of your favorite sports teams as well as favorite movies. You
should create a neutral background color and the room should have small amounts of
accent colors throughout. You can add some jerseys or memorabilia in the shadow boxes
and your theme will be established without even a second guess. You can make this room
as creative as you want it to be. If the space allows, you can set up a craft table for the
kids to enjoy, and you can also double the table to create space for board games for the
whole family. You should consider the kind of activities that you and your family will be
getting up to in the family room, and then you can choose furnishings accordingly. The
fun and possibilities in a family room are limitless. So make the most of your family
room designs.

Today the cost of taking the family out for entertainment can be very expensive. Imagine
how much you would spend at the Texas Grand Prix to accommodate your entire family,
or how much you would spend to watch the LA Lakers playing live? But you could
however invest this money in your family room design where you can relax and enjoy the
same coverage without having to step outside or use a penny.

Good Information on Ground Penetrating
Radar Services
It becomes difficult to check for leakages or determine the current state of underground
systems and various other buried utilities especially when:

•       a        certain        area        has         already     been        developed
• another structure has already been built on top of it
And even without such structures it remains a challenge to determine what is beneath the
ground. Sure it is possible, but it is not always feasible to excavate or drill holes and
insert a sonde to do so. A good alternative would be to employ ground penetrating radar
services (GPRS), which utilizes state-of-the-art machinery to scan the area and generate
two-dimensional and three-dimensional images for evaluation.

What are Ground Penetrating Radar Services?

These services involve a trained technician who will scan the designated area using a
ground penetrating radar device. These radars function by emitting or sending out short
pulses of energy into the ground. An echo is returned if these pulses come into contact
with an object or structure buried underneath, such as pipes, utilities, or the walls of a
well or cavity. The radar will then take note of the amount of time it took to receive the
echo and determine the approximate distance of the located structure from the surface.
Moreover, GPRS can also:

•         Detect        any         leaks       in         underground        structures
•    Determine      the     thickness     of  slabs     of     concrete   or     asphalt
• Locate the extent of the reach of the roots of old and mature trees
• Indicate the presence of any disturbed areas, cavities, or installed cables
• Identify what the type the underground structure detected is (may include sewer lines,
septic tanks, unmarked grave sites, etc.)

Some Applications of Ground Penetrating Radar Services

Before embarking on a construction project, it is required that the contractors are aware
of any existing underground structures or utilities or if there are any leakages in these
areas. GPRS are also employed during environmental, geological, and re-construction
projects. These services have been used to assist projects such as cemetery restorations to
environmental drilling operations to private home renovations. Specifically, what GPRS
do is:

• Obtain critical information with regards to underground leaks, buried utilities, voids, or
any        other          existing      structures       beneath        the          ground
•      Ensure          the       safety      of      the      construction          workers
•      Reduce         liability      on     the      part      of      the         company
• Promote a safe working environment

Conducting a scan of the construction site beforehand will reduce the risk of running into
problems that may arise due to the already existing structures underground.

Advantages of Ground Penetrating Radar Services

While there are other methods that can also detect underground structures, GPRS are
highly recommended and more preferred for the following reasons:
•      The        technique       does         not       emit       harmful        radiation
• It is a non-destructive method, keeping public areas or private structures intact
• Unlike radio detection techniques, it is able to detect non-metallic objects or structures
such as: non-metallic buried water or gas pipes, fibre optics, and drainage pipes

Institutions Who Employ Ground Penetrating Radar Services

It isn't just private companies or construction firms that employ ground penetrating
services. In fact, a wide range of other institutions also take advantage of the technology.
These include but are not limited to:

•                                                                                Schools
•                                                                               Hospitals
•                                                                             Universities
•                                                                            Homeowners
•                                                                        Environmentalists
• Government agencies

For more information on ground penetration radar services, search the term on the web.

How Wireless CCTV Equipment Is So
Much More Convenient Than Its
Hardwired Equivalent

There is no shortage of options when a business owner decides he or she wants to get a
CCTV system installed. Having such a vast range of options means that the only real
problem is in settling on what CCTV equipment is really necessary for the business
premises in question. After all, not all high street retail shops have premises of the same
design and layout.

When one chooses wireless CCTV kits, every component that is needed to set up a fully
functional CCTV security system is typically included. Generally, this means that as
many as four cameras are provided, along with a DVR machine, some power supply
cables or batteries for the cameras, motion detectors and a signal filter, which segregates
the individual camera signals.

In some cases, a CCTV monitor might also be provided, though the fact that these
systems can be viewed remotely means that a monitor is not actually required. Still, when
it comes to having constant access from the office, it is always worth having a screen
through which to view footage as and when events are occurring.

However, the advantages that come with having a wireless system installed are not
restricted to the equipment included in the kit that was purchased. There are other
aspects, not least amongst them being the scope of coverage that a wireless system has.
Nor, for that matter, the added technological abilities that it typically boasts.

The scope of possible locations are greatly increased too, which is, in fact, arguably the
most obvious advantage. Because there is no need to lay a web of wiring to connect to the
DVR machine the four or more cameras at separate locations, there is much greater
flexibility when choosing where to place the cameras. In fact, so long as a signal from the
camera reaches the digital video recorder at the central point of the system, cameras can
be placed anywhere.

And, since there is no need to lay discreet wiring to connect to the recorder, there can be
greater attention paid to simply covering all of the angles necessary. What this means is
that points of entry can be suitably protected even if one point is a distance away. For
example, outdoor CCTV cameras can be fixed on lamp posts or in trees, if necessary,
while indoors cameras can be fixed to pillars.

The only condition is that the signal between camera and DVR is not disrupted or
blocked. Modern cameras emit stronger signals than their predecessors did, but despite
this fact, it is possible to move the camera out of range, or to a location that is surrounded
by problematic fixtures. The use of repeater units can help to counter this problem,
though these are not generally included in any kits and often have to be purchased

Of course, the lack of wiring also means that there is much less to hold a camera down in
one position. There is no drilling into walls to accommodate cables, and no threading
wires through office ceiling tiles. So, should a camera need to be moved to improve or
expand the coverage of an existing security system, it can be done with the minimum of

Perhaps the most meaningful advantage however, is the ease with which a wireless
system can be managed, operated and accessed. Many wireless systems can be accessed
via the internet, making it possible to monitor the cameras and the images that they pick
up remotely. So, a business owner on a weekend away can still access his security system
to make sure everything is okay.

As CCTV equipment goes, the wireless range presents a host of advantages over the
more traditional wired systems. Coupled with a CCTV monitor with greater HD clarity,
DVR machines which allow subject isolation and close up capabilities, and the advances
made in camera technology too, there can be little doubt that CCTV security systems
today are more effective, easier to use and more convenient than systems of the past.
And, with a range of wireless CCTV kits available on the market, and advice from
reputable and experienced professionals on hand, the task of finding the right security
system for a particular business is easier too.

Basement Renovating Ideas

Basement renovations are a very common and popular project in many households. Some
people wish to merely update their already finished basement while others want to turn
their unfinished basement into a functional and inviting living space. Basement
renovating ideas are plentiful. From merely refreshing paint colours to constructing walls
and ceilings the options are limitless.

Renovating your basement from scratch is a complicated and time consuming project but
you finish with an increase in living area and in home value. People renovate their
basements for several reasons. Maybe you have a growing family and need the extra
living space. If this is your reason for renovating your basement, try a family room or
playroom depending on the age of your children. Basements are a great place for an extra
bedroom. Teenagers in particular like the privacy of a basement bedroom. If there is
room in your basement the addition of a second or third washroom is ideal.

Some people have already finished their basements for the above reasons and their
children have grown older. Consider redecorating the playroom and turning it into a fun
games room. Set up an area of the room for video and computer games. Built in shelving
or storage is a great way to keep games and controllers neat and organized. Add a wet bar
area for both children and adults. Children and young adults can use the bar area as a
juice and snack bar. Add an air hockey table, pool table or dartboard to make your
basement a fun and safe place for your children and teens to spend time. Your new games
room is also a great place for the whole family to gather to play board games, cards or
watch movies.

Once your children have all grown and left the home there are endless possibilities for
basement renovating ideas. Movie fanatics can turn the space into a home theater.
Dedicate one wall for a large screen television or projection screen. You can even paint
one wall a light color and use the wall as your projection screen. Set up comfortable
seating at an ideal distance from the screen or projection surface. Keep the wet bar for
snacks and beverages and even add an old fashioned popcorn machine. Decorate the
walls with your favorite movie posters and be sure to have the latest surround sound
system. Soundproofing the room is a consideration you may want to make. If movies
aren't your passion, turn the room into a library with floor to ceiling bookshelves. Or
maybe a state of the art exercise room is more your style.
Regardless of your current situation or your personal tastes, basement renovating ideas
are virtually endless. Determine the use that best fits your needs and research design
ideas that fit your needs. Choose a design that fits your personal tastes and compliments
the rest of your home. Seek professional advice whenever necessary to ensure that your
basement is not only inviting but also safe.

Basement Design Ideas
Basement renovation is increasing in popularity. People who suddenly find themselves
needing additional room are opting to renovate their basement as opposed to moving or
adding large additions to their homes. Basement renovations are more cost efficient and
less invasive than major additions. Basement design ideas are also available in
abundance. Regardless of the type of basement renovation or your personal needs you
will be able to find a basement design idea that meets those needs.

The type of basement design idea you need depends on your desired use of the space.
Perhaps you are in need of extra living space for a growing family. An extra bedroom and
bathroom may be what you need. Basements are a perfect place for an extra bedroom to
be used either as a spare bedroom or a child's bedroom. Your basement is also a perfect
place for an in law suite. It allows the person a sense of privacy. Maybe you require extra
space in the form of a playroom or family room. Basement playrooms and family rooms
are great not just for the additional living space but they also provide extra storage space
helping to reduce clutter around your home. Store the children's toys and games in built
in cupboards and shelving units.

Some people may want a more creative basement design. Home theaters are growing in
popularity given the latest technologies available. Large screen televisions or projection
equipment with plush seating and a surround system are a must in a home theater. Home
gyms, libraries and bars or games rooms are also popular choices. Create a warm and
cozy reading environment with rich colored walls, big comfortable furniture, great
lighting and wall to ceiling bookshelves. A games room with a dart board, pool table or
card table and a wet bar is ideal for entertaining.

Basements can also be used for extra storage, laundry facilities, work rooms and hobby
rooms. Build yourself a state of the art workroom if you enjoy woodworking. Put up
plenty of shelves for your tools and purchase the necessary tools and equipment for your
desired craft. Women who enjoy crafts would benefit from a craft room. Invest in an
organizer that will hold the materials and tools for your type of craft. Make sure the
lighting is good to avoid eye strain. If you are simply looking for additional storage space
build cubbies into the walls and erect large shelving units. A space organizer can be
purchased pre-fabricated. Your basement is the perfect space for additional kitchen
storage. A large pantry or cold cellar frees up cupboard and counter space in small
The available resources for basement design ideas are many. Online websites are
plentiful and offer a wide variety of choices. You can find websites that show pictures of
projects at various stages of completion. There are also thousands of websites that show
completed basement renovations. Basement plans are also available on many websites.
Bookstores and libraries have several books and magazines on basement remodeling.
You can also find ideas at your local hardware store.

Bedroom Closet Design Ideas
Bedroom closets come in many forms. Some bedrooms have one closet either small or
large while other bedrooms have his and her closets. Some bedrooms don't even come
with built in closet space. Regardless of the type or size of closet you have there are a
multitude of bedroom closet design ideas. Prefabricated closet organizers are popular
choices and there are several on the market to choose from. Custom made shelving and
storage is another possibility and can be done by a professional contractor or as a do it
yourself project.

Smaller closet space has fewer options than a large walk in closet but there are still
several available designs. Add a variety of hanging rods at different heights in the closet
space for different size clothing. Hang a high rod for long dresses and jackets and a lower
rod for tops, plants and skirts. If there is room, add a small shelving unit for shoes and
purses. Utilize the back of the door if possible for hanging up belts and scarves. Closet
design does not just include the inside of the closet. Closet doors are also a factor. A nice
wooden door with a decorative handle is an option for closets with traditional doorways.
Longer closets with sliding doors have a few more options. Sliding doors with frosted
glass or mirrors are ideal for a wide closet. The mirrored ones allow you to check your
appearance before leaving for the day and they also create the illusion of a larger room.
Folding doors are also popular choices for wide closet spaces. Go for a simple design or
opt for something a bit more creative such as doors designed like shutters.

Large closet spaces offer the ability to be more creative in designing the space. Wall to
wall shelving and cubbyhole storage can come in a variety of designs. The options are
endless. Measure your space and shop for a prefabricated organizer than both fits your
space and your needs. If you can't find a prefabricated one that fits your space or needs or
even if you have a specific design in mind, custom built is an option. Hire a local
contractor to build your closet to order or for the more adventurous try to do it yourself. If
your walk in closet is large enough, add a small sitting area perhaps with a makeup table
and mirror. Place a full length mirror on a wall or purchase a freestanding one so you can
check your outfit and appearance without leaving your closet space. Make sure your
closet is well lit and opt for a light or bright color on the walls. Depending on the location
of your closet you may be able to incorporate a small window. Be sure to include a
privacy window dressing.
Unfortunately some bedrooms do not have a closet space. This can prove to be more of a
challenge. Purchasing a freestanding wardrobe can help with lack of closet space. If you
only require hanging space choose a wardrobe without shelving or drawers. If you are
also lacking drawer space in your bedroom opt for a wardrobe that has hanging space on
top and shelves or drawers in the lower section. For a more permanent solution, close in a
corner of the room with walls or a room divider and create a small closet space in there.

Bedroom closet design ideas are available in all shapes and sizes. No matter what you are
looking for you will be able to find a suitable design. Whether purchasing a prefabricated
closet organizer or custom building your closet, carefully measure your space and
determine the best use of the space.

Reach In Closet Design Ideas

Reach in closets can be more difficult to design and organize than larger walk in closets
but reach in closet design ideas are still plentiful. The goal is to maximize the available
closet space and provide adequate storage for all your clothing items and accessories in
an organized fashion. Depending on your personal needs there are several design ideas
available to fit your needs.

Reach in closets are usually a small space by nature. It is important to utilize all available
space. Because reach in closets are shallow it is necessary to use the vertical space in the
closet. Plan the use of your closet space from floor to ceiling. Purchase some shallow
storage containers with wheels that can be easily slid under closet shelving. If you have a
bit more clearance between your floor and your lowest shelf or rod, deeper containers or
storage bins are an option. Try to get storage containers on wheels for easy access.

Install shelving if possible. A series of floor to ceiling shelves off to one side is a great
way to store shoes, purses, hats, out of season clothing and collectibles. Place storage
bins on the shelves to help separate items. Adjustable shelving is best so that you can
adjust the height of a self or two to accommodate taller or shorter items. If you don't have
room for a vertical shelving unit, run a shelf along the entire length of your closet a
functional distance from the ceiling. Store bins of accessories or out of season clothing on
the shelf.

Make sure that you have adequate lighting for your closet. A small ceiling light fixture
just inside the closet is an option of adjustable track lighting outside the closet door. Try
to place the lighting fixture so that it will be between you and the clothes to avoid
shadows. Also use fluorescent lighting since incandescent light bulbs generate heat and
can be a fire hazard. Give consideration to the closet door(s) as well since they are the
most visible part of the closet. A single door closet would be suited to a wooden door
with decorative handle. Wider closet spaces lend themselves to sliding doors, pocket
sliding doors or folding doors. A mirrored sliding door serves as both a way to hide the
contents of your closet and a functional full length mirror. The mirror will also make your
bedroom appear larger. Pocket sliding doors offer a more streamlined appearance.
Folding doors can be an attractive way to close in your closet. There are many styles of
folding doors. Keep in mind that folding doors require room to open.

Reach in closet design ideas are fewer than walk in closet design ideas but there are still
several designs to choose from. Focus first on creating a functional closet space by
maximizing whatever available space you have. Determine your needs and adjust your
design to best suit it. Worry about functionality first and esthetics last. You will enjoy
your closet space more if it is easy to use.

Kitchen Design Ideas

Kitchens have so many design options that they are literally never ending. Kitchen design
ideas include features such as cabinetry, tiles, counter tops, appliances, hardware and
fixtures. Each feature on its own has a multitude of design options and the possible
combinations are endless. Two identical kitchens with only one different feature can look
like very different kitchens when finished. Because of the vast number of design options,
thoroughly research what products are available on the market and get a fairly good idea
what it is you are looking for.

The main feature in any kitchen is the cabinetry. It is more often than not the first thing
that people notice in a kitchen. The layout of the cabinetry is unique to each kitchen.
Measure the size of your kitchen and determine the types of cabinets and where you
would like them placed. If you have a solid wall with no windows, doors or appliances
opt for floor to ceiling cabinets full of drawers for storage. Include a broom or cleaning
closet in these cupboards. Glass fronts in corner cabinets are a popular design feature.
Cabinets have a wide variety of door styles. There are recessed, flat paneled and raised
cabinet doors. Each of these options comes with several design choices. Once you have
picked the design of your cabinets you need to decide on the stain that suits your kitchen
space. Opt for lighter colored stains for smaller kitchens to keep them feeling open and

Counter tops are also an important feature in a kitchen. They too are highly visible.
Counter tops should be chosen for durability as well as looks. Granite counter tops are the
most popular choice today. You may also choose from engineered stone, ceramic tile,
laminates, wood and stainless steel. The material and colour of your counter tops should
compliment your cabinetry, backslash and tiles. If your kitchen is a large room but does
not have a lot of counter space you might want to consider adding an island for additional
space. Not only does an island adds counter space but also storage space.

Flooring is an integral kitchen feature. Most kitchens are done with ceramic tile flooring
but wood floors and laminates are growing in popularity. Many kitchens have tiled
backslashes. Be sure that the tiles used in your backslash compliment the flooring.
Besides the type of flooring you use, you must also pick a color of tile, wood or laminate
as well as texture. Quite often a kitchen with light coloured cabinetry will look best with
a slightly darker floor and vice-versa. Contrast between the cabinetry and the flooring, no
matter how small, creates the illusion of depth.

The kitchen design ideas listed above are just the tip of the iceberg. We haven't even
touched on cabinet hardware, lighting fixtures, sinks and taps, paint colors or appliances.
Matching appliances are ideal in any kitchen. Stainless steel appliances are a favorite
because they match just about any kitchen design. Families with small children may wish
to consider black appliances since stainless steel shows fingerprints. Put as much thought
into the small features as you do the larger ones. Something as simple as buying the
wrong cabinet hardware can ruin the look of the completed project.

Here's Some Quick Ways to Deter Water
Damage From Taking Place in Your
Any person that has ever owned a home before knows all too well how quickly
something can go wrong, whether on a small or much larger scale. Depending on what is
involved in the problem, the recovery process can vary quite a bit. When the issue
revolves around an event involving water, it's a safe bet that your problem can escalate
over a very short period of time if it is not addressed quickly. There are too many things
that can contribute to unwanted water in your home to ever be able to guarantee that you
will never experience water damage in your home. However, there are some things that
you can do when you do run across an issue involving water that will reduce the chances
of damage setting in greatly.

Immediately after realizing that water is in your home, you need to search out the source
of the problem right away. You will need to ensure that no more water is on it's way
before you can begin removing the water. If the source of the water is a hole in the roof
which heavy rain water is continuing to make it's way into, then you will want to get the
hole covered with a tarp now. If the water source is something like a pipe leaking, you
will want to take a wrench and tighten the loose fitting or go down to the road and
quickly shut off the water lines that are running to your home. It is quite pointless to
begin removing water from the effected area until you have located the source of the
problem and eliminated the chances of any additional water from coming into your home.

Now that you have blocked the source of the water, it is time to address the water that is
still present. It is extremely important that water is not permitted to sit any longer that it
absolutely has to because it can easily begin seeping into your floors and walls, causing
even more extensive damage. If the area that is effected is a hard surface, you need to use
mops and towels to soak up as much water as you can as quickly as possible. If the water
has gotten to your carpet, you will need to use a special vacuum designed for removing
water from fabrics to aid in the drying process. Any items such as curtains, rugs, or
furniture that is covered in fabric that may have gotten wet will need to be removed from
the home right away and placed in a well ventilated area where it can be left to dry out.

How well you regulate the air inside your home when an accident occurs that involves
water will be a strong determining factor in how quickly you can dry the effected area
and whether or not you are able to salvage some of the items in your home. You should
open windows and doors and utilize fans to help move fresh air into the home, while also
ushering the damp air inside back out. Dehumidifiers can be a huge help in removing
moisture or high levels of humidity from the air. The use of these tools will be very
beneficial in drying any areas in your home that may have been exposed to water.

While following all of these tips will provide a big help in getting your house back to
normal, you need to also keep in mind that if the job seems too big for you to tackle, you
should call professionals to come in and take over. While there are still some things you
can do to help in the beginning stages of the process, the task may require some more
advanced tools and much more experienced people that are experts in the field of water
damage restoration.

How Does the Government Help House
Lifting in Flood Zones?

Flooding in the United States is a recurring event, is a fact known to all. Research studies
have shown that floods have caused maximum economic loss to the nation than any other
natural disaster. The severity of floods however varies from year to year and from
location to location.

Providing relief against the devastating effects of floods has all along been a national
priority with the US Government. The measures taken by the Government include flood
hazard identification, making available federally-subsidized flood insurance, state and
local land-use controls designed to minimize flood loss.
During the year 1968, the Congress enacted the National Flood Insurance Act which is a
well-conceived comprehensive flood risk management program. The objectives of the
legislation are:

• Minimize economic losses due to floods through purchase of flood insurance
• Promote state/local land-use controls to guide development away from flood-prone
• Bring down federal expenditures for disaster assistance and flood control.

Interestingly, the NFIP (National Flood Insurance Program) is today one of the major
domestic liability - apart from Social Security System and Federal Health Programs. This
goes to show how concerned the Government is in combating flood damages.

Since standard homeowners insurance does not cover flood, it is essential to have
separate insurance protection from the floods caused by hurricanes, tropical storms,
torrential rains etc. NFIP provides affordable flood insurance to house owners. Besides,
NFIP works in close cooperation with FEMA specialists and contractors, hundreds of
insurance agents, claims adjusters, private insurance companies, other connected public
officials, and real estate agents.

House lifting is imperative in the hurricane-prone east and Gulf coasts - more so, with
beach houses and riverfront homes. The United States Government expects citizens to
avail an insurance program against flood damage - as that way, grants for flood
mitigation and recovery can be better controlled. In fact, two grant programs are in force
- but the Government allows these grants only to communities that participate in NFIP.

House lifting is one of the most effective mitigation measures to prevent flood damages.
The idea is to elevate the house to the base flood elevation level or still higher. FEMA
(Federal Emergency Management Agency) does the flood analysis and creates flood
maps, while the NFIP manages the flood insurance. Although flood insurance is available
to all house owners,, the Federal Government insists on those with homes in high-risk
flood zones to buy the insurance.

House lifting is no doubt an expensive affair. FEMA offers assistance through its Flood
Mitigation Assistance Program and Severe Repetitive Loss Program. States, tribal
governments and NFIP-participating communities can apply for this. Flood Insurance
Reform Act (an amendment to the National Flood Insurance Act of 1968) was created in
2004. FEMA's Severe Repetitive Loss program offers funds to projects to reduce or
eliminate long-term flood damage risks to NFIP-insured houses and other structures. Like
all other grant programs, FEMA provides its annually updated application and
instructions on its website.

You can purchase NFIP through property and casualty insurance agents. Rates are set and
do not differ from company to company or agent to agent. These rates however vary
according to the date and type of construction of your house and the level of risk.
House lifting is a complicated task and you should never attempt to undertake home
elevation without the assistance of an experienced contractor who is licensed for this type
of work. There are several key steps you need to follow in order to prepare for and
execute a plan to elevate your home.

How to Hire an Architect - From Lounge
Design to Home Design
When hiring an architect and judging his work think about how it relates to other
examples of great architecture, such as the Taj Mahal, Chichen Itza, Brunelleschi's
Cathedral, the Empire State Building, etc. These buildings are some of the most famous
in the world because of how they evolved from their predecessors and how they relate to
their environment. A great architect understands both how far architecture has come since
the pyramids, and how much he owes to them.

The architect is in charge of macro and micro details, from the way the facade of a
building fits into the rest of the urban landscape to the furniture used within the space. All
buildings should follow three precepts delivered by Vitruvius, an Ancient Roman who
lived in the first century BCE and one of the first who wrote about architecture. In his De
Architectura he said that beauty, utility and durability are of primary importance for any
building. Hundreds of years later, Leon Battista Alberti suggested that beauty relates
directly to proportion, and that ornament can relate too. By the 19th century, Louis
Sullivan, father of the skyscraper, said rather simply that "Form follows function."

Architecture is one of the only art forms that is aesthetic and functional. Like when you
step foot into the Parthenon, not only are you struck by its ancient beauty, but you can
imagine that within its walls of simplicity and strength there were once huge statues of
gods and goddesses painted bright colors, with succulent animals sliced open at their feet.
The stoic nature of these old columns mirrored the balanced devout nature of its

Today architecture works in a similar manner, except it has a few more resources up its
sleeve. Take lounge design, for example. When a restaurant designer wants to show his
client what he's worth, he incorporates different luxurious elements-silk, velvet, leather,
marble, taffeta - which will convey to the lounge's patrons what kind of place they're in.
If he's designing a home in the contemporary style, he may repudiate a wide variety of
elements and textures for one or two simple minimalist ones, such as wood and glass.

Ultimately, an architect is an artist and his ability to work within constraints of
functionality and many different mediums makes his profession quite different from that
of a painter, sculptor, writer or musician. That's why when choosing an architect, it's
important to examine his other work.
Stainless Steel Wire Balustrading
If you've been thinking of how to improve your outdoor or indoor features then there are
many things that can help to create a more aesthetic appearance and that can make a big
difference. One option is balustrading. Balustrading is when you have the small roundish
pillars around your area (perhaps a patio or a terrace) which hold up railings and walls.
These are often stone themselves and will tend to be ornate and well decorated. You will
often find these in Roman architecture and they are a far more attractive way to create a
side rail than just using a small wall which lets in less light and has no detailing. If you
have balustrades around a patio terrace overlooking a nice garden, then it can feel like
sitting in a wine garden in France, a large manor house from a period drama, or a scene
from Romeo and Juliet.

The great thing about balustrades is that they are relatively easy to install yourself and
that they can be something great to do as DIY for your home. Not only will they look
great, but when people ask about them you can proudly tell them that you installed them

When you do this you will essentially buy the balustrades first and these will be the large
concrete pillars that curve outwards. Look for ones that fit your décor and that have a
decoration that you appreciate. From here you should then look into fitting them into
place and that means that you will need to attach them to both the patio where they will
be standing and the rail that they will normally be used to hold up. To do this you will use
stainless steel wire and this will go down through the middle in order to essentially
skewer the balustrade into place. If you do it lightly this will then mean that you are able
to twist the balustrades round even once they are installed but that is up to you.

Stainless steel wire is the best option for this because it is the most sturdy and the most
versatile. It will bend if necessary and at the same time it is relatively cheap and easy to
find. You should buy a large role of stainless steel wire and then cut off each piece as you
need it to feed through the balustrading. Do bear in mind that it can be a good idea to buy
extra to avoid running out or for if anything should happen to your balustrades.

Stainless steel wire is useful as it won't rust and it won't easily snap. This is very
important when you consider that the role of the balustrades is to hold your banister up -
if they broke this would fall down and if they were on an elevated region this could cause
someone who was leaning to fall and hurt themselves.

As well as using balustrades for your outdoors, you can also use wooden ones for
staircases and there are many other applications.
Crown Moulding Can Beautify Your
If you want your home to exude class and a great sense of style, Crown Moulding is a
great way to showcase your personal tastes. Crown moulding is a decorative strip that is
usually made of wood or plastic, and sometimes even fiberboard. These are sometimes
introduced to a room to cover up wall or ceiling flaws, but normally are simply meant to
beautify the home. This home decoration is a great way to make your home seem more
grand or unique.

The idea of crown mouldings has been traced to Greek and Roman times when it was
vastly popular. Made of wood, this home decor gained in popularity when Greek and
Roman craftsmen learned the arts of cutting, sanding, and carving the wood into delicate
looking masterpieces. This type of home furnishing is affordable and is okay in any type
of room. You can purchase them already finished, or you can buy the raw materials and
have them custom cut to match any design in your home that you desire. The base
material that you choose for your crown moulding will be the basis on which you can
measure how long it will last and the beauty of the finished product. The better the
material that you choose, the more durable. It may cost more to get these more durable
materials, but they are much less likely to be damaged over time.

Home decor experts say that crown moulding gives a home its very own allure. This
helps heighten its real estate value and standing. Buyers are much more apt to pay more
for a home that is visually stunning than they are for one that is just drab. Some people
believe that open space is what buyers are looking for and thus take out walls, while in
fact people looking to own a home simply want something that is a beautiful work of art.
You can achieve this by adding crown moulding, decorative columns, and ceiling
medallions to your home's decor. These home furnishing ideas are simple to install and
do not cost you all of your hard-earned money.

There are several different types of stores that carry this type of home furnishing;
however, buying these items online actually has its own advantages. This is because,
many times, you can purchase directly from the manufacturer rather than having to pay
extra to deal with a retailer. Buying directly from the manufacturer not only has this
benefit, but also offers you the ability to customize and create your own designs that you
can put throughout your home, and you can always be sure of quality materials. Some
home furnishings, such as your living room furniture, can take up space; however, this
type of home decor takes up no space and yet makes such a difference in the overall look
and feel of the home. Depending on the material you choose, this type of home decor is
also fire resistant. Maintenance is simple and rarely do the materials used ever lessen in
quality. For mouldings, you can install yourself; however, for ceiling medallion
installation, it is highly recommended that you obtain professional, licensed assistance for

The Cost of Water Damage Restoration
Water Damage Restoration - How much does it Cost?

One of the major considerations in a water damage restoration job is the cost. You will
find many generalizations online about how much a job costs, but such estimations do
little to help you make informed decisions. The best way to know how much a job will
cost you is to simply ask for a quote but do not accept over the phone or a verbal quote.
Make sure the contractor provides a detail written quote with the breakdown of the costs
so that there is no misunderstanding.

To understand how a contractor prices a specific job, you need to know about the
different factors that are taken into consideration when preparing the cost estimate. One
of the factors is the water height or the amount of still water that needs to be extracted.
The more the water, the higher the price.

The type of water that the contractor needs to extract will affect water damage restoration
estimates. There are three categories of water:

1. Clean water, which does not pose any health risks because the water is not
contaminated, such as water from a faucet.

2. Grey water which comes from sources that contain physical, chemical or biological
pollutants such as kitchen waste or laundry water can cause illness or discomfort to
anyone who becomes exposed to it or who consumes it.

3. Black water, such as sewage water and flood water, is highly toxic and completely

As one would assume, cleaning up black water requires more specialized restoration
procedures and carries a lot more risk so you can expect to pay more. Since black water is
a bio-hazard, everything that the water comes in contact with will most often have to be

Also the size of the affected area will have impact on the cost of water damage
restoration price. The extent of the water damage will have an equal proportion to the
cost. The smaller the damage the lower the cost. Repairing a small leak would of course
cost less to repair a water damaged ceiling that is ready to collapse.
Materials will affect the cost. The price will vary on whether your floor is made of
concrete, wood or carpet. If the water is non-toxic, most of the time carpet flooring can
be saved. However, wood floors often begin to warp and need to be replaced. Labor is
also a strong indicator of the cost of water damage restoration. In most cases contractors
will charge by the hour.

Perform Water Extraction Like A Pro to
Avoid Water Damage
If you have ever found yourself falling victim to any kind of water damage in your home
before, I am sure that you already know how much of a nightmare it can be to cleanup the
effected area and restore any damaged items. The sad truth is that many times the
recovery process is not handled the way it should be and this can easily lead to additional
damage and even more stress for the home owner. The key to preventing an issue with
water from getting further out of hand is to know what to do and when to do it.

The time to respond to water related issues will always be right away. The longer you
wait to address an issue with water, the more damage that can take place and the stronger
the possibility of the development of mold. Water extraction will become your absolute
number one goal immediately following an incident in your home involving water. It is
vital that this process is handled properly with the correct steps and in the correct order. If
you feel that the effected area is too much to handle on your own or you lack the
confidence or experience to go it alone, you should request some help from people that
you know that have handled this sort of thing before, or possibly even hire a professional
water damage restoration company to perform the necessary cleanup and repairs that will
surely be needed.

If you have made the decision to approach this task yourself, there are some things that
you will need to know. First, it is imperative that you get a steady flow of fresh air
circulating as quickly as possible. Depending on the weather of course, you may want to
open windows and doors and help motivate fresh air in and moisture right back out
through the additional assistance of fans. Dehumidifiers are another excellent tool to help
regulate the indoor air quality as these machines are designed to remove excessive
moisture and high levels of humidity from the effected rooms in your home.

Now that you have the proper items in place to help regulate the air, it is time to get to the
body of the problem. You want to remove any standing water that may still be present
through the use of towels and vacuums that are designed specifically for water extraction.
This will be very necessary when dealing with any carpet that may have gotten wet in
your home. Any items that are wet and can be removed such as furniture, curtains, or
rugs should be taken outside and allowed to air dry. You will also want to use anti-
bacterial chemicals on them to get them clean and free of any contaminants.
If enough water came in contact with your carpet, and especially if it stood for a period of
time, you will need to pull the carpet up and take it outside also. The carpet can probably
be salvaged if it can be dried out enough to be cleaned. However, the padding underneath
will have to be replaced entirely, as it is not meant to ever get wet and cannot safely be
dried. You should now direct your fans towards the sub-floor since I am sure that it is
fairly damp. It will need to be completely dry and disinfected before the new carpet
padding is laid down over it. If you do not take the time to perform this step thoroughly,
the result can be an issue with mold that will become a nightmare one day down the road.

Remember, if you find yourself faced with the presence of unwanted water in your home
one day, you must react immediately by either getting started on this process yourself or
hiring a team of professionals to get busy for you so that the water damage does not grow
to be a much bigger problem.

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