Audi Employee Vehicle Purchase—US

					Audi Employee Vehicle Purchase—U.S.
Program Overview1                                                                                           4. Parts and Accessories
This program benefits employees and eligible purchasers by working cooperatively                                The participating Dealer also may sell you parts, accessories, finance and
with Dealers, trusting them to provide the very best service. We expect our                                    insurance products and other items in the same manner as any other retail
employees to support the Dealer network and we’re asking that you, your friends                                purchaser. Participating Dealers may take vehicles in on trade and may acquire
and family members respect their time and energy. If you have a concern regarding                              and dispose of such vehicles as in any normal retail transaction on such terms as
your transaction, please contact Program Headquarters directly.                                                they choose. All the transactions described in this paragraph are strictly between
Purchase or lease a new qualifying MY 2011-2012 Audi model (four vehicles per                                  you and your participating Dealer and are to be negotiated solely between you
employee or eligible family member) at Dealer Invoice plus $300. (Please see                                   and the Dealer.
eligibility requirements below.) The transaction also qualifies for any then-current                         5. General
Dealer and/or retail incentives on the model you choose, unless otherwise specified                             In general, unless there has been advance written notice to the contrary, all
by Audi of America.                                                                                            new MY 2011-2012 Audi vehicles are eligible except for the A8W12, R8 and S5
Purchase Calculations                                                                                          coupe/S5 cab. Vehicles may be sold at the Dealer’s discretion, from stock or may
  $       Purchase or lease a new MY 2011-2012 Audi                                                            be special-ordered. Dealers are not required to sell you a vehicle from their stock
                                                                                                               that is in short supply; however, any vehicle offered under this program may be
              model at Dealer Invoice plus $300                                                                special-ordered. Please be advised that Audi of America may from time to time
   (–)        Any and all then-current retail incentives                                                       restrict the availability of certain vehicles under this program. In such cases, Audi
   =          Your Purchase Price2                                                                             of America will inform participating Dealers in advance in writing of the terms
                                                                                                               of such restrictions or incentives, and the Dealer will have to comply with any
So how can you take advantage of this outstanding offer? Take this certificate and                               such terms.
head to your local participating Audi Dealer. If you have questions about particular
Audi models, financing options or how to locate the Audi Dealer nearest you, visit                           6. Incentives                                                                                               Vehicles sold under this program are eligible for any then-currently applicable
                                                                                                               Dealer and customer incentives.
Here are the details:
1. Eligibility                                                                                              7. Claims
   Those eligible to participate in this program include all full-time Audi of America,                        Audi of America has the right to audit all the records pertaining to this
   Inc., Volkswagen, Volkswagen Bank, LeasePlan, Bentley and VCI employees; those                              transaction. If Audi of America finds that you violated any terms or falsified
   companies’ retirees and foreign service personnel or their surviving spouses;                               any documentation of Audi of America’s Employee Purchase Program, Audi of
   and any employee’s spouse, children, children from a spouse’s previous marriage,                            America may cancel your privileges to acquire vehicles under any special Audi
   mother, father, brother, sister, mother-in-law, father-in-law, brother-in-law                               of America programs and may, at its discretion, seek to recover any special
   or sister-in-law.                                                                                           benefits you received.
2. How it Works                                                                                             8. Final Decision
   Present this original, unaltered certificate to a participating authorized Audi                              Audi of America’s decision is final in all matters relating to this program. Audi of
   Dealer in the United States. Once the participating Dealer verifies that you are                             America has the right to amend or cancel this program at any time for any reason.
   an eligible purchaser—by referencing the certificate and your government-issued                           9. Customer Contact
   identification—the participating Dealer may sell the eligible vehicle to you at the                          In becoming an Audi customer under the terms of this program, you acknowledge
   price that is currently specified by Audi of America under this program.                                     and agree to receive information and other special communications related to
3. Participating Dealers                                                                                       Audi products (e.g., Audi welcome kit, Audi Club North America membership
   Participating Dealers may sell or lease the eligible vehicle and may offer you                               application, Audi Magazine subscription). We may share your personal
   financing or leasing to be negotiated between you and the Dealer. Sales under                                information with Audi affiliates, but we require them to limit their use of the
   this program will be eligible for special leasing and financing terms to be                                  information to the purposes for which it was provided.
   determined from time to time by Audi Financial Services. In general, eligible                            10. Duration
   customers under this program will be offered special financing and leasing                                     The Audi Employee Purchase Program runs through January 2, 2012, unless
   terms and approval criteria by AFS. Please ask for AFS financing or leasing terms                             otherwise specified. Based on delivery date.
   to learn if you qualify.

1 From the publishing date (June 22, 2011), this program can be used for all Audi models, except for the A8W12, R8 and S5 coupe/S5 cab. We may add or remove vehicles from eligibility from time
to time by notice to participating Dealers. 2 As with any new vehicle purchase, you are responsible for all taxes, title, licensing, documentary, emission and other fees.

    Employee Use Only:                                                   Relationship                                                          Employee
    Name of Purchaser ____________________________________________       to Employee ______________________________________________________    Signature ____________________________________________________________

    Employee Certificate (Dealer Admin. Use Only)

    Dealer Code                                           Dealership Name                                                                              Dealership Phone

    Salesperson                                                                                  Salesperson Email

    Date of Sale                                                                                               Employee Name
    VIN                                                                                                                                               Certificate Control Number

       Dealer Instructions:             The individual presenting this    VERIFICATION: The program is designed to sell vehicles to our         COMPENSATION: These vehicles will count toward all volume
       certificate is interested in executing a new MY 2011-2012 Audi      employees and their eligible family members. In order to verify       bonus programs and payments and salesperson incentives.
       Purchase or Lease through the Employee Purchase Program            program compliance, the individual must provide an original           Please punch this unit sale code “0” (kind of sale) as you
       as described in the above certificate. The vehicle is to be sold    certificate with the type of certificate preprinted on the form         normally would with a retail sale. All sales through the
       at Dealer Invoice plus $300, subtracting all current retail and    (found in the above box). If the purchase is by an eligible family    Employee Purchase Program will now need to be reported
       Dealer incentives. Trade-in allowance, accessories, insurance,     member, please verify by copying his or her driver’s license and      “sold” with the special program code “EFFPP.” Contact your
       tax, licensing, title costs/fees are to be processed as normal.    describing the individual’s relationship to the employee.             Area Manager for processing the special program code.
                                                                          FINANCING: This program is a “Price of Vehicle” retail offer.          If you have any questions regarding the program, please email:
                                                                          There are no special credit provisions included or provided in
                                                                          this offer. That being said, we encourage you to promote AFS
                                                                          for financing and leasing solutions.

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