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									  EXACTUS FAQs
                                                                                                                        CEO: Ananth Nayak
                                                                                                     Contact Info: USA: 1-202-822-1638
                                                                                                                    India: 9122-66505901
                                                                                                                     Cell: 91-9820025272

                                                                                                 email: ananth.nayak@exactuscorp.com

                                                                                                 Outsourcing benefits?
Why? What? How?                                                                                  • Time arbitrage
                                                                                                 • Increased bandwidth
                                                                                                 • New opportunities for your team
WHY OUTSOURCE? A variety of reasons may apply to your particular situation. The
                                                                                                 • Increased flexibility
usual answer is “to cut costs” but while cost reduction may be a primary motive as also a
                                                                                                 • Access to special skills
major benefit of outsourcing, there are other benefits to be derived from a well-planned
                                                                                                 • Risk management
outsourcing strategy. Among these are time arbitrage, increase in bandwidth, reducing the
                                                                                                 Details on page 2...
price points for new product or services, increasing scalability, adding skills, favorably
altering risk profiles.
                                                                                                 Security and risk concerns?
WHAT’S LPO? Legal process outsourcing or LPO refers to the outsourcing of activities             Not to worry!
related to any legal work. Legal work is a broad term that encompasses inter alia the            Addressed on page 3...
activities of law firms, legal departments of companies and publishers of legal information.

Exactus USA Inc.

Exactus Corporation Ltd.

EXACTUS USA INC. Washington D.C., USA	 


                                                                                                WHERE DO I BEGIN?

                                                                                                Look at the processes: The work of a
                                                                                                law firm is typically transactional – a new
                                                                                                agreement for a client, a new case to be
Time arbitrage refers to the fact that                                                          fought – and at first glance, it may be
                                                 When new projects require you to
outsourcing is often done to another                                                            difficult to conceive of outsourcing this
                                                 ramp up staff, sometimes only for a
geographical region in another time                                                             work. However, if one were to look at
                                                 short period, the outsourcing option
zone. Depending on the time zones, this                                                         the work from a process perspective,
                                                 offers a way to do so bypassing the
can result in the outsourced work being                                                         one would find that although each
                                                 usual legal, administrative,
carried out during your night, so that the                                                      transaction may be different, there are a
                                                 infrastructure and human resource
completed work is ready for you when                                                            number of common elements to each
                                                 issues. In effect, these have been
you come in to work the next morning.                                                           transaction, like pieces of a puzzle.
                                                 outsourced too.
This has the effect of a 24/7 workplace                                                         Some of these pieces lend themselves
with few of its costs.                           Outsourcing companies like ours bring          very well to outsourcing.
                                                 special process and technology
Outsourcing process-intensive work                                                              Temps? Traditionally, law firms are used
                                                 skills to the table and a strategically
that doesn’t require a high degree of                                                           to outsourcing some of these pieces,
                                                 planned outsourcing initiative can enable
familiarity or skill can free up your staff                                                     although they don’t think of them as
                                                 you to take advantage of these to
to do higher end or more creative                                                               outsourced. For example, it is a
                                                 develop a process platform that can
work, increasing their available                                                                common practice to hire temporary
                                                 transform your business.
bandwidth.                                                                                      secretarial or paralegal staff to cope with

                                                 Moving a part of your process chain to         peaks or spikes of work pressure. That
The cost savings from outsourcing can
                                                 another geographic region, time zone or        is really outsourcing, albeit within one’s
be leveraged to develop new
                                                 work force can insulate it from some           own premises.
products or services that can then be
                                                 risks of disruption and can provide a
offered at a lower price point, thus                                                            More opportunities: With globalization
                                                 cushion against changing cost struc-
transforming a formerly unviable                                                                and technology, it is today possible to
                                                 tures. For example, a hurricane striking
option into a potential opportunity.                                                            outsource many more pieces of the
                                                 your New Orleans office will only mini-
                                                                                                puzzle. The required skills were always
                                                 mally impact your operations across the
                                                                                                available in other parts of the world; they
                                                 globe in Mumbai. Of course, this is a
                                                                                                were just difficult to access. Today those
                                                 mixed blessing as you are also now
                                                                                                barriers to access have been
                                                 vulnerable to events in Mumbai, but
                                                 nevertheless spreading your risks is a
                                                 sensible option.

                         To answer the question of what work can a law firm outsource, the answer would be: practically any piece of the
                         process that does not absolutely require the specialized domain wisdom of the experienced partner or

EXACTUS USA INC. Washington D.C., USA	 


I’m concerned about                          I’m concerned about                              I’m concerned about
confidentiality…                              risks…                                           technology…
No surprises there: law firms typically       The risks are no different from the risks        Technology is the structure on which the
deal in confidentiality and the security of   you face right in your own office: a rogue        entire outsourcing industry has been
information is of paramount concern.         employee, a systems failure, a                   built. It enables critical work to be done
                                             technology breakdown. Yet, in many               in real time from a distant location. It
So what can be done to ensure
                                             ways, outsourcing insulates you from             enables processing of huge amounts of
confidentiality? There are three parts to
                                             these risks by adding another layer – the        data in short spans of time. And it
answer that question:
                                             outsourcing vendor. You can focus on             provides a cost-effective mechanism to

• Legal agreements                           what really matters: the legal skills            control and monitor processes.
                                             involved and the relationship with your
• Processes                                                                                   Essentially, three types of technology are
                                             clients, and leave us to handle the bulk
                                             of the employee issues, technology and
• Technology
                                             systems.                                         Connectivity technology that ensures
Legal agreements                                                                              fast and secure connections between
                                             Peculiar risks may arise from
India has a strong legal system rooted in                                                     you and us, the outsourcing vendor.
                                             outsourcing to another country:
English common law (just like the US)
                                             sovereign risks and natural disasters            Database technology that enables
and it recognizes such concepts as
                                             over there and similar factors outside           manipulation of huge amounts of
client-attorney privilege. It may be
                                             your control. However, it is possible to         information.
arguable whether client-attorney
                                             insure against these risks in a cost-
privilege applies to information
                                             effective manner, either via technology          Project-specific technology, which is
processed by an outsourcing company.
                                             or via actual insurance policies.                really an umbrella term to describe any
However, courts in India recognize
                                                                                              technology requirements that are
confidentiality clauses stipulated in         It is eminently feasible to have our staff       dictated by the project or the client. For
Service Agreements between the US            work directly off your servers so that you       example, the project may require
law firm and its outsourcing partner in       continue to have full control over the           expertise in Lotus Notes or in XML.
India. Similarly, we ensure that our staff   information dissemination and flow. Or,
enters into confidentiality and non-          backups can be mirrored to your                  The level of technology infrastructure
disclosure agreements and these are          technology infrastructure to ensure that         needed depends largely on how the
binding under Indian law.                    you have the latest information in your          outsourcing is to be structured. If you

                                             possession at all times. Tight real-time         want our team to work off your own
                                             reporting may be the answer you need             servers, an investment in robust servers,
Legal agreements are essential, but the
                                             to monitor and control your project.             high connectivity bandwidth and Citrix
most practical way to ensure
                                             There are numerous possibilities and we          servers and server software is essential.
confidentiality is to tailor the processes
                                             will work with you to determine the most         If not, then depending on volumes, data
to provide checks and balances that
                                             cost-effective method.                           and reports can be exchanged via email
maximize the security of information. We
                                                                                              or FTP, both low cost options.
can work with you to optimize the            We obtain insurance cover against the
efficiency of these processes.                following risks:

                                             • Employer’s Legal Liability
And the best way to do that is to use
                                             • Commercial General Liability
technology to monitor and track
                                             • Specialized Professional Liability
processes. Strong technology skills are
                                             Ask to be assigned as a nominee under
a pre-requisite when evaluating an
                                             this coverage.
outsourcing vendor.
EXACTUS USA INC. Washington D.C., USA	 


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