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									                                                Suzy Tonini

Bellingham                                                                                Work: 360-778-3924
WA 98225, USA                                                                                                        Home: 360-778-3923

     Results-driven digital media professional with over 25 years of experience in cutting-edge marketing, communications, research, &
                                                            information strategies.
                                                         Core Competencies

 Social Media Strategies                        Employment Branding                         Community Management
 Global Internet Sourcing                       Online Communications                       Competitive Intelligence Research
 Advanced Internet Research Techniques          New & Emerging Technologies                 Web 2.0/3.0 Early Adopter

                                                    PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE
Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited                                                                                   December 2010-present
Deloitte refers to one or more of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited, a UK private company limited by guarantee, and its network of member
firms, each of which is a legally separate and independent entity. Please see for a detailed description of the legal
structure of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited and its member firms.

Manager, Social Media
         Responsible for Global Deloitte Analytics (DA) Social Media marketing plan and tactics to educate and communicate the DA
         initiative to our audiences, to include internal and external social media channels.

         Selected Accomplishments:
             Manage all Social Media initiatives for Deloitte Analytics, globally, and have consistently seen an increase in memberships
              since June 2011:
                       Community manager and moderator for the Real Analytics Insights collaborative Social Media site. Responsible for,
                        posting new content, monitoring comments, updating leadership bios, and ensuring best practices are met in
                        conjunction with Deloitte Risk and Legal departments.
                                 Membership count 664 subscribers as of 12/27/2011
                       Community manager and moderator for the Real Analytics LinkedIn Group. Responsible for membership
                        approvals, comment moderation, promoting strategic Deloitte Analytics efforts (to include Partner “Ambassador/The
                        Voice” program), and ensuring best practices are met in conjunction with Deloitte Risk and Legal departments.
                                 Membership includes 3,222 members as of 12/27/2011
                       Responsible for Deloitte Analytics Twitter account, @DeloitteBA. Work with Internet Marketing team, Global Deloitte
                        Analytics and Member Firms to promote DA efforts, as well as identifying content to tweet and retweet. Created a
                        program to teach leadership best practices on using Twitter. Use social media dashboard Hootsuite, in addition to
                        other Twitter clients. Work closely with Member Firms, web managers and Deloitte Risk and Legal departments to
                        ensure best practices are met.
                                 Twitter followers count 2,398 members as of 12/27/2011
                       Created and currently managing the Deloitte Analytics Facebook Fan page, to include videos, social career page,
                        events, and livestreaming functions. The page launched in late September 2011. Work closely with the Deloitte
                        Analytics site web manager, Member Firms, Deloitte Risk and Legal departments to ensure best practices are met.
                                 Facebook Fans count close to 1,100 as of 12/27/2011

                        Created and currently managing the Deloitte Analytics Google+ page, launched 11/7/2011.
                                  Currently 181 accounts have Deloitte Analytics in their circles as of 12/27/2011.
                        Created and currently managing the Deloitte Analytics YouTube channel. Responsible for uploading new videos
                         from across the Member Firms, create cross-promotional playlists and assist in the creation of new global video
                                  YouTube Total Video Views: 2,385 as of 11/27/2011
                        Responsible for creating and managing other Social Media sites to include: LiveStream, SlideShare, Scribd, and
                         DocStoc. Work closely with Member Firms and web managers to identify and cross-promote content, Deloitte Risk
                         and Legal departments to ensure best practices are met.
                        Identified and manage LinkedIn Recruiter account, to assist in Deloitte Analytics’ global talent initiatives, in addition
                         to identifying the Work4Labs social career app for the Facebook page. Create and review job descriptions, manage
                         candidate flow working closely with Member Firms and Global Deloitte Careers site, responsible for the “Faces of
                         Deloitte” member firm video interviews to be included on various Social Media channels (see above).
                        Responsible for the gathering of metrics and monthly submissions to leadership, to include Google Analytics,
                         Facebook Insights, and various other metrics tracking and social media monitoring tools (Google alerts, Social
                         Mention, Boardtracker, Monitter, IceRocket, Twazzup, BackTweets, Addictomatic, TweetReach and more).
                        Created and currently manage a “Social Media at Deloitte Analytics” page on our corporate intranet portal, with
                         FAQ’s, training info, best practices, content submission processes and posting of relevant analytics industry
                         information (to include competitive intelligence, Deloitte Analytics news, training materials and more).
                        Please see Yammer information below under Manager, Global Online Communications. Responsible for launch of
                         this internal platform in 2008, unofficially, now the platform was rolled out to 182,000 employees globally. In charge
                         of deploying launch messaging and co-community manager of the Deloitte Analytics group which currently has
                         1,076 members as of 12/27/2011, launched 11/4/2011.

Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited                                                                              July 2009-December 2010
Deloitte refers to one or more of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited, a UK private company limited by guarantee, and its network of member
firms, each of which is a legally separate and independent entity. Please see for a detailed description of the legal
structure of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited and its member firms.

Manager, Global Online Communications
         Communications liaison and advisor for 53 Deloitte member firms in 150 different countries. Advise and deploy Deloitte Touche
         Tohmatsu's global online communications, marketing and brand objectives. This includes gathering, developing, and disseminating
         online communications best practices and strategies, inclusive of the adoption of internal and external Social Media channels. With
         the use of Social Media, responsible for helping to foster a global collaborative environment to share best practices, knowledge,
         and ideas.

         Selected Accomplishments:
             Key and integral team member of numerous Global Social Media initiatives, to include:
                        Community manager for the Deloitte Global Facebook Fan page and the Deloitte Twitter account. Responsible for
                         finding content, posting, and monitoring accounts, to include responding and interacting.
                                  Grew Facebook fan base from approximately 9,000 fans in October 2009 to approximately 42,105
                                   fans as of December 10, 2010 (a 368% increase in a little over a year). Grew Twitter follower base
                                   from several hundred in October 2009 to approximately 9,200 followers as of December 10, 2010 (a
                                   4500% increase in a little over a year).
                                  Working closely with Global PR, developed a crisis response methodology.
                                  Social media mentions on the web grew by an average of 12% month-over-month.
                        Development and global roll-out of a Global “Social Media Guidelines” document, intended for use in educating
                         employees on the proper use of internal and external social media when representing Deloitte. Developed in
                         conjunction with the Legal, Risk, Marketing, Communications, and Knowledge Management divisions.
                                  The Social Media guidelines are now widely adopted in many member firms.
                        Development of a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube user guides, all of which explain step-by-step
                         processes on how to use these platforms to best promote the Deloitte brand.
                                  The Facebook and Twitter user guides are now widely adopted in many member firms.

             Responsible for the launch of two internal social media networks using the Yammer and Socialcast platforms. The
              intent was to use these platforms for internal collaboration and knowledge sharing for all Deloitte employees.
                       After three years since I launched Yammer, it has officially been rolled out as a Global
                        collaboration platform, with 182,000 members. Socialcast currently counts 1,784 members, but will
                        soon be phased to make way for Yammer.
             Assisted and helped develop and test an internal Social Media E-learning course for new hires (Deloitte LLP, USA).
                       The mandatory e-learning course is currently deployed in the US Firm, to be followed by a Global
             Evaluated and recommended social media monitoring tools.
                       Meltwater Buzz was initially used, evaluated ScoutLabs and used Radian6.
             Evaluated competitor external social media presence and best in class examples of firms using social media
              successfully. Worked closely with Member Firms to assist in implementing and mentoring on social media for
              recruitment, events promotion, branding, competitive intelligence, and eminence.
                       Recommendations were presented to the Deloitte World Meeting 2009 members and implemented
                        Global strategies for recruiting with Web 2.0.technologies, including social media.
             Led global training sessions on how to use social media and related tools such as Twitter client Hootsuite, internal
              collaboration tools such as D-Wiki (official collaboration site), Socialcast and Yammer.
                       Greater awareness among Member Firms of the social media landscape and the proper use of
                        each channel.
             Through the use of key messaging using social media, raised awareness for voting for Deloitte and its non-profit
              partner, College Summit, for the U.S. Partnership Award.
                       Deloitte won and, took top honors in this people’s choice category, earning the award for their
                        work to increase college enrollment rates in low-income U.S. communities.
             Utilized social media to promote Deloitte’s nomination for the B2B Twitterer of the Year award, in category Natl/Intl
              B2B Services Co.
                       Deloitte won the award in its category.

   Evaluated and recommended multiple tools and best practices for the Global Online Communications strategy.
             Recommendations were presented to the Deloitte World Meeting 2009 members.
             Evaluated internal collaboration tools, such as Confluence, SocialText, Huddle, Twiki, Telligent, and Lotus
                       Lotus Connections currently being used in Deloitte LLP US pilot phase.
             Evaluated several innovation and rewards & recognition tools for use in global brainstorming efforts, such as Spigit
              Innovation Management Software, and Intuit Brainstorm.
                       Currently using Intuit Brainstorm in the U.S. and global launch in January 2011.

   Work closely with and directly involved in all facets of the Office of Information Management (OIM) as they pertain to the platform.
             Facilitated monthly Global regional calls with Member Firms around Enterprise Content Management (OpenText)
              refresher training sessions in coordination with OIM.
                       Global audience numbers in the hundreds.
             Author of a bi-weekly newsletter relating to all things pertaining to online communications, with monthly Global
              regional calls scheduled and topics and speakers varied.
                       Distribution lists number around 500 participants. Calls were for the Americas, EMEA and APAC
             Helped organize User Acceptance Testing for various website platform migrations, in conjunction with OIM. Active
              participant in testing.
                       Results are used in implementing critical fixes and changes to the OpenText ECM platform.

              Responsible for up-keep and updating over twenty pages and content which reside on our company intranet.
                        Pages include newsletter and training archives, best practices in e-marketing, and social media resources.
                        Created a global social media request form on our company intranet, to streamline process for Member Firms
                         requesting to post content on the social media channels.
                                  Member firms educated on how to submit content requests for Social Media channels in a
                                   streamlined process, and there is raised awareness on which content is appropriate for specific
                        Created Member Firm social media contacts page on our internal global portal. The page lists all country accounts
                         and contact info.
                                  In keeping with the As One strategy, member firms are able to quickly assess what other member
                                   firm’s social media efforts are.

              Working closely with Global Public Relations and Member Firms in promoting world events using social media and tracking
                        Events include the Deloitte World Meeting 2009 and 2010, the World Economic Forum at Davos 2010, Summer
                         Davos in Asia, International Women’s Day, International Student Business Forum, Deloitte 21, Fantasy Football
                         League, Global Reporting Initiative, United Nations Global Compact, Deloitte Technology Fast 500 EMEA, Deloitte
                         Technology Fast 500 Asia, and Deloitte Technology Fast 500 Global initiatives.

              Responsible for uploading of all Global Press Releases for the Global Public Relations team, as well as providing guidance,
               via detailed mock-up, for a new and improved online newsroom. Working knowledge of HTML.
                        New online newsroom to be implemented Spring 2011.

              Core member of the following Communities of Practice: Culture Transformation / Collaboration / Social Media / Knowledge
               Sharing / Taxonomy and Social Tagging / Social Media Affinity Group / Virtual Marketplace Communities.
                        Invited as a speaker, and also responsible for inviting keynote speakers such as Peter Williams, CEO of
                         Deloitte Digital/Australia, and Carlos Dominguez, SVP, Office of the CEO at Cisco Systems.

              Regular online attendee at relevant industry webinars.
                        In 2010, attended the Twitter Developer Chirp Conference in San Francisco, CA, and the Ragan
                         Communications Social Media Summit at Cisco Systems in San Jose, CA and in Vancouver, B.C.

Deloitte LLP                                                                                                              April 2007-July 2009
In the United States, Deloitte LLP is the member firm of DTT.

Manager, Internet Research
               Recruited as a contract Internet Researcher in August 2006. I was asked to join Deloitte full-time after 8 months, in April
               2007.Under the Leadership of Rob McIntosh, my team and I support the Candidate Development Team with internet sourcing
               of passive and active candidates for large hiring initiatives. I managed a team of two people here in the US and two people in
               our Hyderabad, India facility. The team supported the Talent Acquisition divisions of Deloitte Tax, Deloitte Consulting, Deloitte
               Financial Advisory Services and Deloitte Audit & Enterprise Risk Services.

               Selected Accomplishments:
              Responsible for vendor relations with external research: Under my management, outside expenditure of research decreased
               by over $100,000 in 6 months, and over $226,000 in savings. Research request projects were always canvassed internally
               first by scouring our databases, then my team performed online research and gleaned leads. Results: Dependency on
               External Vendors Research has decreased to an almost null amount.
              Main point of contact for Recruitment Competitive Intelligence: I provided competitive intelligence reports around our
               competitor companies to all members of the Candidate Development Team, the Experienced Hire Team, as well as company
               leadership. I used secondary research sources as the main method, with some primary research as well.
              Utilized various methods and tools to search for candidates: complex Boolean search strings, RSS Feeds, Blogs,
               Business/Social Networks, Web 2.0 based sites, newsgroups, associations, industry-specific technologies, niche job boards
               as well as major job boards, forums, and more.

             Provided E-learning webinars within Deloitte on how to set up RSS feeds, best practices on using LinkedIn for recruitment,
              creating optimal strings for job boards search agents, partial training on the use of SalesForce as it pertains to Research. I
              have provided web-based training for my Deloitte colleagues in Europe, Canada, Australia and India.
             Created methodology and process for members of our Hyderabad, India, offices on best practices in validating Leads within
              SalesForce. This effort ensured the data integrity of our database. Reduction of costs of over $100,000.
             In charge of evaluating and purchasing research tools. Tools included InfoGist Platinum, AIRS Oxygen, Broadlook
              Technologies (Diver, Profiler, Eclipse, Contact Capture), LinkedIn Recruiter, and specialty Job Boards such as The Ladders
              and Execunet (to name a few). Very active Beta tester on new online and PC-based tools.
             Member Online Sourcing Strategy Team. Creator of the Sourcing Collaboration Center on the Talent Gateway on Deloittenet,
              the company intranet. This site provides documents, training webinars, tips & tricks on how to use the internet for candidate
              sourcing, competitive intelligence reports, useful sites and more. Currently being used as part of a required curriculum for the
              Learning Path Initiative for all recruiters and sourcers.
             Creator of the original Deloitte Twitter account, now known as JoinDeloitteUS, which currently has over 3,100 followers as of
              7.24.10.This inspired the creation of the DeloitteUS account and the LifeAtDeloitte recruiting account.
             Member: Social Media Global Strategy Development. Integral member of several project teams, including Recruiting with
              Social Media, Social Media Futurist View, D-Think/Innovation Mall and Competitor Activities. Findings were presented at the
              Deloitte World Meeting 2009. (See Manager Global Online Communications profile above for more information on this).
             Member: Early Adopter Program on Sharepoint.
             Member: User Acceptability Test Group for customized SalesForce initial roll-out.
             Member: Coordinating Corporate Social Network and Candidate Development Team/Sourcing Collaboration Center on
              Deloitte Corporate Intranet.
             Member: Pilot of Instant Messaging use for PDAs.
             Member: Social Media Affinity Group.
             I personally have a major online presence which greatly expands my networking capabilities. For reference: See my LinkedIn
              Professional Profile, which is just one of over thirty Business/Social Networking sites to which I subscribe.

MTR, Inc. / InfoSourcer Inc.                                                                                         October 2001-April 2007
MTR Inc. was a Professional Services and Executive Search Firm, providing Recruitment Services, Market Research, Internet Research,
Public Relations, Sales & Marketing, and Corporate Intelligence to a variety of industries. InfoSourcer provided Internet Research, Name
Generation and Sourcing services to all industries, worldwide. MTR Inc. & InfoSourcer Inc. were headquartered in Bend, Oregon.

CIO/ Senior Researcher & Sourcer/Co-Founder
    Job Responsibilities:
              Sourcing of candidates from the Internet utilizing various methods: complex Boolean search strings, flip search, x-raying,
              peeling, newsgroups, associations, industry-specific technologies, niche job boards as well as major job boards, blogs and
              business networks. Also extensive use of e-mail and cold-calling networking techniques.

              Selected Accomplishments:
             Acquired by the HireCalling Holding company in 2007.
             Internet sourcing of candidates resulting in permanent placements for Quartet Network Storage, Providian Financial
              (Disaster Recovery Project), NS Holdings, MailFrontier, Zetta Systems and Trend Micro (amongst others).
             Responsible for training all personnel to be well-versed in Applicant Tracking Systems, databases, and network operations.
             Providing research consulting services for The American Institute for Full Employment, Hire Calling, Jeld-Wen, iProbe
              Solutions, ISSCI, Pathfinder Search Partners, Ilink-Systems, ARYX Pharmaceuticals, NS Holdings, Willmott &
              Associates, eSearchPro, Capital H Group, Wilson HR, PeopleSource, Aspire Search, and The AccuSource Group.
             Facilitated Marketing and PR consulting services for Zetta Systems, a data storage start-up company (now Overland
              Storage). Provided recruiting services.
             Technical Lead in Research and Product Marketing Analysis.
             Co-authored, with Ron McManmon, the Career Marketing Program (CMP), an innovate software product designed
              specifically for today’s jobseeker. Refer to Careeradex, the updated online version of the CMP. Currently in private beta.
             Instrumental in securing key relationships with vendors of new and emerging technologies, including but not limited to: CBiz
              Software, Hiredesk, JobMachine, EmployOn, Infogist, YourJobSearcher,eQuest, TrueAdvantage, VacancyWatch and

             Industry specialties include: Security Software, Data Storage, Business Intelligence & Analytics, Data Warehousing,
              Networks, Wireless, Semiconductor, Multimedia, Human Resources, Biotech, Government, Diversity.

Pangaea Technology Resources                                                                                   July 2000-October 2001
An MRI ( Management Recruiters International) President’s Club award winning franchise; was located in Bend, Oregon.
Senior Internet Researcher/Network Administrator
Job Responsibilities:

             Initially recruited into this company as an Internet Researcher to source passive candidates online for multiple technology,
             energy, and financial services clients. Promoted to Senior Internet Researcher within four months.

              Selected Accomplishments:
             Awarded Top 5% Internet Researcher status by MRI.
             Sourcing candidates from the Internet resulted in placements and revenues worth over $420,000 in a little over a year.
              Industry focus: IT and Energy. Clients included: Volera, Voxeo, ActivCard, Advent Networks, Foundry Networks,
              Ericsson, Mahi Networks, APB Energy, and TXU Energy.
             Trained all recruiters and staff on proper use of CAPS database, a complex recruiting software solution. Beta-tester lead.
             Responsible for all Network Administration procedures: daily back-ups, PC troubleshooting, vendor liaison.
             Evaluated, recommended and was decision-maker in all IT-related purchases.

Sunlight Solar, Inc.                                                                                                    August 1999-July 2000
A sustainable energy company headquartered in Bend, Oregon.

Research and Marketing Manager
    Job Responsibilities & Selected Accomplishments:
             Research and evaluation of new products within the renewable energy industries, including solar, wind, fuel cell and
              hydrogen-based technologies. Participated in all management decisions for new product acquisitions.
             Grew company and general sustainable energy exposure by 300%. Authored articles and press releases which were
              disseminated throughout all media outlets in Oregon.
             Coordinated conventions and tradeshows in conjunction with State Agencies, private parties, and not-for-profit organizations

SharkPOD USA, Inc.                                                                                                  October 1996-July 1999
SharkPOD is the world’s first electronic shark repelling device, developed by the Natal Sharks Board of South Africa. SharkPOD is
headquartered in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, with offices in Miami, Florida.

Director of Marketing Strategies
    Job Responsibilities & Selected Accomplishments:
             Developed, coordinated and implemented marketing feasibility and customer analysis for the product.
             Coordinated international public relations, press releases with all media outlets, resulting in over $4.2 million in advertising
              exposure. Featured media included: Discovery Channel, The New York Times, National Geographic, TIME, Popular
              Science, French and Scandinavian TV, The Learning Channel, American Journal and Real TV.
             SharkPOD Consulting included:
                   Ven AM Sea Technology. This company was commissioned to the archaeological excavation of King Louis XIV’s Royal
                   Fleet in the Caribbean. Co-authored complete business prospectus. Liaison between archaeologists, French Ministry of
                   Culture, and The French and Spanish Archives. Media exposure included National Geographic and French National
                   Shark Island Environmental Research Center. Prepared complete business plan, budget, implementation of sustainable
                   energy technologies for this unique eco-tourism island in the Bahamas.

Mondo One Productions, Inc.                                                                               February 1991-September 1994
Mondo One Productions facilitated photo and video productions for the international fashion industry. Mondo One Productions was
headquartered in Miami, Florida.

Senior Production Coordinator
    Job Responsibilities & Selected Accomplishments:
             Coordinated, managed and implemented fashion magazine and video productions in Florida and the Caribbean. Average
              production budget exceeded $300,000. Organized all facets of production: location scouting, hiring photographers, models,
              make-up artists, and stylists. Worked with world-renowned photographers and models.

A&M Records, Inc.                                                                                        January 1988-January 1991
A&M Records is an artist recording company, a part of the PolyGram Group, now Vivendi/Universal Music. A&M is headquartered in Los
Angeles, California, with offices worldwide. Located in Paris, France.

Label Manager
    Job Responsibilities & Selected Accomplishments:
             Executed multi-million dollar budgets for marketing and promotion, in order to assure maximum exposure for A&M artist
              roster, which included: Janet Jackson, Sting, Barry White, David Crosby, The Neville Brothers, Suzanne Vega,
              Supertramp, Iggy Pop, Herb Alpert, Bryan Adams, and Soundgarden.
             Generated revenue of over $3 million in record sales.
             Managed a 50-person sales force and promotion team within the French territory.
             Prepared and organized over two hundred concerts. Arranged numerous international press junkets.
             Primary liaison between the French office and headquarters in the USA.

United International Pictures                                                                             February 1987-November 1987
United International Pictures is a joint venture between Universal, Paramount and DreamWorks, motion picture companies. UIP is
headquartered in Los Angeles, California. Located in Paris, France.

Assistant Press Attachée
    Job Responsibilities & Selected Accomplishments:

         Assisted in the promotion of American films in France. Duties included: orchestrating media exposure and interviews between
           actors and French media at the prestigious American Film Festival of Deauville, France.

         Successfully translated and interpreted interviews between American actors, producers and directors. Films worked on:
           James Bond: The Living Daylights (directed by Albert Broccoli and starring Timothy Dalton and Maryam D’Abo), and The
           Untouchables (directed by Brian DePalma and starring Robert DeNiro, Kevin Costner and Andy Garcia).

The New York Times / Washington Post / Newsweek / Philadelphia Inquirer                                      Various periods 1985-1987
These are all world-renowned news publications, with headquarters in the USA. Located in Paris, France.

Researcher and Documentalist
    Job Responsibilities & Selected Accomplishments:
         Part-time duties comprised of extensive research for Bureau Chiefs and news correspondents’ articles. Analyzed and
           compiled data for the media libraries. Documentalist for Judith Miller and Richard Bernstein at the New York Times.

                                                       EDUCATION & TRAINING
Certificate in Network Administration BBDP / CAPS (2000) Chicago, IL.

Bachelor of Arts, Environmental Science Florida International University (1996) Miami, FL. Honors: Golden Key National Honor Society.

Diploma, International Hotel Management Institut International Maxim’s (1985) Paris, France.

Diploma, French Language, Literature and Civilization University of Aix/Marseille (1983) Aix-en-Provence, France.

                                                            TECHNICAL SKILLS

                                            Social Media / Digital Marketing Tools (Sample):

             Twitter                                      Facebook                                 LinkedIn
             YouTube                                      Google+                                  Google Analytics
             Radian6                                      Omniture Web Analytics tool              Facebook Insights
             Hootsuite                                    Tweetdeck                                CoTweet
             Quora                                        TypePad                                  WordPress
             Foursquare                                   Facebook Places                          BrightKite
             Seesmic                                      Plancast                                 QR Codes
             Yammer                                       Socialcast                               Diigo
             Netvibes                                     Google Wave                              Google Buzz
             Newsgator                                                               Wikipedia
             Evernote                                     Pinterest                             

                                                  Computer/Software Skills (Sample):

             SharePoint 2007/2010                                                 Confluence
             Saba/Centra                                  Vignette/OpenText ECM                    Lotus Connections
             Documentum E-room                            Taleo ATS                                Intuit Brainstorm Innovation
             Knowledge of HTML                            Microsoft LiveMeeting                    SnagIt
             MS Office 97/2003/2007/2010                  Windows 95/98/ME/2000/2003/XP            MS Office Communicator
                                                             Pro/ Vista Enterprise/7 Enterprise

                                                  Internet Research Tools (Sample):

             Broadlook Technologies                       RSS Feeds                                Advanced Boolean Strings
             InfoGist                                     SearchExpo                               AIRS Oxygen
             Factiva                                      Professional Associations                Zoominfo
             Lexis-Nexis                                  Hoovers Pro                              Thomas Register
             TrueAdvantage                                Forrester, Gartner, IDC & AMR            Jigsaw

                                                Awards/Associations/Personal Profile

   Please visit my Google+ Profile for a list of Social Networks memberships.
   Winner of four Applause Awards at Deloitte.
   Member of Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP). Not current.
   Winner of SourceCon Challenge #2, 2007. SourceCon is the first Global Sourcing Conference as it pertains to Talent Acquisition.
   Panelist for The Human Capital Institute. Invited to be a Panelist numerous times for the Strategic Sourcing Series.
   Fluent in English, French, Italian and Spanish. Able to translate and interpret in all four languages.
   International Language Instructor Inlingua of Switzerland. Have taught Italian, French, English & Spanish to private students.
   Broad cross-cultural experience and knowledge: able to communicate effectively at all levels and with all cultures.
   Dual citizenship both USA and European Union (Italy). Extensive world travel.
   Excellent analytical and project management abilities.
                                                    Excellent references provided upon request


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