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					                                                                                                                                November - December, 2008

                                               Along the Coast
                                                     to Labrador
                           Corporate Headquarters: Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada A0P 1C0

    Labrador West’s Continuing Care Clinic Offers Continuity of Care
                                                                                                  November 2008 marked a one-year anniversary for the Continuing
                                                                                               Care Clinic at the Captain William Jackman Memorial Hospital, and both
                                                                                               clients and staff alike are expressing that improvements in service have
                                                                                               been realized as a result of this new initiative in Labrador West.
                                                                                                  The Continuing Care Clinic was designed to help tailor services to
                                                                                               meet the needs of clients with chronic medical conditions that required
                                                                                               frequent trips to the local hospital. While the clients require close
                                                                                               contact with the hospital, their conditions are non-emergent. This
                                                                                               previously meant long waiting times in the local Emergency Room.
                                                                                               These same clients now visit the Continuing Care Clinic, where they
                                                                                               receive services on a walk-in basis in an area more conducive to non-
                                                                                               emergency care, reflecting the current shift from acute care to
                                                                                               community health and wellness.
                                                                                                  The Clinic is open from Monday to Friday (8:00 to 10:00 a.m.),
                                                                                                providing long term injections (e.g., Vitamin B12), certain types of IV
Brenda Letto (left), Community Health Nurse with Sadie Martin at the
Continuing Care Clinic, CWJMH.
                                                                                                therapy, port flushes, wound care and dressing changes, and staple and
                                                                                                suture removal. Home visits are also provided for non-ambulatory
clients who require these services. A physician referral is required.
   According to Theresa Dyson, Regional Director of Community Health and Wellness, the new Continuing Care Clinic has resulted
in improvements in the continuity of care for clients requiring this type of health service in Labrador West. “The staff at the Clinic
have developed close care relationships with the clients and are able to follow their progress more effectively as a result. This
                                                                          means a better service for continuing care clients in this area of the region”.
                                                                             Clients have grown to appreciate the convenience and the reduced waiting times they
           What’s Inside?                                                 now experience. “I have been coming to this clinic ever since it started last year”, notes
    Foundation Update . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .2              Sadie Martin. “I am always amazed at the care and compassion I receive from the nurses
    Photo Trivia . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .2       here. This clinic is very convenient for me; I get up, start my day, head to the clinic to get
    Building Partnerships . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .3                  my dressing changed and continue on with the rest of my day. It’s the best thing that
    Trivia . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .3 could have happened”.
    Service Awards . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4                Clarence Williams agrees. He is very grateful for the care he has received at the Clinic
    Around the Region . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4                this past year. “I had to have an operation on my leg”, he says. “I was downhearted and
    Season of Giving . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .7             giving up, but after attending this Clinic, I soon found out that if you went all around the
    Friends of Along the Coast . . . . . . . . . .7                       world, you could not find better nurses”.
    Christmas Memories . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .8                      The Continuing Care Clinic nursing staff note that the long-term relationships they have
    From the Homes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .12                formed with their clients have not only built trust and mutual respect, but have also led to
    Professional Development . . . . . . . . .16                          efficiencies in the way they deliver services. “The greatest benefit is the continuity of care”,
    Retirements . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .18
                                                                          says Brenda Letto, Community Health Nurse. “We really get to know our clients. Since we
    Comings and Goings . . . . . . . . . . . . . .19
                                                                          see most of them on a daily basis, we have an increased understanding of their needs and
    Obituaries . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .19
                                                                          are better able to provide personalized care”.
    From the Past . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .20
                                                                             For more information on the Continuing Care Clinic at the Captain William Jackman
                                                                          Memorial Hospital, please call 944-9321 or 944-9366.


Labrador East Chapter

Partners in Care:
Innu Nation Contributes to New CT Scanner
   Representatives of the Grenfell Foundation (Labrador East
Chapter) and Labrador-Grenfell Health were joined by
members of the Innu Nation Executive on December 5, 2008, as
they presented a cheque for $100,000 to the Grenfell
Foundation, to assist with the purchase of a new CT Scanner for
the Labrador Health Centre.
   "We are very proud and pleased to assist with the purchase
of this vital piece of diagnostic equipment", said Grand Chief
Mark Nui. "Many people from all over Labrador will benefit
from this new, faster and more efficient technology".
   Rex Goudie, Chair of the Grenfell Foundation’s Labrador East
Chapter applauded the contribution. "The support from the
Innu Nation will be instrumental in levering funding from other      On hand for the presentation were (l-r): Mary Snelgrove,
partners for this equipment”, he said. “Our objective as a         Grenfell Foundation Coordinator; Marjorie Learning, VP and
Foundation is to raise funds that will allow Labrador-Grenfell     Chief Operating Officer, Acute and Long Term Care; Peter
Health to keep pace with advances in medical technology and        Penashue, Deputy Grand Chief, Innu Nation; Rex Goudie, Chair,
we are pleased to have the Innu Nation as a partner in this        Grenfell Foundation (Labrador East Chapter); Grand Chief Mark
initiative".                                                       Nui, Innu Nation; Chief Anastasia Qupee, Sheshatshiu Innu First
   The Grenfell Foundation is a registered charitable              Nation and Chief Prote Poker, Mushuau Innu First Nation.
organization and is the main fundraising body of Labrador-
Grenfell Health. All funds raised are used locally for the
purchase of priority medical equipment.

                                                                   South Chapter

                                                                   A new lift for the John M. Gray Centre

                                                                      The Grenfell Foundation recently presented residents of the
                                                                   John M. Gray Centre with a new ARJO Maxi Move patient lift.
                                                                   The lift also has an integrated scale option which will enable
                                                                   residents to be weighed during transfers.

                                                                    On hand for the presentation were (l-r): Wilfred Rumbolt,
                                                                  Grenfell Foundation Chair (South Chapter); Rosarii Patey,
                                                                  Regional Director of Long Term Care Services and Zita Budgell,
                                                                  Nursing Team Leader, John M. Gray Centre.

  This issue:                                                    Last issue:
  Q: Name the building in this picture.                          Q: Name the children shown
                                                                    in this photograph.

                                                                 A: These are the children of Dr.
                                                                    Wilfred and Lady Grenfell (l-r):
                                                                    Pascoe, Rosamond and Wilfred. (Thank you to Mr. Alwyn
                                                                    Sansford of Bridgewater, Nova Scotia, for submitting the
                                                                    correct response).
                                                                                        ALONG THE COAST TO LABRADOR – NOVEMBER - DECEMBER 2008, PAGE 3


Mental Health/Police Liaison Team
     The Mental Health Team in the southern part of the Labrador-Grenfell Health region is working together with police officers
on the Northern Peninsula to build relationships, educate one another and keep lines of communication open. In other words,
huge steps are being made to bridge gaps that have existed for many years.
   Back in January 2008, Mental Health staff and police officers came together to form a Mental Health/Police Liaison team. This
team is comprised of Mental Health staff members from St. Anthony, Flower’s Cove, Roddickton and Port Saunders, as well as the
Regional Director for Mental Health and Addictions, Ms. Deanne Costello. It also includes police officers from each detachment of
the Northern Peninsula District. The team is chaired by Janice Genge, Mental Health Case Manager and S/Sgt. George
Noseworthy, RCMP District Commander of the Northern Peninsula.
   The team meets monthly to discuss particular case situations and other concerns and is currently working on developing a
revised Memorandum of Understanding, which will result in a new process for information sharing. Education is also a major
                                                                        component and the team incorporates team
                                                                        development workshops for this purpose. The goal is to
                                                                        achieve an optimal working relationship by gaining a
                                                                        greater appreciation and awareness of each others
                                                                        professions, roles and responsibilities.
                                                                           As far as members are aware, this team is the first of its
                                                                        kind in the province and they are very pleased with their
                                                                        success thus far. The establishment of the team has
                                                                        brought forward many changes in the working
                                                                        relationship and understanding of roles. As a result, team
                                                                        members feel they are now collectively providing a better
                                                                        service to both clients and communities.

                                                                                                                     Janice Genge, B.S.W., R.S.W
                                                                                                                    Mental Health Case Manager

Members of the Mental Health/Police Liaison team: (front row, l-r): Deanne Costello,
S/Sgt. George Noseworthy (Co-Chair), Janice Genge (Co-Chair) and Dr. Robert Pealing;
(middle row, l-r): Sheila Biles-Holloway, Tina Coombs, Tammy White, Rhonda Green and
Beverly Pittman; (back row, l-r): Dave Sparkes, Cst. Thomas Roach, Cst. Shane Clarke,
Lydia Van Niekerk, Cst. Phil Joudrey and Cst. Gregory Charlton.


   This issue:

   Q: Who was the English Nurse stationed in Flowers Cove from 1947 to 1953? What building is currently named in her

   Last issue:

   Q: Name the house that the Rev. Henry Gordon once lived in. It was given to the IGA for the Industrial Department by
        the Hudson Bay Company in Cartwright in 1934.

   A: This house was known as “Half Beaver Cottage”.


Harry L. Paddon Memorial Home, Happy Valley-Goose Bay
   On October 30, 2008 several staff members at Paddon Memorial Home were presented with awards in recognition of milestones
in their years of service. Labrador-Grenfell Health thanks all those receiving awards for their dedicated service to the residents of
the Labrador-Grenfell Health region. Many staff attended and enjoyed the presentations, followed by an afternoon tea.

Paddon Home staff receiving service awards included (l-r): Williamina Mugford (5 years); Jesse Pomeroy (5 years), Wavey Bartlett (5 years), Kim White (15 years),
Wavey Montague (15 years), Dianne Whalen (10 years), Lorenzo Webber (15 years), Lillian Marshall (10 years) and Debbie Fudge (15 years).

Missing from photo:
Five-year award recipients: Tracey McLean, Melissa Yetman, Pamela Bursey, Kelly Dyson, Gail Noseworthy, Michelle Jacobs, Marilyn Attwood and Ed Morgan.
Fifteen-year award recipients: Gladys Peach, Robert Shiwak and Karen Gillard.


St. Anthony - World Diabetes Day
   World Diabetes Day, celebrated on November 14, was created to raise
awareness of the diabetes epidemic, which now affects 246 million
people and their families around the world. November 14 is also the
birthday of Canadian Sir Frederick G. Banting, the co-discoverer of
insulin. This year’s theme was focused on the heart disease theme:
   Get Serious: 1 in 5 survives. We can all do better. Today, only 1 in
5 people with diabetes survives heart disease. Early diagnosis and good
diabetes management can lower a person’s cardiovascular age and
considerably reduce the risk.
   In 2008, Canadians were invited to join the Blue-La Hoop Challenge
on World Diabetes Day and help raise awareness of this chronic disease.
Blue hoola-hoops were chosen as inspiration for the event as a blue
circle is the international symbol for diabetes and the symbol for World
Diabetes Day.
   At the Charles S. Curtis Memorial Hospital, staff were invited to an
event outside the cafeteria, where educational information, blood
glucose testing, healthy snacks and prize draws were offered.
                                                                                                Dr. Murugesan Kulandaivela, Anesthetist (right), “hoops it up”
                                                                                                for diabetes awareness, while Ethel Byrne, Regional Diabetes
                                                                                                Nurse Educator, looks on.
                                                                                               ALONG THE COAST TO LABRADOR – NOVEMBER - DECEMBER 2008, PAGE 5


Goldie White Receives Centennial Award                                               The Centennial Awards, created by the Canadian Nurses
                                                                                  Association (CAN) in honor of its centennial, are a one-time
                                                                                  award celebrating 100 exceptional registered nurses whose
                                                                                  personal and professional contributions have made an
                                                                                  outstanding and significant impact on the nursing profession.
                                                                                  CNA announced the recipients of the CNA Centennial Awards
                                                                                  earlier this year, during National Nursing Week, celebrated
                                                                                  from May 12 to 18.
                                                                                     Goldie White, Regional Nurse II/Nurse Practitioner at the
                                                                                  Makkovik Community Clinic, officially received this
                                                                                  prestigious award in Ottawa, ON in November 2008. She
                                                                                  joined six other Registered Nurses from Newfoundland and
                                                                                  Labrador in accepting this unique award.
                                                                                     For 50 years, Goldie has practiced nursing in a variety of
                                                                                  community based positions in advanced roles - performing
                                                                                  deliveries, dental extractions and x-rays and dealing with
                                                                                  widespread TB. Goldie has been a strong member of her
Goldie White officially receives the Centennial Award (l-r): Jane Ellis, Acting   nursing association, ARNNL and has served as President of her
Executive Director of the Canadian Nurses Association; Goldie White, Regional
Nurse II, Makkovik and Kaaren Neufeld, President of the of the Canadian
                                                                                  local chapter. Goldie’s leadership and commitment is evident
Nurses Association.                                                               in her contributions to her patients and the profession.

   Mary’s Harbour Community Clinic Staff Say a Special Thank-You

                                                                                      While Ted Rumbolt will officially receive an award from
                                                                                   Labrador-Grenfell Health in 2009, as a part of the health
                                                                                   authority’s service awards program, his local co-workers
                                                                                   decided to mark the official date of his 20 years of service
                                                                                   with a staff and family barbecue in his honor. They also
                                                                                   chipped in their own funds to purchase him a new watch, a
                                                                                   reflection of their appreciation for Ted’s service and
                                                                                   commitment to the organization, the staff and residents of
                                                                                   Mary's Harbour.

                                                                                   Celebrating Ted’s 20 years of service (l-r): Alison Normore, Olive Rumbolt,
                                                                                   Robert Wiscombe, Ted Rumbolt, Lana Fillier, Stanley Rumbolt and Natalie

St. Lewis – Community Education Session
   Earlier this fall, St. Lewis Community Clinic staff were joined by Ethel
Byrne, Regional Diabetes Nurse Educator, in hosting an educational
afternoon tea for the community. Sixteen participants enjoyed a cup of
tea and a healthy snack while discussing diabetes prevention and control.
Diabetes is a challenging disease and healthy eating and active living are
both key in prevention and management. The community of St. Lewis
continues to organize and encourage its residents to take care of their
health.                                                                                          Participants in the diabetes awareness event in St. Lewis.


  Labrador City says Thank You: Local Hair Stylist Holds “Cut-a-Thon Fundraiser”
  On Saturday, November 22, 2008, local hair stylist,
Deanna Howell, held a 12-hour cut-a-thon to raise funds
and create awareness of drug abuse. Ms. Howell
donated $500 to Mental Health and Addictions Services,
Captain William Jackman Memorial Hospital. Labrador-
Grenfell Health thanks Ms. Howell for her generous
contribution and for her interest in helping provide
services to Mental Health and Addictions clients.

                Ozette Simpson, COO West (left) and Dena Hobbs,
                Addictions Coordinator (centre) accept a cheque from
                Deanna Howell, hair stylist in Labrador West.

  St. Anthony - Introducing Youth to Health Careers
                                                                   On Wednesday, November 5, 2008, several grade nine students from
                                                                 Harriot Curtis Collegiate spent the day at various departments at the
                                                                 Charles S. Curtis Memorial Hospital and Mission Store, St. Anthony. As a
                                                                 part of the annual national Take Our Kids to Work Day event, the students
                                                                 had an opportunity to experience a wide variety of job and career
                                                                 options in the health and community services fields.
                                                                   The Take Our Kids to Work program illustrates the importance of
                                                                 education, skills development and training while giving students the
                                                                 opportunity to experience the world of work and the variety of career
                                                                 opportunities that await them.

                                                                 Among those participating in Take our Kids to Work at Curtis Memorial
                                                                 Hospital were (l-r): Agnes McCarthy, Clerk I, Day Surgery and Kristen
                                                                 Patey, Student, pictured here during a tour of the OR.

  Mary’s Harbour - Getting Prepared: Clinic Staff Participate in Mock Disaster Exercise
   The staff of the Mary's Harbour Clinic, in conjunction with the
local Fire Department, RCMP, St. Mary's Drama Club and
community residents, recently participated in a mock disaster at
the community wharf. The mock disaster simulated an explosion
on board a long liner. This test of the community’s emergency
response was a great learning experience for all involved. The
team plans to hold another mock disaster in the spring of 2009.

                                  A mock disaster is simulated at the community
                                  wharf in Mary’s Harbour.
                                                                           ALONG THE COAST TO LABRADOR – NOVEMBER - DECEMBER 2008, PAGE 7


Labrador City
Christmas is always a busy time at local food banks. Once again, this
year, staff at the Captain William Jackman Memorial Hospital
collected for this worthy cause. Staff gave generously and filled the
food collection box over and over.

                          L-R: Sheila Hedderson, Environmental
                          Services; Helen Picco, Health Records and
                          Ozette Simpson, Chief Operating Officer.

                                                                                             St. Anthony
                                                                                               Medical Services staff in St.
                                                                                             Anthony     each     personally
                                                                                             contributed in order to present
                                                                                             the St. Anthony and Area Food
                                                                                             Sharing Association with a
                                                                                             cheque for $1050.

                                                                                             (l-r): Dr. Antonio Uy, Family
                                                                                          Physician;      Dr.     Kenatingal
                                                                                          Aravindakshan, Pediatrician; Dr.
                                                                                          Trudy O’Keefe, Family Physician;
                                                                                          Dr. Kweku Dankwa, Associate VP
                                                                                          Medical Services/Pathologist; Dr.
                                                                                          Harleen Singh, Family Physician;
                                                                                          Captain Raymond Janes, St.
                                                                                          Anthony and Area Food Sharing
 Association; Dr. Hany Fahmy, Family Physician; Dr. Catherine Penney, Chief of Family Practice/Chief of Staff and Dr. William
 Fitzgerald, Chief of Surgery.
    Missing from photo are: Dr. Mahesh Guntamukkala, Anesthesiologist; Dr. Murugesan Kulandaivelu, Anesthetist; Dr. Ernest
 Buitendag, Anesthesiologist; Dr. Hoi Kwan Lee, Anesthesiologist; Dr. Kofi Amu-Darko, Family Physician; Dr. Vara Mahadevan,
 Family Physician; Dr. Sarada Paladugu, Obstetrician/Gynecologist; Dr. Devicka Roopram, Obstetrician/Gynecologist; Dr. Ravi
 Vatturi, Orthopedic Surgeon; Dr. Padma Guntamukkala, Pediatrician; Dr. Peter Hornett, Regional Director of Dental Services;
 Dr. Annie Hornett, Dentist and Dr. Stratis Touloumis, Dentist.


Thank you for sending ”Along the Coast to Labrador." My wife and I were especially delighted to read about the developments
in Happy Valley and North West River since we were there in the early 60's. One of the big problems then for students leaving
the High School in NWR was the lack of career opportunities and it was rare for one of the students to get to University, as the
Memorial University in Newfoundland was such a long way off. I even recognized a photo one of my old students, Paul Michelin
who is working as a paramedic. Reading the news from Labrador brought back many happy memories and we look forward to
future publications.
                                                                                                          With all good wishes.
                                                                                                         Anne and Roy Leinster


                                                                                                                     One-year old Daniel Daraei
                                                                                                                     enjoys a few moments at
                                                                                                                     the Nativity Scene at the
                                                                                                                     Labrador Health Centre in
                                                                                                                     Happy Valley-Goose Bay.
                                                                                                                     (Daniel is the son of
                                                                                                                     Mehrnaz Asadollahi,
                                                                                                                     Pharmacist and Dr. Nemat
                                                                                                                     Allah Daraei).

    Employees in Labrador City lined up for a delicious
    potluck feast on December 17, 2008. The meal was
    enjoyed by all and was followed by draws for 32
    lovely gift baskets, all filled with items donated by
    staff members.

                                                                  First Christmas: one-day old Blake Laydon and his mom Vicki Hancock (LPN,
                                                                  LSHC, Forteau) receive a gift from Santa on December 23, 2008 at the Charles
                                                                  S. Curtis Memorial Hospital.

   Three smiling snowmen showed up to help decorate
   the tree at the Labrador South Health Centre in
   Forteau (l-r): Ron Griffin, Maintenance Repairer;
   Cornelia Linstead, Nursing Coordinator and Wade
   Jones, Domestic Worker.                                       Children eagerly await Santa’s arrival at the Staff Children’s Christmas Party in
                                                                 Labrador City.
                                                                                          ALONG THE COAST TO LABRADOR – NOVEMBER - DECEMBER, 2008, PAGE 9


                                                                           Staff in St. Anthony who worked on the Christmas Parade Float earned the
                                                                           award for Best Non-Commercial Float. This year’s float featured GWT
                                                                           (Medevac plane) at the North Pole.

 St. Anthony Mayor Boyd Noel and Mark Wilcox of
 Roddickton turned the switch at the Annual Christmas Tree
                                                                       On December 20, 2008, Christmas spirit filled the air, as over 70 children of
 Lighting at the Charles S. Curtis Memorial Hospital, to
                                                                       Labrador-Grenfell Health staff in Happy Valley-Goose Bay came together to
 reveal a beautifully lit tree, with over 4600 LED lights.
                                                                       party with Mr. and Mrs. Claus. While waiting for their much anticipated
                                                                       arrival, the children made sundaes and danced to the wonderful live music of
                                                                       the Mitchell’s and Wayne Leblanc. Santa had presents for all the children. It
                                                                       was a delightful party enjoyed by all.

                                                                               Joint Hopedale CYFS/HRLE Office Christmas Party. Back row (l-r):
 Senior Executive assisted Aramark staff in serving a delicious meal
                                                                               Denise Cooper, Social Worker, CYFS and Elizabeth Tuglavina,
 during the all-staff Turkey Dinner in Happy Valley-Goose Bay (l-r):
                                                                               Community Service Worker, CYFS. Front row (l-r): Shirley Broomfield,
 Bev Broomfield, Clerk; Marge Learning, VP and Chief Operating
                                                                               HRLE; Charlotte Courage, Social Worker, CYFS and Tabea Jararuse,
 Officer, Acute and Long Term Care and Boyd Rowe, Chief Executive
                                                                               Secretary, HRLE/CYFS.


                                                                   On December 11, 2008, Management Staff at the Captain William Jackman Memorial
   Lori Winsor, Stenographer at the Captain William                Hospital in Labrador City served a delicious turkey dinner to the staff (l-r): Josée
   Jackman Memorial Hospital, proudly displays a                   Morel, Environmental Services Manager (Aramark); Sandy Penney, Regional Clinical
   stocking she won during the annual stocking draw.               Manager, Mental Health and Addictions Services; Heather Leriche, Manager,
   Each year, employees at the hospital drop off an                Budgeting and Lorraine Mitchell, Regional Director, Employee Development,
   item valued at $5 to the hospital Swichboard. Each              Training & Health.
   person who contributes has their name entered in a
   draw for one of three stockings that are awarded
   shortly before Christmas.

                                                                         At the Labrador South Health Centre in Forteau, Rev. Norman Cutler, Mental
                                                                         Health Nurse (left) was joined by community members Balfour and Netia
   Maggie Angnatok, Regional Nurse I at the Nain Community               Hancock, in lighting candles for the National Day of Remembrance for Action
   Clinic poses with Santa.                                              on Violence Against Women.
                                                                                   ALONG THE COAST TO LABRADOR – NOVEMBER - DECEMBER, 2008, PAGE 11


 Charlottetown Community Clinic staff held their Christmas party
                                                                         Food Services and Environmental Services staff in Happy Valley-Goose
 on December 20, 2008 (l-r): Carl Kippenhuck, Maintenance
                                                                         Bay enjoy a meal together at the Staff Turkey Dinner (left, front to
 Repairer; Brenda Ash, Casual Nurse; Marilyn Kippenhuck,
                                                                         back): Marion Hedderson, Cook and Kim Wheaton, Food Service
 Regional Nurse II; Ella Marshall, Personal Care Attendant - Relief
                                                                         Worker I; (right, front to back): Elva Martin, Cook; Wanda Dyson, Food
 and Darrell Turnbull, Maintenance Repairer – Relief.
                                                                         Service Worker; Crystal Pike, Food Service Worker; Bernadette Carew,
                                                                         Domestic Worker and Marie Campbell, Domestic Worker.

 Employees at Paddon Home in Happy Valley-Goose Bay participated in a            Dr. Ali Hadi, Family Physician, helps decorate the tree at the
 staff Christmas Carol Sing-Along (l-r): Lorenzo Webber, Sally Penney,           Labrador South Health Centre in Forteau.
 Vivian Davis, Cindy Barrett, Beth Sparkes and Ann Wells.


                                            Harry L. Paddon Memorial Home
                                               Happy Valley-Goose Bay
                               A Trip To The Cabin
   Earlier this fall, residents at Paddon Home went on a day trip to Cindy Barrett’s                      Our Halloween Party
   cabin. Cindy is a Food Service Worker at the Home. The residents thoroughly              A Halloween Party held at the Paddon Home was
   enjoyed the scenic drive and the meal served at the cabin. The residents and             enjoyed by staff and residents alike, with
   staff thank Cindy for sharing her cabin for the event.                                   entertainment, games, costumes and great food.

          Enjoying a meal up at the cabin (l-r): Dorothy Fequet, Juliana
          Lidd, Abel Lidd, Bella Gear, Rhoda Voisey and Eliza Edmunds.                             Shown here are residents Daphne
                                                                                                   Mesher (right) and Rhoda Voisey, who
                                                                                                   donned their Halloween hats for the

                         Getting Ready for Christmas                                                        A Visit From
  In early December, Santa’s elves at the Paddon Home were busy preparing for                        The Aboriginal Family Centre
  Christmas. The staff had lots of fun filling the residents’ stockings for Christmas   On December 9, 2008, residents were pleased to have the
  Eve. For the past several years, the staff have given approximately 90% of their      Aboriginal Family Centre visit the Paddon Home and join with
  casual day funds toward this purpose (i.e., staff pay into a fund in order to wear    them in a Christmas Carol sing-along.
  their jeans on Fridays). The staff are both very pleased and honored to put the
  money to such good use and hope to continue this practice for many years. A
  special thank-you is extended to all the staff at Paddon Home for contributing
  and helping with this worthwhile cause.

          The Christmas stockings are filled with special gifts for residents
          (l-r): Chloe LaLonde (Katimavik Volunteer), Steven Janes, Nicole
                                                                                                  Resident Horace Blake chats with a child
          Bulgin, Sally Penney, Janet Hamel, Karen Gillard, Kim White and
                                                                                                  from the Aboriginal Family Centre.
          Alvin Bursey.
                                                                                               ALONG THE COAST TO LABRADOR – NOVEMBER - DECEMBER, 2008, PAGE 13


                                            Harry L. Paddon Memorial Home
                                               Happy Valley-Goose Bay
                                 Music and Friends                                                                    Girl Guides Pay a Visit
On December 10, 2008 the residents of Paddon Memorial Home enjoyed a wonderful                        On December 18, 2008, Girl Guide leaders and
evening of music from several talented local singers and musicians. The Home was filled               participants dropped by Paddon Home to perform a
with family and friends from the community to listen to the Hospital Auxiliary carol sing-            variety of Christmas carols for the residents. Their visit
along. This is an annual fundraiser where people pledge money to request a song in                    was thoroughly enjoyed by all.
memory of a loved one. Through this event, the Auxiliary has been able to purchase
medical equipment and items for the residents of the Paddon Home. Many thanks go
out to the Hospital Auxiliary for continuing with this worthwhile cause, to all the
generous people who made pledges, to the performers and all others who helped make
this evening such a success.

       Participating in the carol sing-along were (l-r): Betty Learning, Aiden
       Clark, Cathy Lane, Seymore Green and Pearl Baikie.

                                                                   Annual German Party
       The annual Christmas German Party, hosted by the German Air Force Foundation, was
         held on December 17, 2008, with 22 Paddon Home residents attending. They were
            treated to lunch and dessert, carols, musical entertainment and gifts from Santa.

         Santa makes an appearance at the German Party (l-r): Lorraine Saunders, Mary Ann
                                                        Noah, Santa and Daphne Mesher.

                                        Long Term Health Care Unit, Forteau
                                Halloween Party                                                                 Christmas Wreaths
     Staff, local paramedics and their children donned their Halloween                       Residents and staff alike worked to craft Christmas wreaths
     costumes for a Halloween Party for the Long Term Care residents at the                  for the Labrador South Health Centre (l-r): William
     Labrador South Health Centre. They really appreciated the visitors, who                 Kippenhuck; Mina Buckle; Kay Buckle, LPN; Olivia Bowering
     participated with them in an afternoon filled with music and great food.                and Darlene Marshall, LPN.


                                            John M. Gray Centre, St. Anthony
                      Annual Seniors’ Social                                    Family Resource Centre visits the residents for Halloween
  A special thank-you is extended to the Royal Canadian Legion in         In late October, residents were delighted to receive a visit from children at the
  St. Anthony for planning a terrific Seniors’ Social event again this    Family Resource Centre in St. Anthony. The little children, dressed in their various
  year. In early November, residents thoroughly enjoyed an old            Halloween costumes, brought smiles to the residents’ faces. Each child received a
  fashioned jiggs dinner, along with an afternoon filled with             treat bag, prepared by the residents.
  traditional Newfoundland tunes and dancing.

                                                                           Teena Patey, OT/PT Assistant (centre), talks with the children, as they receive
                                                                           treat bags from the residents (clockwise, l-r): Edna Pilgrim, Rosana Kinsella,
                                                                           Albert Rumbolt, Jessie Elliott, Ethel Penney, Susanna Stevens and Rebecca

  Attending the Annual Seniors’ Social were residents (clockwise, l-                                          Decorating the Tree
  r): Isaac Toope, Flossie Cassell, Bruce Martin, Henry Genge, Llewlyn                   The sounds of Christmas music filled the air as residents and
  Taylor and friend Lucy Smith.                                                          staff decorated the tree.

                       Making Ornaments for the Tree
The rich smell of cinnamon filled the John M. Gray Centre as residents made colorful
gingerbread ornaments to place on the Christmas tree. Residents enjoyed the
activity to the fullest.

Preparing and displaying the ornaments are (front, l-r): Ada Pynn and Flossie Cassell;    Shown here are Nadine Calloway (Social Worker) and residents
(back, l-r): Boyd Pilgrim, Beatrice Simms, Jessie Elliott, Rebecca Gaulton, Llewelyn      Llewelyn Taylor and Ada Pynn, as they enjoyed the spirit of the
Taylor and Lucy Smith.                                                                    season.
                                                                                    ALONG THE COAST TO LABRADOR – NOVEMBER - DECEMBER, 2008, PAGE 15


                                          John M. Gray Centre, St. Anthony
          Candlelight and Tree Lighting Service                                                 A Visit from Santa
A Candlelight and Tree Lighting Service was held at the John M.   On December 13, 2008, volunteers from the Lion’s Club, along with Santa and local
Gray Centre on December 15, 2008. A large circle of staff,        musicians, visited the John M. Gray Centre to spread some holiday cheer. The
residents, families and clergy gathered to remember and honor     residents especially enjoyed the traditional music and treat bags that were
loved ones.                                                       delivered.

  Shown here are Zita Budgell, RN, Team Leader and resident
  Bertha Simms, lighting the candles at the service.                      Residents pose with Santa (front, l-r): Jack Hancock, Clayton
                                                                          Simms and Gordon Alyward; (back, l-r): Ambrose Curl and Cecil

                                                                                             Annual Christmas Party
                                                                          When stormy weather prevented community musicians from
                                                                          reaching the John M. Gray Centre’s annual Christmas party,
                                                                          Labrador-Grenfell Health staff were quick to lend their talents in
                                                                          the spirit that “the show must go on”. The residents were pleased
                                                                          to continue with their Christmas party and appreciated all those
                                                                          who contributed in making the event a success.

                                                                                Performers included Barbara Molgaard Blake, VP
                                                                                People and Information, on piano, along with
                                                                                vocalists Heather Bromley, Recreation Specialist (left)
                                                                                and Julie Nicholas, Chief Operating Officer (right).


Early Childhood Educators’ Fall Conference

   The 2008 Early Childhood Educator’s Fall Conference was
held from October 17 to 19, 2008 at the Canuck Club in
Happy Valley-Goose Bay. Fifty individuals from across the
region attended. This year’s conference was planned by the
ECE Fall Conference Committee, consisting of Early
Childhood Educators, Child Care Services staff and the
Nunatsiavut Department of Health and Social Development’s
Regional Child Care Coordinator.
   Keynote speaker for this year’s conference, Christine
McLean (Provincial Child Care Services Program Consultant
with the Department of Health and Community Services),
focused on the topic of creativity. Presentation topics
   • Play as a Tool of Learning: Christine McLean
   • Ways to Manage Stress: Kelly Janes, Health Promotion
     and Wellness Coordinator, Labrador-Grenfell Health
                                                               Viewing some of the conference exhibits were (l-r): Jenny Lyall, Christine
   • Autism: Leanne Lambert, Child Care Services Inclusion McLean and Helen Sinclair, Provincial Director of Child Care.
     Consultant, Labrador-Grenfell Health
   • Relationships with Parents: Liz Dawson, Health Canada
   • Teaching Culture in Child Care: Jenny Lyall, Regional Child Care Coordinator, Nunatsiavut Department of Health and
     Social Development and Kim Vincent, Operator of Ajagutak Center.
   Funding for the conference was made possible by Labrador-Grenfell Health and the Nunatsiavut Government and through
conference fees. A special thank you to the following organizations for donating prizes for the conference: Labrador-
Grenfell Health, Nunatsiavut Government, Innu Nation, Special Link, Labrador Regional Wellness Committee and the
Association of Early Childhood Educators of Newfoundland and Labrador.

                                                                                                                   Jacqueline Dibbon-Brockerville
                                                                                                     Child Care Services Programming Consultant

Fire and Emergency Services Training

                                                                                 Labrador-Grenfell Health staff from Community Clinics, Paddon
                                                                              Home, Captain William Jackman Memorial Hospital and the
                                                                              Labrador Health Center recently participated in a three-day Fire
                                                                              and Emergency Services Training for Health Care course.
                                                                              Newfoundland and Labrador Fire Protection Officers Linus
                                                                              Tremblett and John Smith presented an overview of fire codes and
                                                                              standards, fire behaviour and evacuation of health care facilities.
                                                                              In addition, they facilitated a self-assessment of Labrador-Grenfell
                                                                              Health’s Fire Manuals. Participants also had an opportunity to
                                                                              complete hands-on training with portable fire extinguishers.

                                                                                                                                  Katherine Elson
                                                                                                                      Clinical Coordinator - North
Pat Kelsall, Regional Nurse at the Mani Ashini Health Centre, practices the
proper use of fire extinguishers.
                                                                       ALONG THE COAST TO LABRADOR – NOVEMBER - DECEMBER, 2008, PAGE 17


Emergency Training - St. Lewis

  Staff in St. Lewis recently participated in an in-service on several pieces of Emergency Equipment. Practicing with one
another, the staff found the in-service to be both informative and fun.

(l-r): Debbie Rospon and Celeste Cooper, Regional Nurses, practice
using the warming blanket with Gerald Chubbs, Maintenance
                                                                                (l-r): Annie Poole, Personal Care Attendant
                                                                                and Gerald Chubbs, Maintenance Repairer
                                                                                display the emergency stretcher.


  Kate Bell                                                    Mark Regular
     Kate comes to Lab-                                            Mark was born in St.
  rador-Grenfell Health                                        John’s, NL and moved to
  from Northern Ontario                                        Labrador City in June
  where she spent the                                          1995. Since graduating
  last    seven      years                                     high school in 2007, he
  working as a Rehab                                           worked at Walmart for
  Nurse Case Manager.                                          six months and then in a
  Prior to that, she                                           janitorial position at
  worked in a hospital                                         IOCC for eight months.
  setting, primarily on a                                          Mark has accepted a
  medical/surgical floor.                                      Utility Worker position
     Kate has accepted a                                       with Labrador-Grenfell
  position as Registered Nurse (permanent float) working in    Health in Labrador City, bringing with him the knowledge
  Inpatient Services at the Captain William Jackman            and experience he has gained from his previous
  Memorial Hospital in Labrador City. Welcome to Labrador-     employment. He notes he is looking forward to being a part
  Grenfell Health, Kate. Best wishes in your new home and      of the Labrador-Grenfell Health team. Welcome Mark, and
  position.                                                    all the best in your new position.


                                                                                   Edgar and Bessie Blake

                                                                      On December 13, 2008, Armarak staff gathered at the Far East
                                                                   Restaurant in St. Anthony to honor their colleagues Edgar and Bessie
                                                                   Blake, as they embarked upon their retirement.
                                                                      Edgar began working with Aramark (formerly Versa Foods) in
                                                                   August, 1968. Over the years, he witnessed much change, having
                                                                   worked with over 15 managers and eight dietitians during his career.
                                                                   Edgar began as a Store Manager and until 1991, held responsibility for
                                                                   ordering all the food for the hospital, southern nursing stations,
                                                                   hospital boats and staff accommodations. He then moved to a
                                                                   position on the food preparation line and became Food Service
                                                                   Supervisor, a position which he held until he retired.
                                                                      Bessie started working in the Old Hospital in 1963 as a Nursing Aide,
                                                                   and remained in this role until 1965. From1967-70, she was employed
                                                                   in the Laundry and Housekeeping Department. In June 1972, she
                                                                   accepted a permanent position with Aramark (formerly Versa Foods).
                                                                   She worked in the canteen in Outpatients for nine years and then
                                                                   became a Food Service Worker in the kitchen, a position she held until
                                                                   her retirement.
                                                                      Larry Nicholas, Aramark’s current Manager of Operations, says that
                                                                   he is grateful to have worked with Edgar and Bessie over the past few
                                                                   months and notes that he and all the Aramark staff are certainly going
                                                                   to miss them both, for their dependability, their dedication to their
                                                                   work and reliable source of knowledge.

                                                                                  Harriet Pilgrim

                                                        Harriet began working with Grenfell Regional Health Services in 1986 in the
                                                     Medical Records Department. During her 22 years of service she also worked as a
                                                     ward clerk and clerk typist in several departments, including Admitting. During
                                                     the latter part of her career she worked in the Central Sterilizing Room and with
                                                     the Housekeeping Department. As you can see from Harriet’s varied work history,
                                                     she was a very versatile employee. Harriet’s work ethic and reliability are second
                                                     to none. On behalf of Labrador-Grenfell Health and Environmental Services I wish
                                                     Harriet a long, happy and healthy retirement.

                                                                                                                        Arthur Kinsella
                                                                                                        Manager, Environmental Services
                                                                           ALONG THE COAST TO LABRADOR – NOVEMBER - DECEMBER, 2008, PAGE 19


                                              Herman Woodman
                                      It is with great sadness that Labrador-Grenfell
                                   Health, and particularly the staff of Captain
                                   William Jackman Memorial Hospital, note the
                                   sudden passing of co-worker and friend Herman
                                   Woodman on November 11, 2008. He was 57.
                                      For 25 years, Herman worked in the
                                   Maintenance Department at the hospital in
                                   Labrador West and performed maintenance work
                                   throughout that facility.
                                      Herman was the type of person who “laid low”, did not get involved with anyone’s
                                   business, but got along quite well with everyone. He was always there to help out
                                   beyond his work, whether it was a boost, a spare extension cord or a push when
                                   somebody was stuck in vehicle.
                                      Herman always beamed with pride at the mention of his family. He was a great
                                   fellow and will be missed and thought of often by his co-workers.
                                      Herman is survived by his loving wife, Darlene, sons B.J. (Darla), Sherman (Robyn)
                                   and daughter Kandi-Lynn (Ian), his parents, Harrison and Annie, brothers Roy (Alma)
                                   and Barry (Iris) and grandchildren, Cheyenne, Anthony, Sammy, Grace, Nevaeh,
                                   Alighya and Miya.
                                                  Harold Butt and Colleagues at Captain William Jackman Memorial Hospital


WELCOME TO:                                                       GOOD-BYE & GOOD LUCK TO:

Flowers Cove/Roddickton                                           St. Anthony
Sabrina Humby           Primary Care Paramedic (Temporary)        Angelina Bursey                       Speech Language Pathologist
                                                                  Janice Northcott                                 Registered Nurse
Happy Valley-Goose Bay
Karen Brown                   Resiratory Therapist (Temporary)    Happy Valley-Goose Bay
Connie Dyson     Child Care Inclusion Coordinator (Temporary)     Jennifer Bailey                              Social Worker
Robin Harvey                                 Nurse Practitioner   Effie Collins          Personal Care Attendant (Temporary)
Donna Heard              Personal Care Attendant (Temporary)      Sara Evans                                           Nurse
Maximus King            Program Supervisor, CYFS (Temporary)      Lillian Hillier          Switchboard Operator (Temporary)
Caryn Morris                                    Nurse (Casual)    Melissa White              Food Service Worker (Temporary)
Patti Ryland          Community Service Worker (Temporary)
Niki Lynn Tucker      Personal Care Attendant, Paddon Home,       Labrador City-Wabush
                                                        (Temp)    Helena Cranford                      Domestic Worker (Temporary)
Glenn Walsh                                     Nurse (Casual)    Catherine Kennedy                     Admitting Clerk (Temporary)
                                                                  Corena Milley                        Domestic Worker (Temporary)
Labrador City                                                     Chantale Riviere                                            Nurse
Shelley Cormier                     Mental Health Counselor       Jolene Strang                                       Nurse (Casual)
Sharon Sheppard                  Domestic Worker (Temporary)
St. Anthony                                                       Steven Voisey                                  Maintenance Repairer
Maxine Earle              Licensed Practical Nurse (Temporary)
Patsy Loder               Licensed Practical Nurse (Temporary)
Arlene Parrill            Licensed Practical Nurse (Temporary)
Jenetta Pilgrim                           Pharmacy Technician

             FROM THE PAST

                                                   Christmas at St. Mary’s
                               By Dorothy M. Jupp, R.N. - Among the Deep Sea Fishers, April 1949

      This year at St. Mary’s, there were more people than          the temperature was 15 below. At 8 there was Holy
  for the last three years. The party for “children” (all           Communion in the ward for the patients and the staff
  ages) was held as usual and Santa Claus had a well                who could not go to the church Communion, and it
  filled Christmas stocking for each of 26 boys and girls           was rather a thrill to know that our friends in England
  and a little gift for each man and woman, too. After              were going to Matins and in the U.S.A., they were
  Santa Claus had continued his journey - to St.                    already in church for 6 a.m. service, so that around half
  Anthony, it was understood - the guests had a small               the world at least, we were linked up in worship, even
  lunch, a few games, and went home tired and happy                 as we are all linked up in our work for Labrador.
  and clutching the precious stockings with sticky warm                We had our Matins at 10 a.m., to enable all to hear
  hands.                                                            the message of King George, which is always an
      The highlight of our Christmas festivities was our            important item on Christmas Day. The rest of the day
  church services. This year we had a “crib” set up in the          was spent in fun and visiting until 6 p.m., when we of
  Church Room, in a nest of spruce needles. We had                  the hospital had our Christmas dinner party. Selma,
  new table linen and frontal, which were a Christmas               the youngest member of the family, outdid us all in
  gift to the church. There was a large congregation for            the matter of eating. We played games and ended
  Holy Communion at 12 midnight, in view of the size of             with the story of “The Well of the Star.”
  the settlement and the bitter cold night.                            The weather this Christmas was very fine but very
      At 7 Christmas morning, the hospital staff and                cold. When, very early in the morning, the moon and
  patients were awakened by the singing of the well                 the Northern Lights and the stars and the first gleam
  loved “Oh Come, All Ye Faithful”, as recorded by the              of dawn were in the sky, the picture was one to take
  Temple Choir. Excitement ran high among our four                  one’s breath away. There was such a stillness that one
  child patients and their efforts to rush downstairs in            almost expected to hear again the wonderful old, yet
  their night attire, “ to see if Santa had come back again “       ever new, song of “Glory to God in the Highest.”
  had to be resisted until they had dressed warmly, as

                                                                                          St. Mary’s: Mary’s Harbour, Labrador
                                                                                 Matins: early morning or night prayer service

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