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 Our species survives
 by cooperating.

 Craig Newmark
  The future of marketing, online
 community and commerce, from the
 man who is creating it. 
 Founder of Craigslist, the famous online classified
 ad and social network site. Leading innovator with
 creative insight into the future of online marketing,
 community development and commerce; lessons
 from the evolution of Craigslist. Leading authority
 on the Internet and democracy.

 Founder, Craigslist and CraigConnects.

Ahead of the Curve
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 Customers & Community
 The future of marketing
                                                              Craig Newmark
                                                               Founder, Craigslist and CraigConnects.

      Highlights                                                                 Craigslist
 Craig Newmark is the ‘Craig’ of Craigslist, the founder of                The key to our success:
 the centralized network for worldwide urban and regional            listening hard, following through,
 communities featuring classified advertisements with                 and doing what people need the
 discussion boards.                                                              site to do.
    Craig speaks on the future of online community and              With Craigslist, Craig Newmark
    commerce, as one of its most successful innovators              launched one of the Net’s most
    and practitioners.                                              successful ventures, combining
    Called “The Wizard of the Local” by Time Magazine,              customer and public service with
    Craig was named to its 2005 Time 100. He was named              savvy business strategy and market-
                                                                    ing innovation. Craigslist serves
    Person of the Year at the 9th Annual Webby Awards,
                                                                    as a non-commercial community
    also in 2005, and in 2008 BusinessWeek magazine                 bulletin board with classifieds and
    named him one of the 25 Most Influential People on              discussion forums. Using a common
    the Web.                                                        sense, down-to-earth approach,
 Craigslist has grown phenomenally since Craig started              Craigslist strives to make the ‘net
                                                                    more personal and authentic, while
 it in 1995 in his bedroom as a simple email exchange
                                                                    advocating social responsibility
 service, serving hundreds of cities in dozens of countries.        through the promotion of small,
 Craigslist was incorporated in 1999.                               non-profit organizations. It focuses
    As huge as Craigslist has become, it remains a model            on helping people with basic needs,
    of modesty and community service. The Craigslist                starting with housing and jobs, with a
    motto is “Give people a break”—a break from how                 pervasive culture of trust.
    difficult our lives are.                                        Craigslist has quietly emerged as one
                                                                    of the top 10 internet companies in
 Craig Newmark is chairman of Craigslist and works full             the world in terms of page views,
 time as a customer service rep, fighting off spammers,             attracting 10+ billion page views per
 scammers, bad New York apartment listers and other                 month and 35 million visitors from
 evildoers.                                                         more than 550 cities and 55 countries
                                                                    per month.
    He has 25 years experience as a web-oriented software
    engineer, and worked for IBM for 18 years, as well as
    for Charles Schwab & Co. He holds a masters degree in
    computer science.
    He is a prominent voice on the ways the Internet can
                                                                      Connecting people of good will
    promote democracy and better government.
                                                                      together for the common good.

       Giving people a break, helping people                       Craig launched his newest project called
                                                                   CraigConnects. It is an effort to connect
            give each other a break, treating                      and protect non-profits and other organiza-
                people the way we would like                       tions across the Web for the common good.
                                                                   Visitors can browse among different organi-
                                 to be treated                     zations by category, including community
                                                                   building, journalism integrity, Middle East,
                                    ourselves.                     open and accountable government, service
                                                                   and volunteering, technology for social

                   Leigh                                           good, and veterans issues. CraigConnects is
                                                                   not a fundraising or grant-giving organiza-

                       Bureau             sm
                                                                   tion. The home page will also periodically
                                                                   feature an organization.
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