2003 Pachyderm Reunion

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					                                              New Pachyderm with new
                                              patch before Boxley "stole"
                                              it from him. Courtesy of
Group Picture at the Motel                    Lenny Breeden

                 Richard, Lenny, New Pachyderm, and
                 Boxley. (Boxley talked the guy out of his
                 new pachyderm patch) Photo courtesy of
                                 Bob Langley looking inside trying to remember what he is
                                 looking at. He is sober and still doesn't know!

Original crew of 100: Boxley, Ledbetter, Hennessey
Reunited after 36 years. What a Great Feeling!

                                                        Outside the Museum at Ft. Rucker
               Walking up the ramp inside the museum.

                                                    Lenny Breedon and Richard Lee at the
Lenny and Boxley inside the Chinook at the flight   museum. Courtesy of Lenny
line. Courtesy of Lenny Breeden
                            Maint. Hanger at Ft. Rucker. By the way, the Lord Mounts
                            are not made of hard rubber. We could have used those in
                            Nam, Huh?

Good Group Picture of us at the Air Base at Ft.
Rucker courtesy of Lenny Breeden.

                                                    Group Picture at Ft. Rucker Airfield
                                            Leon Thurgood and Jack Cox at the dinner. We
                                            all really enjoyed their company and kindness.
                                            A couple of great guys. Too bad they couldn't
                                            fly those chinooks!!!!!! Just kidding.

Bob Nealy, Richard Lee, Joe Boxley. Courtesy of
Lenny Breeden
                                 Bob Grusheski, Bob Langley, Marty Hirsch
                                 (Marty was Sober)

Raffle items at the dinner.

                              Our First Reunion Cake
Missing Soldier Table. In the background is the picture of the
sunset at Bearcat donated to the Museum by Joe Boxley

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