WHERE CHICAGOLAND BUSINESS TAKES OFF                                                                              FALL 2008

 With plans ready to unfold,            Mr. Ross, who is also President and           “Our on-demand charter service is
 Brigadoon Aviation president Ken       Chief Executive Officer of North                successful”, reports Ross. North American
 Ross is about to see his vision of a   American Jet Charter Group, describes          Jet Charter Group currently operates five
“New Model FBO” become reality.         Brigadoon Aviation as a “five-star”             Eclipse 500’s with a sixth on the way.
                                        operation designed to provide aircraft         The enterprise employs 20 pilots and
                                        owners, passengers and pilots alike with       Ross himself holds a type rating in the
                                        a “private club-like” environment.             Eclipse Jet. Commenting on the North
                                           The massive 75,000 square foot              American Jet operation, Ross remarked,
                                        project covers five leased acres, located      “I believe it’s the largest managed fleet of
                                        in the eastern section of the airport, just    Eclipse VLJ’s in the nation”.
                                        off Milwaukee Avenue. Brigadoon’s plans           In addition to providing specialized
                                        also include two 22,000 square foot            Eclipse 500 maintenance and support
                                        hangars as well as an additional 25,000        services for operators and owners
                                        square feet of terminal and office space.       throughout the Midwest. Brigadoon’s
                                           With his eye on the popularity and         “Learning Center” will include up-to-the-
                                        significant growth of the new and               minute information and reports on the
                                        innovative breed of small jets,                Eclipse 500 and the benefits of VLJ
                                        Brigadoon’s Ross will focus the                aircraft. The center will also provide
                                        company on serving VLJ’s and smaller           training materials including interactive
                                        aircraft, the Eclipse 500 in particular.       Eclipse simulators.
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                                              Brigadoon@CEA, Continued from front
                                              Visitors to Brigadoon Aviation will be                     architecture and interior design,
Dennis Rouleau                                impressed by the $10 million dollar                        comfortable lounges, planning areas,
                                              campus. “What we are doing is state-of-                    offices, catering & limousine services
                                              the-art”, says Mr. Ross. The facility                      and more. Brigadoon Aviation will offer
                                              will include a Certified VLJ / Piston                       the best of everything with attention to
                                              Maintenance Center that many in the                        every detail.
                                              light aviation community will welcome.                        Brigadoon Aviation will introduce
                                              Also welcome will be 100LL self-service                    many business owners, executives and
                                              fuel, as well as full-service fueling                      individuals to the benefits of flying.
                                              for aircraft owners and pilots who                         In the process, the increased activity
                                              prefer the option.                                         will contribute to Chicago Executive
 Our airport is a community. It’s comprised      The Brigadoon Aviation FBO will                         Airport’s economic success and
 of individuals and organizations sharing     feature every professional amenity                         growing reputation as the region’s
 common characteristics and common            and convenience including beautiful                        aviation leader.
 interests. We are all passionate about
 airplanes, aviation and everything that
 comes with the package. We all have a
 stake in the airport. Our common goal
 is to have Chicago Executive Airport
 realize its full potential, for the benefit
 of the aviation community here as well
 as the larger, local, regional and
 national communities we serve.
     As with any community, our vitality
 in large measure depends on and
 benefits from those who contribute
 their time and effort. At Chicago
 Executive Airport, volunteers have
 always provided energy, and the many
 talents that are otherwise unavailable.
     Many opportunities exists for those
 interested in volunteering with one or
 more of the numerous organizations
 that are a part of the Chicago Executive
 family. Young adults find themselves
 making a difference as members of the
 Civil Air Patrol. Citizens contribute
 through Public Awareness for Chicago
 Executive Airport (PACE) while many
 pilots find Palwaukee Airport Pilots
 Association (PAPA) at Chicago Executive      Northwestern University Summer Camp 2008 enjoys a day at Chicago Executive Airport!   Photo: Howard Levinson
 the best vehicle for supporting general
 aviation along with the airport.             LEVINSON & HOOVER WELCOME YOUNGSTERS
 Organizations such as Chicago
 Area Business Aviation Association           Chicago Executive Airport supports                         Youngsters learn how each part of the
 (CABAA), Chicago Executive Airport           General Aviation education by                              airport works, including the control
 Association (CEAA) and Aviation              opening its doors to students.                             tower and maintenance facilities.
 Explorers depend on volunteers to               With the full support of Chicago                        Student visitors also learn about the
 support the efforts of their small           Executive Airport, each spring and                         FAA, the Air Traffic Control system,
 professional staffs. Volunteerism is         summer, volunteer Howard Levinson,                         airport runways, signage and markings.
 a critical factor in the success of          along with CEA intern Beth Hoover,                         Students truly receive a thorough
 our airport.                                 organizes and presents educational                         presentation showing Chicago
     If you have considered or are            tours of the airport, designed expressly                   Executive’s growth from its modest
 considering becoming involved as a           for students.                                              beginning, over 80 years ago.
 volunteer, we encourage you to do so.           Tours last approximately two hours,                        Interested teachers and facilitators are
 For information about the various
                                              and include visits to the control tower,                   encouraged to contact the airport office
 opportunities available to you, contact
 our office. We will put you in touch with
                                              offices and hangars. Participants are                       for more information about becoming a
 the organization where you feel most at      treated to a PowerPoint presentation on                    part of the summer and spring tours.
 home, or visit and           Chicago Executive Airport history, and                        For more information or to schedule
 click on the Aviation Partner’s link         includes a review of navigation maps and                   a tour, please contact Beth Hoover at
 under Airport Information.                   aerial photographs of the airport and                      847.537.2580 ext. 111 or email
                                              surrounding community.                           
The Collings Foundation’s “Wings
of Freedom Tour” of the WWII
Vintage Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress,
Consolidated B-24 Liberator, North
American B-25 Mitchell and the TX
TP-51C Betty Jane flew into Chicago
Executive Airport in July, with their 12
member crew on board, attracting over
1,000 attendees over the four day visit.
   Local citizens had the opportunity
to visit, explore and learn more about
these unique and rare treasures of
aviation history. The Wings of
Freedom Tour travels the nation, a
flying tribute to the vintage aircraft
and the flight crews who flew them,
the ground crews who maintained
them, the workers who built them,
the soldiers, sailors and airmen they        The rarity of the B-17, B-24, B-25
helped protect; and the citizens and         & P-51 and their importance to
families that share and enjoy the            telling the story of WWII is why the
freedom that these machines and              Collings Foundation continues to fly
brave airman helped preserve.                and display the aircraft nationwide.
   The B-17, B-24 & B-25 were the            Local veterans and their families
backbone of the American effort              were encouraged to visit and share
during the war from 1942 to 1945             their experiences and stories with the
and were famous for their ability to         public during the tour. For aviation
sustain damage and still accomplish          enthusiasts, the tour provided an
the mission. Despite the risks of anti-      opportunity to see these impressive
aircraft fire, attacking enemy fighters        and historic aircraft they might
and the harrowing environment of             otherwise not have the opportunity
sub-zero temperatures, many B-17s,           to see and appreciate. Special thanks
B-24s, and B-25s safely brought their        to Signature Flight Services for
crews home. After the war, many              providing the Collings group with
aircraft were scrapped for their raw         1,000 gallons of fuel at cost.
aluminum to rebuild a nation in
post-war prosperity and therefore            Discover more at
very few were spared.              

                                                                           Chicago          have been distributed. Elizabeth Hoover,
The Palwaukee Composite Squadron                                           Executive is     Chicago Executive intern, was awarded
of the Civil Air Patrol based at CEA                                       proud to be a    one of the $2,500 scholarships. In
launched an initiative in July to collect                                  part of the      addition to the CABAA Golf Classic
gifts and supplies for the troops deployed                                 Chicago Area     raising money for their scholarship
overseas. Community Outreach                                               Business         program, CABAA brings together
Coordinator, Mike Grenz was overjoyed                                      Aviation         different members of the business
at the operation’s success. Over 1,000                                     community,       aviation community, flight departments,
items and financial contributions totaling    Kathy Pradd, CEA, greets      through their    manufacturers, policy makers, airport
$700 were accepted. Thank you to the         golfers at CABAA golf outing. membership and   communities and service providers, in a
generosity of local citizens & businesses    sponsorship in CABAA and their Golf            venue that allows an open exchange of
who collected: Future Automotive,            Classic. Proceeds from the event go                               information, ideas and
Atlantic Aviation, Chicago Executive         towards CABAA’s aviation scholarship                              opportunities within
Airport & Signature Flight Support.          program; it is through this event that 21                         our industry. Visit
Look for another drive in the Spring!        scholarships in the amount of $52,500                   
                                                                                                                                AIRPORT HOLIDAYS
                                                                                                                                October 13 - Columbus Day
                                                                                                                                November 27-28 - Thanksgiving
                                                                                                                                December 25-26 - Christmas Day
                                                                                                                                January 1 - New Year’s Day

                                                                                                                                                   Young Eagles Hotline

Sovereign Development Group plans                             The proposed Art deco design presents                            YOUNG EAGLES
to break ground at Chicago Executive                          a unified visual concept for the                                  NEXT FLIGHT: October 25, 2008
before the 2008 holiday season.                               restaurant, office and aviation buildings,                        DREAMS & WINGS AVIATION DAY
Sovereign’s design concept, pictured                          as well as the civic park, a focal point of                      Wednesday, October 8th, 9:30 - 1:30
above, recalls the 1920 to 1930 era when                      the development. The 1930’s Deco style                           Hangar 10, Bay 1
commercial aviation was in its infancy                        will be subtly updated with modern                               Signature Flight Support
in America. In that hopeful period,                           elements allowing building facades                               Chicago Executive Airport
many municipal airports wished to                             to exhibit historic features within a                            1071 South Wolf Road, Wheeling
make a bold architectural statement                           contemporary context. Each building
reflecting community pride and the                             will have a centralized tower, appropriately                     SEE YOU AT NBAA 2008!
excitement surrounding the new world                          sized, topped with a fixed beacon.                                Chicago Executive Airport will have
of aviation. Today it provides an                                As proposed, the Sovereign                                    a presence at NBAA October 6-8 in
excellent means for conveying a unique                        Development project will include a                               Orlando, Florida. Come visit us!
aesthetic statement for Chicago                               fully enclosed, two story, 4,500 square                          Booth 2985
Executive Airport, while reflecting the                        foot glass atrium open to the public as
                                                                                                                               Additional copies of The Chicago Executive Newsletter
historical significance of the property                        an aircraft viewing area. In addition,                           are available at Wheeling and Prospect Heights Village Halls,
which was founded in 1925 as                                  over 60,000 square feet of state-of-the-                         their municipal libraries, or by visiting
Gauthier’s Flying Field.                                      art hangar space will be constructed,
                                                                                                                               Chicago Executive Airport Noise Hotline
   Typical of the Art Deco architectural                      along with 30,000 square feet of Class A                         Help reduce airport noise 24 hours a day
style are broad flat wall surfaces broken                      office space. In addition, a 7,500 square                         seven days a week. Call:
by receding geometric planes that                             foot restaurant, with accommodations
                                                                                                                               847.537.2580 X 7
emphasize windows, doors and the                              for an in-house catering facility is also
progression from one building section                         included in the plan. The expansive
to another. Central to the Art Deco                           Executive Terminal will cover in excess
buildings proposed by Sovereign                               of 7,000 square feet, with room for a
                                                                                                                               1020 South Plant Road               847.537.2580 Phone
Development are tall, thin tower masses                       museum of aviation artifacts and a
                                                                                                                               Wheeling, Illinois 60090            847.537.8183 Facsimile
reminiscent of older airport control                          pictorial history of the airport. The
towers and navigation beacons.                                facility is scheduled to open Fall 2009.                                                   

CALENDAR OF EVENTS                            Public Awareness for Chicago                     Aviation Explorer Post 9 Meetings              Flight World Hangar Talk
                                              Executive Airport (PACE) (In managers office.)    1st and 3rd Monday of each month               1st Thursday of each month
Board of Directors Meetings                   September 30, 2008, Tuesday                      7:30 p.m. at Windy City Flyers                 Call 847.459.0360
October 15, 2008, Wednesday*                  October 28, 2008, Tuesday                        1098 South Milwaukee Avenue, Suite 301
November 19, 2008, Wednesday                  November 25, 2008, Tuesday                                                                      Civil Air Patrol
December 17, 2008, Wednesday                  December 30, 2008, Tuesday                       PAPA Meetings                                  Thursday nights at 7:30 p.m.
January 21, 2009, Wednesday                   For More Information:                            4th Wednesday of each month                    64 East Hintz Road
*Meeting will begin at 5pm                                                                Call 630.660.5634

BOARD MEMBERS                                                                                 STAFF
E. Allan Englehardt            Pam Arrigoni                  Luis Mendez                      Dennis G. Rouleau, C.M.        Kathy Pradd                      Todd L. Gressick
Chairman                       Board Member                  Board Member                     Airport Manager                Executive Secretary              Airport Operations Coordinator                    Astrid Hasley
Darlene Ahlstedt               David Kolssak                 Mark Rooney                      Jamie L. Abbott                Laura Witlox                     Finance Administrative Assistant
Board Member                   Board Member                  Board Member                     Assistant Airport Manager      Public Relations                 Henry F. Paul, Jr.               Finance Supervisor
                                                             Larry Widmer                                                                                     Joe Wargo, Sr.
                                                             Board Member                                                                                     Airport Maintenance Lead

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