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					                                                                                                        MPath 4.18 Spotlights – Google Earth

MPath Spotlights – Google Earth
Exporting to Google Earth
Using the Google Earth export feature, you can export entire
scenes from Map Viewer or 3D Viewer and load the data,
including maps, volumes, wells, line sets and point sets, into
Google Earth:
1. In the MPath main window, on the Viewers tab, click Map
   Viewer or 3D Viewer to open the viewer.
2. Drag and drop the objects you want to include in the scene
   from the project directory list to the viewer window.
3. From the File menu, choose Export to Google Earth.
4. Enter the UTM Zone where the data is located. (Click Show
   UTM Zones for a quick reference of UTM zone locations.)
5. Click OK.
6. Enter a File name and click Save.                                                  South Eugene Island data set in 3D Viewer

MPath writes a KML fle to the project directory. 1
To load the KML fle in Google Earth, from the File menu,
choose Open, select the fle you exported and click OK.

Other things to try
Objects can be exported directly from the project directory list
in the MPath main window. Select the item you want to export
and click the Tools button, or right-click the item, and choose
Export to Google Earth.

                                                                                South Eugene Island data set exported to Google Earth

1   When exporting maps to Google Earth, MPath creates a PNG image as well
    as a KML fle with the latitude and longitude positions of the map corner
    points. The corner points are connected to form a polygon that represents
    the map boundary. When large-scale maps are displayed in Google Earth,
    the images and polylines may not be perfectly aligned, due to the way
    Google Earth handles regional-scale UTM projections.

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Description: Google Earth (GE) is a development of Google's virtual globe software, which the satellite photos, aerial photography and GIS arranged in a three-dimensional model of the Earth. Google Earth in 2005, introduced to the world, is "PC World Magazine" named in 2005 one of the 100 best new products. Users can download to their computer via a client on the software, free access to worldwide high-resolution satellite images. Google Earth is divided into Free and Pro versions.