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Teknologi Dan Rekayasa (PowerPoint)


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									Operation Singeing Process

      Textile Finishing Technology
          Kelas X Semester 1

Purpose of singeing process to eliminate or clean of fur which
emerge found on surface of fabric so that surface of fabric become

The fibres emerge effect of existence of mechanic frictions and
strecthing when weaving process

                                                    Teknologi dan Rekayasa
All of textile fabric don’t burned its fur. There are fabric which may
not be burned the by fur of that is:

•Towel fabric
• Fabric of Karpet
• Flannel fabric,etc

But for fabric following must be done singeing process that is

 Fabric to endue ( voering)
 Matting fabric of keeper, waffle of woven, and fabric with
 into ribbing lines
  Merserized fabric, dyeing, and printing fabric
 Cheaper fabric to improve its quality .

                                                       Teknologi dan Rekayasa
 Principal of singeing process is to overcome above fabric of
flame, damper, and hot cylinder with selected speed as
according to thick or thin of fabric .

                                                    Teknologi dan Rekayasa

1. Plat singeing machine
Plat singeing machine consist of one or two copper plate in form of
curve.Heater of plat using charcoal or mixture between air and gas.
Fabric overcome by friction at hot damper smolder with speed 125 –
250 metre/minute so that fur will burning.

                                                   Teknologi dan Rekayasa
Kindliness of this system combusition result more sliperly,however
there are to lack is :

• Combusition result is less perfect at
• Less perfect of combusition result at fabric owning good ribs of
warp or weft of yarn wit path rader.
• Need a long time to burn two surface because have to repeat from
early by fabric inversion.

                                                   Teknologi dan Rekayasa
Figure of plat singeing machine

Description of figure:
1. Messenger rol
2. Singeing plat
3. Fabric

                                  Teknologi dan Rekayasa
2) Cylinder circular of singeing machine

 Cylinder singeing machine is development of plate singeing
 machine,its made cylinder of copper, hot from within using gas fuel,
 charcoal, oil, electrics. Fabrics overcome at circular cylinder of
 giration by two surface, like at burner of plate fur, burner of cylinder
 fur also yield lustrous fabric. Both types of this machine very good
 to heavy cotton fabric type.

                                                         Teknologi dan Rekayasa
Figure of cylinder singeing machine

Description of figure :
1. Messenger rol
2. Fabric
3. cylinder

                                      Teknologi dan Rekayasa
3) Gas singeing machine

 Gas singeing machine is including burner of direct fur
 because direct fabric overcome at flame which is blue
 chromatic of greenness. this Direct flame got from
 mixing of air and gas with selected comparison which
 the was mixing of conducted with blower. Compared to
 machines burner of other fur,gas singeing machine
 more perfect burned fur on its result.

                                                  Teknologi dan Rekayasa

                         Teknologi dan Rekayasa
Operation machine : fabric overcome to pass/ gas flame with
selected speed at both surface of its machine, then fabric
overcome at cuple of rol extinguisher to extinguishing ember
which remain.

Gas source: Diesel fuel, or gasoline of LPG.

                                                Teknologi dan Rekayasa

           Technical Parameter :

           Circular Expander Diameter
           Range : 250 - 1200mm

           Circumference Range : 785 -

           Singeing Speed : 40 – 120 m/min

           Fuels : Natural gas, butane,
           propane, LPG

                           Teknologi dan Rekayasa
4) Electric singeing machine ,plat heater
cylinder or heater changed with direct filament
to stick at surface of fabric.

                                      Teknologi dan Rekayasa
Singeing and desizing machine Simultan

                              Teknologi dan Rekayasa

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