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TEA MENU - PDF - PDF by jlhd32


Black tea caffeine has a diuretic effect, the situation can improve the body edema.

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									                                                                                           Tea Blends
                                                                    ENGLISH BREAKFAST IMPERIAL (also available in
                                                                       caffeine free) An organic, aromatic blend of Ceylon
                                                                       highland teas.

              15 N. PRINCE ST. LANCASTER, PA                        JASMINE A floral green tea perfumed with jasmine flowers
         717.397.1505 WWW.PRINCESTREETCAFE.COM                         in the drying process.

              TEA MENU                                                                      White Tea
       food. friends. coffee. the arts.                             PAI MU TAN       China white tea, big brown leaf, slightly tippy.

                                                                                           Oolong Tea
  BUY LOOSE LEAF TEA TODAY FOR $2.00 PER OUNCE                      IRON GODDESS OF MERCY               Aromatic, gentle taste;
                                                                       curly leaves that unfurl during infusion.

                                                                                   Scented Black Tea
                 New Holiday Tea                                    PEACH MANGO China black tea with delightful blend of
                                                                       peach and mango.

FIG AND LAVENDER BLACK TEA China black tea with fig                 SNOWFLAKE With almond, coconut taste; Ceylon, South
  bits and lanvender flowers.                                          India, and China black teas, almond flakes, and flavoring.

                                                                    CHAI AMERICAINE This is the western version of the
                                                                       “surreal deal” Chai with notes of vanilla blended with
                       Green Teas                                      Indian spices.
STRAWBERRY CREAM With strawberry cream taste; a blend
  of organic green tea, organic fog tea, Pai Mu Tan, Lung Ching,
  Genmaicha, flavoring, strawberry bits and sunflower blossoms
                                                                                   Herbals (caffeine free)
  produce this light refreshing, flavorful cup.                     COLD CHASER          Herbal blend of elder leaves, linden
                                                                       blossoms, thyme, aniseed, fennel, rosehip peels, licorice
MOROCCAN MINT         With peppermint taste, china gun powder,         root, black berry leaves, wild thyme, marigold blossoms.
  peppermint leaves, flavoring.
                                                                    TRANQUILITY         Herbal blend of peppermint, chamomile,
SENCHA GREEN       With mild taste, China large leaf green tea         rosehip peels.
  produces fragrant aroma and yellow infusion.
                                                                    CHAI OF SRI LANKA Notes of cinnamon, coconut chips,
                                                                       candied pineapple and ginger bits and blended spices
                       Black Teas
EARL GREY CLASSIC           With bergomot taste, black tea,                   Fruit Blends (caffeine free)
  natural flavoring, jasmine blossoms.
                                                                    EXOTIC DREAM         With pineapple vanilla taste; hibiscus
                                                                       blooms, apple bits, currants, rose hip peels, pineapple
ASSAM MONABARI            With sweet aroma, strong taste, dark         bits, papaya bits, flavoring, cornflower blossoms.
  color, great tea for the coffee person.

                                                                                  Rooibos (caffeine free)
             Green & Black Blends                                   PEACEFUL MIND       Organic Rooibos tea with coconut bits
PARTY OF THE JUNGLE            With mango passion fruit taste;          and French lavendar
  green tea, black tea, pineapple bits, papaya bits, marigold
  blossoms, kiwi bits, flavoring, safflower, cornflower blossoms.   ROOIBOS CARAMEL           With caramel taste; rooibos,
                                                                       caramel cream bits, flavoring.
                    more teas on the other side >>>                 ORGANIC ROOIBOS TISANE             USDA certified organic
                                                                       plain rooibos tea from South Africa.

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