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					                        Privacy Right Clearinghouse List
                        A Chronology of Data Breaches
                     Reported Since the ChoicePoint Incident
                                    Updated July 20, 2005
Feb. 15, 2005                ChoicePoint
Feb. 25 , 2005               Bank of America
Feb. 25, 2005                PayMaxx
                8-Mar-05     DSW/Retail Ventures
               10-Mar-05     LexisNexis
                11-Mar-05    Univ. of CA, Berkeley
                11-Mar-05    Boston College
                12-Mar-05    NV Dept. of Motor Vehicle
                20-Mar-05    Northwestern Univ.
                20-Mar-05    Univ. of NV., Las Vegas
                22-Mar-05    Calif. State Univ., Chico
                23-Mar-05    Univ. of CA, San Francisco
                28-Mar-05    Univ. of Chicago Hospital
April ?, 2005                Georgia DMV
                 5-Apr-05    MCI
                 8-Apr-05    Eastern National
                 8-Apr-05    San Jose Med. Group
                11-Apr-05    Tufts University
                12-Apr-05    LexisNexis
                14-Apr-05    Polo Ralph Lauren/HSBC
                14-Apr-05    Calif. FasTrack
                15-Apr-05    CA Dept. of Health Services
                18-Apr-05    DSW/ Retail Ventures
                20-Apr-05    Ameritrade
                21-Apr-05    Carnegie Mellon Univ.
                26-Apr-05    Mich. State Univ's Wharton Center
                26-Apr-05    Christus St. Joseph's Hospital
                28-Apr-05    Georgia Southern Univ.
                28-Apr-05    Wachovia,
                             Bank of America,
                             PNC Financial Services Group and
                             Commerce Bancorp
                 29-Apr-05   Oklahoma State Univ.
                 2-May-05    Time Warner
                 4-May-05    CO. Health Dept.
                 5-May-05    Purdue Univ.
                 7-May-05    Dept. of Justice
                11-May-05    Stanford Univ.
        12-May-05    Hinsdale Central High School
        16-May-05    Westborough Bank
        18-May-05    Jackson Comm. College, Michigan
        18-May-05    Univ. of Iowa
        19-May-05    Valdosta State Univ., GA
        20-May-05    Purdue Univ.
        26-May-05    Duke Univ.
        27-May-05    Cleveland State Univ.
        28-May-05    Merlin Data Services
        30-May-05    Motorola
        31-May-05    Omega World Travel
         6-Jun-05    CitiFinancial
        10-Jun-05    Fed. Deposit Insurance Corp. (FDIC)
        16-Jun-05    CardSystems
        17-Jun-05    Kent State Univ.
        18-Jun-05    Univ. of Hawaii
        22-Jun-05    Eastman Kodak
        22-Jun-05    East Carolina Univ.
        25-Jun-05    Univ. of CT (UCONN)
        28-Jun-05    Lucas Cty. Children Services (OH)
        29-Jun-05    Bank of America
        30-Jun-05    Ohio State Univ. Med. Ctr.
          1-Jul-05   Univ. of CA, San Diego
          6-Jul-05   City National Bank
          7-Jul-05   Mich. State Univ.
         19-Jul-05   Univ. of Southern Calif. (USC)

 ouse List
Point Incident
          TYPE OF BREACH                NUMBER
          ID thieves accessed            145,000
          Lost backup tape              1,200,000
          Exposed online                  25,000
          Hacking                        100,000
          Passwords compromised           32,000
          Stolen laptop                    98,400
          Hacking                         120,000
          Stolen computer                   8,900
          Hacking                          21,000
          Hacking                           5,000
          Hacking                          59,000
          Hacking                           7,000
          Dishonest insider               unknown
          Dishonest insider       "hundreds of thousands"
          Stolen laptop                    16,500
          Hacker                           15,000
          Stolen computer                 185,000
          Hacking                         106,000
          Passwords compromised      Additional 280,000
          Hacking                        180,000
          Dishonest Insider               4,500
          Stolen laptop                   21,600
          Hacking                  Additional 1,300,000
          Lost backup tape               200,000
          Hacking                         19,000
          Hacking                         40,000
          Stolen computer                 19,000
          Hacking                  "tens of thousands"
          Dishonest insiders             676,000

          Missing laptop                  37,000
          Lost backup tapes              600,000
          Stolen laptop               1,600 (families)
          Hacker                          11,360
          Stolen laptop                   80,000
          Hacker                          9,900
Hacker                     2,400
Dishonest insider           750
Hacker                     8,000
Hacker                     30,000
Hacker                     40,000
Hacker                     11,000
Hacker                     5,500
Stolen laptop              44,420
Bogus acct. set up         9,000
Computers stolen         unknown
Stolen laptop              80,000
Lost backup tapes        3,900,000
Not disclosed              6,000
Hacker                  40,000,000
Stolen laptop              1,400
Dishonest Insider         150,000
Stolen laptop              5,800
Hacker                      250
Hacker                     72,000
Exposed by email            900
Stolen laptop              18,000
Stolen laptop              15,000
Hacker                     3,300
Lost backup tapes        unknown
Hacker                     27,000
Hacker               270,000 possibly


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