3 Keys to Building Trust by gunsjy1


									                    3 Keys to Building Trust Using Copywriting

Grab the attention of your prospects by implementing some of my most highly effective strategies ever.
If you fail to anchor your masterpiece with each keystone, it will collapse like a building missing its
underpinnings. Once you have the foundation each successive step becomes easier and easier.

When I was a tiny tot my mom never wanted me to be afraid to reach for the stars. Although she was
not an athletic young woman she wanted me to believe that I could accomplish anything that I wanted
to do. My mom had to first learn the basics before she could teach me a headstand for gymnastics class,
(Shhh! She asked her mom who could still do a skillful headstand.) Armed with knowledge, she created a
perfect triangle base and flipped upside down against the wall into a headstand. It wasn't perfect but
together we both worked on forming that basic stance until we got it right.

There are many things that keep us from moving forward and if you are lucky there is someone
encouraging you to take that leap of faith. Today I teach the basics of copywriting because you must
build a solid foundation to support your proposal as you write your sales copy.

You have asked me to reveal the magic formula for my own success. I don't mean to oversimplify but
here are 3 basics that promise to move you in the direction of writing better copy.

Key #1: Understand Your Target Market

Anticipate her objections before she reads a word of your copy. When you understand her priorities you
make more sales. She'll think you're reading her mind when you know more about her likes and dislikes.
Key #2: Know the Difference Between a Feature and a Benefit

Don't let your copy become a snooze-fest of self-serving words. Create benefit driven statements that
attract attention and build trust.

Key #3: Make Your Offer Irresistible

  Allure her into your copy so she can't get your message out of your head.

  Never ask for the order before you have convinced her.

  Spark her hot buttons by leading her into buying as she's drawn deeper into your copy.

I just want to see you on a trajectory towards creating your marketing plan for the next year. My boot
camps are filled with tips you just won't hear anywhere else. That's where you learn how to put it all
together while I deconstruct old school copy and turn it into copy that speaks her language.

I've mustered the courage to face my fears and move beyond adversity towards success. I make it my
business to teach using formulas, templates, and tips so you can cut years off your learning curve.

Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero founded Red Hot Copy in 1999 an effort to work anywhere, raise her family, and
still make a good living. Her background in journalism and acting prepared her for the creative (and
competitive) nature of copywriting. From the moment she discovered the genre, Lorrie was drawn to
the edgy, conversational language, the winding persuasive arguments, and weaving psychology
throughout the copy.
From her past reporter days, she is adamant about deeply researching the current industries, trends and
competition. In fact, Lorrie coined the term "TARKET" ("target" plus "market") to explain how to collect
research and refine it to speak to a single person in your demographic. In fact her target + market
methodology has become part of the 21st Century marketing lingo.

She is a frequent guest speaker. Lorrie has written award-winning home study courses, conducts world-
famous copywriting trainings on how to sell to women, holds live workshops, and authored the original
book, The She Factor based on her own She Factor Marketing System.

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