Chinese Chopsticks Reflect Culture & Non-violent Spirit by jyotikakhoslaa


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									        Using Chinese Chopsticks – Upholding a Cultural Phenomenon

There's a reason why Chinese chopsticks emerged from the oriental part of the world. Opposing
the dominant Western way to intake food using forks and knives, Chinese chopsticks are a totally
different way to eat food using an innocuous chopstick set which is not only difficult to learn but
also requires a lot of patience. But once learned, Chinese chopsticks can be as or in fact more
efficient than your usual forks and knives.

The whole concept of using a Chinese chopstick set reflects the non-violent, gentle and kind
attitude which is also the moral of Confucianism. Forks and knives were considered cold weapons
and their presence on the table perhaps meant an attack on the food instead of enjoying the
flourishing flavors of each and every morsel. Chinese chopsticks in fact are designed as such that
they pick up a small quantity of food one at a time so that the eater slowly and slowly takes in the
flavors and nutrients contained in the food.

Hence if you stop viewing a Chinese chopstick set as a mere tableware and understand the
philosophy behind the emergence of such a beautiful tool to enjoy food, you will start enjoying
your Chinese or oriental delicacies even more. All it takes is a lot of patience and understanding.

First time users will always face a lot of difficulty in using Chinese chopsticks while eating Chinese
or oriental food but there are some easier to use chopsticks available too – Hair Chopsticks that
women simply love to use and look pretty wearing with oriental or other dresses. The popularity
of hair chopsticks is only second to that of a Chinese chopsticks set.

The best part about using Chinese chopsticks is that it teaches you not only patience and a unique
ability to enjoy the rich cultural experience and philosophy of Confucianism but also lets you
partake in an enriching activity of enjoying food. Nowadays, there's hardly time for anything in
life, least of all for sitting down to eat peacefully. Therefore, a handy set of Chinese chopsticks
perhaps should be owned by everyone so that instead of gulping down food, you start taking it in
measure by measure.

Plus it's a great exercise in learning table manners and etiquettes. For you it's a rich cultural
experience and a satisfying one for your palette!


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