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Los Angeles Lasik-Pros and Cons of Laser Eye Surgery


Andrew Caster MD, Voted as Best Lasik-Laser Eye Surgeon in Los Angeles by Los Angeles Magazine, Top Athletes trusted Dr Caster with their Lasik surgery- Office in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles.

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									Pros and Cons of Laser Eye Surgery

                         If you are a resident of Beverly Hills who has grown weary of wearing
                         contact lenses or eyeglasses, you may already be aware that there are
                         alternatives out there and wish to know more about them. Many of
                         Southern California's top optometrists either offer laser procedures or
can refer you to someone else. Before you choose a treatment, however, it's best to examine all
of the various pros and cons with a Beverly Hills Lasik surgeon to determine if this is right for
you. Laser treatments in the Los Angeles area possess their own pros and cons, which are worth
looking into with the help of a qualified surgeon.

Also known as Los Angeles Lasik, this type of eye surgery cannot treat all conditions. A
common misconception is that surgery will lead to perfect eye sight. It's important to realize that
there may be a variety of outcomes from surgery. Although the resulting sight will certainly be
better than it was before, it may not be as good as when a patient wore glasses or contact lenses.
The end result will depend on the type of eye condition that you suffer from, and how much of a
modification you need. Laser surgery cannot treat some conditions, such as presbyopia. In these
cases, you will still need to use reading glasses.

With the help of a Lasik professional, you can explore these different possibilities. Some of the
main benefits of choosing laser surgery include the fact that in most cases you will not need to
wear contact lenses or glasses any longer. This can lead to the feeling of freedom. If you hate
having water splashing into your eyes or steam fogging up your glasses, you will not need to
worry about this anymore. With corrective eye surgery, you may find that outdoor activities are
easier to enjoy without having to worry about glasses. California surfers, for example, often
benefit from surgery.

However, as with any type of surgery, there are some risks associated with laser eye surgery. If
you are not careful with the aftercare, you could experience an infection or other complications.
This is why surgeons will give you eye drops to reduce any chance of infection. Another factor
to consider is that this surgery is permanent, so in the off chance that anything goes wrong, it
could be difficult to correct without further surgery. These are just a few things to think about in
Los Angeles Lasik, Lasik

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