Upcoming Tuberculosis Instructor Courses

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					Upcoming Tuberculosis Instructor Courses
This Course is for healthcare professionals who have held the Basic TB Validation for at least 6 months and want to become Tuberculosis Instructors

This list was updated 12-8-11 and is updated usually the first week of each new month.
      City         Date               Location                    Address        ST Zip       Trainer                                               Phone                      Contact EMail
Elkhart          12/30/11 Riverwalk Village                1400 W Franklin St    IN 46516 R. Dodie Kreger                                        219-381-6655         dodie.kreger@omnicare.com
1. In order to become at TB Instructor, you must first hold the Basic TB Validation for 6 months. After the 6 months, you may contact a Trainer to sign up for the Instructor Course.
2. The American Lung Association of Indiana does not schedule or teach TB classes, however, we provide information from the TB Trainers who teach the TB Instructor Courses at locations throughout
the State.
3. If you do not find a course or location convenient for you, please feel free to contact one of our Trainers listed below to see if they have other courses scheduled or if they are willing to come to your
4. This list is updated monthly, usually the first week of each new month.
5. Contact the Trainer directly to find out if there are any fees for taking the Instructor Course. Fees charged are for the Trainer's services and supplies. The ALA does not collect any fees from these

Tuberculosis Education Program Trainers
The TB Trainers are our highest level of the Tuberculosis Program. They teach new TB Instructors who then in turn teach the Basic TB Courses. Please feel free to contact these Trainers about TB
policies and procedures and/or upcoming Instructor Courses.
      City                      Trainer Name                             Email                                                                        Phone
Beech Grove        Karen Retzner                                         bennietoes@hotmail.com
Bloomington        Barbara Weber White                                   bweberwhite@yahoo.com
Evansville         Tammy Wilder                                          kuhio2@insightbb.cvom                                                   812-303-5801
Fishers            Maggie Benz                                           maggiebenz@comcast.net                                                  317-595-2113
Lafayette          Janet Blossom                                         jblossom@ivytech.edu
Lawrenceburg       Stephanie Craig                                       scraig@dch.org                                                          812-537-8431
Merrillville       Shannon Niles                                         slrlcm@aol.com
New Castle         Joy Hardacre                                          joyhardacre@aol.com
Warsaw             Dodie Kreger                                          dodie.kreger@omnicare.com                                               219-381-6655

This form is not to be distributed or used for any purpose other than intended. The American Lung Association is committed to protecting your personal information. However, for the purpose of
allowing the general public to contact our Instructors and Trainers with course inquiries, we do provide lists of upcoming TB courses on our website with the information our instructors and trainers have
provided to us. This information includes the location of the course, contact phone and email so people can contact the instructors to enroll in these courses. If you do not wish to list your upcoming TB
courses on our website, please indicate your request on the Upcoming Course Schedule form.

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