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									                                 Lt. Col. Steven E. Thomas
                                 Email: stzion@charter.net

                          HIGHLIGHTS OF QUALIFICATIONS

   An accomplished professional with over 27 years of experience in counseling, pastoral
    care (drug/alcohol, psychological, geriatrics, hospice, grief, administration, volunteer
    services and public affairs).
   Strong skills in organizing work flow, ideas, materials and people.
   Strong communication and interpersonal skills and building trust levels.
   Background broadened by overseas travel and positions.


   University of Illinois, Urbana, IL Bachelor in Social Studies Education
   Concordia Theological Seminary, Ft. Wayne, IN, Master of Divinity
   Concordia Theological Seminary, Ft. Wayne IN, (ABD) Dr. of Ministry
   American Association of Pastoral Counseling (4 units)
   Clinical Pastoral Education (3units)

                             PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE


   Prison Chaplain, Male Medium Security Prison, Program and Administration for 10
   Senior Coordinating Chaplain for Wisconsin Department of Corrections for 5 years.
   Ordained Lutheran Church Missouri Synod Pastor for 27 years.
   Crisis Intervention counselor and social case worker experienced in techniques and case
    management from pastoral, social work and psychological background involving issues
    of physical, emotional, addiction, sexual abuse/neglect, stress illness, divorce,
    separations and death and corresponding grief, hospice, AIDS, employee relations and
    Critical Incident Stress Management.
   Developed and worked plans to provide thorough demographics on residents and study
    information for prevention and intervention programs for workplace stress.
   Served 5 years as Commanding Officer of a Marine Support Unit with focus on
    emergency response to combat terrorist activity and natural disaster. Responsibilities
    were to recruit, interview, select personnel, develop tasking, and develop individual and
    unit goals and training to meet those goals and evaluate.
   Served in Desert Storm in Casualty Assistance Officer Training, and forward deployed
    to Okinawa, Japan as Deputy Group Chaplain Third Force Service Support Group in
    charge of 20 chaplains and 50 support personnel serving on various task forces involved
    in disaster response.
   Deployed to the Combat Services Support Detachment (Operation Provide Comfort)
    Northern Iraq, Kurdish Refugees as the Marine Liaison and Critical Incident Stress
   Served 3 years as the Command Chaplain for Military Sealift Command Far East
    headquartered out of Yokohama, Japan. I coordinated for the spiritual and emotional
    and support needs of the crews and their families of 40 ships attached to the command,
    from Oakland, CA to Persian Gulf from Arctic to Antarctic Circles. During this time I
    was able to keep all vessels supplied with an enlisted liaison and maintained direct
    contact in times of crisis intervention and providing the necessary support to meet the
    needs of the fleet.


   Qualified Instructor/Teacher, Undergraduate work done in Social Studies Education
    and Economics, secondary level.
   Health Services Instructor for Integnet, Agnesian Health Network in CPR, First Aid,
    Blood Borne Pathogens.
   Training Officer for Pastoral Care Department, Naval Hospital Portsmouth, VA
    developed and coordinated and provided weekly refresher training for departmental
    and hospital staff, volunteers and community organization in dynamics of family,
    intervention, communication skills and use of available community resources.
   Commanding Officer of Marine/Naval Support Unit tasked with setting up training for
    twelve Western US units in various climates ranging from desert, tropical to cold
    weather environments that included radiological, biological and chemical conditions
   Experienced in developing curriculum and creating activities to facilitate application of
    learned material.


   Coordinated a wide range of logistics for office functions to successfully integrate the
    many demanding priorities of high pressure, faced paced operations, working quickly,
    efficiently and cooperatively with management and employees.
   Prepared edited, proofed correspondence, reports, proposals grant agreements and
   Planned organized and presided over conferences, ceremonies, meetings and media
   Planned and executed operations to bring 12 military support units to central locations
    for training.
                                    Lt. Col. Steven Edward Thomas
                                         Email: stzion@charter.net

Work History:
Part-time work while attending school
MAY 73-MAY 74             University of Illinois @ Urbana, Student Accounts Clerk
MAY 74-JUN 74             Urbana Public Schools, Temporary fill Social Studies teacher
SEP 71 - MAY 78           Teaching Assistant for Dr. David P. Scaer, Concordia Sem/Univ. IL
JUL 74 - JUL 76           Avis-Rent-A-Car, Springfield, IL, Computer Rental Agent
NOV 74 – JUN 76           Springfield IL, Public Schools, Home Bound Instructor
JUL 76 – JUL 77           Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Lowell, MI (internship)
JUL 77 – AUG 77           US Navy Chaplain School (8 week basic officer training)
SEP 77 – JUN 78           Avis Rent-A-Car, Fort Wayne, IN Rental and Maintenance Agent

Ordained Minister JUN 1978
JUL 78 – OCT 80        Peace Lutheran Church, Detroit, MI, Assistant Pastor
OCT 80 – MAR 84        US Navy Active Duty
MAR 84 – MAY 86        Immanuel Lutheran Church, Sheboygan, WI Assoc. Pastor
MAY 86 – OCT 92        Immanuel Lutheran Church, Sheboygan, WI Sr. Admin. Pastor
FEB 91 – SEP 91        Active Duty US Navy/Marine Corps, Active Duty
MAR 93 – NOV 93        St. John’s Lutheran Church, Port Washington, WI , Interim Pastor
AUG 93 – SEP 03        Dept. of Corrections, Fox Lake Correctional Sr. Chaplain.
                       Senior Chaplain WI Dept. of Corrections (1995-2000)
JUN 02 – Present       Zion Lutheran Church, Burnett WI

Military Service:       CDR,CHC, USNR
JAN 77 – JUL 77         Reserve Navy Mobile Construction Battalion 26, Grand Rapids MI/Staff
SEP 77 – JUN 78         Voluntary Training Unit, Fort Wayne, IN, Staff Officer
SEP 78 – OCT 80         4th Marine Air Wing Support Group 47/Wing Medical HQ Selfridge ANG, MI
                        Medical Administration/Staff Officer/Chaplain/General’s Staff
OCT 80 – MAY 82         USS America CV-66 (aircraft carrier) Norfolk, VA,(Wing Chaplain, Damage
(active duty)            Control/Fire Fighting, Nuclear Weapons team, Medical Triage support, Naval Flight
                        Officer Training Pensacola, FL
MAY 82- MAR 84          Naval Hospital Portsmouth, VA, Staff Chaplain, Division Officer, Clinical Resident, and
                        Ancillary Services Dept. Training Officer, Special Psychological Response and
                        Treatment team member.
JUN 84 –DEC 88          Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 25, Naval Air Station, Glenview,IL
                        Planning and Mobilization Air/Ground Team, Staff, Chaplain
OCT 86 – OCT 88         2nd Reserve Naval Construction Regiment, NTC Great Lakes, IL Chaplain
JAN 89 - SEP 93         Marine Expeditionary Force, Support Unit 713, NTC Great Lake, IL
                        Commanding Officer
SEP 90 –SEP 90          Desert Shield, Marine Corps Base, Camp Pendleton, CA
(active duty)           Mortuary and Mass Casualty Assistance Training Instructor
FEB 91 – JUL 91         Desert Storm 3rd Force Service Support Group, Okinawa, Japan
(active duty)           Deputy Command Chaplain 3rd FSSG, 9th Motor Transport Batt., 3rd Landing Support
                        Batt., deployed Northern Iraq for Operation Provide Comfort, Staff Officer, Air/Ground
                        Mobilization team, Refugee Liaison, Road Master/Nuclear Materials team, transport
                        driver/Hazardous Jump Platoon, Break Out Officer Typhoon and Natural
                        Disasters.(mobilized for Okinawa Typhoon, Bangladesh Cyclone, Mt Pinatubo eruption).
JUL 91 – SEP 91         Base Operations, Naval Training Center, Great Lakes, IL, staff/project officer,
                        SECDEF, Washington, DC, Fort Sheridan Housing Evaluation Project.
OCT 93 – OCT 94         Voluntary Training Unit 1318, Madison, WI. Mobilization Officer, Community
                Liaison Officer (Red Cross Services, Dane County Area)
OCT 94 – OCT 98          Military Sealift Command Pacific/Far East, US Navy/ US Merchant Marine
                         Air/Ground/Sea Mobilization team, Disaster Support Officer, Load Officer, Liaison
                         Officer, Ship Habitability Officer, Refugee Support Officer, Community Services
                         Officer, Command Chaplain. Mobilized for Typhoon Ikki. Forward deployed to
                         Yokohama, Japan and Pusan, Republic of Korea for operations.
OCT 98 – MAY 00          Voluntary Training Unity 1318, Madison, WI, Mobilization Officer.
JAN 97 – present         Wisconsin Wing Civil Air Patrol, US Air Force Auxiliary. Dodge County Composite
                 Squadron 004
MAR 04 – present         Great Lakes Region Deputy CISM

Military Annual Training:
1977                    Officer Basic Training, NETC Newport RI 8 weeks
1978                    OJT Naval Air Station Glenview IL (30 day staff officer training)
1979                    Desert Survival Training/Mobilization, MCAS El Toro/MCB 29 Palms, CA
1980                    Field Medical School/ Marine Corps Base, Camp LeJeune, NC
1981                    Active Duty Deployment to Persian Gulf/Mediterranean
1982                    Aviation Division Officers School/AODA Clinical Resident Training
1983                    Instructor Naval Hospital Orientation/Mass Casualty Triage
1984                    Naval Construction Battalion Training
1985                    Operation Green Stinger, RNMCB, NAS Glenview, ANGB Fort McCoy,WI
1986                    Earthquake Reconstruction and Mobilization Training MCB Camp Pendleton,
1987                    US Army Jump School Fort Benning GA.
1988                    Cold Weather Operations/Blizzard Training, ANG Camp Ripley, MN
1989                    US Coast Guard Support Training, Gov. Island, NY
1990                    Advanced Supervisory Training, Naval War College, Newport RI
1991                    1st Marine Brigade Service Support Group, MCAS Kaneohe, HI
1992                    Field Grade Officer Training/FBI Terrorist Training, MCDCC Quantico, VA
1993                    1st Recruit Regiment Chaplain/4th Recruit Battalion, MCRD Parris Island, SC
1994                    TRANSCOM Mobilization course/Travis Air Force Base, CA
1995                    Supervisory Command Tour of Operations Japan, Korea, Guam, Singapore, Persian Gulf,
                        and pre-planning Operation Ulchi Focus Lens (ROK re-invasion)
1996                    Operation Ulchi-Focus Lens, Republic of Korea
1997                    TRANSCOM Load Officer Course, Oakland Army Base, Oakland, CA, Critical
                        Incident Management Course, NTC Great Lakes, IL
1998                    Military Sealift Command, Port Operations Officer School, Naval Supply Base,
1999                    Medical First Responder Training

Region Chaplain Staff Colleges
1999,2001,2002,2003,2004          GLR, Wright-Patterson AFB, OH

Wisconsin Wing CAP Squadron Chaplain of the Year 1999 and 2004
Great Lakes Region CAP Squadron Chaplain of the Year 2004

Deputy Director Great Lakes Region CISM

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