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 environmental                        DIFFERENCES

     New Total      Sign-up Wizard   12 Service
 Resource Auctions For Centers Serving
     Locations                        Dealers
Pa g e

 sIgn-uP wIzarD
                                              “   Working with colleagues, I’m helping to develop and
                                              guide our company’s environmental initiative, Manheim
                                               “Go Green”. This initiative is part of a larger effort driven
 sPeeDs uP access
                                                      by our parent company, Cox Enterprises, Inc.
 a new, streamlined        A Message from...
 sign-up wizard helps
                           DAViD MuNNikhuySEN,
 customers gain quicker
                           ViCE pRESiDENT OF BEST pRACTiCES
 and easier access to and
 information needed to
 buy vehicles.            ‘Go Green’ With Manheim –
                          Make A Difference In Our Environment
Pa g e                    As the father of two teenage daughters, I                     try. Two years in the making, this system

06                        think a lot about the future. I think about
                          what the world will be like for them in the
                                                                                        removes enough contaminants from the
                                                                                        process water in the detail shop to allow
                          years to come, and I find myself asking,                      Manheim to reuse almost 60 percent of the
 MakIng PosItIve          “How can I make a difference in their lives                   water for cleaning. While companies provide
 envIronMental            today and in the future?” One way is doing                    part of the conservation solution, there also
 DIfferences              what I can to be more environmentally con-                    are many ways in which you can make a dif-
                          scious.                                                       ference in protecting our environment:
 Discover what steps           At Manheim, I have the opportunity to
 Manheim is taking to     address some of these challenges. Work-                       l	 Recycle ink and toner cartridges and
 conserve water, reduce   ing with colleagues, I’m helping to develop                      paper
 air pollutants and       and guide our company’s environmental                         l	 Turn off your computer and lights when
 make a positive envi-    initiative, Manheim “Go Green.” This initia-                     leaving work or home
 ronmental impact.        tive is part of a larger effort driven by our                 l	 Make double-sided copies
                          parent company, Cox Enterprises, Inc.                         l	 Carpool, walk, bike or use public transit
                          Being involved in this effort is energizing me                   when you can
                          – both as a business leader and as a father.                  l	 Use low-flow showerheads
                               I’m thoroughly enjoying the challenge of                 l	 Use a watering can rather than your
                          finding ways our company can make a sig-                         hose to water plants
                          nificant impact on our environment. Earlier                   l	 Turn your thermostat down two degrees
Pa g e                    this year, we began switching from solvent-                      in the winter and up two degrees in the

                          based paints to water-based paints at seven                      summer
                          of our operating locations to reduce pollut-                  l	 Unplug unused appliances
                          ants. We’re also mixing just the right amount                 l	 Use compact fluorescent light bulbs
 servIce centers:         of paint to minimize hazardous waste, and
 a ‘new’ way              disposing that and other waste in the most                        I’m proud of the work being done
 to serve Dealers         environmentally responsible manner pos-                       because I know it will lead to a more eco-
                          sible. We’ll also be treating and recycling                   friendly world for our employees, custom-
 learn how two deal-      wastewater in our detail shops where we can                   ers and my family. Working together, our
 ers are benefiting       minimize waste and treat the wastewater                       impact could be substantial if we put just
 from Manheim service     sent to municipal sewer systems.                              one or two of these steps into action. I
 centers.                      Shortly after we opened the new recondi-                 encourage you to “Go Green” today.
                          tioning operations at Manheim Pennsylvania
                          (Manheim Auto Auction), we activated one
                          of the world’s most advanced wastewater
                          treatment systems in the remarketing indus-

                           EDITOR’S NOTE:

                           Manheim’s North American operating locations are changing their names to focus more prominently on the
                           Manheim identity. (See “New Manheim Identity: Making It Easier For Customers” on page 10.) Throughout this
                           issue, we are using the new names, followed by the former names in parentheses.


                                                                                                 Manheim Used Vehicle Value Index

                                Wholesale Prices
                                Fall In October
15                        40

                                Average wholesale used vehicle values invariably
                          30    decline from September to October. For October,
                                the mix mileage and seasonally adjusted Man-
 9                              heim Index fell to 113.9, marking the first mean-
                          20    ingful decline in the Manheim Index in more
 6                              than a year.
                                    “This falloff was more than the normal his-
                          10    torical seasonal pattern would dictate,” noted
                                Tom Webb, Manheim’s chief economist. “Aver-                    macro economy that might apply some down-
                                age wholesale prices are still up 1.7 percent over             ward pressure on pricing in the near term.”
 0                          0
                                the past year. Although the fundamentals of                         To learn more, check out the Manheim Used
                                the used vehicle market remain fairly strong, it                    Vehicle Value Index at or
Demand High
For Three- To Five-             would be naive to ignore broader trends in the                   
Year-Old Units
According to CNW
the total supply of
                                Capture Used-Car Buyers Via Internet
three- to five-year-old
                                More and more consumers looking for late-model used cars are using the Internet to find the vehicles
vehicles has dropped
                                they want to purchase, according to recent J.D. Power and Associates research. For
23 percent from
12.2 million in 2004            the first time, Internet usage ranked higher than all other avenues of vehicle location, including visit-
to 9.4 million in 2007.         ing dealer lots, which came in second but fell 10 percentage points behind in popularity.
40                              l	 23 percent of all late-model used-car purchasers turn to such online avenues as,
                           and eBayMotors to locate their car of choice. This number was up 44 percent from 2006.
                                l	 72 percent of shoppers that use the Internet access consumer-generated auto content, such as
30                                  online reviews, at some point during the purchasing process.

                                                  Quick Q&A With Tom Webb


10                                                     As the year comes to a close, Manheim news visited with Tom Webb, Manheim’s chief economist, to
                                                       talk about oil prices and used hybrids.

                                                      Q. The price of oil is more than        Q. What is your take on the market for used hybrids?
                                                         $90 per barrel. Do you see the       A. the only hybrid that you can look at in terms of auc-
                                                         price of crude and the price of      tion volume with any significance is the toyota Prius, and
                                                         gasoline going up as we move         it has held up surprisingly well – especially if you consider
Franchised Vs.                                           into year-end?                       that it was once selling above sticker, with a waiting list.
Independents                    A. In terms of crude oil, I would say yes. oil is priced      It is now selling at sticker, with no waiting list. also, if you
In September, fran-             in dollars and that is part of the reason. gasoline will be   are a new vehicle buyer, you get certain tax credits, which
chised dealers sold             going up. the fundamentals would be to the upside and         are not available to the used vehicle buyer.
36 percent of all
                                not the downside. the only way you get a downside is if             another aspect that is interesting is that we now have
used vehicles, while
                                you have a reduction in demand; you are not going to get      a sizable number of those units with a substantial amount
independents sold 31
percent. The remain-            it out through supply. the reduction in demand occurs         of mileage on them. the factory warranty, I believe, is
ing 33 percent were             only if you have a global recession. I think the forces are   80,000 miles in terms of the battery life. If you look at the
private part sales.             on the upside. If you look at gasoline pump prices, this is   depreciation factor of some of these older units, you don’t
            – source: cnw       the time of year you would start to see some decline; a       see any sudden fall off in the value as they approach that
                                seasonal pattern as we get out of the driving season. we      limit, meaning to me, that the buyers of these units at auc-
                                probably won’t have that this time around because of the      tions aren’t overly concerned about that issue. I would say,
                                price of crude. Plus, we are finding capacity is still con-   in terms of marketing them at auction, you’ve got to get
                                strained and it is very subject to maintenance issues and     the right people there because you are selling back into a
                                weather; we are not out of hurricane season yet.              smaller clientele.

                                                                                                                                     NOVEMBER-DECEMBER           I3

                             Manheim Announces                                       Total Resource Auctions
                             Leadership Changes                                      Adds Two Locations
                                 To better integrate its internal resources and      Total Resource Auctions has added locations in
                                 deliver improved service to customers, Manheim      Fresno, Calif., and Clarksville, Ind., making the
                                 has announced several leadership changes:           total number of its salvage wholesale auctions
                                     Mike Broe, formerly senior vice president       37 nationwide.
                                 of operations, has been named executive vice            “We are making
                                 president. In addition to overseeing newly          every effort to accommodate our cus-
                                                   developing initiatives, such      tomers by opening new Total Resource Auc-
                                                   as Specialty Auction and Ser-
    other Leadership                               vice Centers, Broe also will be
                                                                                     tions sites across the nation,” said Tom Ham-
    Announcements                                  responsible for the various
                                                                                     mer, national director of operations.
                                                                                         Total Resource Central California hosts
    Yvan St. Jean has joined Manheim as            service businesses, includ-       sales the first and third Friday of each month at
    general manager of Manheim Montreal.           ing Frontline Services and        10 a.m. at Manheim Central California (Fresno
    John Fox has been named general man-           Manheim Financial Services        Auto Dealers Auction). Total Resource Louisville
    ager of Manheim arizona (arizona auto          (MAFS), offered by Manheim.       holds sales every other Wednesday at 9 a.m. at
    auction) in Phoenix. he previously served             Kelly Conger has been
    as assistant general manager of Manheim
                                                                                     Manheim Louisville (Louisville Auto Auction).
                                                   named group vice president of
    southern california (formerly southern
                                                   Frontline Services. Conger also   NEW FACES iN CANADA
    california auto auction) in fontana.
    Bob Moore has joined Dent wizard as
                                                   will continue as president of         Manheim Canada has hired David McBride
    vice president, product management.            Dent Wizard.                      as director of salvage operations for Canada.
    Judy Taylor, general manager of Man-                  Doug DePaolo has been      He will be responsible for improving and grow-
    heim Mississippi (Mississippi auto auc-        named vice president of           ing Total Resource Auctions’ salvage remarket-
    tion) will retire on Jan. 1, 2008.             finance, Total Resource Auc-      ing business, increasing business partners and
    Mike Browning, general manager of Man-         tions.                            executing steady procedures. Nancy Graves
    heim new orleans (greater new orleans                 David Young, formerly      also has joined the company and will work
    auto auction) will succeed taylor as gen-      vice president of the vehicle     directly under McBride, where she will be
    eral manager of Manheim Mississippi.           management businesses, has        responsible for all daily processes at Oshawa
                                                   been named group vice presi-      and northeastern Ontario.
                                 dent of Service Businesses. Responsible for
                                 customer transactions in the lanes, online and
                                 directly, depending on their business needs, he
                                 will oversee Manheim Inspections, Transport
                                 Solution, Recovery Solution, Remarketing Solu-
                                 tions and Title Solution.

                             I N T E R N AT I o N A L N E W S
                                           Manheim Portugal has opened a
                                           two-lane 324,000-sq.-ft. facility in
                                           Lisbon, the country’s largest city.
                                           The Oct. 30 grand opening sale
                                           featured 750 vehicles from GE,
                                           LeasePlan and other consignors and        Manheim Asia Pacific Named Best Small-Medium
                                           attracted 700 buyers. A total of 400      Enterprise (SME) – Simon Moran (from left to right), vice
                                           vehicles sold, including 90 percent       president, Manheim Asia Pacific, and Apriak Apijitchaichot
                                           of the 200 units offered by GE.           (center) sales manager of Manheim Asia Pacific accept the
      A vehicle prepares     Manheim Colchester opened its new four-lane             highly regarded AustCham Award as Best SME of 2007 from
    to cross the block at                                                            Australian Ambassador William Paterson at the Australian-
                             auction facility, the first of its kind in Europe.
      the new Manheim                                                                Thai Chamber of Commerce Business Awards 2007 presen-
                             This 52-acre facility already was the largest in
      Colchester facility.                                                           tation. With a dynamic and growing Thailand business,
                             Europe, and the new four-lane auction center
                                                                                     Manheim Asia Pacific was a strong winner with its outstand-
                             will increase its capacity to more than 170,000         ing professional vehicle auctions and other remarketing
                             vehicles per year.                                      services.


                    Wizard Speeds Up Access
            has created                principal or owner of a
                     a new, streamlined sign-up             dealership, he or she
                     wizard that will help custom-          was not automatically
                     ers easily gain site access and        prompted to sign
                     quickly sign up for features           up for a myAccount
                     that provide critical informa-         log in – a feature of
                     tion needed to buy vehicles            the site that allows
                     from the site.                         these key dealership
                          Previously, when a cus-           employees to view vehicle his-
                     tomer wanted to sign-up for            tory reports, look up transac-
                     a log in, they             tion activity, pay for vehicles     to clearly inform dealers of
                     were asked to go through a             online and more.                    the benefits of signing up for
                     multi-step process that did                 “We’re always looking for      services like myAccount, pro-
                     not adequately inform them             ways to improve the customer        vide immediate ability to pur-
                     of what each step meant to             experience on the site, and         chase vehicles and explain the
                     their access. Also, customers          the registration process is         process for site access includ-
                     were unable purchase vehicles          where makes             ing registration with Auction
                     immediately.                           its first impression. It’s impor-   Access. It also should reduce
                          The sign-up process was           tant that it’s a good one,”         calls to customer support for
                     not intuitive, either. Meaning         said Bob Pruett,        log in credentials by allow-
                     if a customer indicated that he        assistant general manager.          ing customers to choose their
                     or she was a manager, dealer                The new process is geared      own log-in information.

                     CitiFinancial Auto, Manheim Host Online Multi-Site Sales
                        CitiFinancial Auto and Manheim recently                is to purchase a wide variety of vehicles from
                        hosted a pair of Online Multi-Site Sales, allow-       multiple locations through the Internet.”
                        ing dealers to view, bid on and possibly buy               According to Weber, the online auctions
                        vehicles over the Internet from multiple loca-         have given CitiFinancial Auto a venue for
                        tions in a single event, with a live auctioneer.       increased sales and allow dealers a chance to
                                              The Oct. 8 sale had dealers      bid on vehicles from markets they may not
                                              logging on to bid on 111         have examined before.
                                              available vehicles from 12           Manheim Georgia (Georgia Dealers’ Auto
                                              Manheim operating locations      Auction) and Manheim Nevada (Greater Nevada
                                              across the Midwest and on        Auto Auction) hosted the Online Multi-Site

                                              the West Coast. Prior to that    Sales over Manheim Simulcast. Instead of show-
   The idea behind Online Multi-Site
                                              sale, the two companies also     ing vehicles running through auction lanes,
Sales is to expand inventory options held a pilot auction with                 dealers viewed photographs and condition
 for dealers across the country.
                      Cynthia Meyer, director
                                              more than 200 vehicles avail-
                                              able at operating locations
                                              throughout the Midwest and
                                                                               reports for the vehicles, then placed bids in a
                                                                               virtual environment.
                                                                                   “The idea behind Online Multi-Site Sales is
              of national accounts, Manheim
                                              East Coast.                      to expand inventory options for dealers across
                                                  “As the first finance com-   the country,” said Cynthia Meyer, Manheim’s
                              pany to provide Online Multi-Site Sales,         director of national accounts. “The concept is
                             CitiFinancial Auto is offering innovative and     gaining momentum because dealers see this
                        new solutions for dealers to acquire inventory,”       as a very effortless and straightforward way to
                        said Layne Weber, vice president of national           connect buyers and sellers with inventory.”
                        remarketing sales for CitiFinancial Auto. “The
                        future of the industry involves online auctions,
                        and we want our dealers to know how easy it

                                                                                                            NOVEMBER-DECEMBER     I5

                                                                                        identified four areas in which Man-

                                                                                        heim’s reconditioning operations can
                                                                                        make improvements that impact the
                                                                                        l the switch from solvent- to

                                                                                            water-based paints, which will
                                                                                            reduce air pollutants by 40 per-
                                                                                        l a mix management program for
                                                         DIFFERENCES                        on-site paint shops to reduce
                                                                                            waste and the release of air pollut-
      Moving from solvent- to water-based        said Dean Eisner, Manheim’s presi-         ants by 10 percent
      paint, recycling wastewater used to        dent and chief executive officer. “‘Go l a hazardous waste disposal pro-
      detail vehicles, and using ice to cool     Green’ With Manheim is a huge under-       gram to help facilities handle and
      a building – Manheim is doing all that     taking, and we are dedicating consid-      dispose of hazardous waste in the
      and more. As a company that relies on      erable resources of time, people and       most environmentally responsible
      water, electricity and paint to conduct    money to implement this long-term,         manner possible, including recy-
      business every day, Manheim, earlier       continuous effort.”                        cling of used automotive oil, waste
      this year, gathered a team of employ-                                                 paint solvents and used antifreeze
      ees to review how its operations could     A pOWERFuL iMpACT iN                   l wastewater treatment and
      significantly improve water conserva-      RECONDiTiONiNg                             recycling systems to minimize
      tion and reduce air pollutants.                Mike Broe, executive vice presi-       water usage
          “Manheim always has been a lead-       dent, Joe Luppino, senior vice presi-  These efforts support Cox Conserves,
      er in the remarketing industry with        dent and chief technology officer, and a national program aimed at further
      regards to customer service, innova-       David Munnikhuysen, vice president     reducing the annual carbon footprint,
      tion and technology, and it’s impor-       of best practices, are heading up “Go  or greenhouse gas emissions, by 20
      tant for us to lead in the effort to be    Green” With Manheim. Working with      percent by 2017 among all Cox com-
      environmentally responsible as well,”      others in the organization, they have  panies.


        the water conservation center at Manheim Pennsylvania (Manheim auto auction) is one
        of the world’s most advanced wastewater treatment systems in the remarketing industry.
        Designed in partnership with ashland, Inc., the water conservation center reduces the
        operating location’s water demand at its reconditioning operation by 60 percent.
             treating 42,000 gallons of wastewater and producing 25,000 gallons of high-quality
        reusable water per day, the system supports the location’s new 200,000-sq.-ft. detail shop,
        which has a 750-vehicle capacity per eight-hour shift. the water conservation center
        extracts 68 tons of contaminants from the wastewater, the weight equivalent of 12 male
        elephants, enabling Manheim to return treated water to the municipal water treatment sys-
        tem in a pretreated condition.
             a similar system is being constructed at Manheim georgia (georgia Dealers’ auto auc-
        tion) and is expected to open in first quarter 2008. like Manheim Pennsylvania’s system,      In Manheim Pennsylvania’s
        this water conservation center also will reduce the water demand by 60 percent at Man-        Water Conservation Center, more
        heim georgia’s reconditioning operations.                                                     than 3 million plastic wheels like
                                                                                                      this one are in the tank that host
                                                                                                      microorganisms or “bugs” that
                                                                                                      eat the organic contaminants in
                                                                                                      the wastewater!

     In September when Manheim             ADDiTiONAL iNNOVATiVE EFFORTS                 cling of used fluorescent bulbs, old
Pennsylvania (Manheim Auto Auc-                Yet, it’s important to note that          computers, monitors and computer
tion) activated one of the world’s         “Go Green” extends beyond the                 equipment, and other items in use
most advanced wastewater treatment         reconditioning operations. In a pilot         throughout the company. At the Man-
systems in the remarketing industry,       program, Manheim is installing a              heim DRIVE Center, employees are
the facility became Manheim’s first        unique HVAC (heating, ventilating             testing water conserving and water-
to implement all four environmental        and air conditioning) system at Man-          less detailing.
initiatives. (See “Water Conservation      heim California (formerly California              The company also is holding
Center Reduces Demand By 60 Per-           Auto Dealers Exchange) in Anaheim.            Green Sales, which give dealers direct
cent”.)                                    The system, consisting of seven 7.5-          access to fuel-efficient vehicles to
     As a result, Manheim Pennsyl-         ton ice storage units, will reduce            help meet the rising demand by their
vania will save 344 million BTUs of        energy consumption and greenhouse             customers for more eco-friendly vehi-
gas energy a year – enough energy to       gas emissions. The system makes and           cles.
serve 36 residential homes per year.       stores ice at night during off-peak               “True to Manheim’s legacy of
It also will reduce the recondition-       hours. That ice is used during peak,          being a leader, we are exploring all
ing operation’s water demand by 60         or daytime hours, to supply cooling           possibilities with ‘Go Green’,” said
percent. In addition, the facility will    for the facility.                             Munnikhuysen. “Through state-of-the-
reduce greenhouse gases by more                “By taking advantage of this sys-         art technology and the ingenuity of
than 200 tons annually.                    tem, we will help reduce greenhouse           Manheim people, we are proving we
     “The innovative work that went        gas emissions by 21 tons per year,”           can use and waste less while deliver-
into developing these programs as we       said Tim Van Dam, general manager             ing more and performing better. As
built this facility is having a signifi-   of Manheim California. “The opera-            we move forward, we’ll identify best
cant environmental impact, and that        tion of this system also results in a         practices and implement effective
impact will powerfully increase as         decrease in smog production – the             programs throughout all of our oper-
we roll out these initiatives to other     equivalent of removing 8.4 automo-            ating locations so that we can truly
locations,” said Gary Disharoon, Man-      biles from the road.”                         make a difference on our environ-
heim’s vice president of recondition-          Manheim also is exploring a vari-         ment.”
ing services.                              ety of programs, including the recy-

  CONSERVATION AT YOUR BUSINESS                                                                         THAT’S IMpRESSIVE!
                                                                                                       Over the course of a year,
  want to make an impact on the environment?      here are some tips you can employ at your
  business:                                                                                               it is anticipated that
  l	 recycle paper, old corrugated contain-       l	 use energy efficient light bulbs.                  Manheim pennsylvania’s
      ers, plastic, foam, aluminum, glass and     l	 Provide employees with a ceramic                     Water Conservation
      oil. also determine what other products        company coffee mug to replace dispos-
      can be recycled.                               able cups.                                            Center will recycle
  l	 repair broken machinery or office            l	 Plant windbreaks and shade trees                   enough water to fill the
      equipment to extend their useful life          around your business for energy savings.
                                                                                                        georgia Aquarium. That
      and reduce disposal costs.                  l	 keep garage and warehouse doors
  l	 Procure products containing recyclable          closed to reduce heat/air conditioning             means more than 8 mil-
      materials, such as paper, steel, plastic,      loss.                                             lion gallons of fresh water
      oil and compost.                            l	 avoid halon fire extinguishers.
                                                                                                         left untouched in the
  l	 recycle laser printer toner cartridges       l	 Install water-efficient faucets and toilets
      and copier machine developer.                  to conserve water.                                      environment.
  l	 contact your local utility about energy      l	 use a broom to clean walkways and
      conservation tips or for an on-site            entrances rather than hosing off these
      energy audit.                                  areas.

                                                                                                                NOVEMBER-DECEMBER    I7

                      Manheim Receives Dupont Award For Environmental Achievements
                      DuPont recognized a team of 10 Manheim and                  “Manheim paints 27,000 cars annually at its
                      DuPont employees with the 2007 Sustainable              Lancaster County, Pa. (Manheim Pennsylvania)
                      Growth Excellence Award for jointly developing          reconditioning center and uses more than 6,000
                      an action plan featuring a switch from solvent-         gallons of paint, so the switch from solvent- to
                      based to water-based paint at seven of Man-             water-based paints represents a meaningful
                      heim’s vehicle reconditioning centers.                  reduction in carbon dioxide and volatile organic
                                                                              compound emissions,” said DuPont Refin-
                                                                              ish Vice President Ray Anderson. “This award
                                                                              recognizes Manheim’s concern for sustainable
                                                                              growth and its determination to support this
                                                                              by taking these dramatic steps to convert their
                                                                              operations to more environmentally sound
                                                                              water-based coatings.”
                                                                                  “It’s wonderful to see the hard work of
                                                                              the Manheim-DuPont team recognized in this
                                                                              way,” said David Munnikhuysen, Manheim’s vice
                                                                              president of best practices. “Usually a switch to
                                                                              water-based paints slows down production and
                                                                              increases costs – neither of which would have
                      From left to right: Gary Disharoon (Manheim), Charles
                      McClung (Manheim), Jay Kaiser (DuPont), Bill Arnold     been acceptable to our customers nor Manheim.
                      (Manheim), Christian Canzian (DuPont) David             Through innovative efforts, this team rede-
                      Munnikhuysen (Manheim), racecar driver Jeff Gordon      signed the refinish process around water-based
                      (guest at event), Keith Williams (Manheim) and Ray      paints to meet our environmental objectives
                      Anderson (DuPont) display the 2007 Sustainable Growth   and high production requirements while main-
                      Excellence Award.                                       taining quality of product and cost efficiency.”


                       l	   Manheim atlanta (atlanta auto auction)
                       l	   Manheim colorado (colorado auto auction)
                       l	   Manheim Denver (Denver auto auction)
                       l	   Manheim georgia (georgia Dealers’ auto auction)
                            – converting in December
                       l	   Manheim nevada (greater nevada auto auction)
                       l	   Manheim Pennsylvania (Manheim auto auction)
                       l	   Manheim Phoenix (greater Phoenix auto auction)
                       l	   Manheim riverside (riverside auto auction)
                       l	   Manheim san Diego (san Diego auto auction)
                       l	   Manheim san francisco Bay (Bay cities auto auction)
                       l	   Manheim southern california (southern california auto
                       additional Manheim locations will convert to water-based
                       paints in 2008 and beyond.

                                To learn more about the environmental initiatives of Manheim and its parent company,
                                                Cox Enterprises, please visit

       your Business

                             Service Centers: A
                             ‘New’ Way To Serve Dealers
                             Many dealers on sale day know                    payoffs, check his line
                             too well the sense of anxiety                    of credit and more. As

“My business
                             that can arise when faced                        he said, “Ciara (Small-
                             with too many tasks and not                      wood, office manager)
partner said                 enough time: You have to buy                     is on top of her game.
   ‘Everyone is              a certain number of cars, check                  If she doesn’t know
                             on titles, make payments, and                    something, she’ll tell
    so friendly,’                                                                                                          Manheim Birmingham is one of 12
                             you may find yourself running                    you and find out, and call you               Service Centers serving dealers.
 and I told him,             late to catch a plane.                           back with the answer. A lot of
 ‘It’s by design.                “I remember that feeling                     people in the industry some-                      It’s that personal touch
                             so well when I ran a business                    times will tell you what they                 that keeps David Cooper of
 Everything at               in Virginia,” said Robert “Boz”                  think you want to hear.”                      Cooper Motor Co. in Jasper,
   Manheim is                Bosley of Atlantic Auto Traders                      “The Service Centers are                  Ala., returning to Manheim
                             in Jacksonville, Fla.                            designed to provide easier                    Birmingham. Cooper visited
about customer
                                 Thanks to Manheim Jack-                      access to Manheim for our cus-                right after the center opened
     Robert ‘Boz’ Bosley,
                             sonville, those days are gone.
                             Bosley doesn’t have to worry
                                                                              tomers,” said Smallwood.
                                                                                  Dustin Ruffin, manager of
                                                                                                                            and became Manheim Birming-
                                                                                                                            ham’s first online buyer.
                                                                                                                                “I bought three to four
   Atlantic Auto Traders,    about “doing it all” at Manheim                  Manheim Birmingham, agreed.
        Jacksonville, Fla.   Central Florida (Central Florida                 “We’re giving dealers a new                   cars from Manheim Pensacola
                             Auto Auction) and Manheim                        way to conduct business with                  (Pensacola Auto Auction) that
                             Orlando (Florida Auto Auction                    Manheim, so there is a bit of a               day,” said Cooper. “Scott (Hol-
                             of Orlando) where he attends                     learning curve on the dealers’                lingsworth) sat next to me and
                             sales. Manheim Jacksonville is                   part. Once we get dealers in                  walked me through the pro-
                             one of 12 Service Centers that                   the door, they realize we are                 cess.”
                             provide customers with all the                   auction people and we under-                      On one computer, Cooper
                             traditional location services,                   stand the challenges of their                 was logged into the Manheim
                             including MAFS, titles, arbitra-                 business.”                                    Pensacola sale via Manheim
                             tion, transport solutions and                                                                  Simulcast, and on another, Hol-
                             access to online applications,                   A pERSONAL TOuCh                              lingsworth had pulled up the
                             without the auction lanes.                           The concept works, accord-                vehicles’ electronic condition
                                 “Manheim Jacksonville is                     ing to Bosley. “Manheim Jack-                 reports. “I can use two moni-
                             so convenient,” said Bosley,                     sonville brings a down home                   tors at one time so I only make
                             who has been in the automo-                      approach to a large company,”                 online purchases there,” said
                             tive industry for 29 years. He                   he said. “It gives Manheim a                  Cooper.
                             has been conducting business                     more personal feel. My busi-                      “That’s one of our big-
                             at the center since June, visit-                 ness partner said ‘Everyone is                gest advantages,” said Ruffin.
                             ing about once a week to make                    so friendly,’ and I told him, ‘It’s           “We can work one-on-one with
                                                                                             by design. Every-              dealers to look at their busi-
                                                                                               thing at Man-                ness needs and help them take
                                                                                                heim is about               advantage of our online tools,
       Manheim                                                                  Manheim         customer ser-               like, Manheim
                               Manheim Sioux
       Boise, Idaho            Falls, S.D.                                      Connecticut     vice.’”                     Simulcast and”
                                                                      Buffalo, N.Y.

                                    Manheim Little
                                                                                                    Across the country, there are 12 Manheim Service Centers,
                                    Rock, Ark.                                   Manheim
                                                   Birmingham, Ala.                                 where dealers can:
                                                                                 Wilmington, N.C.
                               Manheim                                                              l	 make payments and pick up titles
                               Texas                                      Manheim                   l	 set up transport solutions for online purchases
                                                                          Jacksonville, Fla.        l	 sign up for MAFS or check on their credit lines
                                           Manheim      Manheim
                                           Baton                                                    l	 learn more about Manheim’s online tools –,
                                                        Ocala, Fla.            Manheim
                                           Rouge, La.                                                   Manheim Simulcast and
                                                                               Doral, Fla.

                                                                                                                                         NOVEMBER-DECEMBER      I9
         case study

                        New Manheim Identity:
                        Making It Easier For Customers
      You’ll see a new look when you visit Manheim locations. Manheim’s North American operating locations are
      changing their names to create improved consistency and easy identification for customers. New names have
      been determined for all but a few operating locations.
          Besides the name change, each location has a redesigned logo that features a more prominent use of the
      Manheim identity and eliminates “auto auction” in recognition of how diverse Manheim’s business is today. The
      rollout is expected to be fully implemented by the end of the first quarter 2008.

       New Name                       Former Name                          New Name                          Former Name
       Manheim albany                 northway exchange auto auction       Manheim Metro Dallas                Dealers auto auction of Dallas
       Manheim arena Illinois         arena auto auction                   Manheim Metro Detroit               Metro Detroit auto auction
       Manheim arizona                arizona auto auction                 Manheim Metro st louis              gateway auto auction
       Manheim atlanta                atlanta auto auction                 Manheim Milwaukee                   Metro Milwaukee auto auction
       Manheim austin                 austin service center                Manheim Minneapolis                 Minneapolis auto auction
       Manheim Baltimore-washington   Baltimore-washington auto exchange   Manheim Minnesota                   northstar auto auction
       Manheim Baton rouge            Baton rouge service center           Manheim Mississippi                 Mississippi auto auction
       Manheim Birmingham             Birmingham service center            Manheim Missouri                    166 auto auction
       Manheim Boise                  Boise service center                 Manheim Montana                     Montana service center
       Manheim Buffalo                Buffalo service center               Manheim nashville                   nashville auto auction
       Manheim california             california auto Dealers exchange     Manheim nevada                      greater nevada auto auction
       Manheim central california     fresno auto Dealers auction          Manheim new england                 american auto auction
       Manheim central florida        central florida auto auction         Manheim new Jersey                  national auto Dealers exchange
       Manheim central Penn           keystone auto auction                Manheim new Mexico                  albuquerque auto auction
       Manheim chicago                greater chicago auto auction         Manheim new orleans                 greater new orleans auto auction
       Manheim cincinnati             cincinnati auto auction              Manheim new york                    newburgh auto auction
       Manheim connecticut            New Service Center                   Manheim north carolina              aycock auto auction
       Manheim colorado               colorado auto auction                Manheim ny Metro skyline            skyline auto auction
       Manheim Dallas                 Dallas auto auction                  Manheim ocala                       ocala service center
       Manheim Dallas-forth worth     Dallas fort worth auto auction       Manheim ohio                        ohio auto auction
       Manheim Darlington             Darlington auto auction              Manheim oklahoma city               New Operating Location
       Manheim Daytona Beach          Daytona auto auction                 Manheim omaha                       omaha auto auction
       Manheim Denver                 Denver auto auction                  Manheim orlando                     florida auto auction of orlando
       Manheim Detroit                Detroit auto auction                 Manheim Palm Beach                  west Palm Beach auto auction
       Manheim Doral                  Doral service center                 Manheim Pennsylvania                Manheim auto auction
       Manheim el Paso                el Paso auto auction                 Manheim Pensacola                   Pensacola auto auction
       Manheim flint                  Michigan auto auction                Manheim Philadelphia                hatfield auto auction
       Manheim fort lauderdale        lauderdale-Miami auto auction        Manheim Phoenix                     greater Phoenix auto auction
       Manheim fort Myers             southwest florida auto auction       Manheim Pittsburgh                  Butler auto auction
       Manheim fort wayne             fort wayne auto auction              Manheim Portland                    Portland auto auction
       Manheim fort worth             fort worth vehicle exchange          Manheim riverside                   riverside auto auction
       Manheim georgia                georgia Dealers’ auto auction        Manheim san antonio                 san antonio auto auction
       Manheim harrisonburg           harrisonburg auto auction            Manheim san Diego                   san Diego auto auction
       Manheim hawaii                 aloha auto auction                   Manheim san francisco Bay           Bay cities auto auction
       Manheim houston                Big h auto auction                   Manheim seattle                     south seattle auto auction
       Manheim Imperial lakeland      Imperial auto auction                Manheim sioux falls                 sioux falls service center
       Manheim Indianapolis           Indianapolis auto auction            Manheim southern california         southern california auto auction
       Manheim Jacksonville           Jacksonville Dealer service center   Manheim st louis                    st louis auto auction
       Manheim kansas city            kansas city auto auction             Manheim st Pete                     st Pete auto auction
       Manheim kentucky               Mid america auto auction             Manheim statesville                 statesville auto auction
       Manheim lafayette              lafayette auto auction               Manheim tampa                       greater tampa Bay auto auction
       Manheim lakeland               lakeland auto auction                Manheim tennessee                   tennessee auto auction
       Manheim las vegas              greater las vegas auto auction       Manheim texas hobby                 texas hobby auto auction
       Manheim little rock            little rock service center           Manheim tucson                      tucson auto auction
       Manheim los angeles            los angeles Dealer auto auction      Manheim utah                        utah auto auction
       Manheim louisville             louisville auto auction              Manheim virginia                    virginia vehicle exchange
       Manheim Metro atlanta          Bishop Brothers auto auction         Manheim wilmington                  wilmington service center
       Manheim Metro chicago          auction way sales                    Editor’s Note: Manheim’s operating location in
                                                                           Puerto Rico still goes by Caribbean Subasta de Auto.

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global warming      hybrid             hazardous waste
preservation        carbon footprint   reclamation
natural resources   recycling          waterborne paints
greenhouse          go green           water quality
waste               contaminant        effluent
pollution           emissions

                                                           NOVEMBER-DECEMBER   I 11
                                                                                                     First Class Presort
                                                                                                     U.S. Postage PAID
                                                                                                       Permit No. 349
                                                                                                      Atlanta, GA 303

6205 Peachtree Dunwoody Rd.
Atlanta, GA 30328
(800) 777-2053

Manheim is the world’s largest provider
of vehicle remarketing services. A wholly
owned subsidiary of Cox Enterprises, Inc.
Manheim is transforming the wholesale
used vehicle buying and selling experience
through investments in technology, global
expansion, and innovative products and
services. Manheim markets Dent Wizard,, Manheim Simulcast, Manheim
Financial Services (MAFS), Total Resource
Auctions and other respected brands to
the remarketing industry in more than 14
countries, including Australia, China and
the United Kingdom. As the world’s leading
provider of used vehicle services, Manheim
has set the standard for buying and selling
vehicles at live auctions and online.

for more information, visit

2008 Used Car Market Report To Debut In February
how many vehicles sold at north american wholesale auto auctions this
year? what was the state of the used vehicle market at wholesale and
retail levels? how did the turmoil in the sub-prime mortgage market
impact used car sales? you’ll find the answers to these questions and
a whole lot more in the 2008 Used Car Market Report (ucMr).
    the ucMr, produced by Manheim, will be released on feb. 9
at a press conference at the national automobile Dealers
association convention in san francisco. this 13th edition of the
ucMr also will include:

l	    a detailed focus on all aspects of the online marketplace

l	    numerous case studies featuring proprietary Manheim
      consulting data and insights

l	    comprehensive data and detailed analysis on both
      the wholesale and retail sides of the used car

l	    in-depth looks at the industry segments, including
      rental, leasing, fleet, repossession and dealers

             Watch for more information on the 2008 Used Car Market Report in the next issue of Manheim News!


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