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Shoals Marine Laboratory on Appledore Island, Maine.

[A] GENERAL PACKING INSTRUCTIONS: Remember — Shoals Marine Laboratory is located on an ISLAND, so
everyone and everything gets there and back by BOAT! This means that our island community is responsible for
handling, recycling and in general, “dealing with” all forms of waste and trash. Therefore, we ask all participants to
“pack it in, pack it out!” You are required to depart Shoals with ALL of the personal items that you brought with you;
this includes, but is not limited to footwear, clothing, all toiletries, and all containers of any kind, even if empty!

Please read the information below carefully and pack according to our simple instructions. If you are FLYING,
check: for instructions about restrictions for air travel in the USA.
- Buildings at Shoals are NOT heated – pack warm clothes to wear both inside, and out of doors (see below).
- Laundry facilities (washer/dryer) are NOT provided for participants – pack extra clothing (see bottom of page 2).
- Your luggage and gear will be going from a dock on the mainland to a boat, off a boat at Appledore Island to
another dock, then up a hill to a truck, then from a truck to a dorm. ALL luggage and gear will be handled by you,
your fellow participants, and SML staff SEVERAL TIMES, so HOW YOU PACK your belongings is VERY important.
- ORGANIZE your gear in advance! You can bring more than one piece of luggage, so try to pack a few smaller,
lighter bags rather than one heavy trunk or giant duffel bag.
- If you are, for any reason, unable to participate in the movement of luggage and gear during the trip, please let a
SML staff member know when you arrive (don’t worry, there will be other community tasks that you can help with).
- WATERPROOF all of your gear by packing everything in plastic bags; then pack the plastic bags INSIDE your
luggage. Do not wrap a plastic bag on the outside your luggage – it will most likely get ripped, and can’t be REUSED.
- LABEL your luggage clearly on the outside with your name and destination (Shoals Marine Lab, Appledore Island).
- Bring a DAY BACKPACK or small bag that you can keep with you during the boat ride. All other gear will be stowed,
and not accessible during the trip. Be prepared for sudden weather changes and exciting events by packing: a rain
jacket, hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, and DELICATE items such cameras and binocs in your day backpack.
- If you are prone to MOTION SICKNESS, take some non-drowsy, anti-sea sickness medication about 1 hour PRIOR
to the trip (look for a brand name like “Bonine,” which you can get over the counter at most drug stores).

(1) REQUIRED ITEMS PACKING LIST (SML supplies blankets and pillows to all participants):
Linens: a set of sheets for a single bed, pillowcases, towels* (and a sleeping bag for MAY/early JUNE programs)
* SML provides all linens for Kids Ahoy! and Ship Mates participants.
Foul weather gear (for work outdoors during inclement weather/rain):
Sturdy rain jacket with hood, and rain pants
Sneakers or sturdy, comfortable footwear (such as light hiking boots)
Water shoes or extra sneakers for wading in the intertidal (these will be wet most of the time)
Sandals or slippers for use in dorms and classrooms (Teva-type sandals can be worn in classrooms, labs and dorms,
but are NOT acceptable for work on boats or in the intertidal zone)
Flip-flops for showers (showers are available only for participants staying 3 nights or more)
General clothing for ALL programs (plan to dress casually, comfortably and in layers!):
Fleece tops, jackets and/or sweaters (or both)
Long pants and shorts, including sweats and/or pjs for dorms
T-shirts, lots of socks and undergarments (there are NO laundry facilities on Appledore for participants—see pg. 2)
Ball cap or any type of hat for sun protection
General clothing for MAY and EARLY JUNE programs (dress warm and in layers—buildings are not heated):
Waterproof boots (knee highs are recommended)
Fleece or wool hat, and gloves or mittens
Extra fleece tops, jackets and/or sweaters (or both)

General Packing Instructions for All SML Participants, Summer 2010
Writing paper, notebooks, pens, pencils, envelopes, stamps (also available for sale in The Appledore Store)
Flashlight with appropriate batteries
Sunscreen, sunglasses and insect repellent
Bathing suit and a beach towel (for late June, July and August programs)
Alarm clock with appropriate batteries (plug-ins are OK as well)
Toothbrush, all toiletries and prescriptions
Cords, chargers, adapters for computers, iPods, and cameras
A dissecting kit* (see below)
STUDENTS: also check “Specific Course Instructions” on-line.

Bring your own laptop computer if you have one!
  A small computer lab available for participant use is located in Laighton House on Appledore Island.
  During final presentation time—the computer lab can get quite busy, so if you don’t have a laptop of your
  own consider renting one! Most universities have computer rentals available.
Digital camera (with all adapters and chargers)
10X hand lens*
Field guides* (bring your favorites or see below)
USB jump or thumb drive
Ear plugs*
Pocket compass
Snorkeling gear and a wet suit (if you own one — see “Specific Course Instructions” for SCUBA divers)
Calculator (with instructions and batteries)
Shower caddy or tote (showers are located in Kiggins Commons, not in dorm buildings!)
Febreeze-type disinfectant/anti-bacterial spray (for smelly shoes and such)
Water bottle and reusable coffee/tea mug (also available for sale in The Appledore Store)

*Available at SML’s Appledore Store (located in Kiggins Commons)               Cost (subject to change)
Pocket sized waterproof (“Rite in the Rain”) field notebook                         $8.00
Standard dissecting kit                                                           $18.00
10X hand lens                                                                     $15.00
Ear plugs                                                                           $1.00
*Field guides available at SML’s Appledore Store                               Cost (subject to change)
K.L. Gosner’s Field Guide to the Atlantic Seashore                                $21.00
The Sibley Field Guide to Birds of Eastern North America by David Sibley          $20.00
Peterson Field Guide to Birds of North America by Roger Tory Peterson             $26.00
The Birder's Handbook by Paul Ehrlich, et al.                                     $18.00
Field Guide to the Birds of North America by the National Geographic Society      $24.00

in programs that last longer than 2 weeks will be given free time to go ashore (to Portsmouth, NH) to do laundry
(Google: Modern Launderette, Portsmouth, NH). Non-academic, free time on Appledore can include a quiet get
together on a porch, listening to or playing music, enjoying the sunset, etc. “Movie nights” can be arranged with your
teaching staff. Participants may request overnight housing for time between SML programs, however arrangements
must be made in advance, and can only be assigned if space is available. Contact SML (see below) to make an
overnight housing request. The charge for an overnight stay on Appledore is $90/participant (includes 3 meals).
Students may also work 4 hours/day in exchange for room and board. Working Internship time off is arranged each
week with the Res Life Coordinator while working on Appledore Island. Participants under 18 in programs that last
longer than 2 weeks must be sure to complete a “Free Time Ashore Permission Form” in advance (this form will be
provided as part of the SML Acceptance Packet).

Contact: OR (607) 255-3717
General Packing Instructions for All SML Participants, Summer 2010

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