00-1 Fifth IUTAM Symposium on Creep in Structures Nagoya_ Japan

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					00-1     Fifth IUTAM Symposium on Creep in Structures
         Nagoya, Japan, April 2-7, 2000

a) Scientific Committee

S. Murakami (Japan, Co-Chair), N. Ohno (Japan, Co-Chair),
A. Bertram (Germany), F. Ellyin (Canada), E. van der Giessen
(Netherlands), D. R. Hayhurst (UK), F. Leckie (USA), J.
Lemaitre (France), B. Storåkers (Sweden), M. Życzkowski
(Poland), Ren Wang (China).

b) Short Summary of Scientific Progress Achieved
The First (1960) and the Second (1970) IUTAM Symposium
on Creep in Structures were concerned mainly with the
phenomenological law of creep and creep analysis of
structural elements, whereas the issues of the Third
Symposium (1980) had been shifted toward the problems of
creep damage, creep crack growth, practical and effective
design methods, etc.
Besides these topics, the new contribution of the Fourth
Symposium (1990) was observed in the problems related to
the internal structural change of materials. The materials
concerned, furthermore, have been extended to single crystals,
composite materials, polymeric materials, ceramics, geological
materials, etc.
The aims of the Fifth IUTAM Symposium on Creep in
Structures were to consolidate the development of creep
research since 1990, and to provide a forum to discuss the new
horizon of this fundamental field of applied mechanics toward
the coming century.
As a result of the invitation to about 80 best and the most
active scientists and engineers in the field of creep research in
the world, the Symposium finally had 50 innovative
presentations related to the problems of energy and
environmental engineering, electronic engineering, automotive
engineering, aeronautical and aerospace engineering.
The most important development in this symposium in
comparison with the Fourth Symposium is the elaboration of
creep research, both from physical and computational points
of view. Namely, the highlights of the Symposium were
1) papers on accurate modeling of the creep and creep fracture
phenomena based on metallurgical physics,
2) papers on the advanced computational techniques in creep
analysis applied to fundamental technology and industry,
3) papers on the reliable design codes of high temperature

c) Countries Represented and Number of Participants
Country             Participants     Spouses         Total
Austria             2                0               2
Belgium             1                0               1
Canada              4                1               5
China               1                1               2
Denmark             1                0               1
France              5                2               7
Germany             1                0               1
The Netherlands     2                1               3
Norway              1                0               1
Poland              3                1               4
Portugal            1                0               1
Russia              1                0               1
UK                  12               1               13
USA                 2                1               3
Japan               44               2               46
Total               81               10              91

d) Publication of Proceedings of the Symposium

Camera-ready manuscripts of 48 papers were accepted and
subjected to peer review. Maximum assigned pages are 14 and
10 for the general lectures and ordinary lectures, respectively.
The final manuscripts of about 520 pages were sent to Kluwer
Academic Publishers in the middle of August 2000.

e) Financial Support

The Symposium had financial support from the following 13
organizations and foundations (in alphabetical order):
International Union of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics;
United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural
Nagoya University Foundation;
Amada Foundation for Metal Work Technology;
The Asahi Glass Foundation;
Casio Science Promotion Foundation;
Commemorative Association for the Japan World Exposition
Daiko Foundation;
The Iwatani Naoji Foundation;
The Mikiya Science and Technology Foundation;
Research Foundation for the Electrotechnology of Chubu;
Suzuki Foundation;
Yoshida Foundation for Science and Technology.

f) Scientific Program

April 3 (Mon.)
9:00-9:30         OPENING ADDRESS
         S. Murakami
         J. Lemaitre
         D. R. Hayhurst
9:30-10:15        GENERAL LECTURE
         (Chairpersons: J. Lemaitre and N. Ohno)
         B. F. Dyson and M. McLean
10:45-12:00       MICROMECHANISMS AND
         (Chairpersons: J. Lemaitre and N. Ohno)
         W. T. Marketz, A. Chatterjee, F. D. Fischer and H.
         D. M. Knowles and D. W. MacLachlan
         E. P. Busso, N. P. O'Dowd and R. J. Dennis
14:00-14:45       GENERAL LECTURE
         (Chairpersons: B. F. Dyson and T. Kitamura)
         P. Onck, B.-N. Nguyen and E. van der Giessen
14:45-15:35       MICROMECHANISMS AND
         (Chairpersons: B. F. Dyson and T. Kitamura)
         B.-N. Nguyen, P. Onck and E. van der Giessen
         N. Tada and R. Ohtani
16:05-17:45       MICROMECHANISMS AND
         (Chairpersons: I. Le May and K. Yagi)
         T. H. Hyde and W. Sun
          A. D. Bettinson, N. P. O'Dowd, K. Nikbin and G. A.
          T. Kitamura and T. Shibutani
          N. Miyazaki

April 4 (Tue.)
9:00-9:45           GENERAL LECTURE
          (Chairpersons: D. R. Hayhurst and T. Inoue)
          J. P. Sermage, J. Lemaitre and R. Desmorat
9:45-10:35          CONTINUUM DAMAGE MECHANICS 1
          (Chairpersons: D. R. Hayhurst and T. Inoue)
          Y. Wei, C. L. Chow, M. K. Neilsen and H. E. Fang
          H. Altenbach
11:05-12:20         CONTINUUM DAMAGE MECHANICS 2
          (Chairpersons: C. L. Chow and T. Igari)
          A. Benallal and L. Siad
          S. Murakami, T. Hirano and Y. Liu
          T. Inoue
14:00-14:45         GENERAL LECTURE
          (Chairpersons: E. Krempl and H. Ishikawa)
          D. R. Hayhurst
14:45-15:35         CONTINUUM DAMAGE MECHANICS 3
          (Chairpersons: E. Krempl and H. Ishikawa)
          A. Litewka and A.C.B. Mesquita
          A. Bodnar and M. Chrzanowski
16:05-17:45         COMPUTATIONAL METHOD IN
          (Chairpersons: A. Benallal and N. Miyazaki)
          L. Adam and J. P. Ponthot
          A. Ganczarski
          Ch. Hellmich, M. Lechner, R. Lackner, J. Macht and
H.A. Mang
          Epishin, E. Kablov, E. Golubovskiy, I. Svetlov, T.
          Link, U. Brückner and
          P. Portella

April 5 (Wed.)
9:00-9:45         GENERAL LECTURE
         (Chairpersons: T. H. Hyde and S. Kubo)
         H. C. Furtado and I. Le May
         (Chairpersons: T. H. Hyde and S. Kubo)
         D. J. Smith, N. S. Walker and S. T. Kimmins
         K. Yagi, F. Abe, K. Kimura and H. Kushima
         (Chairpersons: D. J. Smith and A. Litewka)
         S. Kubo, E. Tamura, N. Tagami and K. Ohji
         G. Harkegard and H.-J. Huth

12:00-18:00       Excursion
19:00-21:30       Banquet

April 6 (Thur.)
9:00-9:45           GENERAL LECTURE
          (Chairpersons: Ky Dang Van and M. Sakane)
          J. T. Boyle and R. Seshadri
9:45-10:35          FRACTURE ASSESSMENT AND
                    (Chairpersons: Ky Dang Van and M.
          Y. Takahashi
          R. A. Ainsworth, D. W. Dean and P. J. Budden
11:05-12:20         FRACTURE ASSESSMENT AND
          (Chairpersons: R. A. Ainsworth and Y. Takahashi)
          Ky Dang Van
          L. Verger, A. Constantinescu and E. Charkaluk
          T. Igari, T. Tokiyoshi and Y. Mizokami
14:00-14:45         GENERAL LECTURE
          (Chairpersons: J. T. Boyle and F. Yoshida)
          E. Krempl and K. Ho
14:45-15:35         MODELING OF CREEP AND
          (Chairpersons: J. T. Boyle and F. Yoshida)
          D. R. Hayhurst, J. Lin, Z. L. Kowalewski and B. F.
          H. Ishikawa, K. Sasaki and T. Mayama
16:05-17:45         MODELING OF CREEP AND
          (Chairpersons: M. Chrzanowski and M. Kawai)
          Z.L. Kowalewski
          M. Sakane and T. Hosokawa
         F. Yoshida
         Y. Sugita, N. Sinohara and K. Sugiyama

April 7 (Fri.)
9:00-9:45           GENERAL LECTURE
          (Chairpersons: H. Altenbach and Z. L. Kowalewski)
          N. Ohno, T. Ando, T. Miyake and S. Biwa
9:45-10:35          Micromechanics AND COMPOSITE
          (Chairpersons: H. Altenbach and Z. L. Kowalewski)
          S. Kruch, J.L. Chaboche and N. Carrere
          J. Carmai and F. P. E. Dunne
11:05-12:20         CREEP OF NONMETALLIC
          (Chairpersons: L. P. Mikkelsen and Y. Sugita)
          M. Kawai
          P. D. Barrette and I. J. Jordaan
          T. Hiroe, H. Matsuo, K. Fujiwara and F. Ohashi
14:00-15:15         CREEP AND CREEP DAMAGE IN
          (Chairpersons: E. Busso and S. Biwa)
          L. P. Mikkelsen
          O. K. Morachkovsky and K. Naumenko
          T.-Q. Yang, X. Zhang, Q. Gang and Q. An
15:15-15:30         CLOSING ADDRESS
          N. Ohno

Report composed by S. Murakami and N. Ohno

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