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The Economics of Recycling July 9, 2008
Molly Caren Agricultural Center 135 SR 38 NE; London, Ohio 43140



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Organizational Sponsors
Ohio State University Extension Michigan State University Purdue University Penn State University Cornell University OCAMM Midwest Professional Nutrient Applicators Association All organizational sponsors are affirmative –action, equal-opportunity institutions.

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Educational Session Topics Educational Demonstrations
Solid Manure Application Rates Liquid Manure Application Rates & Preferential Flow Calibration of Manure Application Equipment Stockpiling Best Management Practices Compaction Slurry Seeding Equipment Safety Manure 101: The Superior Fertilizer – Learn how to calculate the value of manure nutrients and about benefits of proper equipment calibration. Records: What? Why? How? – We’ll discuss the importance of accurate records while learning the record keeping requirements in your state. Growing a Management Team – How does communication between the applicator, producer and regulatory agency improve application and the bottom line? Safety Concerns – What safety precautions should be taken when dealing manure storage and application? Case Studies – Farmers share their stories about the value of managing nutrients.

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