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					                  Leadership, Policy and Politics M.A. (33 points) PROGRAM WORKSHEET

              Name:                                                          TCID#:
              E-Mail:                                                          Date
             Phone #:                                                      Advisor:
The minimum point requirement is 33 points. All 33 points must be taken while registered as a student at
Teachers College. Up to 12 points can be taken in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences or other
divisions of Columbia University. College Breadth Requiremen t: At least one course (3 units) from this MA
degree program must be taken from outside the program.
          Foundations in Leadership - All students must complete the following courses (6 points):
                                                                                   Semester Credits
            Course # Course Title                                      Waived?     Taken         Earned

                    Leadership and Policy for Teaching, Learning and
         EDPA 4501 Development
        EDPA 6542 *

                        Social/Political History of Education Reform

                       Total Common Core Course Credits                                              0
Policy and Politics Core** - All students must complete at least four of the following five courses (12 points):
                                                                                       Semester Credits
            Course # Course Title                                         Waived?      Taken         Earned

          EDPA 4046 School Finance: Policy & Practice

          EDPA 4048 Education Policy Implementation (3cr.)

          EDPA 5016 Education Equality: The Role of Law (3 cr.)

          EDPE 4050 Economics of Education

          EDPP 5042 Urban Politics & Education

                               Total Policy and Politics Course Credits:                         0
Policy Research Methods - All students must complete at least three of the following five courses (9 points):
                                                                                    Semester Credits
            Course # Course Title                                        Waived?    Taken        Earned
                   The Logic and Design of Research in Education
         EDPA 55XX Policy and Social Analysis

         EDPA 4002 Data Analysis Policy & Decision Making I (3 cr.)

         EDPA 5002 Data Analysis Policy & Decision Making II (3 cr.)

         EDPA 5003 Probability & Statistical Inference (3 cr.)

          ORL 5522 Evaluation Methods I (3 cr.)

          ORL 5523 Evaluation Methods II (3 cr.)

         ORLA 55XX Qualitative Design & Collection

         ORLA 55XX Qualitative Data Analysis

                                        Total Methods Course Credits:                          0
                                    Field Experience in Policy Analysis
                                                                                  Semester     Credits
                   Masters Seminar in Leadership, Policy & Politics Waived?
          Course # Course Title                                                   Taken        Earned
                   (3 cr), Field-based experience in community
                   activist, education advocacy, or education policy
         ORLA 5515 organization

                               Total Field Experience Course Credits:                                    0
                          Additional Coursework & Electives: 3 points for M.A.

Courses to be chosen among the offerings of Teachers College, the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences or
   other divisions of Columbia University, with permission of faculty advisor. All 33 points required for
     completion of the M.A. degree must be taken while registered as a student at Teachers College.

                          Enter additional Coursework below: 3 points for M.A.
                              Total Elective/Concentration Coursework
                                                               Credits:                                      0

                                                                                      TOTAL POINTS:          0

* Course will not be offered during 2011-12 academic year. Please consult with your advisor to find an
alternative that will meet the Common Core requirement.

**Other policy courses may be subsituted for Policy Core Courses with permission from your advisor.


 This form is for planning purposes only. Students should complete this form with the assistance of their
 advisor. A copy will be placed in the student's file within the program's files and departmental records.

This Program Planner should be used in conjunction with the written description of the Leadership, Policy,
      and Politics (LPP) concentration in the TC Academic Catalog and on the program web page. All
        modifications of your program plan should be made with the consultation of your advisor.

                                    Suggestions for Additional Courses
          These courses can be used for disciplinary specialization courses or advanced coursework

            EDPA 4033 Comprehensive Educational Opportunity (M. Rebell)
                      The Role of the State in Education Governance,
            EDPA 4042 Policy, and Practice
                     Law and Educational Institutions: Authority;
           EDPA 4086 Religion; Free Speech (J. Heubert; E. Sigall)

           EDPA 4199 High School to College Transition (K. Dougherty)
           EDPA 4899 Federal Policy Institute (L. Kagan)
                     Education Policy Making and the Courts (M.
           EDPA 5086 Rebell)

         EDPA 5199* Issues in Education Policy (J. Heubert)

           EDPA 5880 School Law Institute (J. Heubert)
                     Social and Political history of American
           EDPA 6542 Education Reform
             Federal Politics, Federal Policies, and
EDPA 5541    Administrators
             Early Childhood Development and Education:
             Integrating Research and Policy Perspectives (L.
EDPA 6013    Kagan)
             International Perspectives on Early Childhood
EDPA 6027    Policy (L. Kagan)
             Advanced Topics in Research Methods and
EDPA 6641    Design
             Education & Economical Development (F. Rivera-
 EDPE 4051   Batiz)

 EDPE 4151 Special Topics: Macroeconomics (F. Rivera-Batiz)

 EDPE 4058 Economics of Higher Education (J. Roy)
           Comparative/international Studies in Education
EDPE 4097* Finace
 EDPE 4155 Evaluating Education Privatization (H. Levin)
           Workshops in Economics & Education (F. Rivera-
 EDPE 5550 Batiz)
           Advanced Analysis in Economy of Education (H.
 EDPE 6000 Levin)
           Advanced Microeconomic Theory (F. Rivera-
 EDPE 6151 Batiz)

 EDPP 4040 American Politics and Education (C. Guerriero)
 EDPP 4042 Comparative Politics and Education
 EDPP 4043 Political Thought and Education

 EDPP 5044 Modern Political Theory and Education

 EDPP 5045 Race, Ethnicity, and U.S.. Educational Policy

 EDPP 5046 Education and Politics in Western Thought
           Seminar in Politics of Education (D. Wright; C.
 EDPP 6540 Guerriero)

 EDPS 4000 Education and Public Policy (A. Stuart Wells)
 EDPS 4021 Sociology of Education (A. Pallas)
           Sociology & Urban Education (A. Stuart-Wells; P.
 EDPS 4022 Cookson)
 EDPS 4028 Sociology of Life (A. Pallas)
          EDPS 4029 Sociology of Schools (C. Riehl)
                    Sociology of Education Processes in Formal
          EDPS 4030 Organizations (C. Riehl)
                    Intro to Colloquium in Sociology & Education (A.
          EDPS 4620 Pallas)

        EDPS 5022* Sociological Analysis of Educational Systems

          EDPS 5645 Policy Seminar I (A. Pallas)
                    Social Research Methods: Reporting (T. White; B.
          EDPS 6021 Baldridge)
                    Seminar in Sociology of Education (A. Stuart
         EDPS 6525* Wells)
          EDPS 7503 Dissertation Seminar (A. Stuart-Wells)
          ORLH 4040 American College Student (K. Dougherty)
           C&T 5050 Early Childhood Policy (L. Kagan)

* Course will not be offered during 2011-12 academic year.

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