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					                  Кафедра английского языка и межкультурной коммуникации
               приглашает всех желающих студентов неязыковых факультетов СГУ
            принять участие в переводческом конкурсе "On the Way to Transland 2011"



· Сделайте перевод трех афоризмов:

 1. Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.
(Albert Einstein)

 2. A round man cannot be expected to fit in a square hole right away. He must have time to modify his
shape. (Mark Twain)

3. By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is noblest; Second, by imitation,
which is easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest. (Confucius)

· Сделайте перевод трех аннотаций:

    1. Research has shown that group discussion can increase intergroup prejudice and
       discrimination. However, we know little about the process by which discussion has this
       effect. Therefore, four studies were conducted in a real-world context to investigate this
       process. Results suggest that discussing a negative societal stereotype increases intentions
       to engage in discrimination against the out-group target of the stereotype. This is
       mediated by the formation of an in-group norm which supports discrimination and the
       extent to which the discussion validates the stereotype. A fourth study manipulated the
       extent to which consensus on the negative stereotype was reached through discussion.
       When the discussion ended in consensus, participants have greater intention to undertake
       collective action against the stereotyped out-group, mediated by a congruent in-group
       norm. These results provide evidence that the process by which discussion increases
       intergroup discrimination is via the formation of discriminatory local group norms.
       (British Journal of Social Psychology Volume 50, Issue 2, pages 193–215, June 2011)
    2. Critical Race Theory (CRT) has made inroads into a variety of fields beyond law.
       Education is an area that fostered critical race theory scholarship for more than fifteen
       years. In this Commentary Article the author describes critical race theory’s
       development in education and documents pivotal incidences that both challenged and
       propelled the theory in education. Thus, while CRT in education has experienced some
       parallels with its development in legal scholarship, it also had some unique unfolding in
       the education research community. (CONNECTICUT LAW REVIEW VOLUME 43
       JULY 2011 NUMBER 5)
    3. This article reviews the myriad tool and methodology innovations that went into the CPU
       design system used to develop the Intel® microarchitecture code name Nehalem and
       Intel® microarchitecture code name Westmere products at Intel. We present design tool
       and flow innovations from the beginning of design to the final production of
       manufacturing masks. Additionally, we describe enhanced techniques for moving a CPU
       design to a new manufacturing technology, as well as methods for managing multiple
       product configurations, all of which were key enablers for delivering the Intel® Core™
       i7 processor in record time. (Intel® Technology Journal Home Volume 14, Issue 03)

· Сделайте перевод стихотворения:

            A Childhood Wish
            by Joyce D. Nitsche

            While as a child I stood in awe
            Of all the Irish folk I saw
            I loved the wearin' of the Green
            A Shamrock or St.Patrick scene

            I envied them their gift of gab
            An ease with words I never had
            I thought 'twould be a Lovely Sin
            If I could Steal---an Irish grin

            I bought a Shamrock plant one day
            I was amazed to hear it say
            "If Shamrock plants hold such allure
            You should be Irish, that's for sure!"

            With anxious heart I asked my Mother
            "I know I'm German, French and other
            Mother,wht's the other, please?"
            "She said "Your wonderings now may cease
            Indeed, your Gramma's name was Foley"
            I felt reborn and almost Holy

            Now each St. Patrick's day I'm seen
            Among the Irish wearin' Green

Победители будут награждены !!!
Те участники, которые предложат интересные и остроумные переводы, получат поощрительные
призы! Дерзайте!!! Пробуйте!!! Творите!!!

Выполненные задания нужно высылать на электронный адрес:
до 30 ноября 2011 г. Обязательно укажите Вашу фамилию и имя, факультет, курс и контактный

Контакты: тел. 22-42-84
Адрес: XII корпус СГУ, 126 ауд.

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