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					Codex Orks Taktika

Various authors put work into this tactica. Most of it was written by Thomas,
though salient points were also raised by Snord, Ork Dreadnought, Grimzag,
Salacious Crumb and BLB.

Every unit will be dealt with one by one. Wargear will be mentioned where it is
appropriate but will be dealt with in its own section later on, so will vehicle
upgrades and Trukks.

HQ: Warboss
The only unit you are obliged to have in your army, which is not a bad thing as
he is absolutely the best close combat fighter at your disposal. The enemy
quite rightfully fears the power of a well-equipped Warboss. However, he is
relatively easy to kill with determined firepower and should therefore be

There are two broad ways to use Warboss: either as an independent
character that roams around joining mobs, or accompanied by his retinue.

The independent Warboss has the advantage of being cheaper in points,
which allows you to invest more in other parts of your army. The other
advantage is that he can join and leave units as you see fit, thus enabling him
to keep the opponent guessing what his intended target is.

The retinue option gives the Warboss a personal guard of the most deadly
assault monsters in the army, second only to the boss himself. Most players
prefer this combo in larger games (1500ish) as the killing power of five Nobz
plus the boss is hard to resist. Other specialist Orks can be added such as
Mekboyz and Mad Doks, who will give the retinue benefits both in and out of
close combat. Mad Doks heal wounded Orks, but need a large amount of Grot
assistants to be reliable. Mekboyz can provide protection with his Kustom
Force Field and is almost obligatory for a retinue. If you have the room in your
transport, Mekboyz can also have Grots to help him fix the vehicle during the

The number of Nobz can be beefed up as well, to a maximum of ten. Even
though they are powerful, Nobz are expensive and the more there are, the
more the enemy will fear them, thus increasing the chance they will be shot or
avoided. Nobz can be equipped to be reasonably durable, but they will then
be quite expensive. It is usually better to find other ways to protect them from
enemy fire.

The second consideration after being independent or with a retinue is
transportation. A transport will undoubtedly bring the Warboss faster across
the battlefield and into close combat where he excels. Most players favour this
option to the walking version. A Trukk is the most popular choice, although the
Battlewagon is required when the Warboss joins a larger unit or has a larger
retinue. Remember, the maximum size for retinue is rather limited when using
a Trukk. More space may be available with the larger and stronger (albeit
slower) Looted Chimera or Battlewagon. Most Warbosses prefer riding a
Trukk, since they will get into combat more quickly. Others choose the safer
option of a Looted Land Raider, while some ride a Battlewagon with a regular
mob. That way he can be both independent and have a large unit to support

Transport: Trukk
Trukks are the only transports available for the Orks that do not take up a
Heavy Support slot. Quickly transporting assault mobs directly into the heart
of the enemy, Trukks are cheap and fast, but are very vulnerable to enemy
fire. They can be held back as a counter-attack, sneakily speeding around
flanks, spearhead assaults, charging gung-ho towards the enemy (if there are
enough of them and are screened) and be used to hold up enemy until the
rest of the army arrives.

Trukk armament is rather entirely personal. Most favour the Rokkit Launcha,
as they are cheaper and the limited range does not matter as the Trukk can
close in quickly.

HQ: Big Mek
This seems to be the least popular HQ choice in the list. Though the Big Mek
is as good as a Nob stat-wise, his retinue is not nearly as potent in combat as
the other two, but some players like to exploit the special, peculiar abilities of

Once again, the question is whether or not to have a retinue.

Unlike the other retinues, these are not any better than your regular Ork boyz
and are even more expensive. The strength is not power in close combat, but
the special “Mekboys only" wargear and weapons available to them. The
combination of many multiple Kustom Mega Blastas is unique to this unit. The
potential firepower of such a unit is frightening, but this is very expensive in
points. If retinues of Meks are all equipped with Mek's Tools and Grot Oilers,
they make a fine maintenance unit for important vehicles and Big Gun
batteries. Giving the mob a small array of Kustom Force Fields will enable
them to provide protection for themselves and nearby units.

The independent Big Mek more flexible, since he can hide more easily in
mobs and thus be harder to kill. He can lend fire support, be “mobile cover” for
units with his Kustom Force Field and handyman for vehicles. All in all, he can
do the same as a full retinue, though he will generally be less reliable and
cheaper in point cost.
Transports are not so important for the Big Mek retinue as their usual task is
not to get into assaults fast, but fulfill a support role. However, if the Big Mek
is needed to give cover to Trukks with his Kustom Force Field, joining a Trukk
Boyz mob or giving the retinue a Trukk of their own might be helpful. Also,
putting the Big Mek inside tough tanks like Looted Landraiders or
Battlewagons will increase their dependability with their Mek's Tools and
Kustom Force Fields.

HQ: Painboss
This is the most popular secondary choice of HQ for Orks. This is not due to
the abilities of the Painboss himself, but more because of the sheer brutal
power and endurance of his retinue.

The independent version is rather rare to be fielded, as it is quite limited what
support he is able to provide. His role in this field will be extra power in
assaults (where he is as mighty as any nob, sometimes even moreso with an
'Urty Syringe) and healing otherwise dead Orks.

The Painboss retinue consists of arguably the most cost-effective unit in the
entire army. High strength, toughness and number of attacks coupled with
choppas, invulnerable saves and a cheap point cost makes this unit a
frequent addition to any Ork force. The Cyborks are capable of slugging it out
with almost any dedicated assault unit in the game and win, despite their
relatively low points cost.

Transporting the Painboss is a necessity if he has a retinue. The Trukk
normally ensures that the unit makes it into combat, which is essential. If he is
alone, including him in a transported unit gives them a little more bite, but it
will be harder for him to heal Orks since the number of Grot Orderlies will be
limited. The Grotz will take up valuable seats in the vehicle that could be
occupied by Orks instead.

Elites: Stormboyz
These Orks are, simply put, expensive Slugga Boyz with jump packs. The
high point costs deters many players from using them, but if skillfully
employed, they can prove deadly. They are dedicated close combat troops
with no special weapons so you need to keep them out of sight from enemy
fire to keep them alive. Opposing players will have them high up on their "to
shoot down" list because they are likely to be one of the first mobs to reach
combat. The problem is that if there is insufficient terrain on the table, the
enemy can gun the Stormboyz down just as easily as they would do with
Slugga Boyz. This means that you will have to rely on other things than terrain
to get them to their destination. Warbikes are a popular choice, enabling them
to advance under their cover, so that they get a cover save while they still can
move at full speed. Buggies and Wartraks also make good screens, literally
blocking out all direct fire instead of giving a mere cover save. A somewhat
unorthodox method is to transport (yes, transport!) them in a Battlewagon or
other transports. This will reduce enemy fire while the Battlewagon can move
full speed ahead, stop and disembark sooner than with normal-moving troops.
The idea is that the Battlewagon will not be as close to the enemy line when
stopping to disembark, which means it will be less exposed.

A good unit size for Stormboyz lies in 15-20, as casualties are frequent and
mob size is important for both morale and power in combat. A Nob is
definately a good addition, as Stormboyz will normally attack unsupported and
therefore needs all the killing power they can get. Stikkbombz are generally a
bad idea since the point cost is much too high, and you will rarely need them.

Elites: Kommandos
These are the only infiltrating unit in the Ork list. This particular unit is either
loved or hated by Ork players, as they are difficult to use, are fragile and
expensive. They have a specific battlefield role that they excel at, while any
other job can be done better by other units. Key word: Sabotage.

Kommandos are designed to be annoying units who hide in cover like leeches
- being a constant threat to any unit in proximity while still being insignificant
enough to make the enemy not wanting to invest too much (if any) energy to
remove them. If equipped with tankbusta bombz they are an extremely deadly
threat to all vehicles (Monolith aside). You can infiltrate the Kommandos into
position where you are sure enemy vehicles will advance. This will effectively
block their path. It's truly irritating for the enemy to find out his main tank
advance can be halted by a few mere greenskins with bombs. This is where
the infiltration is so excellent, since the Kommandos will already be well
placed where other units would otherwise be forced to spend many turns
getting into position.

Kommandos are also adept at attacking isolated units from an unexpected
angle, and since they are Orks they can tear up any shooting unit in close
combat. Their increased speed when moving through cover augments this
ability, as they can close quickly while staying out of sight. Equipping the
Kommandos with shootas and infiltrating into fortified position can also prove
annoying to the enemy, as they are then hard to remove and still packs a
small punch in firepower. Remember that the point is not to kill all that much,
but to stay there and be a nuisance to the enemy. The best weapon for a unit
doing this is shootas, since they might as well shoot something while they just
sit tight.

In any case, a good size for Kommandos is 10. You do not want them running
just because they catch a stray shot. Nobz are good if you think you'll be
assaulting. Stikkbombz are too expensive and generally not worth it, but
smoke grenades might be helpful (with emphasis on "might"... Smoke
grenades are rather expensive). All kind of special weapons are good
additions, remember to make it suit the role of the mob (big shoota for fire
support; rokkit for busting up vehicles; or a burna for assaults).
Elites: 'Ard Boyz
Many other players like these Orks who have a higher armor save than
normal Orks at a higher points cost per boy.

They are used to absorb light enemy fire and advance with the rest of the
army. They'll want to avoid power weapons, as their armour save will prove
extremely useful in close combat. A frequent tactic is to put them in a
Battlewagon or Looted transports, where their armour save will help minimize
casualties if the vehicle blows up. It also enables them to get into close
combat swiftly and easily.

My personal problem with 'Ard boyz is that they are not 'arder than normal
boyz when under fire from AP 4 weapons. As these are quite common, 'Ard
Boyz are waste of points if they never get to use their armour save. That is
why they should at least be transported or perhaps even screened from the
nastier weapons.

Sluggas and choppas are the only way to equip these boyz. Their extra
armour does more good in a melee. Again, stikkbombz are too unlikely to be
of any use, so be left back at the camp. A good size is 15-20, and a Nob is
also a good investment. Can be armed with any special weapons, just keep
them the same.

Elites: Skarboyz
Skarboyz have an extra S than Slugga Boyz, but are more expensive. It
does'nt take too much imagination to figure out how to use them: send them
into close combat ASAP. That is the only place they are worth the extra
points. Make sure they are not shot to shreds by screening them with other,
cheaper Orks, Grots, or Warbikes. There are actually not that many players
who include them in their armies, perhaps due to the lack of models available
for the unit.

15-20 is again a good size, and burnas are a must. The opportunity to have
increased strength of the power-weapons should not be missed. Skarboyz are
very efficient if they reach close combat, and capable of tackling threats that
lesser Orks might have trouble with.

Elites: Flash Gitz
Flash Gitz is a choice that is quite popular amongst Ork players, lured by the
the potent and relatively cheap firepower. Flash Gitz suffer from the same
genetically determined poor accuracy with ranged weapons but compensates
for this by being equipped with much more powerful guns. The Flash Gitz
pack a great punch, but do not expect them to slaughter unit after unit (unless
very fragile) with their kustomised shootas and many special weapons. Their
role is heavy fire-support, and should target units that are the most
dangerous. Heavy weapon infantry units are their primary targets, as the
advancing close combat orientated mobs will have trouble reaching them

Flash Gitz can upgrade their weapons into one of three types. Shootier relies
on the Flash Gitz to stand still while firing to be reasonably efficient. It is
cheap and strong, but nearly forces them to be a defensive unit. Blasta is the
least popular choice, designed for close range shooting at heavily armored
targets. The short efficient range of Blasta makes it rare for people to use it.
The argument is that if you manage to get the Gitz so close, you might as well
taken cheaper slugga boyz and killed just as many targets in close combat.
More Dakka is the most expensive, but also versatile and the most popular.
The numbers of shots at long range even when on the move justifies this.

No matter which weapon combination you choose, make sure that the flash
gitz never becomes to exposed. They are expensive and die as easily as any
other ork, so take care.

Flash Gitz mobs should be as large as possible, otherwise the shooting will
have next to no effect. Big Shootas and Rokkit Launchas are the best special
weapons due to the need for range (so most use Big Shootas). Some would
say that having special weapons are a waste of points in Flash Gitz mobs,
since you pay more for them (as the points spent on upgrading the Shoota are
wasted when the Assault weapon replaces it). Others keep the mob small and
give them the maximum number of special weapons in order to hide them in
mobs to provide better firepower for the larger mob. Nobz are not good in
Flash Gitz mobs since they are unlikely to see close combat, but some
include them to have extra special weapons, regardless of cost.

Troops: Slugga Boyz
This is the core of most Ork armies. The main infantry who will march across
the battlefield to get into assault range and then tear apart the enemy. They
are good in close combat but lack armour, initiative, leadership and strength.
These weaknesses are made up for by relatively high toughness, cheap point
cost, the Power of The Waaagh, the Mob Up rule, and finally number of
attacks. The basic Ork Slugga Boyz are the units who will win you battles.
Keep in mind they are not elite assault troops. If faced with assault units with
high I, the Sluggas will die even though they outnumber the enemy because
they will get killed before they can bring their numbers to bear. If faced with
tough assault troops, they will die as their low S is ineffective. If this happens,
try to hold up the enemy with Slugga Boy mobs (with enough of them, they
are impossible to chase away) and then counter-attack with one of your own
elite assault units.

Tactics for using these mobs are generally the same in every army and
strategy. Keep them covered and out of sight, but do not do this on the cost of
movement unless absolutely necessary. Top priority is to get them stuck in as
fast as you can.

A slugga boy mob needs to be 15-30 strong in order to maintain staying
power and combat efficiency. A Nob is always a good choice as are special
weapons. Which you take is up to what you lack in your army. Big Shootas for
infantry, rokkits for heavy infantry and vehicles while burnas for close combat
power and versatility.

Troops: Shoota Boyz
These boyz are the cheaper alternative to Sluggas. They are equipped for
long-range firepower, and are therefore more suited in a defensive role.
Cheap and reasonably durable, with a healthy mob strength they can be a
difficult unit to kill. While Slugga Boyz need to get into combat to be efficient,
Shoota Boyz can stay behind where they will be less exposed. However, an
Ork with a Shoota is the equivalent to a Guardsman with a Lasgun - do not
overestimate their abilities.

Recommended mob size for shoota boyz is 20-30. They should have no Nobz
since they are not a close combat unit, and their special weapons should be
Rokkit Launchas or Big Shootas to compliment their long-range role.

Troops: Stikkbommas
Stikkbommas are somewhat of a Codex: Orks blunder. They are Slugga Boyz
only they are more expensive and worse in close combat. The lack of
Choppas is a real loss, which leaves their only advantage their stikkbombz.
The stikkbombz would be useful if the unit had Choppas, but as it is, you're
paying more points for a less effective unit. It makes no sense having
Stikkbommas, unless you only play games against low-armoured opponents
in dense terrain. Otherwise Stikkbommas are a waste of points compared to
Slugga Boyz.

One idea is to take them as a cheaper version of Tankbustas, only that they
can only take out light vehicles. If this is the role they are used in, they should
be armed with either Burnas or Rokkit Launchas to improve their chances of
destroying vehicles.

Troops: Burna Boyz
Burna Boyz mobs are small and versatile, able to carry more Burnas than
other Ork mobs. This ability makes them suitable assault troops, but the main
reason to take Burna Boyz is the option of having a Mekboy lead the unit.

The Mekboy is, as explained in the Big Mek section, capable of many
specialized battlefield tasks. To have such a useful character in an ordinary
mob is a great asset, particularly since you are not giving up any HQ slots. It
should be noted that ordinary Mekboyz execute repair, fire support and
defence just as good as the more expensive Big Mek. So, if you are seeking
only these special abilities and not the extra power in close combat, a Mek-led
Burna Boyz mob is the way to go.

Recommended size for Burna Boyz is 10. Though it might be tempting to take
only five, it is safer to have the extra boyz so that you will not lose a Burna
after a few casualties. Burna Boy mobs should always have 4 burnas, which
is the maximum, and a Mekboy should always be added to each mob.

Troops: Tankbusta Boyz
Tankbustas are the most effective mob for taking out enemy armoured
vehicles. The extra point added to the Armour Penetration roll coupled with
the best portable anti-tank equipment available to Orks makes them a popular
selection. They are, however, more expensive than normal boyz. Also, their
Tankbusta Bombz, which are their most reliable weapon, has a very short
range. They should therefore be screened well to protect them from the
enemy who will recognize their power. Being small in number increases the
danger that they face.

Recommended unit size is 10, as they need to be able to take a few
casualties without losing firepower or morale. The maximum numbers of
Rokkit Launchas are always welcome as is a Nob with a Rokkit Launcha and
Ammo Runts.

Troops: Gretchin
These are the cannon fodder for the Orks, used as meatshields to prevent the
boyz from taking damage from enemy fire. Gretchin are cheap, but have
rubbish stats. If not herded by an Ork Slaver, they will most likely disappear at
the first Morale check. But if they are kept in line, the sheer number of them
will be frustrating for the enemy to remove. He will be forced to waste entire
shooting phases just to get to target the real threats to his army.

Gretchin should come in mobs of 20-30 and should always be joined by a
Slaver in order to keep the mob going.

Fast Attack: Trukk Boyz

Trukk Boyz are basically normal boyz mounted in a Trukk. This is extremely
helpful, as the Orks are now much faster and more protected. The cost is the
same, though you pay a small price for the Trukk itself. Even if the transport
should get destroyed, there is little chance that any of the mob will get hurt
because of their special rule. This makes it less dangerous to make daring
moves that may result in the destruction of the Trukk.

A Nob should always be in a Trukk Boyz mob, and their special weapon
should be a burna, as the trukk will close the range needed to use it quickly.
Full size mobs are favorable to exploit the maximum space of the Trukk and
add survivability to the mob.

Fast Attack: Warbuggies/Wartraks
These vehicle squadrons are best suited as a fire-support or screening unit.
They are fast and cheap and can be armed for any task, be it anti-light
infantry, -heavy infantry or -vehicles. You may mix and match weapons within
the squadron, but weapons of the same type are most desirable because the
poor Ork Ballistic Skill requires concentrated fire to hit/damage anything.
Warbuggies/Wartraks are also great at completing objectives and claiming
quarters in many missions.

The Warbuggies/Wartraks do not even have to be equipped with any
weapons at all, making them a relatively cheap screen for advancing mobs
and Trukks.

Fast attack: Warbikes
A marvelous unit, that carries incredibly powerful weaponry, is fearless, hard
to destroy and fast as heck. Warbikes can carve a bloody path through
multiple units of light infantry while sustaining little damage themselves. They
even have the unique ability to provide cover saves for units directly behind
them. A cunning commander can use this ability well combined with force-
fields to give the entire army cover saves without sustaining a movement
penalty that usually goes along with it. Remember, the pollution cover may
also be used to shield vehicles. The effect is the same as the force-field, but
remember that the enemy must shoot through the bike unit for the cover to be
in play.

Warbikes can be used to counter-attack, are excellent at holding up enemy in
assault, provide close range fire-support and be a general pain to the enemy.

Large squadrons are not recommended as morale is not an issue since they
are fearless and small units are more maneuverable. Nobz are not always a
good investment because they are rather expensive. The option of having
Warbikes stripped by big shootas in order to be cheaper is not popular as it
takes away the greatest strength of the unit. However, some players like to
have a few stripped Warbikes in each unit to absorb casualties at lower point
Heavy Support: Big Gunz Battery
Big Gun batteries are stationary fire-support for the Ork army. There are some
perils to including them in an Ork army: they are impossible to shield (with the
exception of Lobbas), are either inaccurate or short-ranged and they take up a
very valuable Heavy Support slot. There are three types, requiring different

Lobbas are the simplest and safest of the three types. These may be placed
behind solid cover since they are not prohibited by line of sight to fire at the
enemy. Their long range compliments this, so the lobbas can sit in total safety
and pick out any unit they desire to fire at. It does require however that the
player is good at judging distances. Lobbas work well against all but the
heaviest infantry, since the large blast and high strength makes up for the low
armor penetration. Most vehicles are unfortunately impregnable to lobbas.

Zzap guns are short ranged and fairly unpredictable, but the sheer power of
these weapons makes them excellent in an anti-tank and heavy infantry role.
The only real problem is that they are too easy to avoid because of the
crippling short range. If you use them, deployment means everything or you
risk doing next to no damage at all. Place them where the enemy is most
likely to advance their heavy infantry or vehicles. Many Gretchin Krew are
recommended to increase survivability. A Mek and Slaver is equally important
as Zzap guns are very exposed when deployed close to the enemy.

Kannons are the most versatile of the three, either firing heavy shells to knock
out tanks or fragging infantry. Their range is medium, but the fragmentation
shot is the most reliable of all types as it fires like an ordnance weapon. It is
also as powerful as the lobba blast, but does not have the pinning bonus. The
anti-tank projectile is quite unpredictable, as you are likely to hit with only 1 in
3 times plus the power is not to great. Kannons can be placed more covered
than Zzap guns but more exposed than lobbas. This encourages you to take a
ample supply of Krew as well as a Slaver, a Mek or both.

Heavy support: Lootas
The arming of Lootas can vary widely, but they usually fill the same role of
fire-support for the army. Though most players shun the use of Lootas since
you pay a large sum of points to get the really juicy weapons, some people
look beyond it and see the loota squads as excellent means of maiming tough
targets otherwise indestructible at long range. A few people like to take Space
Marine units just so they can field another Rhino.

The size of Loota units should always be maximum. You need to be able to
sustain casualties (not only from the enemy!) to avoid losing weapons or
getting pinned or broken. Nobz are normally a good idea since they may take
Ammo Runts to avoid hitting your own troops as well as keeping the number
of misses down.
Here are the options:

Space Marine Tactical Squads hold no weapons of real interest. The low
numbers of powerful weapons you may take make them insignificant. The
only reason to take them would be just to get another Rhino, though this is
rather pointless since the Lootas are not equipped for close combat.

Devastator Squads are the second most popular choice of all the options.
Plasma Cannons and Lascannons are the attractions, since such destructive
shooting is sorely lacked elsewhere in the Ork army. Also, you are statistically
bound to hit with at least one shot when bringing so many heavy weapons.
Missile Launchers are like a cheaper, weaker version of the two in one
weapon, and are favored by some for their versatility. Heavy bolters are not
common since the nearly identical (and most would say better) Big Shootas
are much cheaper. Multi-meltas are not even chosen by the Marine players
themselves, so why should you?

Space Marine Scout Squads are by far the most used of all lootas. The Sniper
Rifles are the sole reason as you may give every member one of these
beauties. Though the squad is more likely to kill its own members and even
pin itself, these drawbacks are small compared to the potential of taking down
C'tan and Wraithlords at a distance with high efficiency.

Imperial Guard Infantry Squad are like the Space Marine Tactical Squad, only
with more options. Still, there are just to few weapons you can take.

Imperial Guard Fire Support Squads are the equivalent of Devastators, but
can only have three (although cheaper) special weapons and they are only
Heavy bolters and Autocannons. Some Ork players have a thing for
Autocannons, being a comprimise between anti-vehicle and anti-infantry.

Imperial Guard Anti-Tank Squads are once again like the poor-man's
Devastators. Missile launchers and Lascannons, but fewer and cheaper.
Normally too much of a compromise but acceptable if you are short of points
and need extra anti-tank power.

Heavy Support: Ork Dreadnought
The Dreadnought marches alongside the mobs of boyz, shielding them from
fire and adding their considerable weight in both firepower and close combat
ability to that of the Orks. They are the most well-rounded units the Orks
posses, but are slow and relatively easy to avoid. Get them into the thick of
the battle as soon as possible. Excellent shock attack unit that most normal
troops will not have a chance at hurting.

Armament may differ from army to army, but Mega Blastas are not advisable
since they might overheat and blow up your precious Dreadnought. Most
players vote against removing the close combat weapons. However, if you do,
then take Mega Blastas, they are much less likely to blow up since they would
be twin-linked.

Heavy Support: Killa Kans
Same strategy as with Dreadnoughts, though these are able to screen much
larger mobs because of their larger frontage. They are also a bit more fragile
than their larger brother and somewhat less potent in combat, both shooting
and assault. This is made up for by a cheaper point cost and larger numbers.
Most actually prefer Kans to Dreadnoughts because of this.

Heavy Support: Battlewagon
A great tank that boasts the largest transport capacity in the game as well as
the possibility of having the most weapons. This is a tank designed to
spearhead the Ork army with its heavy armor and firepower, and then unload
a tide of Orks on the enemy lines.

While it is possible to up-gun the Battlewagon to titanic firepower (with many
weapons inside as well, mind you) this is not advisable. The point cost will be
a bit to high to justify it, though upgrading one weapon to a Zzap Gun is
definitely worth it. The Zzap Gun's main weakness is short range, and this is
nullified when mounted on a Battlewagon. With a Zzap Gun mounted, your
vehicle is suddenly a formidable anti-tank force. The other Big Guns are not
as effective on a Battlewagon, as they are not enhanced in any way.

Though a Battlewagon is tough, it is not invincible so be careful to not expose
its vulnerable flanks and rear to much. Screening with other vehicles, force
fields and armor plates are good.

Heavy Support: Looted Vehicle
A very common sight in Ork armies, looted vehicles are employed to either
rain heavy fire at the enemy or transport mobs into the thick of battle. There
are many types available:

Rhino: The only vehicle you are allowed to have three of. Quite popular as it
is an inexpensive way of adding speed to your mobs, as well as protection
from small arms fire. Used very much like trukks, only more recklessly
because of the improved armor.

Predator Annihilator: The "Annie" is a slightly underrated tank. The author
has never heard of its existence in any Ork army. It packs a powerful, long
range anti-tank punch, and is cheap and durable. Not a tank designed for
spearheading, but for fire support.

Predator Destructor: Able to spit out a large amount of anti-infantry fire, the
Destructor is just as underrated as the “Annie” is. Very cheap and fairly potent
it uses the same strategy as the Annihilator.

Land Raider: There is a reason the looted Land Raider is almost never seen
- it's too expensive for what it does. It can't carry a large mob, and you can't
shoot out of it, so it's an inferior transport to the Battlewagon, despite being
Armour 14. Even Marine players don't take them as gun tanks, because you
don't get enough firepower for the points (an Annihilator is better).

Chimera: Moderately popular transport vehicle, it has good firepower and
transport capacity coupled by reasonable armour for its low cost. Used like a
better Rhino.

Hellhound: Interesting, but hardly effective. It is cheap, however and would
cause some carnage if the enemy lets it too close on his lines. Sadly, it is too
fragile for that to happen often.

Griffon: Insanely cheap for the damage it is capable of doing. It can be
completely hidden from view and still be fully effective. Great for destroying
infantry and light vehicles, it has much killing power for its few points.

Leman Russ Battle Tank: Very popular, a versatile tank that has enormous
destructive potential and long reach, as well as formidable armour. Used to
either spearhead or give supporting fire. The russ is the "safest" choice in that
it will undoubtedly be hard to kill and will kill very much in return.

Leman Russ Demolisher: Equipped with the mightiest ordnance weapon in
the game and protected by close to maximum armour, the Demolisher is a
rock hard assault tank. One can be sure that everywhere the shot lands, it will
leave nothing but a huge crater. The only drawback is the short range, but this
is compensated for somewhat by the extra armour.

Basilisk: The most popular of the Looted Vehicles (with the possible
exception of the Leman Russ), it has the second most powerful ordnance
weapon and insanely long reach. It is weak, but can be hidden to lob its shots
at enemy not even in sight. It is also remarkably inexpensive, adding to its


Single Handed Weapons:
Choppa: The bread and butter weapon for the Ork army. Every close combat
orientated character (like most Ork characters are) should have one unless
wearing Mega armor.

Power Claw: Marvelous weapon that brings the best out of all characters at
the cost of initiative and points. Under the new assault rules, Power Claws are
infinitely better. It is tempting to equip all characters with this weapon, as it is
capable of removing anything you desire. Monsters that were a problem are
no longer one when having a Power Claw in a mob. But remember it is also
expensive, so you should not go overboard with them.

The Warboss is the one who gets the most power out of the Power Claw, but
since he is one of the units with the highest initiative in the game (if Waaagh
test is passed), some like to have the option of both. A Power Claw and a
Choppa is the most popular choice since you can then choose at any time
which weapon you wish to use. To equip an entire retinue with Power Claws
seems like overkill, and is really a huge point sink. Nobz in retinues are
generally better off with a Slugga and Choppa, because the high number of
attacks will clear away enough enemies even without Power Claws. They are
more viable for mob leaders, as they will provide a vital needed edge to the

Slugga: Good and cheap pistol, had it not been wielded by Orks. Its primary
function is therefore in close combat, where it will add attacks when combined
with another Close Combat Weapon. Upgrades for Sluggas are generally not
worth it, as you will have only short range and the extra points could be spent
on more power in close combat instead.

'Urty Syringe: Good weapon, but a tad expensive for what it actually does.
Reasonably effective in some situations, but definitely not a must. Take it with
a Choppa if you can spare the points, otherwise choose a Slugga for the

Two-handed Weapons:
Big Shoota: Too expensive when given to characters, but this is the weapon
of choice in normal mobs. The large number of shots virtually guarantees hits,
which is important. With enough of them combined, you can rely on them to
remove the biggest of threats.

Burna: Great for transported mobs, as the short range makes little difference
then. The most versatile when in range as well, either a power weapon, flamer
or vehicle destroyer.

Grabba Stik: A neat Slaver weapon, though the point value is not justifiable
to what it does. Next to pointless in game terms.

Kombi weapon: Shoota/Rokkit launcha: Too expensive for one shot that
will most likely miss and will neither do all that much damage if it hits. Stay

Kombi weapon: Shoota/Skorcha: Very different since this weapon
guarantees hits. Powerful enough to be worth its points, but buy only if you
have points left over. The carnage this little flame-thrower is capable of is
extreme when used against weak, lightly armored troops.
Kustom Force Field: A must for any Mek! Big Mek retinues should have at
least one while Meks other places should have one as well. The protection it
provides will definitely pay off. One of the best Orkish piece of equipment, it
should be employed as frequently as possible.

Kustom Mega Blasta: Good weapon, though horribly expensive. Must be
used en masse if to be of any use. Buggies are the best unit to use these, as
they are cheaper for them. Meks using these are too expensive and too
unreliable to justify.

Rokkit Launcha: A good mob weapon, but again too expensive for
characters (ironically, cheapest of the mob weapons). As with all special
weapons, they should be all the same in one mob so the chance of hitting
something is greater.

Shoota: Useless for a character, but reasonable for Flash Gitz, Kommandos
and (obviously) Shoota Boyz. Ork characters are centred on close combat
and should be equipped accordingly.

'Uge Choppa: Quite an unpopular weapon criticized for its cost. However, in
some charges, it might be only the Nob and a few other Orks who make it into
combat. You then have to make every attack count, which requires your Nob
to kill at least one opponent. The 'Uge Choppa increases this chance
significantly. Granted, it does cost rather many points, but in some instances it
may be worth it. A Power Claw is better, but more expensive. Use the 'Uge
Choppa as a compromise when you are short on points and the mob needs
the power.


Ammo Runt: An expensive re-roll. Marginally useful to characters wielding
Mega Blastas or Tankbusta and Loota Nobz. If you are very dependent on
Tankbustas or the Mega Blastas to hit their targets, you should take them.
They also take up space in transports.

Attack Squig: Quite cheap and actually good guard dog. A feasible substitute
for a boy in a squad. However, as all other "walking wargear", they take up
valuable transport slots. If your unit needs the Waaaagh power on the charge,
take more Orks instead. More adventurous Ork players take Nob retinues with
the maximum number of Attack Squigs, creating a very large and reasonably
cheap unit.

Big horns/Iron Gob: Great item that should be used for every leading
character. You never know when they come in handy. Can be ditched if you
are pressed for points, but should otherwise be a regular.

Bionik Arm: This item is good in theory, but the odd point cost makes it just
terrible. If you have deep, deep need to make the character marginally better
in combat you can take it. Otherwise I would advise you to steer clear. Buy
another Ork instead.

Bionik Bonce: Think hard before you purchase this one. Only the Warboss is
worthy of such luxury, unless it is another very important character. Much too
expensive to be used for any other than a few select characters.

Bosspole: Good item, and cheap enough to be taken for most characters.
However, they are best in your walking mobs, as this is where they are most
likely to be used.

Cybork Body: A good item, but should be considered soberly as it will only
be worth it on characters like the Warboss and maybe some Nobz in Mega
Armour as an extra precaution. Retinues may be equipped with these, but
even then, only in larger battles.

Dok's Tools: Not a good item in its own right, it needs Grot Orderlies to be
effective. Can save a few models, but nothing extraordinay.

'Eavy Armor: A cheap armour save, normally only useful in a retinue since
there its presence will actually be felt. Do not be tempted to give them to Nobz
leading mobs since there the 'Eavy Armor will be used only in close combat.
This combined with the Bionik Bonce should be standard for the Warboss and
important characters that do not wear Mega Armour.

Frag Stikkbombz: Might be worth it for a retinue and Warboss, but definitely
not for mobs. The higher cost when equipping a large mob is pointless, since
the advantages of Stikkbombz are so small and temporary.

Grot Oilers: Mandatory for Meks who are supposed to fix vehicles. But
remember that they fill scarce transport slots.

Grot Orderlies: As with Oilers, only that they are for Doks supposed to fix

Krak Stikkbombz: Entirely useless and should never be taken. Complete
waste of points. There are endlessly better and only minimally more
expensive alternatives.

Kustom Job: More Dakka: Great for Flash Gitz mobs, the primary upgrade
for Nobz in charge of mobs as well. Retinues in transports should never have
Kustom Jobs, seeing that they will rarely get to shoot that many times. I would
also be reluctant to take any upgrades to mob leaders, since they are
expensive for what it does.

Kustom Job: Blasta: Upgrading a Shoota or Slugga too much will eventually
not be worth it. It is possible to create powerful weapons, but always at a
disproportional advantage. The worst of the Jobs, only effective at so close
range that purchasing more assault power would be better.
Kustom Job: Shootier: Powerful, especially combined with More Dakka. But
when the Shoota is upgraded to these levels, a Big Shoota (which is better in
every respect) will actually be very close in point cost so the entire purpose
will be gone.

Mega Armour: The high armour save and built in Power Claw can be a major
pain to remove for the enemy, even more so since it is a Nob hiding behind
the plating and wielding the claw. Retinues are lovely when equipped with
these, but also very expensive. Long debate swirls around the subject of
taking Mega Armour or Power Claw and Choppa. They cost the same, and
quite frankly you should choose what suits the individual army. Power Claw
and Choppa for greater power in close combat, Mega Armour for increased
endurance. Mega Armour is not cheap. It's costly (by Ork standards), and
comes with a disadvantage - the model becomes slower. Also, it's often
useless because of all the power weapons and low AP weapons out there.
Basically, you end up with an inferior Terminator. You don't need a 2+ save to
make the Power Claw practical. Most enemy models that require a Power
Claw to kill them will ignore that 2+ save. Monstrous Creatures, Marine
heroes, Dreads etc - none of them will be perturbed by the fact that the Nob is
wearing Mega Armour. Also, you don't want a Shoota with the Power Klaw;
you want a Slugga or Choppa so you get the extra attack. If you take it, take
the Mega Boosta as well, to help the Nob keep up with his mates.

Mega Boosta: At first sight a very pricey item, but the importance of getting
your Mega Armoured Warboss or Nob into combat at the crucial time is not to
be overstated. Worth it, but only for a select few key-characters and perhaps
an entire retinue.

Mekboy's Tools: For any Mek accompanying a vehicle or Big Gunz battery,
this is a must. Being able to repair an important weapon is a valuable

Squighounds: Goes with the Slaver. Always. Not much more to be said.

Stikkbomb Chucka: Plain useless. Since when has Power Clawed
characters needed Frag Stikkbombz?

Super Stikkbombz: These are so insanely destructive that they are primary
choice once you have a few spare points to spend. Makes a mockery of all
vehicle armor, just a pity they are only available to Meks.

Tankbusta Bombz: Terrific choice for Nobz in command of mobs. Able to
thwart all but one tank in the entire game. In a retinue they are not so good,
give the Mekboy a Super Stikkbomb instead.

Waaaaaagh! Banna: Good item at a reasonable price, but not a must if you
are short for points.

Ork Vehicle Upgrades:
Armor Plates: A cool gadget that can save the day many a time. Use it to
protect your large investments like expensive looted tanks, HQ trukks and the

Big grabber/Wrecker ball/Reinforced Ram/Boarding Plank: Fun, but
hardly worth their points. Could surprise you, but they are too unreliable.

Grot Riggers: This is a no-brainer; take them for whatever you got. The
amount of points required for this incredible upgrade is insignificant. The
difference between a mobilized and an immobilized vehicle can be the
difference between victory and defeat.

Bolt-On Big Shoota: A bad upgrade since it is not smart to stop a Trukk or
Battlewagon in order to let the passengers fire. The assault is much more
important. But if you crave a unit with many gunz. . .

Red Paint: Extra speed is always welcome, and this is cheap enough to be
done readily. Take it unless you are really pressed for points.

Searchlight: No. Do not take it, do not use it. Unless you have a very special
plan in mind.

Spikes 'n Blades: Very cool upgrade that should be given vehicles that will
be driving within close range of the enemy. The spikes will be a major
deterrent for the enemy's vehicle assault troops.

Stikkbomb Chucka: Nice for Trukks, as they can then make tank shocks
after disembarking their troops. Again, not a must. For tanks such as the
Battlewagon, the upgrade is even better and can make them a potent threat
even without weapons!

Turbo Boosta: Coupled with Red Paint, this upgrade can get your transports
to their destination one turn earlier than expected. Definitely well worth it.
Tanks can also draw benefits from this, as they are much faster to re-deploy.

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