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To: The Pennsylvania Wind Farms & Wildlife Collaborative

RE:    Minutes of October 18, 2007 Policy Committee Meeting

On October 18, 2007 the following members of the Pennsylvania Wind Farms & Wildlife
Collaborative Policy Committee met or phoned into the meeting at the Rachel Carson State
Office Building in Harrisburg:

John Quigley (DCNR), Courtney Lane (PennFuture), Tom Tuffey (PennFuture), Sam Enfield
(PPM Atlantic Renewable), Greg Czarnecki (DCNR), Kerry Campbell (DEP), Tim Walsh
(Gamesa), David Shadle (Iberdrola), Tracey Librandi Mumma (PGC), Jeff Schmidt (Sierra),
David Friend (US Windforce), Ron Ramsey (TNC), Bob White (AES), Tom Burkley (DEP)

Low Impact Wind:

   Ron Ramsey gave an overview of the proposal for low impact wind that would be applied to
    wind energy development on both private and public lands. He stated that the proposal would
    require wind projects to meet a set of criteria in order to qualify for the state’s Alternative
    Energy Portfolio Standard (AEPS).
   Members of the group indicated concern with opening up the AEPS in order to insert a low
    impact wind requirement. Members stated that there are already groups trying to have paper,
    waste tires and other resources qualify for Tier I which would drive out cleaner technologies
    like wind.
   Members of the wind industry stated that current industry practice and the Pennsylvania
    Game Commission’s Voluntary Agreement already make wind energy a low-impact
   Ron Ramsey indicated that there are resources not covered by the Game Commission, PNDI,
    and US Fish & Wildlife requirements that are of importance including intact forest tracts and
    natural communities that are not listed.
   Members of the wind industry asked if TNC could write-up a one page document on the
    importance of contiguous forests, included the location of the forested blocks; specific
    concerns; and fragmenting effects.
   John Quigley recommended creating stricter penalties for those who do not sign on and
    comply with the Game Commission’s Voluntary Agreement as a means to address the issue
    of low-impact without opening up AEPS.

Actions:       1. Ron Ramsey will, if possible, send out the GIS layers for contiguous forest
               blocks to the industry, sharing and explaining areas of concern.
               2. After review of that information the Collaborative will examine specific best
               management practices that could be created to address the concerns outlined.

Research Funding:

Actions:       1. PennFuture will submit the request for funding to the Governor.

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PA Fish & Boat Commission:
 The group discussed the news release indicating that the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat
   Commission will develop guidelines for wind turbine development in wetland and watershed

Actions:      1. Greg Czarnecki will contact Fish and Boat to get clarification on the
              development of these guidelines.

DCNR Draft Lease:
 Tom Tuffey and Sam Enfield provided comments on the DCNR draft lease.
 John Quigley stated that DCNR is working on the next draft. He indicated that a meeting
  should be held with the wind industry once it is completed to go through the draft, as was
  done with the draft of the PGC Voluntary Agreement.
 DCNR will make and internal decision on whether to open up state lands to wind energy
  development by the end of the year and bring that recommendation to the Governor. The
  Governor would then decide whether or not to allow DCNR to seek legislative authority.

Update from Science Committee:
 Greg Czarnecki gave an update on the best management practices for terrestrial invertebrates
 He indicated the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy would like to work more with the wind
  industry on questions they may have on the wind development process.
 A draft is expected by mid-January.

Actions:      1. WPC will send questions to Dave Friend who will pass along request to others
              in the wind industry.
              2. Tom Tuffey will arrange a site visit to a wind farm for members of the BMP

General Actions
 The next meeting of the full collaborative will be Wednesday, November 28 from 9:00am
   until noon.

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