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2nd July 08 Councillors Info Day – Cllr Smith_ Cllr Manvell_ Cl


									                                                                          GP Committee Page 1/2011
Unconfirmed Minutes of the General Purposes Committee held on Monday 10 January 2011 in Lyminge
Methodist Parlour.

Present: Cllrs G Baldock; Mrs M Chubb; R Chubb; P Hawken; Mrs N Hunnisett; and, D Smith.
In attendance: Clerk.

1     Apologies for Absence were accepted from Cllrs Mrs R Bergin, T Collins and C Manvell.

2     Declaration of Interests by Councillors concerning any item on the agenda – none were declared.

3     Minutes of the Meeting on 6 December 2010 – these had been circulated in advance of the meeting,
      were agreed and signed by the Chairman.

4     Matters arising from the Previous Minutes – a schedule of outstanding matters from previous
      meetings had been circulated with the agenda. The schedule was updated with new information on
      item 38 (letter from a local resident about a crumbling wall) and on item 28 where Cllr Hawken had
      written to the Police re speeding traffic on Brady Road. An updated schedule will be attached to the
      agenda of the next meeting.

5     Jubilee Field:
      5.1 Graffiti – Both anti graffiti paint for the skate park and graffiti remover liquid had been
      5.2 Naming of the Skate Park – Lyminge Youth Action was consulting with its members and had not
            reached a decision.

6     Rhodes Minnis Bus Shelter:
      6.1 Notice Boards – It was agreed to purchase one open notice board and one closed notice board
           form the Notice Board Company at a cost of £128.00 plus delivery and VAT.
      6.2 Windows – The windows had been purchased but not yet installed. It was agreed that Cllr R
           Chubb would pursue the matter. It was noted that minor repairs were needed as rain had
           affected the window surroundings.

7     Transport Issues:
      7.1 Canterbury Road, Etchinghill - It was noted with pleasure that new 30mph signs had appeared
            on the road in Etchinghill as requested.
      7.2 Church Road, Lyminge - Kent Highways had responded that it was not possible to install a 20mph
            speed restriction scheme in Church Road, Lyminge outside the school as supported by residents.
            It was agreed that the Clerk follow up an initiative by County Councillor Nick Chard for time
            restricted speed limits.
      7.3 Trial of Bagged Salt/Sand – A salt/grit bag had been provided by KHS and its contents used to
            partially refill 6 bins after snow. A further bag of sand had been delivered. Not all bins had been
            refilled as stated by KHS. It was agreed to research the cost and availability of a one tonne bag of
            salt to mix with the sand and report to full Council at the end of January.
      7.4 Safety Mirror – it was noted that the safety mirror at the junction of Well Road and Church Road
            had come off its post.
      7.5 Salt Bins – All requests for additional salt bins some 12 months ago had been declined by KHS.
            After discussion it was agreed that bins should be located where there was substantial benefit to
            residents. It was essential to obtain the consent of the landowner prior to purchase and
            installation. Finally, it was agreed to seek suitable sites, with the landowner’s consent, through
            an article in the February edition of the Lyminge Newsletter.
      7.6 Salt Spreader – After discussion about the benefits of a salt spreader it was agreed to seek
            volunteers to use a salt spreader through a discussion at the Annual Parish Meeting on 28 April.
             Unconfirmed Minutes of Lyminge PC General Purposes Committee held on 10 January 2011
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                                                                               GP Committee Page 2/2011
     7.7   Potholes – Cllr Hawken reported potholes in Woodland Road. The Clerk agreed to report these
           to KHS.
     7.8   Snow Clearance – In response to a question the Clerk agreed to obtain details of local farmers
           contracted to clear snow by KHS.

8    Play Equipment:
     8.1 Outstanding Invoice – The Clerk reported that the invoice for £129.00 plus VAT had been
           cancelled by RoSPA.
     8.2 Dymchurch Recreation Ground – Shepway DC had requested support for a major recreation
           initiative at Dymchurch. After discussion it was agreed to offer the experience of the Lyminge
           Challenge Project to Shepway DC and Dymchurch PC.

9    Newsletter – After discussion topics for inclusion in the February edition of the Lyminge Newsletter
     were agreed. It was agreed to accept Cllr Smith’s offer to draft some of the items.

10   Grant Application – After discussion of the previously circulated application, a recommendation to full
     Council was agreed (with one against) for urgent exterior repairs to Lyminge Methodist Hall and subject
     to receipt of further information prior to the Council meeting.

11   Authorisation of Payments - It was agreed to authorise the following payments:
     Cheque 1554 for £50.00 (no VAT) for December newsletter.
     Cheque 1555 for £54.00 (no VAT) for hire of Etchinghill Village Hall in 2011.
     Cheque 1556 for £642.55 (£546.85 + £95.70 VAT) for the second half of the KCC annual grass cutting

12   Localism Bill – summaries of the Bill from Government and from Protect Kent had been circulated in
     advance of the meeting. It was considered that not all aspects of the Bill, particularly the reform of
     social housing and proposals for London, directly affected Lyminge. There was an explanation of, and
     discussion on, how the proposals on community empowerment, decentralisation and strengthening
     local democracy, and reform of the planning system could affect Lyminge and the Parish Council. It was
     agreed that there was insufficient detailed information available at this stage to come to any firm
     conclusions on any of the proposals.

13   Grass Cutting Quotations – The Clerk agreed to liaise with the Headmistress of the Primary School on
     seeking alternative quotations to cut the grass on Tayne Field.

14   Date and Venue of next meeting – confirmed as Monday 7 February 2011 at 7.30pm in Lyminge
     Methodist Parlour.

The meeting closed at 10.05pm.

Signed……………………………………………… (Chairman)                                                    7 February 2011

            Unconfirmed Minutes of Lyminge PC General Purposes Committee held on 10 January 2011
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