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									Reflexology is the fastest growing alternative complementary medicine in
the world, [ reported by the World Health Organization ]


„Sole‟ Searching !
History ? Egyptian ?
Cherokee saying

• “Your feet walk upon the
  earth and through this, your
  spirit is connected to the
  The „Mother‟
  of modern
  Reflexology :


"If you're feeling out of kilter
 Don't know why or what about
 Let your feet reveal the answer
 Find the sore spot work it out”

By Eunice D Ingham
    Standard Reflexology Defn:
• "Reflexology is a science based on the
  premise that there are zones and reflex
  areas in the feet and hands which
  correspond to all glands, organs, parts
  and systems of the body
• The physical act of applying specific
  pressure using the thumb, finger and
  hand techniques to these reflex areas
  results in the reduction of stress which
  promotes physiological changes in the
Shape and curve of foot match sh/curve of body;
Liver on one side of body, so only on one foot.
• Reflexology is not a diagnostic science; it acts
  as a preventative healthcare by unblocking
• It balances the entire system. The reflexologist
  is a channel of healing
• The laying on of hands and the specific
  techniques for applying pressure to the feet
  create the channels of healing energy to
  circulate to all parts of the body
• No instruments are used, only the hands
• Each foot has over 7,000 nerve endings,
  26 bones, 107 ligaments and 19 muscles
  or muscle insertions
Not just
of feet
Curve of foot
matches spinal
curve – claim to
have mathemat
studies of
exactness of this
      Intentions of / Claims for
• R‟s believe 85% of all diseases traceable to
• Enhances + outlook
• Expels suppressed emotions of distress
• Relaxing via endorphin release
• Enhances immune system thru improving
  lymph flow
• Decreases the N of free radicals
• Improves circulation
• More frequent bowel evac and urination
happens in
     What happens in visit to R
• Cannot diagnose disease
• Use lounge chair & sterilize feet
• Examine feet for temp, colour, skin
  irritation, corns, calluses etc
• Foot is then „reflexed‟ w thumb & foref‟s
• 30-60 mins per visit
• No known risks to reflexology session(s)
• 5 levels of certification:
     ~ certified reflexologist
     ~ professional R
     ~ Mast of R
     ~ Professor of Reflexology   ~
  Doctorate in R
       Fun with Reflexology
• Footloose and          • Swept off one's
  fancy free               feet
• Put your best foot     • Get one's feet wet
  forward                • He's a real heel
• A walk on the wild     • Be out of step
  side                   • To dig one's heels
• To get a foot in the     in
Lady Di‟s Letters to her
Reflexologist !
 John Fisher, "Healthy Benefits of Cobblestone-Mat Walking: Preliminary
 Findings," Journal of Aging and Physical Activity, 11(4), October 2003

“walking on a cobblestone mat surface resulted in significant reductions in blood
pressure and improvements in balance and physical performance among adults
60 and over”
Pantai Valley, Malaysia, Cobblestone Walk-path
  And in Macau, a “Foot
Reflexology” path since 60s
• Participants in the study, which was funded by the National
  Institute on Aging (Grant AG20470), were divided into an
  experimental group -- the cobblestone mat walkers -- and a
  control group which took part in conventional walking
  activities for one hour, three times per week for 16 weeks. At
  the end of the study, mat walkers were found to have better
  scores on measures of balance, physical function, and blood
  pressure than those in the conventional walking group
• This new physical activity could provide a different choice of
  physical activity that is therapeutic and health-enhancing and
  that can be done quickly and easily in the comfort of one's
  home. The mats are available directly from the Oregon
  Research Institute in Eugene, Oregon. Please phone
  541.484.2123 for more information
      Needs of Reflexology
• Better and more universal
• Self and Professional regulation
• Better qualitative and quantitative
  research support
• Greater recognition of +tive effects
  of R on stress reduction

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