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					            Body - cure        By Nipun Augustin Jacob

                            Passing too much gas? Solve this embarrassing problem,
                                   with these alternative but effective cures.

            “The first form of happiness is sound                  HOW IS IT DIAGNOSED?
            health. One should partake nutritious,
            balanced food to keep the body healthy. So             Belching (burping) after meals or even on an
            it is essential to maintain the health of the          empty stomach may be accompanied with
            mind and body simultaneously. ”                        hiccups.

                                             – Rig Veda            The upper and lower abdomen may feel bloat-
                                                                   ed even when empty.

                               hen Virendra Narayan                Release of flatus from the rectum.
                               Tripathi’s wife, whom
                               he regarded as goddess              Gurgling sound that may move in the upper or
                               Lakshmi in his life, died           lower abdomen.
                               a few months back, it
            sent him spinning into depression. He                  Overall heavy feeling in the body especially on
            fondly recalls the years of togetherness,              waking up, as flatus travels to the muscles
            of sharing food on a single plate, of shar-            and tissues.
            ing love, happiness, sorrow and the occa-
            sional quarrel with his wife. “I was left all          Frequent headaches, migraine and joint stiff-
            alone,” he says gloomily. Erratic eating               ness.
            habits and severe stress led to the stom-
            ach disorder known as flatulence.                      Increase in weight, despite no change in diet
              He is presently under medical supervision            or exercise.
            at the Bapu Nature Cure Hospital in New
            Delhi. “Nature and our own Indian system of            Burning sensation in the chest.
            medicine is the best remedy. I have been
            able to sleep well since the last few days,”           Heart pounds more than normal.
            says Tripathi.

            What is flatulence?
            Flatulence is the production of abnormal        the ingestion of food such as legumes and grains that
            amount of flatus (gas) in the gastro-intesti-   are hard to digest. They pass to the colon, giving rise
            nal tract (mouth to rectum) with distension     to gas-forming bacteria. The digestive power of the
            in the stomach. It is primarily formed due to   stomach is reduced. The stomach and the intestines
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                                                                    Ayurvedic cure
                     RECOMMENDED LIFESTYLE                          In ayurveda, it is called adhmana or udarva-
                     MODIFICATIONS                                  ta. People with vata dosha tend to have flatu-
                                                                    lence. “Wrong dietary habits and sedentary
                      Avoid heavy and oily food items               lifestyles are responsible for this disorder.
                                                                    One can overcome flatulence by simple
                      Dairy products and processed, bottled,        changes in lifestyle,” says Dr S. P Singh from
                      pickled and baked food too should be          Sitamani.
                      Avoid anxiety, stress, tobacco chewing,          Take small quantity of jaggery after meals
                      and excessive intake of tea and coffee.          Chew part of small harare after meals
                                                                       Take one or two chitrakadi vati after
                      Do not drink liquids with meals. Take them       meals
                      half an hour before meals or an hour later.      Take two spoonfuls of herizyme syrup
                                                                       and mix with a portion of water after
                      Avoid excessive eating of dry fruits.            meals
                                                                       Mix lavan bhaskar churna and hingvastak
                      Avoid drinking water immediately after           churna in equal quantity. Take half tea-
                      eating moisture-rich food items such as          spoonful churna with water after meals
                      peas, cauliflower, ladyfinger, pumpkin and       Crush 1 or 2 shankha vati and take after
                      cucumber.                                        meals
                                                                       If patient complains of constipation, give
                      Cut back on high fibre rich foods.               isabgol
                                                                       Gasharan churan
                      Food containing sorbitol or added fruc-
                      tose should be avoided.                       Unani cure
                                                                    Flatulence is called nafakh, apharah or nagh-
                      Avoid sucking candies.                        nah in the unani system of medicine.
                                                                    Hakeem Ehtisham Ali from Tibbiya College,
                      Avoid drinking with straws.                   Aligarh Muslim University says, “The tem-
                                                                    perature of the stomach becomes cold, lead-
                      Avoid packed juice                            ing to poor digestion of food. It is generally
                                                                    seen in patients suffering from gout, sciatica
                                                                    and arthritis.”

            weaken too if left untreated.                              Mix 2 gm gulkund with mastich
              Before administering the medicines, all good             Boil 7gm fennel, 5 gm anisoon and 5
            homeopaths, ayurvedacharyas, naturopaths or unani          pieces of black cardamom, strain the
            haqims would like to have a detailed patient profile       liquid and mix with 20 gm gulkand
            before prescription.                                       Mix jawarish anaaren and jawarish
                                                                       kamooni 3 gm each and take in the
                                                                       morning and at night after meals
            Patients are often asked the following ques-               Include chicken, mutton and turkey soup
            tions:                                                     in your diet
               Are you currently taking any medications or             Habbe kabid naushadari twice a day after
               antibiotics ?                                           meals
               Do symptoms occur after eating specific foods?          Habbe papita twice a day after meals
               Do you experience gas when you drink milk or            Mix qaranfal and kishneez in a powder
               milk products?                                          form and use it after meals
               Have you added any new food items to your diet          Mix honey with khulanjaan (4.5gm) as it
               recently?                                               gives very good results in flatulence
               Have you been diagnosed with irritable bowel syn-       Podina, aneesoon, qaranfal and mastagi
               drome or other intestinal condition?                    roomi are very beneficial for flatulence.
               How long have you noticed increased gas or gas          (These medicines can be used in powder
               pains?                                                  form).
               How many times do you pass gas each day?                Namak-e-sulemani is also very useful for
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                     flatulence                                        Naturopathy cure
                     Majoon rais chatni                                The approach of the naturopathy system of treatment
                                                                       is low cost, risk-free and easily accessible. Naturopathy
              All the unani medicines mentioned are                    involves natural food and environment to cure the suf-
            available in the market.                                   ferer. Switch to natural food such as aloe vera juice,
              According to Hakeem Wasim Ahmed,                         beetroot, carrot, green papaya, coconut water, fresh
            research officer at RRIUM, “Patients come                  curd, ash gourd juice, cucumber juice, alfalfa sprouts,
            with the complaint of retrosternal burning                 honey, ripened banana, buttermilk, dalia, oatmeal and
            sensation accompanied with a sound of                      cornflakes.
            paper mashing, nausea and vomiting. During                    “Stress affects the autonomic nervous system and
            the treatment, we tell the patients to wear                results in reduced peristaltic movement and accumu-
            loose fitting clothes, go for a morning walk               lation of fecal matter in intestine, so stress is also one
            and avoid sex just after taking meals.”                    of the causative factors for flatulence,” says Dr Manu
            Homeopathic cure
            Flatulence      is    called    wind,       People who are suffering from flatulence should
            Borborygymus in homeopathy. In
            acute cases, it can be treated with-        not stay on an empty stomach. Severe flatulence
            out medication with simple lifestyle
            changes but in chronic cases medi-          can lead to migraine and premature greying of
            cation is required.                         hair as well. According to naturopathy, stomach is
              “While gas may be uncomfortable
            and embarrassing, it is not life-           the root cause of all diseases.”
            threatening. People can find relief
            when they understand what causes                                                            Dr Rukamani Nair,
            gas and what the possible treatment                Medical superintendent at Bapu Nature Cure hospital
            options are. It may be advisable to
            adopt a low gas-forming diet. The
            suggested diet would require limit-
            ed consumption of foods that are difficult to            Dr Rukamani Nair, Medical superintendent at Bapu
            digest such as beans, brussels sprouts, cab-           Nature Cure hospital adds, “People who are suffering
            bage, cauliflower, lentils, mustard greens,            from flatulence should not stay on an empty stomach.
            and turnip greens,” says Dr Rashmi Chanana,            Severe flatulence can lead to migraine and premature
            a senior homeopath in New Delhi.                       greying of hair as well.”
              Homoeopath, colon hydrotherapist, yoga                 “According to naturopathy, stomach is the root
            and diet expert, Dr Poonam Bali, says, “The            cause of all diseases,” says Dr Nair. “In flatulence, gen-
            combination of colon hydrotherapy, fasting             erally the patient does not need to be admitted in the
            on a specialised diet, yoga, detoxing and              hospital unless the condition is grim. We also recom-
            massage therapy help in treating flatulence.”          mend hydrotherapy treatments that include wet
              Indigestion and gas can be caused by poor            abdominal pack, hip bath, mud pack and massages to
            eating habits, emotional tensions, food aller-         improve the peristaltic movement,” she adds.
            gies, imbalances in stomach, acid or diges-
            tive enzymes. For moderate problems,                    People vulnerable to flatulence
            homoeopathy can offer a number of safe and             “There is no particular age group which is more prone
            gentle remedies.                                       to flatulence. It is noticed in younger, growing chil-
              Arsenic album, bryonia, carbo vegetabilis,           dren, young adults or in the elderly. It is generally seen
            colocynthesis, lycopodium, natrum carboni-             to occur in people with unhealthy lifestyles. People
            cum, nuse vomica and pulsatilla are some of            who have abdominal worms, or are lactose intolerant
            the often employed remedies.                           or consume fried and fatty foods, or are on a high
                                                                   fibre diet, smoke, and have chewing gums are prone
            Treatment                                              to it. The mentally upset and anxious are also
            In cases of self-treatment, select the remedy          vulnerable to flatulence,” says Dr Reema Vohra,
            that closely matches the symptoms, other-              homeopath.
            wise consult your physician. The frequency             To read these articles online and post your comments, go to
            of the dosage varies with the condition. In   2011, We wel-
            some severe cases of painful gas conditions,           come your comments and suggestions on this article. Mail us at
            endoscopy and other tests are performed.     

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