Tonbridge AC 2009 Club Championships

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					Tonbridge AC 2009 Club                2.20 Shot Putt Women All ages (U13
Championships                         upwards)
Monday 31st August 2009               2.50 80mH U15B and U17W
Track Field                           3.10 800m all ages Women and Men
10.30 300mH U17W V.Women.             (U13 upwards)
 10.30 Long Jump U11 Boys and Girls   3.30 Triple Jump Men (U15 upwards)
10.30 Pole Vault Men and Women All    and Women (U17 upwards)
ages (U15 upwards)                    3.40 100mHU20w Sen. Women. V
10.30 Hammer Women All ages (U17      Women U17M 3.30 Discus Women All
upwards)                              ages (U13 upwards)
                                      3.55 600m U11 Boys and Girls
10.40 400mH U20W Sen. W 400mH         4.10 110mh U20m Sen. Men V. Men
U17M U20M Sen. Men V. Men 10.30       4.20 200m All ages Men and Women
High Jump Men All ages (U13           (U13 upwards)
upwards)                              4.40 Hammer Men All ages groups
11.00 1500m All ages Men and          (U15 upwards)
Women (U13 upwards)                   5.00 1500m S C U17M
11.30 Discus Men All ages (U13        5.15 2000m S C U20M Sen. Men V
upwards)                              Men
11.30 U11 75m                         5.40 Relays 4 x 100m 4 x 400m Mixed
 11.30 Long Jump Men All ages (U13    teams
upwards)                              All events run under UKA Rules
11.50 100m All ages Women and Men     except under 11's
(U13 upwards)                         U13 and U15 Girls are not allowed
12.30 Lunch                           to compete in more than one event
1.10 Walk 1K U11 Boys and Girls       of 600m and above.
(White No) 2K U13 Boys and Girls      Entries £3.00 for the day (all events
(Red No) 3K All other age groups.     3 or more for U 13 upwards. U11s 3
(Blue No)                             events only. On line and on the day
1.10 High Jump Women All ages (U13    - you must enter at least 30 minutes
upwards)                              before event.
1.10 Shot Putt Men All ages (U13      Tonbridge AC reserves the right to
upwards)                              alter the timetable
1.10 Javelin All ages Women (U13      For all enquiries please call Meeting
upwards)                              co-ordinator Dawn Hookway on
1.35 300m U17 women                   01732 838211
1.45 400m U15B U17M U20M Sen.
and Vet Men
U20W SW, Vet Women
2.00 70mH U13 Girls
2.10 75mH U13 Boys and U15 Girls
2.20 3000m U17W U20W Sen. and
Vet Women
U15B, U17M, U20M, Sen. and Vet
2.20 Javelin Men All ages (U13
2.20 Long Jump Women All ages (U13

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