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J2EE Syllabus



                                                J2EE Syllabus

Session 1: Integrated Application Development

        Introduction to Integrated Application Development
        Introduction and use of Eclipse
        Web Server Versus Application Server

Session 2: J2EE

Understanding Servlets

        MVC Architecture, What is HTTP?
        What is a Servlet, Servlet life cycle, web application structure
        Writing A Simple Hello World Servlet, Understanding web.xml
        Distinguish GET and POST, Retrieving parameters from request, sending a reponse
        Re-directing a request, using Request Dispatcher
        Session management, Handling cookies
        Creating war files

Understanding JSP pages

        What is JSP?, Understanding JSP elements - declaration, directive, scriplet, expression, and
        JSP Architecture, JSP Page life cycle
        Page directive attributes, using conditional and iterative statements
        Understanding JSP implicit variables and objects
        Java Beans, JSP Bean tags, Java Bean with an example
        Handling exceptions using errorPage and isErrorPage attributes
        JSP session handling with an example
        JSP Authentication - How to secure your servlets and JSP pages

JSP Tag libraries

        What is JSTL (JSP Standard Tag Library) ?
        JSTL Expresssion Language (EL)
        Iteration Tags - looping using forEach, forTokens
        Logical Tags - using if and choose tags
        Database Access Tags - using sql:setDataSource, sql:query, sql:update, sql:param etc.
        Miscellanious Tags - using c:import, c:redirect, c:param etc
        Writing a Custom Tag Library


        What is Struts? Struts architecture,
      Struts classes - ActionForward, ActionForm, ActionServlet, Action classes
      Understanding struts-config.xml
      Understanding Action Mappings
      Struts flow with an example application

Struts Tiles

      What is a Tile?
      Combining Struts and Tiles, Tiles file structure
      Building the Layout file and Creating a Tiles template
      using tiles:putList, tiles:importAttribute, tiles:useAttribute
      Understanding Tiles Definitions and Attributes
      Creating a Definition in XML file and deploying
      Creating a small application using Tiles

EJB Fundamentals

      Enterprise JavaBeans Communication
      EJB Details
      Session Beans
      Entity Bean
      Message Driven Bean

The Details of Writing Beans

      EJB Development Overview
      The Enterprise Bean Class
      The Remote Interface
      The Home Interface
      Deployment Descriptors and EJB-JAR files

Writing an EJB Client

Java Message Service (JMS)

      The principles of messaging systems
      Features of the Java Messaging Service (JMS)
      Writing a message driven Bean
      Message Driven Bean Clients

Session 3: XML (eXtensible Markup Language)

      Concept of XML
      Introduction to DTD and XML Schema
      Introduction to DOM and SAX. How to choose DOM Vs SAX
      Parsing an XML file using DOM and SAX Java programs
      Introduction to JAXB
      Parsing an XML file and creating Java objects using JAXB

Session 4: Latest Technologies

      Introduction to Hibernate with an example
   Introduction to Spring framework with an example
   Introduction to JSF framework with an example.
    Struts Vs. JSF
   Introduction to Web services with an example
    What is SOA, SOAP, AXIS, WSDL, UDDI, Endpoint, Callback etc.
   Introduction to AJAX with an example

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