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									                              THE SMOKY HILL STAMPEDE!
                                  February 3rd and 4th 2012

Welcome to the official reincarnation of one of Colorado’s most prestigious forensics
tournaments!! The newly-named Stampede is intended to offer teams from across the state, a
chance to compete in a two-day tournament that will give students the best possible
opportunity to prepare for the upcoming state qualifying tournaments. We offer:

      Four preliminary rounds plus semi-finals in Policy Debate, Public Forum, and Lincoln-
      Three preliminary rounds plus semi-finals in National Extemp, Foreign Extemp, Humor,
       Drama, Oratory, Duo, and Poetry;
      Doubling in Extemp for all debaters; and
      Doubling in Duo or Poetry for all other individual events.

In the debates, Rounds 1 and 2 are randomly assigned. Rounds 3 and 4 are power-matched off
of the first two rounds. All event rounds are randomly assigned. A preliminary schedule is
attached at the end of this invitation.

Registration: All registration will be held on Please use this resource
to register and update your entries. Registration will remain open until the tournament meets
capacity. Registrations may be dropped without cost until Friday, January 27, 2012. After this
date, teams will be responsible for payment for all registered students.

Additional Doubling Information: Contestants may enter only one type of debate. Doubling is
limited to the options listed above. In addition, students are responsible for signing in and
competing in both events in which they are registered. The schedule is designed to
accommodate double-entries and we will make every effort to ensure no competitor loses prep
time or is otherwise penalized for being in another round. 

Please enter student names in If you have students who are double
entered, please spell the name exactly the same in both events, so that the double entry is
recognized by the computer program.

Debate Topics:
CX topic:    Space
LD topic:    Jan/Feb topic
PF topic:    Feb topic

Awards: Trophies will be awarded to the top six competitors in each event. Rosettes will be
awarded to all semi-finalists. In addition, we will award sweepstakes trophies to top-
performing schools!

Fees: There will be a $12 fee for each competitor ($24 for each team) in debate and events.
Please make checks payable to Smoky Hill Speech and Debate.

Judges: Each team must provide one judge that is available all day and at least one judge
qualified to judge debate events. Coaches should be on site and available to judge if necessary.
If you are able to bring extra judges, please do so. We pay $9.00 per round.

We will assign two ballots at a time for all prelims. We hope this will help move the rounds
faster. Judges will complete their first assignment, drop off the ballot, and grab some food or
drink, and then go to their next round without having to wait for the second ballot. We hope to
give all judges one round out of every three off to rejuvenate.

Food: Dinner on Friday, breakfast on Saturday, lunch on Saturday, and snacks will be provided
for judges and coaches. There will be a full concession stand available to students (and we
promise something tasty and filling in addition to pizza!!!)

Location: The tournament will be held at Smoky Hill High School, 16100 E. Smoky Hill Road,
Aurora, CO, 80015.

General Rules For the Stampede

1. We will follow CHSAA rules, unless otherwise noted.

2. Extemp: We will offer both National and Foreign Extemp. Topics from the past six months.
   Speeches are to be delivered without the use of notes. Maximum time is 7 minutes plus a
   15-second grace period.

3. Oratory: Speeches must be delivered from memory. We use the NFL rule governing the
   number of quoted words. Maximum time is 10 minutes plus a 15-second grace period.

4. Interps: All interps must be memorized. Maximum time for each cutting is 10 minutes
   plus a 15-second grace period.

5. Lincoln-Douglas: Prep time is 3 minutes per debater.

6. Policy (CX):       Prep time is 5 minutes per team. Rebuttals are 5 minutes.

7. Public Forum:      Prep time is 3 minutes per team. Final Focus is 2 minutes.

Questions: Please contact Mike Trevithick,

We look forward to seeing you at the Stampede!!!

                             SMOKY HILL STAMPEDE
                                   Preliminary Schedule
                                  February 3rd & 4th 2012

Friday, February 3rd

3:00 – 3:45 pm           REGISTRATION

4:00 pm                  Extemp Draw

4:15 pm                  Round 1                        All Events Except Duo & Poetry

5:30 pm                  Extemp Draw

5:45 pm                  Round 2                        All Events Except Duo & Poetry

7:00 pm                  Round 1                        All Debate, Duo & Poetry

8:30 pm                  Round 2                        All Debate, Duo & Poetry

Saturday, February 4th

7:45 am                  Extemp Draw

8:00 am                  Round 3                        All Events Except Duo & Poetry

9:00 am                  Round 3                        All Debate, Duo & Poetry

10:30 am                 Round 4                        All Debate

11:30 am                 Semi-finals                    Humor, Drama, Oratory

Noon                     Extemp Draw

12:30 pm                 Semi-finals                    Both Extemps, Duo, Poetry

2:00 pm                  Semi-finals                    All Debates

3:00 pm                  Finals                         Humor, Drama, Oratory

3:30 pm                  Extemp Draw

4:00 pm                  Finals                         Both Extemps, Duo, Poetry

5:30 pm                  Finals                         All Debates

7:00 pm                  AWARDS


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