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News Briefs:                            New Advisory Program
By Jillian Perzigian

Toy Drive                               By Colleen Waters                        cate that the program will benefit
                                                                                 the students.
                                           When the class of 2008 starts            “…When students have a more
   Student Council is sponsoring        school next fall at both District 117    personal relationship with their
the Winter Toy Drive which last year    high schools, they will be starting      teachers it will eventually lead to
brought over 1,200 toys. Students       a new program; students will be          less behavioral and disciplinary
can start bringing in the toys Dec. 1   implemented into an advisory pro-        problems…” said ACHS dean Sean
and it will end Dec. 12.                gram.                                    Garrison.
 “Our 2003 goal will be for 2000           In this new curriculum teachers          ACHS teacher, Susan Shrader,
toys, which shouldn’t be too much       will serve as counselors, deans,         who is involved with the advisory
of a stretch considering this year’s    and teachers to their students;          program planning, states that the
student body is so much larger,”        therefore, reducing the need for         overall hope for this program is
said Junior Student Council mem-        as many deans and counselors.            that it will eventually make students
ber Grace Eidmann                       Teachers will also have an advisory      feel less insignificant in a larger
   The new toys will be donated to      class period, which will give them       school atmosphere.
the Youth Outreach Service and          less teaching responsibilities. New        Each student will have a teacher
Affiliation in Chicago, they also do-   teachers will also be hired so that      advisor who will be with them
nates to the Specific Guide Mission     there will be no deficiency in the       throughout their high school ca-
                                                                                                                                                                        Photo by Chip Leffleman
in Chicago, that provides support to    teaching staff.                          reer. The teachers who voluntarily
battered women with children. The          At the end of last year, teachers     choose to become advisors will          Students assemble in ACHS auditorium 11 and 12 hour to
“gently used” toys are wrapped and      and staff at Antioch Community           have 15-20 students who they will       inquire information about Lakes Community High School.

                                                                                                                         District 117 split
given to Lake Regions Community         High School took a vote on vari-         advise.
Bible Church in Round Lake.             ous models of programs that had             Brendan Madden, ACHS junior,
   There will be collection box         the possibility of being used for the    believes that only certain people
located in the main office, where       class of 2008. Teachers wanted to        will benefit from this type of pro-
people can put the toys but there
is a reward going to the third hour
class with the most toys.
                                        put a program into place because
                                        ACHS hasn’t been using any type
                                        program. They are using this model
                                                                                 gram, “Some students are more
                                                                                 receptive to opening up to their
                                                                                 teachers and letting them in on
                                                                                                                         remains unsettled
   Plus, some teachers are offering     from New Trier High School in Wil-       their entire lives than others…I
                                                                                                                         The debate over                         to make their decisions on which
                                                                                                                                                                 school to attend.
extra credit to those who donate        mette.                                   think that overall it will be a bad     school division rages                       According to the Superintendent,
some items.                              Teachers and administrators indi-       idea to start this program.”            after Nov. 13 meeting                   Dr. Dennis Hockney, the Board of

Fall play opens
                                                                                 when Tony Kirby (David Whitacre)                                                Education is currently considering
                                                                                 and Alice Sycamore (Angelina            By Katie Savino                         whether to open LCHS with only
                                                                                 Fernandez) bring their families                                                 freshman and sophomores, or to
                                                                                 together in an encounter that              District 117 Board of Education      include juniors and seniors in the
                                        love against the chaotic background      includes fireworks, snakes, ballet,     has decided to consider the             enrollment.
By Jillian Perzigian                    of families from two totally different   jail time, socialism and Russian        opinions of students and their             Approximately 350 students need
  The fall play, "You Can’t Take It     worlds. "Funny plays are always          royalty, among other things.            families concerning the enrollment      to request to attend LCHS in order
With You", is due out Nov 20, 21        ones you want to watch. It is also          In the middle of the commotion,      of Lakes Community High School in       to have a junior and senior class
and 22 directed by English and          really absurd at some times," said       the families are forced to confront     August 2004.                            included.
drama teacher Michael Shehorn           ACHS junior David Whitacre who           a more serious difference regarding        The Board of Education reached          A majority of the upperclassmen
who has been directing plays for        plays Tony Kirby.                        the place of money in their lives and   three decisions on the meeting held     at ACHS indicate they don't want to
about 19 years.                           Taking place in New York City          what they are willing to sacrifice      on Nov. 6.                              transfer to LCHS.
  The play is a comedy about young      in 1936, a chaotic scene occurred          Tony is a bit disappointed by this        "All      incoming       Antioch        "I went to Palombi, and I already
                                                                                 family full of "unique" people in       Community High School freshman          was split up once," said Kat Trosch,
                                                                                 which “everybody does just as he        and current freshman will attend        ACHS junior. "Why go to another
                                                                                 pleases.” When the romance peaks        the high school from which they         school for my last year?"
                                                                                 Tony’s parents meet Alice's family,     will graduate," said Jon Crawford,         "I think part of life is learning to
                                                                                 the proper Kirby Sr. (Nick Ardgana)     ACHS principal.                         adjust to changes," said Hockney.
                                                                                 and the snobby Mrs. Kirby (Alyssa          The board also decided to send          "I knew going into this year that
                                                                                 Boomgarden).                            surveys to the families of current      half of my possible friends wouldn't
                                                                                    Martin Vanderhof (Joe Barlow)        sophomores and juniors, giving          go to school with me sophomore
                                                                                 aka Grandpa reigns over this            them the option to remain at ACHS       year," said Mary Beth Kenner, ACHS
                                                                                 madhouse that include his children,     or attend LCHS.                         freshman. "I'm looking forward
                                                                                 grandchildren, their spouses, and           The results of the survey are not   to LCHS. There will be a lot less
                                                                                 people who came for a visit and         final.                                  people, which means a more
                                                                                 never left. Grandpa decided to leave        Hockney held two informational      suitable learning environment."
                                                                                 the business world years ago. Today,    meetings       for    the     current      A parent meeting was held
                                                                                 he “doesn’t believe in income tax”      sophomores and juniors on Nov.          on Monday Nov. 17 in the ACHS
                                                                                 and allows fireworks experiments        13 in the ACHS auditorium. The          cafeteria.
                                                                                 to go on in his basement.               students        asked      questions       The final decision was made by
                                               Photo by Jillian Perzigian           There is no admission price, but     concerning LCHS and how the             the Board of Education on Nov.
"You Can't Take it with You, "the fall play, displays the battle                 the drama department requests           school would function, in order         19. Information wasn't available
of love over money. The show runs Nov. 20-22.                                    donations.                              to have the information necessary       at press time.

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