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									                                                           ETONselect TEST

  Name          Sample Test                                                            Date     March 2008

Use the back of the paper if necessary. Good luck!

Question                                                       Answer
Where in ETONselect can you see which program                  Click on HELP, Then ABOUT
versions you are running ? Module information and
it‟s limitations
Which are the different addressing types?                                      i. OPERATOR             Addressing
                                                                              ii. SPLIT                Addressing
                                                                             iii. WATERFALL            Addressing
In what screen are these addressing types entered?
                                                               Either OPERATION or OPERATION LIST
Explain the purpose of having different addressing             To be able to control how work is balanced through
types:                                                         the line and if work needs to be separated by a
                                                               specific criteria
Which addressing type is the most efficient to use             WATERFALL (COLOUR, SIZE, PRUN or
when addressing the buffer station, and why?                   CUSTOMER = CRITERIA WATERFALL)

Which are the most frequently used operation types             1 = Loading Operation
and where are they entered? What is the purpose with           2 = General Operation
different operation types ?                                    4 = Quality Control Operation
                                                               8 = Unloading Operation
There is a 'Daily transfer file' in the system, how can        This contains all production data. It is created
it be used, when is it created and where is it located?        when End of Day runs and it is located under
Write which „F‟ key you would use to do the                    1. Do a backtrace or Log a Fault         F6
following commands                                             2. Enter an Unknown Clamp                F7
(F1, F2, F3, F4, F5, F6, F7, F8)                               3. Log into a terminal                   F1
                                                               4. Check a FIFO                          F4
                                                               5. Enter or Exit Pause                   F2
                                                               6. Perform a Buffer related task         F5
                                                               7. Change the Workposition               F8
                                                               8. Enter an Off Standard                  F3

What command would you use to view the operators               32 F4

In which menu do you find the screens that are used            Production Menu – Click on Production in
to overlook the production?                                    EtonSelect, then click on Production Overview or
                                                               Production Status for Example
You find a fault at an inspection workplace. How do            Enter . . F6 (keep pressing F6 to view operations)
you register that fault by doing a backtrace?                  Once you see the Operation, Press . . . Fault#F6
You find a fault for Operation number 10401 and you            Enter . 10401 . 12 F6
want to register a sewing fault (Fault # = 12)
Will all garments, which have a fault registered on            No, only if the fault has been selected for Re-Inspect
them, be re-inspected after they have been repaired?           In the fault code setup in EtonSelect
Error! Number cannot be represented in specified format.                                                        1
One operator out of three is sick and goes home.          Delete the rail from the routing(s), then go to the
What would you do with the garments hanging on the        station and send all clamps out, everything will re-
rails?                                                    distribute between the other two stations. Don’t
                                                          forget to put the rail back in (and block it)
How can you get the terminal to display the size for      Enter 25 . 42 F4 to display on the bottom row
all garments entering the workposition?                   (or 26 . 42 F4 for the top row)
There are two places to enter the SAM / PCR value         1. In the Operation Table
for an operation. List both locations                     2. Individually in each Operation List
How do you set the production target in the system?       Under the Product Group (in the Administration
                                                          Menu, Operation Menu)

How can a report be set up to print to suit you?          Under TOOLS, REPORT SELECTOR. Select the
                                                          report you want and use the arrows to move it to the
                                                          right side box. You can adjust settings there also.
Can you have a different setup of preferred reports on    YES
different computers? YES or NO
What is the reason for using the global update           When updating Rates, Addressing Type or
function and where can it be found?                      Operation type it is possible to update all styles
                                                         using this tool. In the FILE menu under Operation
Explain operation and operation groups relation          Operations belong to Operation Groups. Operation
between each other, give an example                      Group is the Hierarchy of the two. Ex. Single
                                                         needle and double needle operations may belong to
                                                         an operation group called sewing
Explain skill type and describe how it could be used     Skill type lists what operators have what skills (and
on the target status screen                              their performance). This can be used to help
                                                         balance an unbalanced line by suggesting different
                                                         places an operator can move to.
Where do you specify your supervisor password?           On the LINE SERVER TERMINAL
                                                         Log in with your Employee Number and F5.
How (what is the command)?                               example: 12345 F5
Explain how Split Addressing works?                      Split addressing will split work between multiple
                                                         operators in the same operation. If a criteria is used it
                                                         would also split work based on the selected criteria
What is the ELC Link and why is it important to keep Elc Link connects the computer (and Database) to
it running during production?                            the ELC. This is how the system (ELC)
                                                         communicates with the Computer
What happens if you Stop the ELC Link during             The computer can no longer send routing
production?                                              information to the line or keep track of employee or
                                                         production data. Start it right away if this happens
Why is the End of Day process important to run every End of day closes out that days(or shifts) production
day?                                                     information and performs necessary tasks for
                                                         keeping the database running properly. Reports are
                                                         also created at this time.
When does the backup process occur                       Backup occurs during the end of day process. Once
                                                         end of day is complete, the final stage is to run the
                                                         backup.bat file. This file copies the database to a
                                                         backup location.
When is off standard used?                               Used to log Non-Productive time. For example:
                                                         when a sewing machine is broken, this would be
                                                         considered Off Standard Time.
Write the terminal command an operator would use to Enter 50 F3
go into off standard for a machine breakdown. Use        To exit, Enter 0 F3
off standard code 50 for this example.
Error! Number cannot be represented in specified format.                                                     2
On a computer running ETON Select, do the following tasks:
TASK                                                                                          Completed? (Yes or No)
Create an off standard that you can use when somebody is learning a new operation             Done on computer
Create a Fault called Material Fault, No Deduct, Send back to operation. Use fault            Done on computer
code number 10
Create a fault called Sewing fault, Deduct, Second Quality. Use fault code 20                 Done on computer
Set up Temporary Inspection on one workplace. What station number did you use                 Done on computer
Set up sampling on one of the employees. What person did you do it on?                        Done on computer
Create colour criteria – 1 for Black, 2 for Red                                               Done on computer
Create customer criteria – 100 for Ikea, 200 for Zara                                         Done on computer
Create size criteria – 1000 for small, 2000 for medium                                        Done on computer
Create a couple of operations. Make sure you create a loading operation, a few                Done on computer
production operations, a quality operation and an unloading operation. Don‟t
forget you need to return the empty clamps!
Create a simple route with the above operations. Save it and make sure there are              Done on computer
no errors. If needed, one station could be used more then one time.
In the above operation list, block one operation. What operation did you block?               Done on computer
Create a prun. Use criteria‟s from the list you created. Connect it to the style /            Done on computer
operation list you created above.
Has everything been done now so you can start to run the line / production? If not,           Done on computer
list what is missing below:

Reserve Rail 1006 for Criteria 20. How could the reserve rail function be used?               Done on computer
Answer below:
Reserving a rail can be used to force work of a specific criteria (based on what
criteria is used for the chosen addressing type) to go into a specific station. This
would lock that station for only the specified criteria. It is important to remove
the Reserve once complete or else no other work will be sent to that station (until
the reserve is removed)

9. Explain the following message on the terminal:

           @1034              The clamp is AT station 1034

           St:1039 Fifo:2               The clamp is located at station 1039, position 2 of the FIFO

           Hdl>2056(3)                The clamp is on the headline and is 3rd in line for station 2056

Error! Number cannot be represented in specified format.                                                         3

1. What is FIFO?

First in / First out

2. Why is it so important that the FIFO is correct?
The fifo determines what work is being worked on now and where its heading next. If this is
Wrong then it is possible work will go to the wrong station and cause errors on the system.

3. There are two different situations of FIFO errors, how do you correct them if:

    a. ELC says 5 clamps in FIFO, but you can see 4 clamps:

Check fifo (910 F4), find the wrong clamp and delete it (903 . cl# F4) or delete the top clamp in FIFO

    b. ELC says 4 clamps in FIFO, but you see 5 clamps:

Find where there is a HOLE and insert the clamp missing from the FIFO into that position

4. What do you do when you get the message “UNKNOWN CLAMP” in the terminal?

Enter . Clamp# F7

5. When you get the message “Send clamp on” in the terminal, what does it mean and what do you do?

The clamp is in the wrong station but the system is correcting this by sending it to the correct station

6. How do you find this information:

     a. Why a station is LOCKED

Enter F7 – or -- . F7 -- or – 500 F4 / 11 F4 (these commands will answer why a station is locked)

   b. How can the operator check her quality on the terminal?
Enter 38 F4 on the operators Terminal
Error! Number cannot be represented in specified format.                                              4
7. What do you do when a station is blocked?

Check the reason why. Usually it is because the next operation is 100% full. In that case look at
Balancing issues. Move the operator who is blocked temporarily until he/she can work freely again.

8. How do you change the supervisor function of a station, i.e. temporary inspection?
Find the station in workplace status, right click on the station and select Workplace Settings. Check
the box for Temp Inspect.

9. Here you have three scenarios, find the best solution for them: Show in the operation list what would
   you do and describe what would you do on the production floor.

     a) There is a Bottle neck on the Sideseam operation, and you want to insert “1023” as a Balancing
     Add 1023 next to station 1014, Block 1023 at operation Hem Bottom. Save your changes

     b) The operator at workplace 1018/Attach collar is sick and goes home.

     Delete station 1018 from the routing, save changes. Then feed all of the work out from that

     c) You have a machine breakdown at Hem bottom at workplace 1024. You have another machine at
        workplace 1010.

     Remove 1024 from the routing and add 1010 in its place. Block 1010 under Topstitch sleeve.
     Save changes. Then feed out all of the work from 1024 so the system will automatically send the
     work to 1010

Error! Number cannot be represented in specified format.                                                   5

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