embedded_systems by keralaguest


									                 Vishwakarma Institute of Technology

             Department of Instrumentation and Control

1. Embedded Systems :

    Part-I : 8 bit microcontroller

   8051 architecture, comparison with microprocessor.
   Instruction Set and assembly language programming.
   Introduction to IDE (Integrated Development Environment) and embedded C
   Interfacing of I /O devices to 8051 microcontroller such as LED, Stepper motor,
    relay, LCD and keyboard interfacing.
   On chip module UART, Timer/Counter, Interrupt, etc
   Interfacing of ADC, DAC, interfacing of external RAM & ROM memory with
    8051 microcontroller
   Communication protocols: RS-232, I2C, SPI, CAN, (Programming and practical).

    Part-II: 32 bit (ARM) microcontroller

   Introduction to Embedded systems and development tools.
   ARM Processor- Architecture Instruction set and Programming.
   Architecture of ARM7TDMI processor, Functional Block diagram, Software,
    Programming model, Special Function Registers, operating Modes.
   I/O Interfacing and programming of the following devices: LEDs, Relays, Stepper
    Motor, LCD.
   On chip module DAC, ADC, TIMER, UART, PWM, RTC
   Communication protocols: Zigbee, Bluetooth, GSM, RF communication.
   Introduction to Real Time Operating System
   Case study of embedded systems like digital camera, smart card, RFID, flight
    Simulation and car control.

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