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Friday, November 07, 2008         Number of Pages: 1             “For Immediate Release”

Blue Bins Complete Neighborhood Recycling for City
This summer Prince Albert City Council approved the placement of 300 gallon, blue
recycle bins in the rear lanes of the Midtown, East Hill and West Hill areas that do not
presently have recycling.

The Public Works Department will be receiving the first shipment of the 300 gallon blue
recycle bins the week of November 10th, with future shipments expected in the next few
weeks. The bins will be deployed as soon as they are received, starting in the Midtown

“The placement of these blue bins will complete the neighborhood recycling for Prince
Albert,” said Rob Burns, Sanitation Manager for the City of Prince Albert. “Once in place,
every residential area in Prince Albert that currently receives garbage pick-up will also
receive recycling pick-up.”

Information will be provided to all homeowners in the affected area in the form of yellow
door hangers. Please watch for the delivery and keep the information for future reference.
No garbage is to be placed in the blue bins.

For more information regarding this media release, please contact:

Rob Burns
Sanitation Manger
Phone: (306) 953-4900

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