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Dear Friends August 2007 Dear


									                                                                                                                      August 2007

Dear Friends,                                                           you’ll be as excited as I am to learn they are not only drilling
                                                                        for our compound but also for the whole community. They
                We Arrived in California!                               will restore the community water tower and repair the bullet
After 16 days of travel and 2,900 miles of driving, we finally          holes in the tank so we can pipe water throughout the town.
arrived in San Diego. I wanted to let you know about the
remarkable opportunities the Lord gave us to share our
ministry on this journey across America. But first we praise
JESUS for our safety, stamina and provision of places to
stay. He truly answered your prayers in these three areas.
The kids had a wonderful time and we were blessed by the
fellowship at the nine places we overnighted. We only knew
a handful of these hosts personally, so what an awesome
testimony for the LORD to have His children open their
homes and lives to us. AMAZING!!
From    sharing our testimonies at a Christian boarding
school for teenage girls, to sleeping on a ship and sharing
our ministry on a national radio station, to visiting old friends
in New Orleans, Dallas and Phoenix, to meeting new friends
in Mississippi, Texas and Arizona; it was all memorable and
exciting. We felt so loved and appreciated by everyone. It’s             Small boy collecting contaminated water from the Tonj river
people like these who encourage our faith through their                 Our prayer is the easily accessible clean water from the
obedience and kindness. So “thank you hosts from the                    repaired tank will stop people from drinking the toxic river
bottom of our hearts for blessing our family”.                          water and reduce the death toll and sickness in the town.
                                                                        Put yourself in their place: imagine you get up in the morning
                                                                        and the first thing you do is walk miles to the river and carry
                                                                        back on your head a 20kg bucket of water that’s had
                                                                        animals and people urinate and pass stools in it. It’s riddled
                                                                        with guinea worm and other parasites, but that’s all you have
                                                                        to drink! I think you’ll agree that this water project is vital
                                                                        and with your help we can make all the difference to this
                                                                        community. We still need $10,000 to purchase the solar
                                                                        panels for the pump, this will enable the tank to be filled
                                                                        continuously without the need of a generator.

                                                                        “I know that the Lord will maintain the cause of the
                                                                        afflicted, and justice for the poor.” Psalm 140:12

                                                                                               Prayer Requests!
Suzy shared her testimony at Lighthouse Christian Academy                Pray for Sabet’s safety as he travels on August 15 .
                       Our Bore Hole!                                    Pray for the team to accomplish the necessary work in
                                                                          the short time they’ll be in Sudan.
You   won’t believe it but Sabet is leaving for Sudan again              Pray for provision for the solar panels.
next week on August 15 . With your generous support back                 Pray for favor from the LORD on all the logistics.
in February, we raised money for World Vision (WV) to drill
us a bore hole in our compound in Tonj. This would mean                                           Praising Jesus,
we would no longer need to pull water from a well with a
bucket and rope. I want to give you the latest information on
this project. Unfortunately, after we raised the money, WV
were not able to follow through with that need so we looked
for other alternatives. A Christian organization based in               P.S. I can’t stress enough how much your support can make
Riverside, CA stepped up to the challenge and will join                 all the difference!
Sabet this month in Sudan to complete this venture. I hope
            Overseas Address: Sabet & Suzy Kuj, P.O. Box 4513, 00100 – Nairobi GPO, Kenya, Africa Email:
             Support Address: Safe Harbor Int’l Relief, South Sudan Development Project, P.O.Box 230467, Encinitas, CA 92023, USA
               Head Office: Safe Harbor Int’l Relief, P.O. Box 80820, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688, USA Tel: (800) 797-HOPE
   For More Information Contact: Jeamette Lock, P. O. Box 230467, Encinitas, CA 92023, USA Tel: (760) 707-7367 Email:

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