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                   Lake Grapevine Runners & Walkers                                                              September 2006


60 Minutes to Freedom Fun Run

                      RAW pioneers blaze a new annual tradition at the “60 Minutes to Freedom” on July 4th.

By Henry Galpin

J  uly 4th dawned on the warm,
   humid side at Carroll Middle
                                           The unique venue, one hour on a
                                           quarter-mile track, allowed each
                                                                                         Comments like, “Who’s idea was this?”
                                                                                         and the less subtle, “I’m going to kick
School for the kick-off event of the       runner/walker to view everyone in the         your butt when this is over!” made for a
club’s full holiday calendar. Billed       race for the entire duration or at least      fun-filled morning.
as a “fun” run it was obvious early        until vision was irreversibly blurred
that the weather conditions weren’t        by sweat. It also allowed for real-time       Luckily, humans forget pain and agony
going to accommodate fun for long.         feedback to the race director who             once it has subsided and the final
Approximately 9.26 miles later the         made the mistake of running his own           consensus seemed to be, “Let’s do it
overall winner, Troy Pruett, mercifully    race instead of taking Joe Luccioni’s         again next year.” If you missed this
ran out of time. The women’s winner,       suggestion of doing breakfast and             year’s “60 Minutes to Freedom,” put it
Mindi Rice, covered 9.12 miles and was     returning to the stadium when the             on your calendar for next year now; it’ll
the only runner left unlapped by Troy.     hour was up.                                  be held on the first Wednesday in July!

                       Over 40 RAW members participated                                    LAKE GRAPEVINE RUNNERS AND WALKERS ANNUAL
                       in this year’s “Too Hot To Handle”
                       15K and 5K running events. After a                                 Duct Tape Duet
                       week of temperatures with highs in                                    This annual club fun run will be
                       the 105-degree range and lows only                                    held on Saturday, September 16.
                       in the upper 80s, many feared that                                   This two-person team is a perfect
                       this year’s event would again live up                               competition for all ages and abilities.
                       to its name.
                               to hot to handle | page 9
                                                                                                        Duck tape Duet | page 5
            Lake Grapevine
            runners & walkers Club
            P.O. Box 2982
            Grapevine, TX 76099

rAw board and Committees                                                  K2 to you
PreSIDent | Kelly Richards
vICe PreSIDent | Jeff Barnhart                                          This message comes to you with RAW enthusiasm!
                                                                        Heading into my last term as president I am as
SeCretAry | Steve Rush                                         excited about the club now as I’ve ever been.
                                                                        I’m eager to serve for a final year with a main
treASurer | Craig Minyard               objective of setting the club up for long-term growth, stability and success. I
                                             fully expect RAW to be running strong in 20 or 30 years from now. I just hope I
                                             am too! I’ve enjoyed seeing new ideas become traditions, having countless
Susan Barnett
                                             activities added to the calendar of events and seeing the club membership
John Bush                                    grow especially the past two years.
Tony Flesch                                  With growth comes change and change isn’t easy for most people, myself               included. I often joke that I dislike change so much I don’t even like it when
Henry Galpin                                 the change is good! But change is inevitable. And it’s healthy, for people              and organizations. We’ll possibly be making changes to our bylaws. They’re
Cindy Lee                                    currently under review (see page 3). There will be changes with the way we              make pre-run announcements. This is now a shared duty and any member
Thomas Okazaki
                                             may make announcements. Just let me know if you’re interested in giving
Bridget Smith                                them. I’ll even help you out by supplying the information to announce. Think            of it as your own Toastmasters experience! Now each board member has a
                                             specific set of responsibilities that they will be focused on during their tenure.
Footprint                                    They will document their journey and at the end of their term they will pass
                                             on a binder of information to the next individual. So, that new individual will
Kelly Carper Erickson & Kevin Wessels        be set up for success from day one. The transition and end result will be                that things are running so smoothly no one even notices the change. To the
DeSIGner | Lorraine Wessels
                                             average member RAW will simply be a fun, warm, inviting and encouraging
ProDuCtIon | Doug Noell                      place to run.

membership Data                              After all, some things should never change.
Doug Noell                                   See you at the lake, ~K2

 Calendar of Upcoming Events
 Check the RAW E-Bulletin Board to verify all events:

  RAW Calendar                                                    Upcoming Events
 Saturday & Sunday Walk/Run | 7am from the clubhouse             Saturday Night Live | 1st Saturday of every month
                                                                 October 7, 2006, 5pm at Esparza’s in Grapevine
 Wednesday Trail Run | 7am from the clubhouse                    November 4, 2006, 5pm at Boston’s in Grapevine
 Friday Trail Run | 7am from the clubhouse                       Duck Tape Duet | September 16 at the Clubhouse
                                                                 RAW off to the Races | September 30 Vineyard Run

         To see what’s happening, log on to

2 FOOTPRINT | September 2006
  Biking Built for 2                                                                                                                CONGRATULATIONS
                                                                                                                                    •	 Congratulations	to	Jessica	
  Dan Banse and Ruanne Varden were
                                                                                                                                       Richardson	and	Rick	Hanson	who	
  married on July 25 at the Register’s
                                                                                                                                       were	married	in	June.
  Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa.
  After riding 77 miles that day, they were                                                                                         •	 Congrats	to	Lauren	Evans	and	
  married in a beautiful butterfly garden                                                                                              Drayton	Shanks	on	getting	married	
  in Waukee, Iowa. Congratulations to the                                                                                              in	July.	Drayton	is	a	member	and	
  happy couple.                                                                                                                        Lauren	is	the	daughter	of	members	
                                                                                                                                       Mike	and	Karen	Evans.
                                                                                                                                    •	 Congrats	to	Michelle	Arie	and	
                                                                                                                                       husband	James	Williams	for	the	
RAW Bylaws Review                                                                                                                      purchase of their first home (good
                                                                                                                                       news for RAW—they practically
At the July Board meeting, it was decided that the current club Bylaws should be
reviewed. The Board established a committee of two board members, John Bush                                                            live on the east loop course!).
and Tony Flesch, and one nonboard member, Chris Reyher to review the current
bylaws and make recommendations to the Board.
The Bylaw Review Committee would like to solicit input from the membership on                                                       •	 Mike	Evans	has	agreed	to	be	the	
their suggestions for revisions to the current bylaws. Copies of the current bylaws                                                    new	Bold	in	the	Cold	Race	Director.
are available at the clubhouse. Please send any comments or suggestions to
                                                                                                                                    •	 The	births	of	Ashlyn	and	Christian,
                                                                                                                                       the	grandchildren	of	John	and		
                                                                                                                                       Gloria	Bush.

                                                     RAW                                                                            COmmeNdATIONS

                                              Lu au
                                                                                                                                    •	 Ken	McInnes,	Flower	Mound	Fire	
                                                                                                                                       Chief,	received	a	Congressional	
                                                                                                                                       commendation for his work fighting
                                                                                                                                       fires in the Texas Panhandle. 	
                              A nice breeze stopped short of blowing out the tiki
                                                                                                                                       THAnK	you	&	ConGRATuLATIonS!	
                              torches. Janet Dixon’s fresh pineapple fruit platter
                              seemed to attract the most compliments — quite a feat                                                 ThANk YOU
                             considering the depth of highly respected competition.
                                                                                                                                    •	 We	thank	all	of	our	volunteers	who	
                            The event was a good chance to see how well newer
                                                                                                                                       put	out	water	and	sports	drink	for	
                             members clean up, but we had a hard time recognizing
                                                                                                                                       the	weekend	runs	for	July	and	
                                   some of them. Are there really that many new
                                                                                                                                       August.	We	appreciate	each	and	
                                        members, or were some of them party-
                                                                                                                                       every	one	of	you.	
                                         crashers off the street? It was quite a change
                                         from the more intimate RAW luau of a few                                                   RAWear
                                         years ago when we only had about seven
                                                                                                                                    •	 Get	the	latest	in	RAW	signature	
                                        of us! As the RAW Luau continues to grow,
                                                                                                                                       wear.	See	Kelly	“K2”	Richards	
                                   2007 should be even better!
                                                                                                                                       to	purchase	tops,	shorts	and	

June - July club turn-out                                                                                                           LOST & FOUNd
                                                                                                                                    •	 Items	in	the	Lost	&	Found	are		
June and July average usage per weekend is up eight people per weekend day as                                                          piling	up!	If	you’ve	left	something	
measured against the same period last year. Highest single day attendance for June
                                                                                                                                       at	the	clubhouse	please	check	to	
was 49 on 6/11 and for July was 54 on 7/15.
                                                                                                                                       see	if	we’ve	found	it.	All	unclaimed	
                                              June           July        2006 Totals                                                   items	are	in	the	white	cabinet	along	
  Weekends only                               351             397           2,127                                                      the	north	wall	of	the	clubhouse.
  All Days                                    440             551           2,775
  No. of Weekends                               4               5              30                                                   If	you	have	news	to	share	with	
  Closed Days                                   0               0               3                                                   RAW,	please	send	your	footnotes	to	
  Missing Data Days                             0               0               2
  Average Usage Per Weekend Day                49              40              39

                                                                                                                                     September 2006 |    FOOTPRINT 3
           1999-A Year of Growth
           RAW Becomes a Major Factor in the Running Community
           By Chris Reyher

    1999 was a year of experimentation,       Street Days. It was held near the Hilton        cargo net climb, and an orienteering
    growth, and maturity for the running      Lakes Hotel. The race had become                test just to see if you can still think and
    club. It was probably one of our most     too large for the city staff to manage          follow directions to the finish line? The
    informative and successful years up to    and the city asked RAW to take it over          three-person teams were: Kat Loewen,
    that point. Here is a monthly summary     completely. Eileen Fontaine and                 Ray Harris, and Melissa “MoJo” Jerome,
    of the key events that closed the final   Chris Reyher were the race directors            and the Fontaine family, Eileen, Richard
    decade of the 20th century and            and each of them aged about ten                 and their son, Craig.
    ushered in a new era.                     years by the time the last runner crossed
                                              the finish line. It was the largest event       In September, Richard Craft stepped
    In January, we held the inaugural         RAW had produced so far. It was very            down and Eileen Fontaine was elected
    Bold in the Cold 5K/15K. There were       successful, but the club agreed it              President. The other officers were
    approximately 75 participants and it      was too large to adopt without a lot of         Ray Harris (Vice President), John Bush
    was anything but cold that day.           city support. That was the last year for        (Second Vice President), Kandy Kobar
                                              the Gallop.                                     (Secretary), Kat Loewen (Treasurer),
    RAW’s persistent lobbying at City Hall                                                    and Gary Howsam (Vice President of
    helped get the city behind a formal       Then came June. We are now familiar             Common Sense). Steve James, Barbara
    plan for a trail system for the city.     with the color-coded mile markers with          Martin, and Chris Reyher were the
    Grapevine joined other North Texas        the footprint out on the trails, but a lot of   Members-at-Large.
    communities in forming a plan for         time and several meetings with the city
    the so-called “Veloweb Trail” that will   were required to get them approved.             In October, RAW held its first really weird
    eventually link biking and pedestrian     They were finally approved and we had           Halloween costume party at the club
    trails in several communities in the      the markers painted within the month.           house. (What happens in the clubhouse
    area. The initial ground breaking was     They were a bit high maintenance and            stays in the club house.)
    attended by RAW representatives for       a new, simpler system was recently put
    the 2.7 mile link along Ira E. Woods at   in place.                                       In November, we were still recovering
    the Cotton Belt right-of-way.                                                             from the Halloween Party. For the party-
                                              In July, “RAW” took on a completely             goers’ sake, we decided we needed a
    February was a stellar month for RAW      different meaning. “Sporting types”             good month between RAW events.
    competitors. Led by the likes of Terry    participated in a clothing-optional
    Marcott, Stacie Sauber, and others,       race at a nudist camp not far from              Finally, in December, we hosted the
    RAW became regulars in the results of     Grapevine. The male participants,               RAW aid station at the White Rock
    most local and distance events.           who have admitted to participating,             Marathon. The aid station was located
                                              were Richard Craft, Jeff Brown and              at Mile 17. The Cross Country Club of
    March saw the initial, but short-lived,   Jim Hopkins. The female participants            Dallas (CCCD) was gracious enough
    Top o’ the Mornin’ 5K/10K.                were... [What? You think I want my house        to let us use their clubhouse at that
                                              burned down? You’ll just have to figure         location. For the second year in a
    In April, RAW sent Gabe Pugliese,         that one out for yourself!].                    row, RAW won the most enthusiastic
    Mike Doud, Duncan Stewart, Gary                                                           award. As usual, RAW runners turned in
    Howsam, Kathy “Kat” Loewen, and           July also was a sad month for RAW as            outstanding times.
    Stacie Sauber to the Boston Marathon.     Joe and Evelyn Luccioni moved back to
    It was the largest RAW – Boston           the Bronx in New York City. Fortunately,        1999 was indeed a great year. We
    contingent to date.                       they quickly realized their mistake and         learned a lot about our abilities and
                                              came back to us. We are not going to            limitations. We became very proficient
    Also in April, we hosted another          let them get away again…ever.                   at producing races. Our runners shined
    experimental race. The run was a                                                          brightly in the race results each Sunday
    2 mile / 5 mile race called, You Can      In August, RAW members showed                   and, as a group, we were becoming a
    Run, but You Can’t Hide. Funny, but       their stuff by participating in the Hi Tec      family!
    no one admitted to naming that            Adventure Race. How about a four mile
    race. Apparently that person was          run, 1-1/2 mile kayak race, another three       Oh yes, and Marty “Buster” Metzger
    able to hide!                             mile run to warm down, followed by a            increased his long runs from three to
                                              10 mile mountain bike race, followed by         ten miles. Wowzers, how times have
    In May, the City of Grapevine asked       1/3 mile run with one of your teammates         changed!
    RAW to direct the 11th annual             over your shoulder, another 1/2 mile
    Grapevine Gallop 5K during Main           swim, climbing the “Crisco Wall”, a

4 FOOTPRINT | September 2006
                 News from
                 the RRCA                          A Running Story Full of Bull!
                 Road Runners Club

                 of America                          n July, Jim “Captain Ruby”              the first sighting of the size and pace
                                                     Rubulcaba ran through the streets       the bulls were running, caused a wild
RRCA Teams Up with President’s                     of Pamplona, Spain, as part of the San    rush of adrenaline for all the runners.
Council on Physical Fitness and                    Fermin festival. The world-famous         With Capt. Ruby setting the pace,
Sports to Get America Moving                       festival dates back to a few years        the rampage ended in just minutes.
                                                   before the Capt. was born, to the late
The Road Runners Club of America has
                                                   16th century. The population of the
announced its designation by the President’s
                                                   usually-quaint town swells to over
Council on Physical Fitness and Sports as
a ‘50th Anniversary Partner to Get America
                                                   750,000 people, up from 250,000,
Moving!’ Through the partnership, the two          during the festival and the atmosphere
organizations will jointly promote physical        resembles New Orleans during
activity, fitness and sports throughout 2006,      Mardi Gras.
while the Council is celebrating its 50th
                                                   The bull-run began early in the
Anniversary, which is followed by the RRCA’s
50th Anniversary in 2008.
                                                   morning, when six bulls, each
                                                   weighing about 1,500 pounds, stormed          In this “bull market,” thirsty runners are
The U.S. Department of Health and Human            out of a corral. They charged up the            rewarded with “cerveza frio,” or cold
Services recommends that Americans of              ancient, narrow, cobblestone streets                   beer, and sangria. Olé!
all ages and abilities incorporate physical        at the start of the 900-yard run. The
activity into their daily lives to help prevent    bulls were led by three steers and a      While Capt. Ruby headed to safety on
cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes,           “stallion,” Capt. Ruby, who all knew      a narrow side street, that happened to
and certain cancers; to attain and maintain        the route and were meant to keep the      have a sign reading “Cerveza Frio,”
a healthy weight; to promote healthy               bulls in a single pack.                   the bulls rushed into the Plaza de
bones and joints; and to relieve symptoms
                                                                                             Toros, where some of Spain’s better-
of anxiety and depression. The year 2006           The thunderous sound of the beasts’
                                                                                             known bullfighters awaited them in
marks not only the 50th Anniversary of             hooves on the cobblestone (Jim is
                                                                                             the afternoon.
the President’s Council on Physical Fitness        working on softening his stride) and
and Sports but also the tenth anniversary
of the Surgeon General’s Report Physical
Activity and Health (1996), which stated that
regular moderate physical activity produces
significant health benefits.
                                                   LAKE GRAPEVINE RUNNERS AND WALKERS ANNUAL

                                                                 Duct Tape Duet
National Run@Work Day
This year, the RRCA has launched the 1st
Annual RRCA National Run@Work Day
scheduled for September 22, 2006 to
promote the message and we challenge                                                      Saturday, September 16
people to go the extra mile and incorporate
35 minutes of exercise into their daily routine.
                                                                                          8:00 AM at the Clubhouse
For more information visit http://www.rrca.
                                                                                          Two-person Team event
                                                                                          one team member runs the
                                                                                          10K, the other walks a 5K.
   Adopt –a–Park
  RAW has adopted the trail from the                                                      Prizes awarded as the
   trailhead by the clubhouse to the                                                      Race Directors sees fit.
    first water stop. Any time you see
    garbage on this section, please
    consider picking it up. Garbage                                                       Free to all RAW members.
  cans are at the trailhead, .3 miles,
   .8 miles and at the first water stop.
                                                                                          Potluck breakfast
      Thank you for keeping
                                                                                          following event.
        our trails beautiful!

                                                                                                September 2006 |         FOOTPRINT 5
                                              Who was the first person you met at RAW,        Do you have a favorite place to run?
                                              or that first showed you the trails or really   Baton Rouge Beach. It is near LSU
                                              “took you in?”                                  Campus. I love the huge oak trees and
                                              MaryBeth (Dr. Crane) showed me RAW              the beautiful southern style homes.
                                              trails, and in 2002 I went to work for her at
                                                                                              What do you consider your biggest
                                              Foot and Ankle Associates of North Texas.
                                                                                              running achievement?
                                              Besides running at the Lake, we run the
                                              Cotton Belt Trails near the office.             My biggest running achievement will be
                                                                                              my PR at the upcoming Marine Corp
                                              Why running?
        Lori Cerami with husband David                                                        Marathon in DC, Oct 29, 2006. Editor’s note,
                                              No matter what’s going on (at work or in
            and their daughter Elise.                                                         Lori is going to qualify for the Boston Marathon.
                                              life), I am a new person after a good run.
                                                                                              What running gear would you never
     In Step With                             Do you do anything special before or
                                              after running or do you have any pre/
                                              post-race ritual?
                                                                                              travel without?
                                                                                              Brooks Adrenaline 7 Narrow
     Lori Cerami                              Lots of sleep.                                  GU, Gel, or Gatorade?
                                              What has been your fondest running              Vanila Gu
  How long have you been running?             memory?                                         What has running taught you about
  My dad was the track coach at my high       On our way home from the Austin                 yourself or what have you learned about
  school. He introduced me to the cross-      Marathon (2006), my 3 ½ year old                life through running?
  country coach in 1989 and I have been a     daughter said, “Mom when I grow up, I           You really can be 1% better every day and
  distance runner ever since.
                                              wanna be a runner—just like you.” It makes      every race is that opportunity. Each race
  How long have you been a RAW member?        me smile to know that I am an influence of      is a goal and with preparation it can be
  Since the fall of 1999                      health and fitness in her life.                 a PR.
  How did you find out about RAW?             Where is the most unusual or unique             What would you like to ad?
  My husband and I moved here from            place you’ve ever run?                          Though I love the solitude of a lunch run, I
  Louisiana in October of 1999. His brother   Maui Marathon, Spring 1999. You run             also love the company of the RAW group
  mentioned that Luke’s was the place to      half-way around the island with a great         during other runs. And I thank you for
  getting running shoes, and Luke’s had       view of the ocean, mountains, rainbows          letting me be a part of your runs.
  information on RAW.                         and whales.

   Denton Liberty 5K Fun Run
   By Lizabeth Tinch

   T   his was my first race since having my son and weaning
       him. When I tried to restart my running late last year,
   I encountered some issues, so I delayed my return. I aimed
                                                                      turn, we were in shaded residential neighborhoods. There
                                                                      were lots of water stations, but I didn’t stop for water so I
                                                                      could keep my goal of not walking.
   for a race in July 2006. Typically, I run Too Hot To Handle
   in Dallas, but since we live further west now, it wasn’t an        I managed to have a sub-10 minute first mile, a sub-12
   option. Trophy Club didn’t have their race this year, so I         minute second mile, and a sub-11 minute third mile. I felt
   found the Denton Liberty 5K Fun Run instead.                       comfortable during most of the run. I backed off on my
                                                                      second mile when I felt like dying for a little bit, which was
   My goal going in was to not die. I figured that I would most       reflected in my times. I made a new goal mid-race to beat a
   likely meet that goal, so I set two other harder ones: (1) to      runner who was using me as a walk / run guide. I’d catch her
   average sub-12 minute miles and (2) to not walk. On the            as she was walking and she would start running faster than
   treadmill, I had been running around a 12 minute pace.             me. This became annoying, so my goal was to catch her,
   When we had Sophie, the super-fast racing dog, staying             pass her, and keep going. About a half-mile from the finish,
   with us for a week, I was actually able to hit a sub-9 minute      I was able to do this.
   mile pace, but had to walk some. These were somewhat
   challenging goals.                                                 This was a very good starter race for me. I was able to
                                                                      accomplish all of my goals. The race was very low-tech with
   The day was beautiful and not too hot at the start. There was      someone hand-writing the finishing times; however, they
   a good size group of us running. When the gun went off, I          had a volunteer at every turn on the course. They also had
   was actually smiling for the first few hundred yards. The          excellent water coverage and food at the end. I recommend
   race started on a wide road for the first half mile. Then, we      this race to newbies and families.
   turned and had a large bike path to run down. At the next

6 FOOTPRINT | September 2006
4th of July — RAW Style!                                                                       Rick Sanford Receives
July 4th is a special day for RAW               way. Ray, last year’s recipient                “Best Foot
members. Not only is it a patriotic
holiday it’s also a day spent with
                                                presented the “Best Foot Forward”
                                                award to a stunned Rick Sanford.
family, friends, neighbors and filled           After all of the ballots were counted          Award
                                                longtime resigning Secretary, Jack
                                                Hase announced the names of the                If the crowd’s
                                                new board.                                     reaction was any
                                                                                               measure, Rick
                                                With official business out of the              Sanford was
                                                way everyone turned back to eating,            an immensely
                                                socializing and eventually settled             popular choice
                                                down in a favorite spot to watch the           for this year’s
                                                fireworks.                                     Best Foot
                                                                                               Forward award.
                                                                                               Regarded as
                                                    Announcing the                             RAW’s highest       Rick “SupaFly” Sanford won the
                                                      2006-2007                                honor, the Best     2006 Best Foot Forward Award
                                                      RAW Board                                Foot Forward
                                                                                               recipient, nominated by the membership, is
                                                    President         Kelly Richards           deemed to be the person who best exhibits the
        Babies, dogs and spouses                 Vice President       Jeff Barnhart            “spirit of RAW”.
          enjoyed the holiday.                     Secretary          Steve Rush
with tradition, fun and food. Lots of               Treasurer         Craig Minyard            Rick was recognized not only for the many
food! This year saw the addition of                  Director         Susan Barnett            volunteer responsibilities he readily accepts,
the 60 Minutes to Freedom Fun Run                    Director         John Bush                but also for the support he provides to the
(see page 1) and lots of babies. Babies              Director         Tony Flesch              club and its members. A sampling of Rick’s
seemed to be everywhere! We saw the                  Director         Henry Galpin             contributions include:
return of many favorite activities such              Director         Cindy Lee
                                                                                               • Served as Race Director for Double Trouble
as the annual softball game (after a                 Director         Thomas Okazaki
shocking but welcomed rain delay),                   Director         Bridget Smith            • Volunteered most times for water duty ( for
tag football played by the kids and                                                              which he received the “Gunga Din” award
good ol’ Texas grilling.                                                                         at this year’s annual banquet)
                                                At the end of the evening, in true
                                                RAW fashion, everyone pitched                  • Set up the sound system for all RAW races
The club supplied brisket, sausages,                                                             and events
hot dogs and chicken generously                 in to clean up and before long the
grilled by Chris Rehyer, Tom Byno               garbage was hauled away, tables were           • Instituted RAW drive-in movie night,
and Rick Sanford. The Swiss had to              washed down, everything was back                 providing the equipment, movie & logistics
be pleased with how much chocolate              in its place and a day of wonderful            • Volunteered at every race and the RAW aid
was served. Brownies and Chocolate              memories had been created.                       station at the White Rock Marathon
Chip cookies are always in abundance                                                           • Was crew chief for the RAW aid station at
at a RAW event and this was no                                                                   Grasslands
                                                                                               • Organized several trail runs at Rockledge
Ray Harris emceed most of the                                                                    for all members
official business. Each individual                                                             • Served on the LGRAW Board of Directors
running for the board was introduced                                                             for several years
and the election was quickly under
                                                                                               As impressive as that list is, the many people
 thank you 4th of July volunteers!                                                             who nominated Rick also talked extensively
                                                                                               about how Rick has served as a mentor and
 • Henry Galpin for organizing the First
   Annual 60 Minutes to Freedom Fun Run
                                                                                               inspiration to others. He is warm, friendly
                                                                                               and welcoming to new, returning and regular
 • Ray Harris for getting the permit
   to use the softball field                                                                   members, offering encouragement to all.
                                                      Despite the rain, they were all smiles   Perhaps there was no greater compliment that
 • Steven Rush for the picnic supplies                   for the 4th of July celebration!      that offered by one yes-I’ll-keep-your-name-
 • Master Grillers: Chris Reyher, Tom Byno
   and Rick Sanford for grilling all the meat
                                                                                               anonymous club member who said, “If he had
 • Jeff Barnhart for photographing all
                                                                                               a single brother I would marry him in hopes
   the activities                                                                              that he would be just like Rick.”

                                                                                                           September 2006 |   FOOTPRINT 7
RAW Participates in Run for Hope Marathon #49
By Kelly “K2” Richards

O    n Thursday, August 17, 2006, five
     RAW members set out to run with
fellow RAW member Sam Thompson as
                                                                                                    would periodically hook it up and spray
                                                                                                    the grateful runners. Don’t tell Jack but I
                                                                                                    drove the van through one spray station.
he ran the Dallas White Rock Marathon
course on his quest to run 50 marathons                                                             Laurie and I were acting like members
in 50 states in 50 days. Along the way                                                              of the paparazzi; pulling the van ahead
Sam added Washington, DC for good                                                                   of the runners and jumping out to take
measure so TX was actually the 49th                                                                 pictures or Laurie would just crawl out
marathon in 48 days!                                                                                the window when the “photo-op” was
                                                                                                    just too good to miss. I found this
The RAW runners/support van consisting                                                              particularly funny because the fancy
of Jack Hase, Thomas Okazaki, Thomas                All smiles for a the 4th of July celebration!   camera we were using was disposable
Goodwin, Laurie Lukanich and mehad a                                                                with cartoon fish on it! Mostly we just
pretty helter-skelter plan for the morning.   enthusiasm all looking for a chance to                enjoyed the view from the van and
Our first set of plans had Thomas             run with Sam. With an unceremonious                   periodically shouted to the guys letting
Goodwin driving the support van. The          “go” we were off and running through                  them know they were looking great.
only problem with that is he doesn’t have     the streets of downtown Dallas. It was
a driver’s license. We quickly formulated     exciting and rather surreal to be running             The mood was always upbeat and positive
a new plan, which was basically to wing       down the middle of the road in downtown               with Sam smiling, waving and thanking
it. One of our main concerns was whether      Dallas in the dark of the pre-dawn                    people the entire 26.2 miles. It was in
or not we could maintain the pace Sam         morning. The miles started clicking off               the 90’s so he definitely broke a sweat
was intending to run. That’s a pretty         quickly and I don’t just mean figuratively.           but he made the run seem effortless.
humbling, if not embarrassing, concern        Sam was well ahead of schedule from the               His trademark answer to, “How are you
considering we were only going to run         first mile.                                           feeling?” is “I feel great, just great, ready
a few miles with him and he was on                                                                  to run a marathon!” Sam is very modest
                                              Runners and bikers started jumping in                 and feels an obligation to use his talent of
marathon #49!                                 along the course. At one point the group              running to help others. He enjoys running
Sam came up with this improbable, if not      swelled to a mass of twenty athletes.                 but doesn’t seek personal glorification
insane, idea a few years ago either while     I was so pleased and proud to see the                 from it. Around mile 26 I asked him if
or right after he ran the Appalachian Trail   community out in strong support of Sam.               he would be contacting Guinness Book
solo and unsupported. So, you see this        There was even a bona-fide manned and                 of World Records and he just laughed
isn’t the first crazy thing he’s done. He     cheering aid station around mile 21. The              and said, “No, I don’t need that kind of
also thought that such a feat should be       White Rock Marathon Race Director,                    validation. I know what I’ve done and
done for a reason or a cause. No particular   Marcus Grunewald, drove the lead                      that’s good enough for me.”
cause was close to his heart so he just       vehicle. He had a cooler full of goodies
tucked the idea away. When Hurricane          and would pull over every few miles,                  Editor’s note: To read more about Sam’s
Katrina devastated entire communities in      jump out of the truck and hand out all the            experience or to find out how you can
Mississippi, his home state, he knew he       essentials; water, sports drink, gel and              support hurricane relief efforts go to
had found his cause.                          such. He even had a hose with him and       

On July 1, 2006, Sam started his amazing
journey called 50 in 50 in 50 Run for
Hope by running the Leadville marathon
                                                Welcome to Texas, Good Luck!
in Colorado. Sam and his support team           By Marty Metzger
mostly traveled by car from state to state
                                                My wife, Tia and I arrived a little after 5:30a.m. on the north side of the American Airlines
but whenever possible Sam wanted to run         Center where a news crew was already waiting. Sam, his family and support crew arrived
actual races. In those cases he usually         soon after, moving a bit cautiously after so many miles, but carrying a big grin. The camera
flew to the event. All the courses Sam          lights cut an area of privacy out of the darkness as Sam sat on a parking space curb giving
ran were actual marathon courses except         an interview.
for Washington, DC and Mississippi.
There isn’t a marathon that stays entirely      A couple of other runners had shown up, but not the turnout we had expected – where was
within the city limits of Washington, DC        everyone!? I told Sam I knew people were on the way, and that they should be there by now.
so he just ran around the mall over and         It was now 6:02a.m. I called Kelly “K2”Richards and Thomas “T.O.” Okazaki’s cell but no
                                                answer. DRAT! Then a call came back from K2, “We’re here at the starting line with the
over again. The Mississippi course was          Race Director; we’ll send a bike around. We drove around the building to find a flashing
made special for Sam so he could run in         blue light atop the Race Director’s truck. Ahhh HAH! The atmosphere of the small group of
front through Bay St. Louis, where he has       people sharing a lot of emotion reminded me of a more intimate trail run. After a few quick
worked with relief efforts since the day        greetings and exchange of cell phone numbers between the support vehicles, it was about
after Hurricane Katrina hit.                    6:17a.m., so hoping to finish a couple of hours ahead of the rapidly approaching 105 degree
                                                heat, someone yelled “Go!” and about a dozen runners ran off in the sunrise. Welcome to
At the starting area, there were several        Dallas, Sam. Good Luck!
runners, from the shy to those giddy with

8 FOOTPRINT | September 2006
RAW’s Ultimate Wine
Tasting Experience
By Thomas “T.O.” Okazaki

W     elcome to “The Ultimate Wine Tasting Experience!” A
      large group of 37 RAW members and guests took time out
from training and attended a lively and festive wine tasting class
at Premiere Wines of Plano.

         Three dozen wine tasters join???
                                       Thomas Okazaki and anxiously
                  await the next sample at Premiere Wines.

Hosted by Thomas “T.O.” Okazaki, the class was about ninety
minutes long. The attendees were treated to and sampled
approximately fifteen different red and white wines from some
of California’s finest vineyards. The class was quite informative
and many of the guests responded positively to the entertaining
and friendly presentation by the colorful wine master.

Guests had the option of purchasing bottles of fine wines
sampled after the tasting. Since the prices were so competitive,
bargains could readily be made. The long line to the cashier
was a testament to that. Afterwards, the afternoon was made
complete with a delicious dinner at Abuelo’s Mexican Food
Embassy along the Dallas Parkway in West Plano.

           RAW Booth
         At State Farm Health Fair
   State Farm has asked RAW to participate
         in their employee Health Fair
            Thursday, September 21, 2006
                 10:00 am to 2:00 pm
          State Farm Headquarters in Dallas
    If interested in volunteering at the RAW booth, please
   contact Thomas “TO” Okazaki at

                                   September 2006 |      FOOTPRINT 9
The Karate Kid: the Heart of a Lion
By Joe Luccioni

O    n July 12, 2006, our own Josh
     Loewen, the youngest son of Kathy
“Kat” Loewen, tested for black belt in
                                                                                                  of the boxer, I could tell when he had
                                                                                                  had enough. I can honestly say that this
                                                                                                  eleven-year-old boy, with tears in his eyes
American Karate. His performance was                                                              and hurting, was going to continue no
simply amazing. Josh has been in the                                                              matter what.
karate program with Outbound karate
since he was four years old. He has been                                                          For the last round, Josh had to spar with
graduating through the different levels,                                                          two opponents simultaneously and he
                                                                                                  successfully did so. You would have
learning the technical aspects of karate,
                                                                                                  thought that you were in a stadium
and learning discipline for the last seven
                                                                                                  with sixty thousand people with the
years. That hard work has been the                                                                emotional response to the completion of
vehicle to his success.                                                                           the testing. Hugs and applause for the
                                                                                                  three candidates was amazing. I wish we
Josh was ready and chomping at the bit
                                                                                                  had a video that captured the moment:
to get started. There were two others                                                             the tears from Kat, Josh’s dad, Rick,
testing for the black belt and Josh was                                                           his brother, Matt, his grandparents, and
the youngest. The test started with Josh                Kat Loewen poses with her son and
                                                                                                  aunt. I’m not letting any secrets out of the
                                                      fellow black belt, Josh. Congratulations!
                                                                                                  bag, but those of us who were fortunate
                                               while doing it. It swelled up immediately          to witness the wonderful event were a
      “The entire black belt test process
      was impressive. The respect and          and you could tell that he was hurt. The           little emotional. All right, we were very
      pride shown by each student              next test was for him to give a speech             emotional. We are so proud of Josh and
      was tremendous and out of all            on his journey to the black belt test. He          we thank him for allowing us to share
      the shining stars that day Josh          gave the credit for his success to his             in his great accomplishment. We knew
      shined the brightest. I am proud         mom. When she received her black belt,             that he wouldn’t have any problems with
      to know that young man”.                 it motivated him more to achieve the               the technical aspects of the test, but the
        - Byron Benoit                         same goal.                                         courage he showed in the sparring portion
                                                                                                  of the test after being injured really shows
                                               While others were testing for different            that Josh has the heart of a lion.
                                               belt levels, Josh iced his forearm. I can
demonstrating his knowledge of the             definitely say that the option of quitting         I’m paraphrasing a statement from
techniques from his previous belt tests.       never entered his mind. For his last test,         the tenth degree black belt master
For the next test, Josh had to break seven     Josh had to spar for fifteen two-minute            who chaired the test committee and I
boards set up at six stations. He had to       rounds with a minute break in between.             understand this rarely happens: He said
alternately break each board with either       In a previous life, I used to help out in          that Josh received the highest score
his feet or hands. He was successful in        a boxing gym and worked the corner at              and that he was very impressed with
breaking all seven, but hurt his forearm       boxing events. By looking into the eyes            his performance.

      Giving back                              Know someone who you’d like to recognize in the next

      to the sport                             issue of The Footprint? Please send your nomination to
               By Susan Barnett

   This issue’s Giving Back to the Sport award winner has been giving to our club since it began. Chris Reyher
   is a RAW Charter Member who is always willing to participate or take the lead when something needs to
   get done. He runs the aid stations at nearly every RAW race, and takes care of many maintenance issues
   at the clubhouse (thank Chris when the plumbing works). He represents RAW at the City of Grapevine’s
   annual Health Fair and stepped forward to lead the recently-formed By-Laws review committee. Chris also

   cooked the yummy smoked brisket for our Fourth of July celebration. Sometimes you don’t see Chris, as he
   often works behind the scenes, but he has served as a trusted advisor and mentor for many of our club’s
   leaders. Chris’ friendly manner has greeted numerous visitors and new members over the years, and we
   are proud to recognize Chris for Giving Back to the Sport.

10 FOOTPRINT | September 2006
Forty RAW Members Tackle “Too Hot To Handle”
By Tony “Flash” Flesch

O   ver 40 RAW members participated in this year’s “Too
    Hot To Handle” 15K and 5K running events. After a
week of temperatures with highs in the 105-degree range and
                                                                   There were so many RAW participants crossing the finish
                                                                   line in their “RAW wear.” After each RAW runner finished,
                                                                   they lined the finish line to cheer the other runners home.
lows only in the upper 80s, many feared that this year’s event     The announcer remarked several times: “Here comes another
                                                                   RAW runner,” or “It’s nice to see all our friends out here
                                                                   from the Lake Grapevine Runners and Walkers.”
                                                                   This is a fairly large race with approximately 1,200 runners.
                                                                   In 2006, there were 457 finishers in the 5K and 689 finishers
                                                                   in the 15K. This year, they made one course change by
                                                                   starting the 5K and 15K at the same time in the same area,
                                                                   but sending the 5K south for an out-and-back and the 15K
                                                                   north for a loop around White Rock Lake. This greatly
                                                                   alleviated the congestion at the start and made it was pretty
                                                                   easy to get to race pace shortly after the start.
                                                                   The RAW contingent represented all levels from seasoned
                                                                   veterans, to first time racers, to the Eppleman twins getting
                                                                   a tour of the lake pushed by Mom & Dad in the double
                                                                   wide! Since there were over 40 RAW participants, I can’t
                                                                   include all the times, PR’s, Age Group Winners, etc., in
           Laurie Lukanich, lower left, bolts on 39 unsuspecting   this article; but, would like to mention a few of the overall
                RAW friends to the post-race refreshments          winners: Mindi Rice was Overall Female Winner, a “Polar
                                                                   Bear” named Jon Korte was Overall Male Masters Winner,
would again live up to its name and even surpass last years
                                                                   and Mark Sparks was Overall Clydesdale, or has he prefers,
scorcher. Fortunately, although still a very hot day, Saturday
                                                                   “Chippendales,” Winner. Many others won or placed in their
morning dawned with a ‘cool front’ with temperatures only
                                                                   age groups, some PRs were set, and a great time was had by
in the upper 70s at the race start and overcast skies.
                                                                   all. A complete list of times is available in the “Race Results”
For those who have not run this particular 15K race, it is a       section of this Footprint.
very well-organized event with three timing mats at the 5K,
                                                                   Thomas “T.O.” Okazaki continued his tradition of running
10K and 15K marks. It has a high-quality technical racing
                                                                   the 5K and then making his way to the 8.5 mile mark of the
singlet for all participants and a very nice duffel bag to the
                                                                   15K. Cowboy T.O., complete with ten-gallon hat, sounded his
first 1,000 entrants. The finish area has a water mister and is
                                                                   famous ‘cow bell’ to ring all the 15K’ers home, while all the
well-stocked with food, watermelon, bananas, cookies, Rice
                                                                   RAW finishers lined the finish to cheer everyone in. Special
Krispie treats, assorted energy bars, lots of different sports
                                                                   thanks go to Pam Truhn for the great finishing pictures of
drinks, and bottled water. The RAW favorite was the Coca
                                                                   everyone and to Jeff “Barney” Barnhart for his pictures and
Cola trailer with ice-cold fountain drinks.
                                                                   posting them all to the RAW website.

Ken McInnes Receives a Congressional Commendation

 D   uring January’s vast fires in the Texas Panhandle, Flower Mound’s firefighters responded to provide additional
     support in the region. RAW member, Fire Chief Ken McInnes, was one of the firemen called on this mission.
 After extinguishing all of the fires, the squad returned to Flower Mound to hear they were to receive a Congressional
 commendation for their work.
 Congressman Michael Burgess presented the firefighters with a flag flown over the U.S. Capitol in their honor… “It was one
 of the biggest fires the state had seen since the Abilene fire 20 years ago,” Flower Mound Fire Chief Eric Metzger said. “The
 guys were in kind of a shock to receive this honor. They go on about their business and they don’t think they went beyond
 the call of duty.”
 Congratulations and thank you to Ken and all of the Flower Mound fire fighters on this prestigious honor.

                                                                                              September 2006 |   FOOTPRINT 11
  Summer Track with the Kids
  By Stacie Sauber

 E    very summer, cities across Texas
      form track teams that participate
 through TAAF (Texas Amateur Athletic
                                                 others ran with Southlake or Colleyville,
                                                 they all participated in the same meets,
                                                 competing against each other. These
                                                                                                             Meredith St. John was our youngest
                                                                                                             RAW runner this summer. Here is
                                                                                                             what she says about summer track:
 Federation). TAAF is divided into 12            kids put forth a lot of effort this summer,                 “Grapevine Gazelles is what I am in.
 regions throughout Texas, with Region           training almost daily in this scorching                     I run the 400 relay and 800 meters. I
 5 being one of the largest. It includes         heat and that right there is enough for a                   did in Southlake. It was in June. I did
 areas all the way out west to Mineral           big congratulations to them!                                good. I got 8th place. I am in 8 and
 Wells, to Arlington, the mid-
                                                                                                                       under. I was slow on the first
 cities, Grapevine, Southlake,
                                                                                                                       lap. And fast on the last lap.
 Keller, and north to Coppell,
 Lewisville, Flower Mound and                                                                                          I passed some people on the
 everything in between! The                                                                                            first lap and passed one on the
 summer program consists of                                                                                            last lap. I had fun. I watched
 four circuit meets in which the                                                                                       long jumpers on the way out.
 athletes compete only within                                                                                          I went home and took a rest.”
 their region. A fifth regional                                                                                        This quote from the girl whose
 meet is then held to determine                                                                                        singlet was so large that mom,
 who will qualify for the state                                                                                        Becky, had to tie it up in back
 competition which was held in                                                                                         so it wouldn’t look as though
 Round Rock in July.                                                                                                   Meredith was wearing a dress!
                                                                                                                       I don’t think I’ve ever seen
 This year, LGRAW had seven
                                                                                                                       anyone run with as big a smile
 athletes who competed in the
                                             Felice Johnson soars to new heights in the high jump competition.         as Meredith had all the way
 program. Now, if you think
                                                                                                                       around that track!
 running at 6:00 am in Texas
 is hot, try 6:00 - 8:00 pm                       The kids who participated this year were           Alex Mertz (better known to us as
 Monday through Thursday, with all day           Joseph Hale, Alex Mertz, Felice, Syndey,            Marybeth Crane’s daughter) also ran this
 track meets on Saturdays! Ok, if your           and Mylon Johnson, Matthew Barnhart,                summer in the 8U division. This was her
 child is smart and picks their events           and Meredith St. John. For many of                  first attempt at track and seemed to really
 wisely, you might only be there half a          these kids, this was their first experience         enjoy it. Alex ran with Southlake and
 day. In my case, my children decided            running summer track. And from what                 competed in the 400m, 800m, high jump,
 to run the first event of the day as well       I have heard, they will all be back next            and long jump. Although, as mom says,
 as the last! Although some of the kids          year, despite the heat and hard training!           “She spent a lot of time in last place,”
 ran with the Grapevine track team, and                                                              she had a great first track experience and
                                                 Joseph Hale ran with the Colleyville                it proved to be a great bonding time for
                                                 team in the 14U age division. Joseph,               mom and daughter! And let me tell you,
                                                 like his sister, Sarah, is a distance               when you sit out there at practice and
                                                 runner. He competed this summer in                  track meets all day, watching other kids
                                                 the 1600m and 3200m, with best times                run, playing cards, and beating the heat,
                                                 of 5:53 and 12:17, respectively. Proud              it truly is a bonding experience for kids
                                                 dad, Keith, reported that in Joseph’s last          and parents! Keep it up Alex and run
                                                 two weeks of training and competitions,             again next summer!
                                                 he shaved 47 seconds from his 3200m
                                                 times. At the regional meet, he ran a very          Matthew Barnhart is no stranger to
                                                 even race, with splits of 6:09 for the first        running as many of you have probably
                                                 mile and 6:08 for the second. He was                seen him run in some of the LGRAW
                                                 somewhat disappointed with his 1600m                races. However, this was also Matthew’s
                                                 time, but said, “The longer the distance,           first time to run in the summer track
                                                 the better for me. But not as long as               program. As expected, he worked hard
                                                 Sarah runs.” I’m sure Joseph                        and ran well in the 10U division for
                                                 will continue next year and he will                 Southlake. Dad, Jeff, was right there
                                                 definitely be someone to watch in the               taking pictures the entire way and this is
            Mylon Johnson eyes the
           competition and his future.
                                                 years to come!                                      what he had to say about Matthew.

12 FOOTPRINT | September 2006
                                              Southlake. While Felice ran for her fifth        just a little bit better. I know she’s a true
                                              year in a row, sister, Sydney, and brother,      runner now because on the trip home, we
                                              Mylon, got to experience the hard work,          were talking about the “let down” after
                                              pain, and thrill of racing for the first time.   your event is over. All the training, all
                                              Sydney, who ran in the 14U division, was         the hard work, the race, and then…it’s
                                              using track to keep her in shape for her         over. She’s already counting down until
                                              first love of basketball. She opted out of       next summer.
                                              racing, but spent every Saturday at the
                                              meets cheering on her team.                       If you have children that you think
                                                                                               might be interested in running or at
                                              Mylon, 10U division, had a wonderful             least trying it out, I highly recommend
                                              experience! Mylon has never really               the TAAF summer program. The
                                              participated in a sport before, other than       coaching is incredible, the meets are
                                              baseball for a season or two, so I wasn’t        exciting and, although hot, a really fun
                                              sure how he would fare in the heat and           event to experience. The friendships
                                              with the hard workouts. I was shocked            the kids make are lasting. What other
                                              to find that not once did he complain            friend can truly understand what you go
       Matthew Barnhart sprints the 800m      about the conditions or the amount of            through every night in practice, or your
                                              running! He competed in the 100m,                disappointment in running 2 seconds
“Over the last year he has been running
                                              200m, and the 4 x 100m relay. Although           slower than you did last time? And like
some of the local running events and
                                              he didn’t excel this year with his times,        all of us runners, what non-running
doing pretty good for a 9 year old. This
                                              he was so excited that he asked for his          friend do you have that gets it when you
summer he got his first introduction to the
                                              own running watch. He can now tell me
world of track and found a new world. He
                                              how long it takes to brush his teeth or
started off the summer running first the
                                              how long his sister takes in the shower.
800 meters and the 4 x 100 meter relay
                                              The highlight of his summer for me was
and later added the 1600 meters and the
                                              when, at the last meet, he ran his heat of
1600 meter relay to his list of events. He
                                              the 100m dash and came in last place by
soon found out that running on a track
                                              just a few inches. Thinking he would be
is much different than running a 5K. In
                                              disappointed and upset by once again not
the 800 meter he found out the race is
                                              winning, he ran over to me and shouted,
basically one long sprint where he had
                                              “Mom! Did you see that? I almost didn’t
to start out fast then stride out only to
                                              come in last place!” And when I realized
then sprint it home. A big change from
                                              he was truly happy about it, I knew that
the slower pace of a 5K and having time
                                              he was now hooked on running.
to think about the race and running.
Matthew’s time for his first 800 was 3:03,    Felice, running in the 12U division, had
and improved to 2:56 at the regional          one of her best years yet! She competed
meet. In the mile he was able to run a        in the 800m, 1600m, 4 x 400m relay,
6:57 by the end of the season and his 1600    and high jump. She set personal records                     Alex Mertz cranks it up at the
meter relay team qualified for state and      (PRs) in all her events this summer, with                      end of her 400m race.
placed 12th. Matthew’s first experience       each meet getting faster and higher. At
with track was a very positive one and        the regional meet, she broke her running         say, “I ran a 6:05 for the 1600m?” Most of
he is looking forward to running more         records, with times of 2:40 for the 800m         them respond with something like, “Oh,
road races. He learned much more about        and 6:05 for the 1600m (her first year to        is that good?” Runners understand each
training and running over the summer          run this distance). At the state meet, she       other…and your children, after running a
and has a better understanding of what        ran well, but not as well as she had hoped.      summer on a track team, will “get it” too.
it takes to get better. He also found out     She placed 6th in the 1600m, 7th in the
how good some of the other kids are in        high jump with a PR of 4'6", and 11th in         Congratulations to all of you summer
his age group.”                               the 800m out of more than thirty girls.          track runners!!! Next thing you know,
                                              She was happy with her performance, but          you’ll be out training on the weekends
Siblings Sydney, Felice and Mylon
                                              like all of us, knew she could have done         with the rest of the RAW crew!
Johnson also ran this summer for

                                                                                                   September 2006 |       FOOTPRINT 13
        On Your Mark
        Six Keys to Improve Your Next Running Season
        By Mark Miller, 2005 RRCA Southern Region Runner of the Year

     “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven.” - Ecclesiastes 3:1.

     I doubt that King Solomon was thinking about running when he wrote those words (okay, I know he wasn’t), but they’re
     applicable. I often divide my running year into seasons.

     This harkens back to my cross country and track days when each year was composed of defined seasons, the success of
     which was largely determined by our performance at the conference championships at season’s end. I’m no longer on
     a track team, but I still maintain a similar approach to road races. In recent years, I have devoted the spring season to 5K
     and 10K races, while the fall season culminates in a marathon. This varied approach allows me to focus on different races
     at different times of the year, helping maintain mental freshness. Furthermore, the speed built during the spring enhances
     “marathon season” in the fall, and the aerobic base of the fall supports spring’s shorter races. Without the structure of
     seasonal training, I fear my running would bring me to agree with Solomon when he said, “Utterly meaningless! Everything is
     meaningless (Ecclesiastes 1:2).”

         A few keys to designing a running season:

          1       Set a goal
                  Pick a race several months away. Set a
                  time, place, or distance goal. Make sure
                  the goal is realistic given what you’ve done
                  in the recent past and your current fitness.
                                                                   4        Stay focused
                                                                            It is very easy to be talked into doing someone
                                                                            else’s training just for the company, or to let
                                                                            race directors talk you into races that don’t fit
                                                                            into your plan. Resist these temptations.

                  Too modest a goal will not challenge
                  you. Too high a goal only sets you up for                 Stay committed
                  disappointment. I write my goal on a                      In order to perform your best, it requires
                  Post-it® note and put it above my computer                a certain level of commitment, even
                  at work so I see it every day.                            stubbornness. Your non-running family and

                                                                            friends are unlikely to understand this, but try to
                  Plan your training and work backwards                     help them understand what you’re doing and
                  from race day                                             to gain their support

                  There are a number of good sources to look
                  to in scheduling your training plan, but the              Rest
                  most valuable of all is your own training log.            When the “season” is over and you’ve crossed
                  What worked and did not work for you in                   the finish line of your goal race, take a break.
                  the past? What led to your best races in the              Twice a year, I take a week-long break in
                  past and what might you tweak or modify                   which I don’t run a step. I stay up late, sleep
                  to improve next time?                                     late, and each junk food. I take this time to do

                                                                            things I normally wouldn’t because of running.
                  Have a purpose                                            I reacquaint myself with Leno, Letterman,
                  One of the benefits of setting a race goal is             Blue Bell Ice Cream, and the folks at the
                  that it gives purpose to every workout. You’re            local pizza buffet. This break is important both
                  much less likely to skip a run if you know                mentally and physically. After a week, I return
                  how it’s going to help you reach that goal                to running rested, fresh, and ready to attack
                  on race day.                                              the next goal.

     Oh, and at the end of your season, when you’ve achieved that hard-earned goal, thank King Solomon for his wisdom.

                              Next RAW off to the Races
                              Vineyard Run
                              September 30 - 9 a.m.
                              Delaney Vineyards • 2000 Champagne Blvd • Grapevine, Texas

                              Free Wine Tasting - Live Jazz - A European run! For an entry form go to:
                     or register online at

14 FOOTPRINT | September 2006
Running with the Yoopers
By Janet Dixon

D     uring the summer, our family
      packs up and heads to the upper
peninsula of Michigan to an area
                                           that lungs can and will grow feet and
                                           attempt to jump out of your mouth.
                                           This is what I went through for
called Wetmore. Wetmore is three           approximately eight miles. Then I
hours north of Escanaba and about          reached mile 10. I suddenly stopped
an hour or so away from Marquette.         smiling. It was time for Stink Hill —
This year, my brother told me about        a 300-foot incline that was all sand.
a race in a nearby town called
Munising. The “Pictured Rocks Run          I made it to the top of the hill, calmly
for Shelter” benefits a local women’s      pleading to my lungs to please stay
shelter. Considering I have never run      with me and that I would never
in Michigan, I talked my sister in-        do this again. Somehow it worked
law and her friend to take on the half     — they stayed in my chest. I kept
marathon. As I read the description        running and just before the water
of the race it seemed perfect to run       stop I found him: the camera man.
and welcomed walkers as well. The          Great, now I have to smile and look
race is on a flat-paved surface with       like this was a breeze. I told a fellow
the exception of three or so miles on      racer to smile and make it look good.            Janet Dixon “yoops” it up in Michigan.
trail. And there is, of course, Stink      So, we both smiled as best we could
Hill. What the heck is Stink Hill? I       and sprinted for the water stop. As        down. I thought the runners ahead of
soon found out.                            I took off from the last water stop,       me were just being goofy by running
                                                                                      on an angle. Nope, they were just
The morning was gorgeous. The                                                         like me trying not to crash.
temperature was around 60 degrees
with an expected high of 72. The                   “I was running so fast             The decline stopped and poof — the
race gun fired and the elite 5K and                that I envisioned racing           town appeared where I left it two
half marathon runners took off like                Steve Prefontaine and              and a half hours earlier. The last
someone lit their running shorts on                I was kicking his butt”!           requirement during the race is to
fire. Shortly thereafter, the rest of us                                              run one loop around the high school
“commoners” crossed the start line.                                                   track. I entered the track and people
                                                                                      in the stands were cheering! Here
                                           I looked up and saw a mile marker:
After a couple of blocks into the                                                     I am practically the last person
                                           mile 11! There are only 2.1 miles
race, the 5K racers turned left and I                                                 to finish and they are cheering
                                           to go! Whoo-hoo! I was excited,
forced myself to continue straight.                                                   like there is no tomorrow! Later, I
                                           smiling, and invigorated!
Two blocks into the run I thought,                                                    realized they were not cheering for
“You idiot. You are on vacation. You       Then we hit mile 12. It was all            me. They were cheering for the race
should be sitting back at the lake         downhill from there, literally. The        winners at the bottom of the stands
house or on the boat with the local        decline became steeper and steeper         receiving the medals for the 5K and
“yoopers” (Yes, that is what you           with each stride. I felt like a hotshot    half-marathon! Oh well, it was fun to
call the locals.) drinking a preferred     runner because I was running fast! I       feel like a track star for a minute.
beverage of choice.”                       was running so fast that I envisioned
                                                                                      And that was it. I completed
As we crossed the local highway I          racing Steve Prefontaine and I was
                                                                                      the half marathon in 2 hours 41
looked ahead and the terrain did one       kicking his butt! I suddenly realized      minutes which is a PR for me the
thing — it went straight up toward         that I was so fast I could not stop,       “turtle-guin” (that’s turtle and
the sky! Boy, I sure wish I turned         and this was not good. In order to         penguin…ha, ha). I have Michigan
with those 5K runners. Now the             slow down, I had to start running on       sand permanently in my shoes and
human body is quite interesting.           an angle. Thank goodness the traffic       memories I will never forget. I can’t
I never realized through all my            was light; it took two lanes of road to    wait for next year…did I really just
medical training as a paramedic            slow this “mean running machine”           type that?

                                                                                            September 2006 |        FOOTPRINT 15
    First Steps
    The New Runner’s Guide

    Getting Started: Stretching                                       Runners Speak: Base
    The benefits from stretching are that you may prevent             This is the most important term for beginning runners.
    injury, bring the shortened muscles back to their original        This refers to how many miles you are running. If you are
    length, and to reduce or avoid post exercise stiffness. When      running 20 miles a week, you have a 20-mile base. For
    you stretch you are trying to increase the range of movement      beginning runners, it is extremely important to build a
    around a joint or a group of joints. This helps to strengthen     base before doing speed workouts.
    the joint and to increase the flow of blood into the muscles
    around the joint.

    Before exercise, in the warm-up, you want to prepare the          Equipment, Gadgets & Gizmos:
    muscle for activity. The best time to stretch is just after a     Water Bottles
    short easy jog and to hold each stretch for 10 seconds. It is
    especially important if you intend to start an intense activity   There was once a time when a water bottle came in one simple
    such as sprinting or speed-work.                                  shape, fanny packs were used to tote necessary “junk” around
                                                                      and only students carried backpacks. Now, water bottles, hip
    After exercise, in the cool-down, you want to bring back the      packs and backpacks are filled with water and sports drinks
    muscles used to their original length. During activity the        and go by the fancy name of hydration systems. They come
    muscle shortens, you notice this when the muscle gets tight       in as many shapes and sizes as runners. They can also be a
    and hard. To reduce or even prevent post exercise muscle          lifesaver or at least a big comfort during a run of any distance.
    stiff-ness you are now trying to lengthen and loosen the
    muscle back to its pre-exercise level. You should hold the        There are several types of hydration systems. The most
    stretch for longer - 30 seconds.                                  common types of hydration systems are:
                                                                        • Hand Held water bottles
    Ten tips on how to stretch                                          • Hands Free
       1. Move slowly into the stretch.                                        hip-bottle packs
       2. Hold the stretch for 10 seconds prior to exercise                    hydration backpacks
          (warm-up) and for 30 seconds post exercise                  Hand Held Water Bottles
          (cool-down).                                                Hand held water bottles are the fastest and easiest to fill.
        3. Breathe and relax while holding the stretch.               However, depending on the duration of the activity, you may
                                                                      want to store your water in a hip-bottle pack or a hydration
        4. NEVER do any bouncy stretching, always hold
           and relax.
        5. Focus on the muscle you are trying to stretch and          There are many types of water bottles. Some have a lot of
           then try to lengthen it.                                   features, while others don’t. Some features to look out for:
                                                                         • vented, adjustable neoprene handstrap
       6. You may be able to breach in and push the stretch              • indentations to form-fit two fingers and your thumb
          slightly further half way through the stretch. This
          is most important during cool-down.                         Hip-Bottle Packs
        7. Move slowly out of the stretch again.                      Hip-bottle packs allow runners to run hands-free while
                                                                      holding water bottles. The number of bottles a hip-bottle pack
       8. Remember to stretch both sides.                             carries depends on the brand and model. Some are designed to
        9. Increasing the range of movement around a                  carry one or two standard-sized water bottles, while others are
           joint will help the blood flow to the muscles              designed to carry several smaller sized bottles.
           surrounding the joint and increase circulation that        Some hip-bottle packs have a hydration tube. The hydration
           will carry away any lactic acids that may build up         tube allows runners to sip water without having to remove the
           in the muscle.                                             bottle from the waist and take your eyes off the trail.
      10. Do more stretching that just warm-up and cool-
          down. A lot of gyms offer stretch-classes where             Hydration Backpacks
                                                                      Hydration backpacks allow the runner to carry large amounts
          the aim is to permanently and progressively to
                                                                      of fluid. They are best for long runs. Hydration backpacks
          increase your flexibility.
                                                                      also provide space for other items like clothes or food. The
                                                                      capacity of most hydration backpacks ranges between 64 and
                                                                      128 fluid ounces.

16 FOOTPRINT | September 2006
RAW Around the World
Susan Barnett
                                                                              Welcome to all our
Paris is my very favorite city,                                               new members
and there’s nothing better
than seeing it early in the
morning on foot. Parisians
                                                                              New members
                                                                              Jason Anton
seem to start their day
                                                                              Michael Brown & Family
later than we do (probably
because they don’t go to bed                                                  Sandra Bruno
until the wee hours), so it’s                                                 William Everett
easy to feel like you have the                                                Kathryn & Bruce Gleghorn
city to yourself. My family and                                               Chad Goodnough
I always rent an apartment on                                                 John Henry
the Left Bank, the “artsy” part                                               Jessica Kahanek
of the city, for our vacation                                                 Joanna Kepler
trips to Paris.                                                               Brad Liles
                                                                              Dave & Ellen Mossberg
As I step through the heavy                                                   Rebecca Myers
door that isolates my quiet                                                   Michael & Erin Newbrand
little enclave from the city                                                  Allen Rowe
outside, I share the narrow                                                   Michelle Swearingen & Family
sidewalks with the lime                                                       Mary Talley
green-clad sanitation workers                                                 Joann Whelpley
and the shop keepers who                                                      Tim Yatko
                                          Susan Barnett takes a photo-op
are washing sidewalks and
                                             during her run in Paris.
preparing for another day
of commerce. I warm up by                                                     Renewals
running slowly toward the Seine River, dodging the many obstacles that        Susan & Jim Barnett
crowd the narrow sidewalks and allow for single-file running only. I take     Jeff Brown
stock of the chic fashions, contemporary furniture, and fine art in the       Tina Covington
countless windows. (In French, window shopping is referred to as “licking     Kim Danahy
the store windows” – an expression I love!) My favorite part is passing the   Ross Darrow
neighborhood boulangeries where fresh bread is being put out for the          Tony & Judy Dominiec
day. I know that will be my reward when I return from my run.                 Beth Ellsworth
                                                                              Tony Flesch
I prefer to run along the river, where the sites make the time fly by. I      Laura Gist
cross back and forth across the many bridges, appreciating the not-           Diane Hernandez
yet-crowded views of Notre Dame, the Louvre, the Jardin des Tuileries,        Chris McCain
the Musee d’Orsay, and the Place des Invalides, finally arriving at the       Lisa & Alan Noell
Eiffel Tower. I am amazed every time at the sheer size of the structure,      Cindy Owings & Armand Phillippi
and I know there is a public restroom (a true runner’s observation) in
                                                                              Kevin Pollari
the Champ de Mars nearby. I like to pass by the Musee Rodin and
                                                                              Rick Sanford
sometimes continue over to the Jardin du Luxembourg. More often, I tell
                                                                              Dennis Shanahan
myself I’ve had a long enough run, and take the shortcut back along
                                                                              John St. John & Family
the staid streets housing several embassies. I’m always struck by the
                                                                              Adrienne & Carl Stipe
youth of the “gendarmes” and “policiers” (I learned the difference last
                                                                              Sam Thompson
year, but I already forgot) and wonder what they think about a middle-
                                                                              Misty Vaughn
aged woman running through the streets. (I’ve noticed most of the
locals limit their training runs to the parks.)                               Al Walker
                                                                              Heather Wallace
I arrive back at my temporary home, sweaty, happy, and ready for my           Susan Woodward
day. I stop to buy our morning baguette and know that the coffee will
be waiting upstairs. As I step back through the heavy door, I find myself               Keep your RAW
once again in the beautiful courtyard of our own private world. My                    membership current
morning run has assuaged my guilt about subsisting for two weeks on
                                                                                 RAW now offers on-line renewals
my four basic French food groups: chocolate, cheese, bread and wine.

                                                                                  September 2006 |   FOOTPRINT 17
                     Crosstraining with a Little Bit of Fun
 CROSSTR AINING      R   AW Members found some interesting
                         ways to cross-train and spend their
                     “easy days” over the summer. Organized and
                     coordinated by Steven Rush, club members met
                     every Monday morning to canoe and kayak
                     Lake Grapevine. “It’s been neat to see and
                     experience the lake from a different perspective
                     than running around it. It is a beautiful and

                                                                                     Jeff Barnhart makes waves at Lake Grapevine

                                                                              Others met on Friday mornings to “cross-train”
                                                                              by water skiing. No one has been able to fully
                                                                              convince the masses what the cross-training
                                                                              benefits are, but everyone is in agreement
                                                                              that it was a great way to head into the
                                                                              weekend! And then there are the bragging
                            Steven Rush kayaking across Lake Grapevine        rights around the office. “So, you went to
                     serene way to begin the morning and the                  Starbucks again this morning? What? Me?
                     week,” comments Kelly “K2” Richards. “It                 Oh, no big deal, I just skied around the lake
                     gives everyone a chance to rest their legs after         for awhile before coming to work.” What’s
                     a weekend of hard running while the upper                better than owning a boat? Having a friend
                     body gets a good workout.”                               that owns one and takes you out each week,
                                                                              thanks Jeff “Barney” Barnhart!
                                                                              If you thought you saw a RAW member that
                                                                              seemed to be gliding through the air, chances
                                                                              are… they were! Sunday afternoons you were
                                                                              likely to find members flying in glider planes,
                                                                              piloted by Mark Sparks at the Texas Soaring
                                                                              Club just south of Dallas/Ft. Worth. Soaring
                                                                              through the skies of north Texas, it’s easy to
                                                                              understand the importance of building easy
                                                                              days into every runner’s training schedule.
                                                                              RAW knows cross-training and rest does a
                                                                              body good!
                                 Teri Lee soaring over North Texas

                                           Keep Grapevine Beautiful Park Clean Up
                                                                       September 23 at 8:30 am
                                                                     Casey’s Clubhouse (Park & Dove)

                                                   • Free lunch following clean up at 11:30 am.
     Keep Grapevine Beautiful
                                                   • Kids and families are welcome to participate.
       Park Clean Up                               • Contact Thomas Okkazaki to sign-up tokaz007@hotmail.
    September 23, 8:30-12:30pm

18 FOOTPRINT | September 2006
 Western States 100: Squaw Valley to Auburn, CA
 By Doug Ryan

I trained hard for my first Western States
  100 ultramarathon. I was on pace for
3,500 miles this year and peaked at 120
                                             a GU energy gel, took another Succeed
                                             electrolyte capsule, asked a volunteer fill
                                             my bottles, and took off. To this point I
                                                                                            me later my color was pasty white and
                                                                                            they were pretty concerned about me.I
                                                                                            thought it was odd that Mike came back
miles per week. I did 515 pound leg press    had taken three Succeed caps and took a        over to check on me, but was no longer
repeats and 240 pound extensions and         fourth a mile down the trail.
curls. Since mid-January, I ran 22 long
                                             We were scheduled to get weighed at
runs between 20 and 50 miles and lost
                                             the next aid station, Robinson Flat, and I
13 pounds. However, I was woefully
                                             knew I was getting dehydrated, so I drank
unprepared to handle things when they
                                             regularly. This was an easier section of
went totally wrong.
                                             trail that had lots of downhills through
I began the race with my friend,             the forest. However, I was cramping too
Drew Meyer. We had fun hiking up to          much to run. Eventually, I reached the
Escarpment in the cool morning air and       bottom and started the hike up through a
reached the aid station in 46 minutes and    burned out forest.
the top in 63 minutes. We had hopes for
                                             What was once a beautiful forest looked
                                             like a surreal collection of telephone
      …my first Western States 100           poles. I lead a group of four other runners
      ultramarathon. I was on pace for       up the climb, hiking briskly. The guy
      3,500 miles this year and peaked       behind me was a local and said I would do
      at 120 miles per week. I did 515       well since I was taking it easy. The climb
      pound leg press repeats and            to Robinson Flat went on for what seemed              As Doug Ryan rests on a tree stump,
      240 pound extensions and curls.        forever. I emptied both my bottles, refilled        he questions his choice of low fat yogurt.
      Since mid-January, I ran 22 long       one in a stream, and downed it before the
      runs between 20 and 50 miles           top. When I stepped on the scales at aid       talking directly to me. He again told
      and lost 13 pounds.                    station, my legs shook so much the needle      my brother I needed to sit and eat and
                                             wouldn’t stop hopping around. The lady         get permission to leave. I drank another
                                             pronounced me 185, down five pounds.           cold yogurt drink. I was handed a water
sub 24-hour times, but the forecast was
                                             As I was eating some water                     bottled someone bought at the store, but
for temperatures over 100 degrees. The
                                             melon, Mike, the aid                           immediately spit it out because it was hot.
technical nature of the high country trail
                                             station caption, told                            Char then put some ice from her cooler
surprised me and took a lot out of my
                                             me I needed to sit                                in a cup and gave me some cold water.
legs. Drew and I ran at a comfortable
                                             down and eat/                                      The aid station volunteers filled my
pace, but found ourselves 13 minutes over
                                             drink and to get                                    bottles. We didn’t know they ran out
the 24-hour pace at Lyon Ridge.
                                             his permission                                      of ice and I eventually left with hot
Most of the morning was spent running        before I left.                                     water, despite the fact we had plenty
on the back of the mountain in the shade;                                                      of ice in a cooler.
                                             I took a few feet
however, that was about to end. At the
                                             towards my crew and                            I took it easy for a half a mile and then
Red Star aid station, I made my first
                                             threw up three times. My                       tried to run, but soon got hit by another
mistake. I drank 3 cups of Coke and
                                             brother, Don, led me to a tree stump to        wave of cramps. I had another downhill
filled my two 20-ounce water bottles and
                                             sit down. Mentally, I was prepared to          section, but all I was able to do was walk.
left. What I should have done was grab a
                                             follow him, but he stopped at a dividing       About two miles out from Robinson Flat,
third bottle from my drop bag. The next
                                             tape strung near the ground and motioned       both legs cramped severely and I sat down
aid station was 8 miles away and the
                                             for me to step over it. All I could do was     on a tree trunk. My left calf distorted
course passed through a burned-out ridge
                                             look at it. He put his foot over the tape to   out of shape and I grabbed it with my
with several difficult climbs. It was very
                                             push it down and tried to get me to step       hand squeezed in back into shape. I then
exposed to the sun.
                                             over it. I wasn’t able to make that hurdle     promptly threw up another seven times.
As the temperature climbed, I drank my       until someone gave me a gentle push.           I must have looked pretty pitiful since
bottles dry two miles short of the Duncan    Once on the stump, my wife, Sherry,            seven or eight runners all stopped to pat
Canyon aid station. I had no choice but      and Char Thompson, my crew member,             me on the back and offer encouragement
to gut it out and run it in. By the time     gave me a bottle of cold yogurt to drink.      as they ran by. I was disappointed to lose
I arrived, my legs were beginning to         While I wasn’t able to answer a direct         fluids and calories and the two Succeed
cramp. I sat in a chair and drank 30         question, I do remember thinking, “Why         caps I had just taken, but I felt better and
ounces of replacement drink, swallowed       did I buy low fat yogurt?” Sherry told         was able to run for a mile or so.
                                                                                                                         ►Continued on page 22

                                                                                                   September 2006 |         FOOTPRINT 19
  RAW in the                                            Get HIP
  Kitchen                                               Health and Injury Prevention:
  By Bridget Smith
                                                        Running From Injury
  When I asked Debbie Carpenter for this                By Dr. Robert Fowler
  recipe, the following is exactly how she
  sent it to me — word for word (Thanks to          Escaping injury in distance running         Stretching is commonly, but not
  the miracle known as “copy and paste”)            is no simple matter. Most injuries          universally, believed to lower the risk
  I could not have written it any better —          that occur from running are of the          of overuse injury. Although different
  Debbie gets full “by-line” for this month’s       overuse type and the risk for such          schools of thought exist on this topic,
  offering.*                                        injuries increases proportionately with     stretching is advisable at least after
  Debbie’s Awesome Sopaipilla Cake                  increases in mileage and training           your running or cross training workouts.
  (See fine print below for “points”*)              intensity. Training errors, such as         You may benefit as well from gentle
                                                    increasing mileage too rapidly, are         stretching, after an appropriate warm-
  • Spray 9x14 pan and preheat oven to 350˚         consequently major causes of running        up, before your runs. Combining the
  • Spread out one package Pillsbury                injuries. Similarly, adding intense         warm-up and stretching is now popular
    crescent rolls (8 total) to cover the bottom    training sessions like speed work or        in the form of dynamic flexibility
    of the pan—NOT low fat (are you crazy?)
                                                    hill training can result in injury if not   routines. A gradual cool-down at the
                                                    initiated gradually and cautiously.         end of your run is also a good idea,
  • Beat together 1 cup sugar / 2 pkg cream                                                     especially for older runners.
    cheese (16 oz total) / 1 1/2 tsp vanilla        Perhaps the most common training
    (better with real vanilla, not imitation)       error is not allowing enough time for       Cross-training can also help you avoid
                                                    rest. Rest days should not only be          injury. Aerobic sessions of cycling,
  • Hand stir into this mixture 2 or 3 14 oz cans   scheduled, but should also be taken         exercise hiking, elliptical training,
    pie filling (note the consistency and don’t     any time you either feel significant        swimming, etc., provide a different
    let it get too runny—you’ll probably want       or persistent musculoskeletal pain or       training stimulus and also reduce the
    to drain the filling if you use canned fruit    are simply fatigued. These rest days        repetitive and specific musculoskeletal
    instead of thick pie filling) and put the       can be complete (no exercise) rest or       stress of running.
    whole mess into the pan                         active rest in which you perform some
                                                    light cross-training. To avoid these        Moderate strength training can
  • You can put the cream cheese mixture            training errors and some other possible     help prepare your musculoskeletal
    into the pan first and then top with the pie    causes of injury:                           system to handle the stress of running
    filling—this works great on bigger chunked                                                  and thereby lower your injury risk.
                                                      • Increase training volume gradually      However, some tapering of resistance
    fruits (peaches and apples, for instance)
                                                        (10% per week is a common               training may be necessary later in a
  • Top with another 8 crescent rolls                   generalization).                        marathon training program to prevent
  • Stir together 1/2 cup sugar and 2 tsp             • Add speed or hill work initially at     accumulating an excess total volume
    cinnamon, sprinkle over top of cake                 lower intensities and not at the        of training. Such an excess dose of
                                                        same time you are increasing            exercise can result in overtraining
  • Drizzle top of cake with 1 melted stick             mileage.                                syndrome.
    of butter (again, REAL butter—this is not
                                                      • Get adequate rest. Consider at          If despite following these principles,
    supposed to be healthy)
                                                        least one day of complete rest per      you experience significant new pain,
  • Bake for 35 minutes, although you may               week. Since this is a very individual   persistent pain of even mild nature,
    have to drop to 325 and bake for an hour            parameter, listen to your body          or other symptoms of concern, you
    if the cake mixture was too runny                   and take additional rest if pain or     should initiate at least a brief period of
                                                        fatigue develops. Periodic (every       rest from running. Icing after workouts
                                                        2 - 4 weeks) reduction in your          may help diminish early pain and
  *Now for the “fine print”, I promised Debbie          weekly running mileage, including       inflammation. A short trial of an over-
  that I would keep this part secret so as not          decreasing the length of your long      the-counter anti-inflammatory agent
  to ruin the overall “evil-ness” of this recipe…       run, can also help prevent injury.      is reasonable, but these medications
  but you COULD use reduced fat crescent              • Run on softer surfaces as much as       should not be used regularly if you
  rolls, Sugar free pie filling, light butter and       possible. Take advantage of the         are still running as they could mask
  cream cheese, and even Splenda in place               dirt trails around the club house       worsening symptoms.
  of the sugar. Do this and it works to be              and in the area.
  about 5.5 points for 16 servings.                                                             If the brief rest from running and the
                                                      • Ensure proper fitting and               other measures listed above do not
                                                        replacement of running shoes.           resolve your symptoms upon a cautious
                                                        Changing shoes, or alternating          attempt to resume running, you
  Recipe ideas and comments on this                     a new (different) pair with your        should seek a medical opinion from a
  column can be sent to Bridget Smith at                existing pair, can possibly provide     physician qualified and experienced in                               some relief from incipient pain.        sports and running injuries.

20 FOOTPRINT | September 2006
  Please e-mail your race details to thomas “t.o.” okazaki at

From 5Ks to uLtrAS                           June 25, Munising, MI                     July 15, Okoboji, IA
June 3, Colleyvile, TX                       Pictured rocks half marathon              university of okoboji marathon
                                             Janet Dixon: 2:41                         Sam Thompson: 4:18:17
Colleyville Lions Club
 X-Sightment run 5K                          July 1, Leadville, CO                     July 16, Napa to Sonoma, CA
Ken Hall: 16:30.7, 1st MMW                   Leadville trail marathon                  Carneros wine Country half marathon
Jeff Garber: 17:41.0, 2nd MMW                Sam Thompson: 5:49:30                     Jon “Polar Bear” Korte: 1:23:53, 1st AG
Robert Fowler: 19:07.3, 1st AG
                                             July 4, Denton, TX                        July 22, Dallas, TX
Laurie Lukanich: 23:15.6, 2nd AG
Bridget Smith: 24:12.2, 3rd AG
                                             Denton Liberty 5K                         too hot too handle 15K
                                             Liz Tinch: 32:59                          Rick Hanson: 57:37.00, 1st AG
vern Lumbert: 25:30.7
Don Krell: 27:04.1, 3rd AG                   July 4, McKinney, TX                      Jon “Polar Bear” Korte: 59:23.90, MMW
Kathy Krell: 27:04.1 3rd AG                                                            Mindi Rice: 1:00:01.35, 1st Female Overall
                                             Fourth of July Fireworks 5K
David Smith: 28:11.7                         Laurie Lukanich: 21:47, 1st AG            Troy Pruett: 1:02:17.45, 1st AG
                                             Bridget Smith: 22:46, 3rd AG              Lee Robodos: 1:02:32.80, 2nd AG
June 3, Salt Lake City, UT                                                             Robert Fowler: 1:02:49.50, 3rd AG
Salt Lake City marathon                      July 4, Dallas, TX                        Jack Hase: 1:04:19.20, 2nd AG
Kelly “K2” Richards: 3:56:31                 Flagpole 8K                               Tim Yalko: 1:04:50.85, 1st 15K,
                                             Mark Miller: 27:58, Overall Winner        Mark Sparks: 1:10:38.25, Overall Male
Salt Lake City half marathon
                                             Kim Danahy: 45:11                          Clydesdale Winner
Staci “Tini” Rivero: 1:49:45
Tony “Flash” Flesch: 1:54:25                 July 4, Portland, OR                      Trish Field: 1:11:19.25, 3rd AG
Kristen “KK” Keats: 1:59:13, PR              Foot Traffic Flat Marathon                Rick “SupaFly” Sanford: 1:11:36.15
                                             Sam Thompson: 3:52:40                     Steve “Dog Dude” Rush: 1:14:54.40
June 4, San Diego, CA
                                                                                       Chris McCain: 1:15:39:30
Coca-Cola Zero                               July 4, Colony, TX                        Lori Cerami: 1:16:10.70
 rock ‘n’ roll marathon                      Liberty run – 2.65 miles                  Gregory “Spareribs” LaMothe: 1:16:20.95,
Mark Sparks: 3:53:18                         Lee Robodos: 15:56.00, 2nd AG              3rd AG
Ric (Tony) Roberto: 4:00:21                  Yolanda Hopping: 16:08.60, 1st AG
                                                                                       Jessica Hanson: 1:16:37.90, 3rd AG
Ted Winter: 4:51:12, 1st marathon            Lori Cerami: 20:23.50
                                                                                       Laurie Lukanich: 1:19:07.45,
                                             Kim Danahy: 24:13.20
June 4, Deadwood, SD                                                                   Kevin “Scooter” Wessels: 1:19:54.85
Deadwood mickelson trail marathon            July 4, Southlake, TX                     Tony “Flash” Flesch: 1:21:20.50
Pam Truhn: 4:53:33                           60 minutes to Freedom Fun run             Jeff “Tri-Barney” Barnhart: 1:23:57.55
                                             Troy Pruett: 9.261 miles                  Staci “Tini” Rivero: 1:26:35.90
June 7-26, Bachman Lake, Dallas, TX          Mindi Rice: 9.116 miles                   Bridget Smith: 1:27:26:80
Jogger 5K Summer Series                      Henry “Squishy” Galpin: 8.374 miles       Kim Dahany: 1:28:26.85
#4-Jeff Garber: 18:29, MMW                   Andrew Hale: 7.968 miles
                                                                                       “Lethal” Letha Cruthirds: 1:31:19.55
#5-Jeff Garber: 18:08, MMW                   Kelly “K2” Richards: 7.392 miles
                                             Sarah Hale: 7.365 miles                   Jessica Roberts: 1:33:28.75
#6-Jeff Garber: 18:32, MMW
                                             Doug Keefe: 7.172 miles                   Jill Smith: 1:47:20.35
#7-Jeff Garber: 17:56, MMW
                                             David Ball: 7.001 miles                   Susan Woodward: 1:47:30.65
#8-Jeff Garber: 18:46, MMW
                                             Mike Czyz: 5.976 miles                    Alan Engisch: 1:57:40.55
#9-Jeff Garber: 18;26, MMW
                                             Jessica Roberts: 5.947 miles
#10-Jeff Garber: 18:21, 1st AG
                                             Jill Smith: 5.869 miles                   too hot to handle 5K
                                             Jeff “Tri-Barney” Barnhart: 5:302 miles   Mark Miller: 17:20.45, 1st AG
June 8 & 15, Ft. Worth, TX
                                             Pat Noell: 2.867 miles                    Thomas “T.O.” Okazaki, 19:54.05
2006 ricky Cox trinity 5000 Series
                                             Guy McCracken: 2.867 miles                Mary Ann Cavio: 25:33.95, 3rd AG
Jill Smith: 27:19, 3rd AG
                                             John Bush: 2.867 miles                    David Smith: 27:29.05
Jill Smith: 27:21, 3rd AG                    Bill Lusk: 1:992 miles                    Teri Lee: 30:36:25
June 17, Frisco, TX                          July 8, Flower Mound, TX                  July 27-30, Round Rock, TX
Dadfest 5K                                   texas Amateur Athletic Federation         the At&t tAAF Summer
Yolanda Hopping: 20:11.95, 1st AG
                                              regional track meet                      Games of texas
Staci “Tini” Rivero: 24:22.20, 2nd AG
                                             Girl 11-12 800 Meter Run 12 & Under       Girls 11-12 800 Meter Run 12 & Under
June 17, Southlake, TX                       Felice Johnson: 2:39, PR                    Felice Johnson: 2:42.00
Southlake Park and recreation                Girls 11-12 One Mile Run 12& Under        Girls 11-12 1600 Meter Run 12 & Under
 Summer track                                Felice Johnson: 6:05, PR by 12 sec.         Felice Johnson: 6:11.00
Girls 11-12 800 Meter Run 12 & Under         Boys 9-10 4X400 Meter Relay 10 & Under    Girls 11-12 High Jump 12 & Under
Felice Johnson: 2:48, PR                     Matthew Barnhart: 1:22 leg,
                                                                                         Felice Johnson: 4 feet - 6 inches, PR
Girls 11-12 One Mile Run 12 & Under          PR- Team Wins Silver
                                                                                       Boys 9-10 4x400 Meter Relay 10 & Under
Felice Johnson: 6:24, Overall Winner         July 8, Pamplona, Spain                   Southlake ‘A’: 5:22.19, 15th Overall
Boys 9-10, 800 Meter Run 10 & Under          running with the bulls                      Matthew Barnhart: 1:21:50-1st leg, PR
Matthew Barnhart: 3:02                       Jim “Capt. Ruby” Rubalcaba – One
                                                                                       July 29, Grapevine, TX
June 25, Ft. Worth, TX                       Pamplona Bulls – Zero
                                                                                       north texas trail runners night run
Ft. worth running Club                       July 9, Bellevue, WA                      (18 mile Prediction Event)
 3 Amigos 4 miler                            Seafair marathon                          Jack Green: Predicted Time: 3:50:00
Stan Ujka: 24:21, 2nd AG                     Sam Thompson: 3:45:48                                 Est. Actual Time: ~4:20:00

                                                                                           September 2006 |    FOOTPRINT 21
Duathlons & triathlons                          buffalo Springs Lake tri raider                   July 30, Hampton, VA
                                                Sprint triathlon                                  tri America hampton triathlon
June 3, Grapevine, TX                           (500 meter swim/17.1 mile bike/5K run)            (1.5K swim/40K bike/10K run)
Paddle, Pedal and Pound the                     Byron Benoit: 1:27:31, 1st AG, 1st triathlon      Samantha Galpin: 2:33:00, 1st AG
Pavement vII Sprint triathlon                   June 25, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho
(300 yd swim/20K bike/6K run)                                                                     Adventure racing
                                                Ford Ironman uSA Coeur d’ Alene
Noreen “Diva” Henry: 1:14:14.6, 2nd AG
                                                (2.4 mile swim/112 mile bike/26.2 mile run)
Jeff “Tri-Barney” Barnhart: 1:16:11.2, 3rd AG                                                     June 24, Spicewood, TX
                                                Jim Lukanich: 10:31.29, 3rd AG,
Rick “SupaFly” Sanford: 1:16:37.0, (1st Tri)                                                      Adventure race Girl Challenge
                                                 Hawaii Ironman Qualifier
June 11, Grand Prairie, TX                      Ryan Burns: 14:42:51                              (4-6 mile navigation trek/8-12 mile mountain
                                                                                                  bike /3-5 mile paddle)
metroplex Sprint triathlon                      July 9, Lake Ray Roberts, TX                      Team Brick: 5:32
(800 meter swim/27K bike/5K run)
                                                Disco triathlon                                     (Debbie Carpenter/Elizabeth Krause)
Scott Decker: 1:18:09, 2nd AG
                                                (500 yard swim/ 17.6 mile bike/5K run)            The WFF’s: 6:08
Lee Miller: 1:24:43
                                                Jim Lukanich: 1:17:24, 1st AG                       (Reba Becker/Kelly “K5” Carper Erickson)
Trish Field: 1:24:49, 2nd AG
                                                Mike Doud: 1:29:21, 1st AG
Noel Widdowson: 1:25:04
                                                Steve Bryant: 1:30:18
Julie Sheridan: 1:26:11
                                                Jeff “Tri-Barney” Barnhart: 1:34:30
Mike Doud: 1:29:58
                                                Marty “Buster” Metzger: 1:42:46
Adrienne Stipe: 1:37:43
                                                Rick “SupaFly” Sanford: 2:06:24
Lauren Wallach: 1:49:42
                                                                                                           Pr-Personal Record
                                                July 23, Frankfurt, Germany

June 25, Lubbock, TX                                                                                       AG-Age Group
                                                Ironman Germany
buffalo Springs Lake triathlon                                                                             mmw-Male Masters Winner
                                                (1.4 mile swim/112 mile bike/26.2 mile run)
half Ironman 70.3                               Chris Hillen: 11:22:22                                     Fmw-Female Masters Winner
(1.2 mile swim/56 mile bike/13.1 mile run)      Linda Ellestad: 12:51:08
Lee Miller: 5:46:10                             Al Walker: 12:57.25
Carl Stipe: 6:10:44                                                                               Please e-mail your race details to Thomas
                                                Scott Decker: 13:16:53                            “T.O.” Okazaki at
Adrienne Stipe: 6:26:50
Noel Widdowson: 6:56:43
Lauren Wallach: 6:59:06

  Western States 100: Squaw Valley to Auburn, CA
  ◄Continued from page 19

  Three medics running the course, caught up to me and gave                very sorry for myself. I got passed by seventeen runners before
  me some water. They followed me closely to Miller’s Defeat               I reached the river again and was able to fill my bottles at the
  aid station and then to Dusty Corners. When I ran they ran,              aid station. I got some calories and started the 2.8 mile hike up
  when I stopped to walk, they stopped. While I appreciated                to Michigan Bluff.
  their concern, it felt like I had vultures hanging around
  waiting for me to fall.                                                  I must have had a lot left because I passed five runners up the
                                                                           mountain, including Gordy Ainsleigh, who was the first guy
  The hike up Devil’s Thumb is a steep two-mile climb with                 to ever run a hundred miler. In 1974, Gordy was competing
  36 switchbacks and is considered the very demanding. I                   in the Western States Trail Ride. When his horse was not well
  passed nine runners along the way, but felt desperate at the             enough for the ride, Gordy took off and completed the race on
  top. I weighed in at 185.5 and told the volunteer I was in               foot. As I passed him, he said, “You are doing well.” I didn’t
  trouble and that I threw up ten times and hadn’t been able               have the heart to tell him I was climbing up just to quit.
  to pee in over nine hours. They iced me down and fed me
  ginger ale and soup. The doctor pronounced me fit, but my                At the top I was through and didn’t want to suffer any more.
  legs were cramping badly. I laid down with my feet up on a               The aid station captain then cut off my wrist band. I had a bad
  stretcher. After a few minutes the doctor came over and said             day and was concerned about my health. However, I could
  he could see my calf muscles firing from 30 feet away. He had            have and should have gone on. Gordy eventually finished with
  someone come over and massage my calf muscles, but they                  an hour to spare. I got dehydrated and fell into electrolyte
  kept twitching and the cramps moved to my quads and hip                  imbalance, which I couldn’t fix. I made mistakes by rushing
  abductors.                                                               in and out of aid stations. I then decided to quit rather than
                                                                           allowing my body time to recover in the cooler night air.
  I wanted to quit the race, but could not get taken out of Devil’s        Things went badly and I didn’t take care of them.
  Thumb for hours, so I decided to make it the next eight miles
  to the top of Michigan Bluff. The volunteers strapped my                 It was a tough day for everyone. The guy who was in 1st
  water bottle belt around my waist and I ran out. Unfortunately,          place fell several times during the final 300 yards on the track
  my brain was on screen saver mode and I got more than a                  and finally collapsed five feet short of the finish line. He was
  mile down the road before I realized that no one had filled my           dragged across by his crew and taken to the hospital. He
  bottles. I was dehydrated and cramping badly and left without            recovered, but was disqualified for receiving assistance. Drew
  any water. The next five miles were hard and I began to feel             battled illness and crossed the line in 29 hours 33 minutes.

22 FOOTPRINT | September 2006
memberShIP APPLICAtIon

 New Membership                  Renewal                                      Male  Female DOB___/___/___
                                                                               Can we publish this information in the club directory?  Yes  No
Name ________________________________________________
                                                                               Participating Family Members
Address ______________________________________________
                                                                                Name ___________________  M  F DOB___/___/___
City _________________________________________________
State ____________ Zip Code ____________________________                        Name ___________________  M  F DOB___/___/___

Home Phone ( ) ________________________________________                         Name ___________________  M  F DOB___/___/___

E-Mail Address ________________________________________                         Name ___________________  M  F DOB___/___/___

i know that participating and volunteering to work in club events can be potentially hazardous. i assume all risks associated with running, walking, and
volunteering to work in club events. Having read this waiver and knowing these facts, and in consideration of your acceptance of my application for
membership, i, for myself and anyone entitled to act on my behalf, waive and release the Lake Grapevine Runners and Walkers, inc., Road Runners
Club of America, and all sponsors, their representatives and successors from all claims of liabilities of any kind arising out of my participation in club
activities. i grant permission to all of the foregoing to use any photographs, motion pictures, recordings or any other records for any legitimate purpose.

membership Dues  $20 Single  $30 Family                 Do you need 2 membership cards?  Yes  No

Signature _________________________________ Date___/___/___
Mail completed application and payment to LGrAw, 2982, Grapevine, tX 76099 or drop in the mailbox at the LGRAW Clubhouse.

   Keep your                         RAW now offers on-line renewals (and new memberships) through at

                                         You can still renew at the clubhouse or through the mail. Simply, fill out the
    current                                         membership application and drop it off or send it in.

     Whether	training	or	racing…always	look	
              good…get	your	RAWear	now!
                                         Summer wear:	singlets,	Cool-Max	hats	and	shorts
                                         Safety wear:	long	sleeve	bright	yellow	shirts

                                             Sweatshirts	                  $40                     Long-sleeve	shirts	                  $15
                                             Shorts	                       $20                     Beanie	Caps	                         $10
                                             Singlets	                     $20                     Socks	                               $5
                                             Cool-Max	hats	                $15                     Gloves	                              $2

                                             Contact Kelly “K2” Richards to make a purchase.

                                                                                                                September 2006 |      FOOTPRINT 23
Lake Grapevine Runners & Walkers                                                                                   PRSRT STD A
P.O. Box 2982                                                                                                       U.S. Postage
Grapevine, TX 76099                                                                                                    PAID
                                                                                                                   Grapevine, TX
                                                                                                                   Permit No. 243

  ShAre wIth
  A vISItor or
  new member

  After reading this
  issue, drop it off
  at the clubhouse
  for visitors to get
  to know us.

 Ask Spareribs
 By Gregory “Spareribs” LaMothe

 M    y apologies to all Footprint readers for my absence last newsletter. I was away on a religious retreat where I learned so
      very much, principally the importance of kindness and showing respect and tolerance for fellow humans. I know it has
 made me a better person, and I am sure you will see it reflected from now on in my column. And now here are a few highlights
 from this month’s mail:

 Dear Spareribs:                              run very early in the morning when it’s    member criticize me because the jugs
 I heard that your club has its own           dark. I have very little experience with   had some mold in them. I try real hard
 running gear and that it is increasingly     night running. Any ideas?                  to wash them out, but I can’t seem
 popular in the Metroplex right now. I          - Henry in Las Colinas                   to get them clean. I don’t want to be
 am a new LGRAW member. I would                                                          embarrassed again. Any ideas?
                                              Dear Henry:
 like to buy some of this gear as I am                                                     - T.O. in Grapevine
                                              Yes, I do remember that race.
 getting tired of running in basketball
                                              Congratulations on your win.               Dear T.O.:
 shorts. What’s the procedure?
                                                                                         Sorry about that T.O. Why don’t you
   - Mindi in Lewisville                      As to running at night, I suggest very     do what I do when I have the water
                                              dark clothing when on the roads. Light     duty? The jugs come out sparkling
 Dear Mindi:
                                              colors tend to surprise and confuse        clean. In the bathroom you will find a
 No problem! Just go to the clubhouse
                                              drivers and cause them to swerve.          long toilet brush. Put some water and
 any day and pick out the items you like,     The same goes for any reflective gear;
 or take home a number of each to try on.                                                liquid detergent into the jugs and then
                                              avoid it entirely. And finally, to avoid
 Keep the ones you like and bring the                                                    use the toilet brush to scrub around the
                                              the glare of oncoming headlights,
 others back, if you think of it. Then just                                              bottoms, the insides and top rims where
                                              always run with the traffic so you
 drop a check in the box on the coffee                                                   the lids screw on. Then, to ensure the
                                              can concentrate on your run and not
 table in whatever amount you think is                                                   mold dissolves, don’t rinse them out.
                                              be distracted. Good luck with your
 fair. Hope you find some great buys!                                                    Just let them air dry on the counter
                                              training, and I look forward to racing
   - Spareribs                                                                           upside down. When they’re filled again
                                              you again in December.
                                                                                         the following week, all that mold and
 Dear Spareribs:                                                                         detergent will just dissolve into the
 You probably don’t remember last             Dear Spareribs:                            Gatorade and the jugs will be as clean as
 December when I kicked your butt at          I’ve had to sign up for water and          can be. I guarantee no one will criticize
 the White Rock Half! This year I plan        Gatorade duty quite a bit at the club      you again, and you may even inspire
 to run it again and I start my training      because no one else will do it. I don’t    others to step up to do the water duty
 this fall. Unfortunately, because of         mind helping out, but what really          themselves.
 work commitments, I will now have to         upset me last week is to have one club       - Spareribs

                          Lake Grapevine Runners & Walkers |

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