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                      MANAGEMENT SYSTEM

The governing body for all amateur-swimming activities in Scotland is the
Scottish Amateur Swimming Association (SASA) and the Garioch Amateur
Swimming Club is a member of the “North District” of SASA. The club‟s
constitution was required in 1997 to comply with new rules introduced by SASA
and this document supports that and allows more flexibility and clarity in
management of the club.

1.     Purpose of this Document
The purpose of this document is to provide:

          A detailed guide to the management and working of the Garioch Amateur
           Swimming Club,

          A live document which compliments the club constitution and provides
           future club members with a firm foundation for the continued well-being
           of the club,

          Clear responsibilities for all members of the club,

          Clear roles and responsibilities for all committees and committee

          The controls to prevent mismanagement of the club and club funds,

          Information to swimmers on the mechanism of teaching and coaching
           through to competitive level,

          To provide information on the competition arena both at club, district and
           national levels.

2.     Vision of the Club

          Uphold the constitutional aim of the club and promote swimming within
           the community.

          Develop swimming to the highest manageable level that club resources

          Demonstrate a yearly improvement in our representation in competitions at
           all levels.

          Remain actively involved in the development of swimming within the
           district at all levels

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                      MANAGEMENT SYSTEM

3.     Club Structure
The club consists of 2 sections, each of which runs its own affairs. Each section
complies with the club’s constitution. Details on each section are contained below.

3.1    Main Club

The main body of the club is involved in promoting and developing the art of
swimming towards participation at competition level. The club has been in existence
since 1970 and has a maximum swimming membership of around 150. Details of the
types of club membership are contained within the club’s constitution.

The intake of new swimmers is regularly held throughout the season and the
assessment of potential members is undertaken by the club’s Pre-Squads convenor.
The majority of new members will initially enter into the teaching section and as
skills improve they will progress through the various squad levels, as appropriate.

The club also has a separate session(s) for swimmers who wish to remain as members
but not in the competitive stream. Details of the various swimming sessions and
squads are contained in Section 5.

3.2    Special Needs

The club has long had a number of swimmers with special needs. Due however to the
increase in numbers, a separate ‘Special Needs’ section was formed in 1996. The
Special Needs section is known as the Garioch Gators and runs its own affairs.
Membership is through the main club for SASA registration and insurance.

4.     Key Rolls and Responsibilities
4.1    Management Committee and Officers of the Club

The Management Committee is limited to 12 members of the club, including the four
officers of the Club. The officers of the Club shall be the President, Vice-President,
Treasurer and Secretary.

The committee is primarily responsible for the following:

          Maintaining the club’s constitution,
          Discharging the club’s constitution,
          Discharging the club’s rules and code of conduct,
          Proposing and approving policy changes within the framework of the
          Ensuring compliance with SASA constitutional changes,
          Ensuring representation at district SASA meetings, as required,

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                        MANAGEMENT SYSTEM

          Accepting new membership to the club,
          Recommending to the AGM the setting of all club fees,
          Approving the setting of expenses and honoraria,
          Holding minuted meetings at regular intervals (see Section 7.2),
          Organising the smooth management of the club’s operations,
          The management of club competitions

4.2    Swimming Sub Committee

The swimming bus-committee comprises a minimum of 6 members. The Club
Coach(es), Pre-Squads Convenor(s), Meet Entries Secretary and Land Training
representative by definition sit on the sub-committee. Other members can be co-
opted from the committee. This shall be agreed by the President and Head Coach.

The sub-committee is primarily responsible for the following:

          Developing and publishing the club’s teaching and coaching policy,
          Developing and publishing a swimming year plan at the start of every
           swimming year;
          Developing and publishing a competition year plan at the start of every
           swimming year;
          The management of all club activities associated with the external
          Advising pool requirements to the Management Committee.

There are key individuals within the swimming sub-committee that have specific
tasks and responsibilities in line with their position. These are as stated below:

       4.2.1   Club Coach(es)

                  Prepare and implement coaching programme,
                  Manage the progression of squad swimmers,
                  Represent the club at coaching seminars,
                  Represent the club at NEASCA meetings,
                  Select competition team members ,
                  Attend galas as the club’s representative,
                  The assessment and progression of swimmers through the club

       4.2.2   Friday/Saturday Pre-Squad Coach(es)

                  Arrange trials for potential new members,
                  Arrange the assessment of new swimming members and
                   recommend to the sub-committee for approval,
                  Organise teachers’ courses,

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                           MANAGEMENT SYSTEM

                     Co-ordinate with teachers and coaches the assessment of swimmers
                      for moving into squads and advise to/at the swimming sub-
                     Maintain attendance registers,
                     Encourage participation of members in club activities,
                     Arrange time-trials as required, to maintain swimmers’ times and
                      assess performance progress,
                     Participate in the determination of competition team entries with
                      the Club Coach and Meet Entries Secretary,
                     Advise the sub-committee of pool requirements,
                     Organise teachers and helpers.

          4.2.3   Meet Entries Secretary

                     Maintain records of swimmers times,
                     Prepare a listing of swimmers for entry to competitions and publish
                     Prepare competition entries and post accordingly,
                     Supply competition data to the treasurer to allow timely payments
                      of fees and expenses,
                     Participate in the determination of competition team entries with
                      the Club Coach and the Pre-Squads Coach,
                     Post swimmers competition times on the club notice board.

          4.2.4   Membership Secretary

                     Maintain up-to-date records of club membership,
                     Maintain up-to-date records of swimmers relevant medical
                      problems/mediation and supply to committee members, as
                     Issue membership offer/acceptance and rejection letters,
                     Provide up-to-date membership lists to those requiring them.

4.3       Finance Committee

The financial sub-committee shall comprise of a minimum of 4 members, the
Treasurer, President and other co-opted committee members. The finance sub-
committee shall be responsible for the following:

         The proposal for all changes to club membership fees, honoraria and expenses
          based on both historical data and known future financial changes which may
          impact on the club,
         Maintaining the club’s financial procedures (see Section 11).

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                         MANAGEMENT SYSTEM

4.4    Others

In addition to the duties and responsibilities detailed above there are a number of
other equally important duties that require to be discharged. These are detailed

       4.4.1    Press Reporter

                   Arrange the publication of competition results in the local press,
                   Publish new swimming membership trials in the local press,
                   Liaise with the secretary on the production of press releases.

       4.4.2    Swim Shop Custodian

                   Manage the club’s swim shop,
                   Interface with the Treasurer regarding shop accounts.

       4.4.3    Travel Co-ordinator

                   Co-ordinate private transport arrangement for away competitions,
                   Arrange bus requirements, as required, for away competitions and
                    other events.

       4.4.4    Swimming Technical Officials (STO) Co-ordinator

                   Arrange technical officials for home galas,
                   Arrange GASC technical officials to attend competitions at which
                    GASC have swimmers competing. Ensure compliance with SASA
                    (North District) rules for Officials attendance at North District

5.     Teaching and Coaching Structure
The principal swimming structure within the club is that of developing swimmers
through to competitive level. The teaching and coaching structure has been
developed to allow steady progress of swimmers through the various levels.
Swimmers must achieve certain criteria before they will be allowed to progress
further. This ensures that swimmers properly adapt to the many levels of competitive
swimming thus ensuring both their, and the club’s, wellbeing throughout their time as
a competitive swimmer. Teachers and coaches regularly review swimmers progress
and the swimming sub-committee agrees the movement of swimmers between the
various swimming levels of the club.

The teaching and coaching structure, within the club, is constrained by the resources
available to it. Regular reviews are undertaken by the club’s swimming sub-
committee to ensure the most effective use of these resources.

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                      MANAGEMENT SYSTEM

5.1    Teaching

Normally swimmers entering the club will have been professionally taught and able to
swim at least 2 lengths of 3 different strokes. The teaching structure within the club
will develop individuals’ swimming abilities in all 4 strokes as well as diving and
turning to a basic level which allows them to compete. Swimmers that show
particular skills and develop quickly may move through the teaching sessions level
quickly towards the coaching squads. The transition between teaching and coaching
can be quite difficult for swimmers and a pre-squads (development squad) level exists
to facilitate this transition.

5.2    Pre-Squads

The pre-squad level (development squad) prepares swimmers for the move into the
club’s coaching squads. A further refinement of swimmers’ technique and advice on
the coaching mechanism is given. This is an important part of the swimmers
adaptation and all swimmers are recommended to complete this level.

5.3    Coaching

To swim consistently at competitive level, it is necessary for swimmers to develop
both speed and endurance. To achieve this combination of speed and endurance takes
a long time and means many hours of training. The squads are numbered in
accordance with the numbers of mornings the swimmers will train. As swimmers
improve and adapt to the training regimes they will be requested to move through the
squads when ready. As a guideline the swimmers in squads 1 & 2 will be at graded
meet competition level while squads 3, 4 & 5 at district and national competition
level. Size and age of swimmers are also taken into consideration and younger
swimmers are more likely to be in squads 1 & 2 although exceptions will exist. See
Section 6 for further information on competitions.

In all squads the swimmers’ technique will constantly be assessed to identify
improvements. As swimmers grow in stature constant stroke technique changes occur
and refinements are often required.

5.4    Squads 1 and 2

Squad 1 trains 1 morning in the week, Friday evening and Sunday mornings.
Additional afternoon lane sessions may also be available. The training will be
focussed at improving speed and endurance for swimming competitive distances up to
200 metres. The majority of swims will be between 50 and 100 metres.

Details of the squad competency level that swimmers have to achieve and maintain
are contained in Appendix 6.

Squad 2 trains 2 mornings a week, Tuesday evening and Sunday mornings. This
training builds upon that which is taught for Squad 1.

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                      MANAGEMENT SYSTEM

5.5    Squads 3, 4 and 5

Squads 3, 4 & 5 train 3, 4 or 5 mornings a week respectively plus Thursday evening.
Additional afternoon lane sessions may also be available. The training focus remains
the same although there is a significant step change in training distance. Training
programmes are more refined to address a range of different competitions and
competitive swim lengths.

Details on squad competency levels that swimmers have to achieve and strive to
sustain are contained in Appendix 6.

5.6    „North District‟ Squad

The ‘North District’ squad is made up of swimmers who have met certain acceptance
criteria for swimming in either the District of National squads. The criteria for
acceptance is published every year and is normally based around National
competition entry times. The club will submit swimmers with the necessary times for

Both these squads meet and train at regular intervals and teams may be selected to
swim in other countries also.

5.7    Social Swimming (Session 3)

In many cases swimmers either do not maintain the required standards within the
squads or become tired of competitive swimming and its associated hard work but
wish to remain as part of the club. The club has allocated space during Friday and
Saturday evenings for such swimmers which allows them access to social training
whilst maintaining a link with the club.

5.8    Teachers, Coaches and Officials Training

The club actively encourages interested members to train as Teachers, Coaches and/or
Officials. Courses are run both internally and externally to the club. The club (see
financial procedures in Appendix 4) normally covers the cost of attending these
courses. In addition, ACTIV8 and ISTC to further advance Teacher and Coach
competency run regular seminars. The ASA Education Department encourages both
teachers and coaches to follow a Continuing Professional Development programme

Officials are required to achieve certain competency levels to be able to officiate at
accredited events. SASA run training courses and examinations to ensure the correct
levels are achieved.

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                      MANAGEMENT SYSTEM

5.9    Swimmer Assessment and Club Membership

Swimmers wishing to join the club are invited to trials usually held twice a year.
Club entry criteria are based on the swimmer being able to swim 2 lengths of 3
recognisable strokes. The swimmer will be assessed by at least one of the club’s
teachers or coaches. The assessment will be made known to the Pre-Squads Convenor
who will recommend acceptance or rejection and advise the next swimming sub-
committee. The Pre-Squads Convenor shall advise the Membership Secretary who
shall mail the necessary letters to applicants within 14 days of the meeting.

Non swimmers wishing to join the club must apply in writing to the Club Secretary.
The application shall be heard at the next committee meeting and replied to within 14
days of the meeting.

Membership definition is contained within the club’s constitution.

6.     Swimming Competitions
All teaching and coaching is primarily structured towards the participation of the club
in swimming competitions at all levels up to National Standard. The following
sections give an insight into the structure and variety of competitions in which the
Garioch ASC takes part. To enable swimmers to start competing in many of the
competitions it is necessary to have recorded times. This sin initially achieved
through swimmers participating in both time-trials and club competitions.

As swimmers progress and improve there are further criteria that have to be met to
allow competition entry. Details of these are given in each of the following sections.

All competitions are posted on the club’s notice board and the Meet Entries Secretary
similarly publishes lists of eligible swimmers on the notice board. It is the
responsibility of swimmers to confirm that they are available to swim. Note should
be made of the content of the financial procedures relating to competition fees in
Appendix 4.

6.1    Club Competitions

       6.1.1   Club Championship

       The Club Championship is the highlight of the club’s events each year. The 4
       strokes are swum in different ages as at the 31st December that year with the
       exception of age groups for swimmers 6 years and under and 15 years and
       over. The distances swum are as follows:

              8 years and under: 25 metres all strokes
              9 & 10 years: 50 metres all strokes
              11 years and over: 100 metres all strokes

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                     MANAGEMENT SYSTEM

      Individual medleys are in 3 age groups also. Age groups and distances as

             Boys and girls aged 9/10 years swim 100 metres (younger swimmers
              may be allowed to compete if their ability has been confirmed by their
             Boys and girls aged 11 to 13 years swim 200 metres,
             Boys and girls aged 14+ years also swim 200 metres.

      The winners in each age group are presented with a trophy that they retain for
      one year. The top 3 in each event shall receive a medal.

      6.1.2   50m Sprint Championships

      The 50 metres Sprint Championships are swum in 3 age groups:

             Boys and girls aged 11 years and under on the 31st December,
             Boys and girls aged 12/13 on the 31st December,
             Boys and girls aged 14+.

      The winners in each age group are presented with a trophy that they retain for
      one year. All the top 3 in each event shall receive a medal.

      6.1.3   Mini Gala

      This is for non squad swimmers who swim for medals.

6.2   Club Run Meetings

      6.2.1   Garioch 200 (age as at 31st December)

      This competition is open to all club and external club swimmers with recorded
      times below certain stipulated times for each event. The competition is open
      to swimmers aged 11 years and over. The meet is managed by the club and is
      normally held in September with individual events of 50 and 200 metres.

      6.2.2   Garioch Mini-meet (age on the day)

      The mini-meet is a competition open to all club swimmers who are aged 8 and
      under, 9 and 10 years of age. The mini-meet is normally held in January of
      each year.

      6.2.3   Primary Schools Gala

      The club generally assists in organising and managing this gala for primary
      schools in the area.

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                     MANAGEMENT SYSTEM

       6.2.4   Rotary Club Gala

       The club assists with the organisation of this gala for both able-bodied
       swimmers and special needs swimmers. The gala is a mixed team event that
       encourages team spirit and good relations amongst all participants.

6.3    External Club Meetings

Various clubs across the country hold meetings at which Garioch will have
swimmers. These competitions range from mini-meets for the youngest swimmer
through graded meets to top level open and invitational meets. This allows all
swimmers with accepted times the opportunity to swim throughout the country.

6.4     SASA North District

The North District is one of the 4 districts of which SASA is divided into. The North
District comprises of all registered swimming clubs north of a line from Stonehaven
in the east to Fort William in the west and includes both the Orkney and Shetland

The district championships, along with the National championships are by definition
the two top competitions for swimmers for Garioch. Entry times to the district
championships are highly competitive and are published prior to the championships.
Swimmers entry times require to have been achieved at an accredited meeting.

       6.4.1   Age Group Sprint Championships

       The district sprint championships are normally held in October of each year
       and individual stroke swims are over 50 metres and medley swims over 100m.
       Boy and Girl swimmers are categorised in the standard age groups of 12 and
       under, 13/14, 15/16 and 17-24.

       6.4.2   Age Group Distance Championships

       The district distance championships are normally held in February of each
       year and swims range from 200 to 1500 metres. Age groups are as above.

       6.4.3   Age Group Championship

       The District Age Group championships are normally held at the end of May of
       each year and are normally the last opportunity for swimmers to achieve
       National Championship entry times. Swims range from 100 to 200 metres and
       age groups are as above. The entry times for competing in this competition
       are rigorous and only the top swimmers, in clubs, normally achieve

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                     MANAGEMENT SYSTEM

       6.4.4   Autumn and Spring Age Group Graded Meets

       The North District graded meets are arranged to allow slower swimmers the
       opportunity to compete at an ever-increasing level of competition prior to the
       Age Group Championships. This is achieved by having the autumn meet the
       slowest, the spring meet the intermediate and the Age Group the fastest. The
       autumn meet is normally held in November and the spring meet in April.

       The autumn meet is for swimmers in age groups 10, 11/12 and 13/14 years.
       The spring meet is for swimmers in age groups 11/12, 13/14, 15/16 and 17/18
       years. Each club within the district takes turns at arranging and running the 2
       graded meets.

       6.4.5   District Open Championships

       The Open Championships are normally held in June. The championships have
       no age groups and if times are fast enough both young and old can be
       competing against each other.

6.5    Scottish Amateur Swimming Association Nationals

The pinnacle of any swimmer’s year is being accepted to swim at the national
championships. The training plan developed by the club’s coach is geared towards
having swimmers at their peak for key competitions throughout the year with the
ultimate goal being the National Championships in June each year.

       6.5.1   Scottish National Age Group Championships

       The National Age Group championships have competition distances that range
       across the full spectrum of competitive swimming and are held in yearly ages.
       Ages are as at 31st December of that year.

       Although a national competition is also open to competitors outside of
       Scotland and attracts many swimmers looking for qualification times for the
       ASA championships in England. The competition is fierce and only the
       fastest swimmers achieve entry times.

6.6    Special Needs

There are various competitions for special needs swimmers at both local and national
level. Further data will be added to this section at a later date.

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                     MANAGEMENT SYSTEM

7   Meetings
7.1 Annual General Meeting

The club’s Annual General Meeting is held in June or early July each year. The club
constitution contains details of the process involved in holding an AGM. As a general
rule the AGM shall be conducted to the following agenda:

          Members present
          Apologies for absence
          Review and acceptance of the previous year’s minutes
          Proposed constitutional changes
          President’s Report
          Statement of Accounts
          Coaching Report
          Convenor’s Report
          Special Needs (Garioch Gators) Report
          Submitted Items
          Election of New Committee

7.2 Main Committee

The elected committee shall hold a committee meeting at least once every 6 weeks.
As a general rule committee meetings shall be conducted to the following agenda:

          Members present
          Apologies for absence
          Review and acceptance of the previous meeting minutes
          Matters arising
          Correspondence
          Treasurer’s Report
          Review and acceptance of sub-committee minutes
          Head Coaches Report
          Garioch Gators
          A.O.C.B.

7.3 Swimming Sub Committee

The swimming sub-committee shall meet at least once between main committee
meetings. As a general rule the swimming sub-committee meetings shall be
conducted to the following agenda:

          Members present
          Apologies for absence
          Review and acceptance of the previous meeting minutes
          Swimming Calendar

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                    MANAGEMENT SYSTEM

         Holiday Cover
         Friday/Saturday Session Swimming Report/Moves
         Squad Swimming Report/Moves
         Land Training & RGU Report
         Training Courses
         Matters Arising/AOB

Meeting minutes shall be submitted to the main committee for review. The main
committee shall approve or reject recommendations that may have an impact on the
running of the club.

7.4   Finance Sub Committee

The finance sub committee shall meet at least once a term or as often as deemed
necessary by the committee. Meeting minutes shall be submitted to the main
committee for review. The main committee shall approve recommendations that
impact on the club. See Appendix 4.

8.    Club Constitution
Appendix 1 contains the GARIOCH AMATEUR SWIMMING CLUB constitution.

9.    Rules of the Club

Appendix 2 contains the GARIOCH AMATEUR SWIMMING CLUB rules.

10.   Code of Discipline

Appendix 2 contains the GARIOCH AMATEUR SWIMMING CLUB Code of

11.   Club‟s Financial Procedures

Appendix 3 contains the GARIOCH AMATEUR SWIMMING CLUB financial and
expenses procedures.

12.   Trophies
Appendix 4 contains the GARIOCH AMATEUR SWIMMING CLUB list of club

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                     MANAGEMENT SYSTEM

Club trophies are presented yearly and are held by the winner for one. The winner of
the trophy is responsible for arranging the engraving of the trophy. The club who
have an agreement with Kintore Trophy Centre for the service pays for trophy
engraving. See financial procedures for further information re trophy engraving.

13.    Club Competition Rules

Appendix 5 contains the competition rules for Club Championship Mini Gala and
Sprint Handicap Gala.

14.    Squad Competency Criteria
Appendix 6 contains details of squad competency criteria.

15.    Reference Documents
15.1   SAS Reference

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                     MANAGEMENT SYSTEM



Every existing rule contained within –

#      GASC Shared Expectation Sand
#      GASC Code of Conduct
#      GASC Grievance Procedure
#      GASC Management System
#      GASC Financial Procedures
#      GASC Squad Membership Rules**
#      GASC Gala Rules pertaining to:
       -   Club Championships
       -   Mini Gala
       -   External Galas
#      GASC Trophy Rules

Shall remain in force until such time as the Management Committee publishes and
enforces a respective new regulation in terms of C4.6.

** Speak to Patrick

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