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                   The XXXXX Weightlifting Club Presents:

          The XXXXXXXXX Weightlifting Championships
                   Day, Month, Date, Year
Location:      Venue Location
               Street Address
               City / Town
Time:          Weigh –in for the first session will begin at XX:XX AM
               Lifting begins at XX:XX AM
               Start List and session times will be posted on OWA website by Date.

Eligibility:   (insert if Open Competition) Participants must be members in good standing of
               a Provincial or Territorial Association of the Canadian Weightlifting Federation
               or members in good standing of a National Federation affiliated with the
               International Weightlifting Federation (e.g. USA Weightlifting).
               (insert if OWA membership only) Participants must be members in good
               standing of the Ontario Weightlifting Association
               (insert appropriate age group; if Open, all ages can compete, if Junior, only
               Youth and Junior can compete, etc) Participation is open to athletes of Youth,
               Junior, Senior or Masters age groups.
               (insert if competition is subject to doping control) The competition is subject to
               doping control.
Sanctioned:    (insert if Sanction form & fee has been paid to OWA) By the Ontario
               Weightlifting Association.
Awards:        (insert correct medals & awards presented) Medals will be awarded to 1st, 2nd
               and 3rd place in each weight category.
               Awards will also be given to Best Male and Best Female Lifter.

Entry Fee:     $XX per athlete. Cheques payable to: XXXXXXXXX

Deadline:      Entries must be received by Date. (insert late fee charge if applicable)
               Forms received after Date are required to pay a $XX entry fee. Forms
               will NOT be accepted after Date.

               (insert if competition has limited space, eg: only 60 lifters can compete)

               NOTE: This is a capped competition; forms submitted before the deadline
               are NOT automatically guaranteed a spot.
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     XXXXXXXXX Weightlifting Championships – Entry Form


GENDER: ___________________________         WEIGHT CATEGORY: _______________________

DATE OF BIRTH: Day _____/ Month _____/ Year _____       CLUB/TEAM: _______________________

OWA MEMBERSHIP #_____________________                COACH:_______________________________

MAILING ADDRESS: __________________________________________________________________


PHONE: __________________________ _______EMAIL: _____________________________________


                  CHEQUE                  CASH

    In consideration of your acceptance of this entry. I hereby intend to be legally bound for
    myself, my heirs, executors or administrators. I waive and release any and all rights
    and claims for damages I may have against: the Ontario Weightlifting Association,
    XXXXXXXXX Weightlifting Club or Venue Name, the Directors, Representatives, and
    Successors, and/or Assigns and Sponsors of this competition, for any and all injuries
    suffered by me at the said competition.


    SIGNATURE OF PARENT OR GUARDIAN:___________________________________
    ( if athlete is under 18 years of age)

REGISTRATION: Mail Entry Form & Fee to:

                         Attention: XXXX XXXXXXX
                         Street Address
                         City/Town, ON Postal Code

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